19 September, 2018

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

I just finished watching about 30 videos from a YouTuber called Budget Bootcamp !!!  My eyes are bugged out, but I had to finish the set.  I can't remember how I got started with this... I think I found video #2 somewhere, and then linked to the set.  All the videos are not in the collection I found, but I did find the missing ones on my auto-play page.  Some are out of order, too. So you have to keep up with the process.

The presenter is Canadian, but a teacher of some kind, so she presents the material well.  The set is also a New Year presentation for January 2016.  She is part of the Dave Ramsey process, and shares the differences between his program and their life choices.  Where I connected with her videos had a link to their Ramsey shouting thing after they paid of about $60K of debt in about two years.  I was impressed, but I later noticed other debt overcomers as I watched... one was paying off about 120K in less than a year!

I only went over $10K income one year, I think... It is hard for me to imagine high numbers, like spending $800 a month on food (and maybe household supplies) - which they pared down to $600 for the budget challenge, and down another $100 for another spending challenge.

A link from one of the first videos went to a site called Debt Free Charts that offers motivational sheets you can download free, purchase, and subscribe to on a  yearly basis... I am thinking of how I could use that option for my own life!  :-)  I decided to "purchase" one to see what it was like.  Free items just go through the registration part of the purchase, no payment page.  I had a little trouble with the download link, but then figured it out and printed out my Starter Emergency Fund page.  It's a lot of printer ink for me, but I wanted to see it, and try to decide if it would be useful for my money challenges.

I taped it to my fridge.  Tomorrow I may fill it in, but I am not sure... the graphic is so large that it is a great reminder just having it on my fridge.

It was a lot to do to watch all thirty days of videos at one sitting.  They aren't long, but together they take some time... especially with the ads.

I liked the information about being able to make a little money from her YouTube efforts, and that was in 2016.  I could see the difference in her presentations as they went along... experience is always a great thing... so I may check up on her more recent efforts.  I guess they started the budget process in March of 2014, so it was almost two years after her budget challenge (to become debt free) began.  Other videos showed they finished the challenge in 25 months... somewhere around April of 2016, so they were at the end of the process. Their snowball started with around $400 I think, and ended with about $4500 or so... that the monthly amount applied to their debt reduction plan.

It is always great to see other people succeed in these financial issues.  I hope I can be one of them someday soon.  :-)  The big issue seems to be using the credit card as an income option, and then being broke before you even get your paychecks because all your income goes to pay the debt payments.  I think Dave Ramsey says, which I still remember as being a great awakening for my own life views of everyone that looks richer than I am, that it usually isn't an income problem, it's a spending problem.  I think I watched all those videos to see what their issues were and how they dealt with their debt.

I love YouTube for things like this.  :-)

Well, I am beat.  I will try to catch up with everything else in my personal world tomorrow.

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

Working Together Inc
Building for the End Times

May we all become debt free, including our nation.
It helps our lives in so many ways.

18 September, 2018

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Almost forgot this... I decided to check my email first, and then it was link to link to link... reading some materials on the path... and finally getting here.  This is the online challenge.  :-)

Today was not a rainy day and I actually made it outside for my yard project...

Been doing a lot of reading today... from different sources.  Old newspapers (from the weekend) that I didn't see before... trying to get through my new books... online.  I get really involved in the problems of our world.

I wish I could do more about them.

In this place where I live, it is late in the evening.  I try to find quiet things to do.  I don't always manage to be completely quiet, but I try to keep it down.  I suppose I need a good pair of earphones, and to find the place for the cord to work.  :-)

I am thinking about poverty all over the world because of some of the things I read or linked to tonight.  When you read reports, the details can be masked in nice sounding words... I am wondering how ordinary people can find out the details of far away places.  Sometimes, "progress" is another word for money in someone's pockets, not the well-being of the people who trust them.  It is hard to decide what is the real truth.

I found an ad in the old paper I read that was about an atheist groups dislike of GOD in our heritage. It is a sign of America's future, and not a good sign.  People think they are "good" and yet have no concept of their abuse of others.

I have been complaining about the definition of "freedom" recently... and mentioned we may need to re-do it... repeat it?  Something.  We seem to have forgotten what it means to be free.  Maybe the reach of the internet, and hacking, and terrorism, and other crimes, are changing what we do.  Freedom isn't easy, it means you have to allow people to have different opinions than yours, and find some way to respect each other in the process.

I see a lot of regulations and laws and manipulations of our freedoms.

I guess it could be the elections coming up.  Things always get muddled when elections are near.  We never seem to end the cycle anymore.  The 2020 elections are already in the loop.

I suppose this is too much for a blog post... and it isn't organized.  I tend to ramble with my thoughts... and I don't always want to share the reasons my thoughts are traveling in those directions.


This is our life, our trends, our world.  The small people (the poor, weak, helpless...) only matter enough to get what is being sought... funding, elections, power.

Is this because of mankind's genetics, or because of greed, or because of sin... our fallen nature.  I am trying to decide how much compassion fits into this picture.

Well... if I ever find the answer, I am sure I will share it with you.

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

Working Together Inc
Building for the End Time

May our hearts be good, and our actions be better than we are good.
May we find our joy and our destiny in helping others to rise and grow and live.
May life be long, and healthy, and filled with all that we need to be truly happy in a deep and satisfying way.
May we see our differences and not seek to control the opposition.
May our actions be mutually respectful.
May Truth win.
May Freedom be real.
May every small detail of our lives not be regulated.
May the future find a way to become better for all of us.
Thank you GOD for all that you do for us.
Help us to understand your love and mercy.

17 September, 2018

Monday, 17 September 2018

I have been listening to some motivational presentations at YouTube again... and the topic was money and wealth and "success" for all.  It gave me a headache, so I had to take a nap.  :-)

I even found a Christian channel video with a fantastic logo that had a cross for the t in Ambition... but there were only videos from 2016, some Facebook in early 2017, and a website that was like the blog.  I am still trying to see if I like it... old or not.  I really just wonder if the guy is still around.

My many online efforts have suffered from neglect, too... just not enough time to do everything, sometimes no access to the internet, other times no computer...etc.  It is a big commitment to have an online presence, and I have been trying to decide what to focus on most... first... and with more energy and commitment (schedule).

I am still working on those goals.

In the course of my explorations, I discovered a quote by Peter Drucker, a name I am familiar with a little.  In the link I followed there was a list of quotes, and lots I hadn't heard.  I have shared one I like below.


“Leadership is not magnetic personality, that can just as well be a glib tongue. It is not "making friends and influencing people", that is flattery. Leadership is lifting a person's vision to higher sights, the raising of a person's performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations.”
Peter F. Drucker, Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices


I guess he almost lived to be 100, but not quite.  I think the reference I saw stated he died in 2005.  I didn't realize he was that old.  I had browsed one or more of his business books along my path... trying to find the knowledge I didn't have and could go to school for.  I will be checking out at least one of his books at Amazon after I finish this.

I saved a bunch of the YouTube titles I want to check out later, too.  There is always more than anyone can spend time on, but I would never see them again if I didn't save them.

My books from Hamilton Books (.com) arrived today... it took them six days, with the weekend.

My clog making book/let has some great photos and style ideas at the end... not that I will be making any wood clogs soon, but the need for shoes was why I purchased it... so see how hard it might be.  I watched a video the other day of a man making a pair of shoes for someone out of tires, like the ones on the really small cars they make today.  He had this sharp knife and cut off parts here and parts there, and it became a cheap but functional shoe for someone in those countries where they don't have shoes for everyone.  I was amazed.  I have been wondering about moccasins as an option, but winter and rain would be a problem.  There would be a lot to learn about making leather shoes.  I wore moccasins as a teen, and loved them.

I have only browsed the other two books, one on negotiating and one on writing.  I will be looking at them closer soon.

I watched/listened to something today about the differences between the rich and the poor... and reading (education on your own, not forced by school) was one of the big ones.  I will try to find that link.  It was short and good.  Here it is ::  https://youtu.be/nr76bupxjco  It is a nice visual presentation with key points.

 It has been a day of needing rest... I think I took two naps, at least... and didn't get any of my yardwork done.  Tomorrow... I have to get to it tomorrow.  :-)   If it doesn't rain.

I am still pondering some of the "wealth is the only success, things are all that matters" issues I had to deal with today.  I like motivation, but the values of our world are not so good anymore.  Money is often just a weapon to hurt others.  I don't want to be a part of that kind of "success" but I don't know how to amass the wealth I need to accomplish the good that I am trying to do.  Opposing forces seem to be stronger than I, and my time is running out.  It is a constant issue.  I don't quite fit into any category.

So, I better go do some more thinking and trying to find answers for my current situation.  Pray for me.  I believe GOD is the author of many things, and the Bible says He gives us the power to gain wealth (believers, I should say... the devil seems to have that power for bad people, too) so I am in need of understanding.

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

Working Together Inc
Building for the End Times

May our lives be protected from the darts of the Enemy, and our hearts remain pure and filled with as much love as possible.  May we want to be better than we are, and see the pain in others as important of our attention.  I guess I am saying, how much does one person need to live on... who could we personally help with our excess, freely, without the force of law, or church, or social media... I pray for the many needs we have right now... just to keep living on this planet.  Amen.

13 September, 2018

Thursday, 13 September 2018

It was tempting to let this go, to stay in bed and try to sleep... I had to have a nap earlier.  :-)  But, I was wide awake in a few minutes, so I got up.  Napping seems to be a requirement these days.  I remember reading in business articles awhile back that a "power nap" helped busy executives to recharge mid-day.  I don't have to feel bad about this. haha.

So, it's Thursday.  It's still a rainy forecast.  The weekend is near.

I was able to catch up with some of my budget issues.  How I will get through the rest of the month - that is going to be the challenge.

I received the packet of materials I ordered from Samaritan's Purse Shoebox program for the holidays.  It has become my "insert" for September, so I am beginning my monthly letters.  That will keep me busy.  I am almost up to 30 letters now... and still need more family addresses.  I see this "senior project" is going to be a long challenge, but I hope that I will one day get letters back in the mail... once GOD deals with other things.

No news today.
I did read some articles from yesterday's local paper.
Naturally, I gravitate to the ones that show the slow, ongoing, demise of our country.
I find so many of those... it makes me very sad.

My food challenge is getting difficult.  I do think I bought too much fresh produce.  I will have to see what I can save by freezing it.

Life is different for the poor, I hope my sharing the details of my life help others to see that the challenges are long... by the month as well as by the day... simple and complex... very repetitive and depressing when you want to do so much more.  I often wonder how people in other countries deal with their poverty, which seems to be so much worse that the USA version.

Hoping for that big money win, I keep trying to find ways to make change possible for all the poor all over the world... especially Christians.

It's hard to know what the future might hold, so I hope for a better life.

I suspect all those other poor people do, too.

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

Working Together Inc
Building for the End Times

May the GOD of our hearts help us to see His love for us, and how it is part of our lives.
May we see the difference between the work of GOD and the evil of Satan so we can make the right decisions about this life.
May we learn to be better people.
May our lives have meaning in the long historical view.
May we help our country to be great again, because it is filled with good people.

12 September, 2018

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

What a day...

Food prep to make room in my small fridge, to use up the old foods and make new meals, and eating too much along the way!  That is how it goes!  :-)

I'm still working on my budget crunch for the month, and spent more money that I didn't plan on.  :-)  Christmas is getting real, and my gifting list for every year is beginning to get figured out.

Yesterday I discovered that my favorite elephant group in Africa has a calendar for sale at eBay... the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust has wonderful posts to see on Facebook... I hope you will look at them.  I hope to paint some elephant pictures when I can get a group of photos to use as a guide.  I can't afford to foster one of the elephants (or more), so I made the leap and spent the money to get one of their 2019 calendars.  It was my first eBay purchase at an international level... and it is expected to take a month to reach me!!  :-)  I discovered the difference between UK funds and USA funds...

I am so excited to have one of their calendars.  I decided it was an early Christmas present for me.

I also decided to purchase three badly wanted used books at Hamilton Books (.com)… before any other purchases were made!  I use this site for all my inmate gifts.  They are one of the few sites that is reasonable, can be searched by paperback category (essential for prison gifting), and ships at a reasonable cost (now a flat $4.00 per order).  They don't put the publication year into the information, but I haven't received a bad book... only great ones.  Of course, I am picky and try to choose carefully.  The older ones can have great information to glean from the pages.

One day soon, I will be learning how to make clogs, Negotiate With Giants, and write better.  :-)  I am looking forward to it.  Each book was less than $5, but that is high for me... I usually get my books at the Salvation Army Thrift Store for $1 or less... but it's been hard for me to get out anymore.  This will have to do.

I discovered scribd.com today, and lots of their books and other media are like thrift store offerings, so there is still a lot to be said for old books.  They also offer audio-books.  I found this link when I read an article about tax issues for retirees and wanted a copy of the tax info offered.  I still haven't decided what online book/media source I will end up with.

My Fire tablet is owned by Amazon so it may become my Kindle Reader... I'm still thinking about that.  It wasn't a purchase that worked out the way I planned, so I'm looking for a Plan B for it.

This is how things "evolve" in our lives.  :-)  If at first you don't succeed, try, Try, TRY again!!!  (My version of the old saying! haha)  The internet says it was made popular by a man named William Edward Hickson around 1836, but the origins are cloudy.  I thought it was a Shakespeare quote!  :-)  We learn new things every day, right?!

My other budget-busting purchase was making a donation to get a "free" booklet about budgeting.  I think they call that irony.  It's called Financial 30 and it is suppose to be about a 30-day plan for improving your finances.  I have a growing collection of materials from different sources about budgets and debt and other similar issues... I thought it was something I needed to add to my collection.  Crown.org is a good group, and I am beginning to explore their materials when I can.  I was aware of Larry Burkett (the founder) when I was younger.  Here is a link I found just now ::  The Family Budget Workbook by Larry Burkett (1993 in the details).  There may be other items at Crown.org

Following my wild spending spree, I had to recover my financial plan.  SO, that is what this morning was about.  I still have to finish that chore.

There is always something that needs to be done.

I wonder if I will EVER catch up... I doubt it.  :-)  I was looking at Time Management aids when I was exploring the Scribd website... One tip I found in comments at a page was "do the hardest thing first" and then the plan to make a list of over a hundred things and just get them done.  I have heard these ideas in some version before.  It was a great reminder... and will be helpful for my list-making goals.  :-)

So, that is it for now... the rain is still here, and seems to want to stay, so staying indoors will help me get my lists pared down this week -- I hope.

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

Working Together Inc
Building for the End Times

In my prayers these days, I am crying out to GOD for change... for the provisions I need to get things moving, for the ability to control my circumstances, and for the opposition to be overcome.  I am praying for my sons' souls to be found again.  I am hoping to see the world get better.  I am praying for a way to make things better at a lot of levels and in a lot of countries.  I have a big dream, and I am hoping my big GOD will provide for it soon.  Amen.

11 September, 2018

The Anniversary of Terrorism in the USA -- Tuesday, 11 SEP 2018

Time passes and we forget things that have happened... so many disasters happen every year.  To me they are not all important, but the ones that affect me remain in my heart and mind and prayers.  If you have read my past blogs, you know how deeply I feel about this event, that I consider it a turning point in America's protection by GOD.

Here is a link to Billy Graham's speech at that time for the prayer memorial that was held...

Paul Ryan sent out an email message with a link to his video about it.  It reminds us how little we expected this to happen in our country.

Because I am always thinking about the Antichrist and what will happen in the world before and after he arrives, I see our vulnerability.  It is foolish to believe we can protect ourselves from future attacks, as politicians like Paul Ryan and his Democratic counterparts believe.  The attacks will just be different... and more organized than the one that caught us by surprise.

We are slipping into a fear mode as a country, with immigration issues, and the terrorism we think they will bring to us.  Fear affects our thinking.  We don't see the problems in healthy ways.  We make bad judgments.  Somehow, the thing we fear comes into our lives.

I have been thinking about all these things for some time now... with my own focus on the Christian populations first, but everyone good included.  9/11 was just a huge look into the destruction that war brings... and it is coming to America... eventually.

I guess I am really wondering about a Bible verse I read one day (and didn't keep track of, so I haven't been able to find it again) that was about those times when a third of the earth will be destroyed.  In that passage I read it said one third of the people who existed would be destroyed, and then shortly after that it mentioned that 5000 were killed.  It means the world will be reduced to 15,000 people at some point... and then down to 10,000.  I can't imagine what GOD means by this verse, and how it will happen.  It is part of my wonderings about America, about terrorism, about the timeline of GOD, and about Mankind.

I imagine this will be long after the Antichrist takes Christians out of the world.

It has been a long time since I have been able to study my Bible/s, so memory is selective.  I recall the big issues, the main details, the ones that affect my focus.  Technology is going to make our lives so very different.  The Mark of the Beast takes on a whole new meaning as the details about technology are developed.  We are becoming robots for the computer... there is the gradual move to depend more and more on automated processes, for everything.  The chip in our body seems, to the unsaved, to be the most logical move to take.  Wireless biological parts, wireless communications, wireless life... in time, there won't be a choice... it is all more visible to us now, but how long will it take?  We don't know.  All we can do is watch as it all unfolds.

I still cry when I see the Twin Towers attacked.

I hope GOD allows us to gather together for our own protections as these End Times unravel into the Antichrist... we are easier target when we are alone, and aging, and unable to fight.  We can do more if we are together.

Think about joining Working Together so we can start in that direction.

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

Working Together Inc
Building for the End Times

May we discover our need for each other.
May our lives be meaningful to the world we are in.
May life be good and shared and protected from unnecessary harms.
May we not fear, but be wise.
May GOD provide for us, and save us from our Enemy.
May we all be able to share.

10 September, 2018

Monday, 10 September 2018

It looks like Winter is trying to get here... or maybe Fall... in Oregon, it is all about the rain.

Today is not a great day, but I want to get back into my posting pattern for this blog.  I have been working on my daily planning sheet and working toward posting on my other blogs, mostly associated with Working Together, so things are getting figured out.  There is never enough time, and sometimes not enough energy, for everything... we just keep moving forward the best we can.  :-)

I was able to grocery shop on Sunday, so a lot of "food prep" has been happening.  I need to find a better (SMALL) refrigerator... this one is freezing food, so that is an issue... when it is food that can't be frozen for later.  Food is MONEY... lots of money... for my budget.

I have FOUR weeks to go with this batch of food, and only a small reserve of funds in my budget for more fresh supplies.  I keep trying to find a good way to buy fresh produce... and make it last.  :-)  I am trying to see how long melons will last right now.  I have a watermelon, a honeydew, and a cantaloupe, in various stages of ripeness.  I ate one watermelon already, and it was very ripe... and good.  If I can make them last at one per week, that will be great.  I have no idea how to tell if a honeydew melon is ripe, but the cantaloupe has a ways to go.

Avocados are a challenge.  I know they grow in California, but I don't know if they have a particular season yet.  I am trying to figure out how to buy "in season" foods and avoid commercial processes.  Figuring out what grows locally is another goal to help with that seasonal issue.

One of my avocado seeds is growing... so I need to decide when to bring it in or how to protect it from the squirrels and the winter and whatever else kills avocado seeds trying to grow into a tree.  :-)  In my entire life, I have only had ONE avocado seed grow into a starting tree... this will be the second.  The first one met an untimely death... and I grieved for it.  I hope this one will make it through.

I have been ill today, so there isn't much to share with you.

I heard part of a program with Mathew Hagee as I was checking channels earlier, at the end of watching some news to see what was going on.  It was a repeat program about the dominoes falling in the End Times.  It reminded me again how hard it is going to be for people who have put their faith in what is called "the Rapture" to keep them from suffering what is ahead for the world.  I only caught the end of the presentation, with the unveiling of the Rapture event in their popular theology. The idea is that GOD is going to save His People from suffering the Tribulation, and He is going to do it with the Rapture.

I sometimes catch different views of this perspective on Christian programs.  The "Left Behind" series kind of made it a gospel of its own.  One idea that keeps getting repeated is that the church will not be in the world when the Tribulation horrors happen... so making the "Rapture" the way GOD does that is easy to believe.  I see the Rapture as the final moments of all existence as we know it, when Christ comes for judgment... way at the end of all these Tribulation sufferings.  When I heard the explanation about the church not being here, I understood why it took off as a way to make death by the Antichrist a non-subject.  I see the Mark of the Beast and death by the Antichrist as the way we are removed from this life.

It is a complicated mess in the church... all the divided denominations have to declare their own ideas of what they believe is the right answer.  Then everyone gets "firmly planted" in that viewpoint and nothing else is allowed in the conversation.  This is how humans work, how organizations work, how causes are created and maintained... any of them.  These divisions are why I hoped to create my "40 Days in the Wilderness" event every summer... to get the discussions going... to make people decide for themselves, hear all the sides of the arguments, and try to make us ONE BODY in Christ.

After some time and thought, I realized this event could become the fulfillment of another prophecy about the end of all things, that everyone would hear the gospel... everyone, all over the world.  Technology would make that a reality.

It's scary, but that is how GOD works... He has shared these details with us in a way that makes us have to think about the Truth, be ready to die and be judged at any moment of our lives, and to prove His authority over all we know.  Prophecy, in GOD's view, is one way He establishes His credibility with Man.

When I was watching the Hagee presentation, I wished there was some way to reach all those people who think they won't have to suffer because they believe the Rapture will save them from it.  I don't know how to do that, in my current circumstances, so I just keep thinking that GOD will do something to help them discover there is more than one way to see what is in the Bible.... and the Enemy is good at blinding our eyes... and there will one day be a "Great Falling Away" that might be them.

I just want them to see that, so their decision is made by better knowledge... and I want to help us to prepare for what is ahead, together.  Evil will rise, good will decline... that is not going to be a fun time...  I just hope to help as many as I can.

So, that is what channel-flipping has done for me today.  I am now at my desk and trying to make a better plan to solve this information and protection problem.

I hope GOD provides for me and WT soon.

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

Working Together Inc
Building for the End Times

May GOD find a way to make those who love Him aware of the different interpretations there are about the Rapture, the Tribulation, the End Times, and the Antichrist.  Amen.

06 September, 2018

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Here I am... up again after going to bed earlier... wandering around with nothing to do, but not able to sleep again.  So... lucky you, I am going to try to post something here.  :-)

I did a lot of my yardwork challenge the past few days... and it takes a toll on my body... I end up just wanting to go to bed and not caring what is happening in the world.  :-)  But then I remember my lists.

I discovered a property in Texas today... I guess T Boone Pickens is selling a magnificent piece of land.  Only 250 million dollars.  I think I will go ahead and write a check!  haha.  It's in east Texas.  I went through Texas one time on my faith trip, along the Dallas-Fort Worth trail.  East Texas was the green side I think... well, one of the sides of Texas was like desert and the other was greenish.  It was quite an experience.

I recognize the name, but don't know what made him famous.  The land materials said it was the oil industry.  It also had information about how much his childhood was part of his motivations.  Life affects us, for good or for bad... but it is a burden we all carry.  It seems the end of life is catching up with him.

One thing I see in the lives of the rich and famous is the need to invest their wealth.  This is something I have talked to GOD about all my life, in one form or another. I think art and other collectibles are fun (at my small level, which is just trying to save the memories of my lifetime), but I would have a hard time spending millions to acquire them.  I decided it would be too much for me.  I eventually decided that investing in people would be better, especially for the future of Working Together.

If I had 250 million dollars to pay for the Pickens property, I would check it out and talk to the man, and then buy it if it seemed useful for WT.  I think owning land, and his conservation of what he has built over his lifetime, are both essential to the future.  The details are also important.  It has to work for the people who will need it in the future.

I keep thinking about his lifetime effort.  I would think he might want to die there. I would.  I don't know why he is selling now, but I assume it has to do with the changes of age and income.  None of us can take our possessions with us... no matter how wonderful they may be.  We die.  Someone else gets all our toys... all our dreams... all our things.

I am also filled with wondering thoughts toward GOD about WT... always.  I wish I understood the purpose of all these past years.  I recently heard something online that was really good to remember... the idea presented was that we can't count the dots looking ahead, we can only count the dots looking back.  (I just remembered, I think it was the Steve Jobs commencement speech...)  It is true, no matter how you say it.

I once looked back and talked about the pivot points we see from that perspective, how we can see that everything would have been different if we chose that other path, the other choice, the other direction.  BUT, we can't know what the future will do with our choices.  We only have the details of Today to go by.  We all do our best, I think... at least, I hope so.

So, it's almost midnight.  I better end this to beat the Thursday deadline.  :-)

I hope you are making all the best choices and that they will lead you to good places and good people and good futures.  If they don't, just keep trying to find the best way forward from where you are.  It's all we can do... one day at a time.

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

Working Together Inc
Building for the End Times

May GOD help all the good people who love Him and want to do good things for good people.  Amen.

04 September, 2018

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

What a day...

I wrote four letters before the mailperson came to get them. Later I added another one for tomorrow's mail.  Now I have three more left just to finish August's list.  :-)  I don't get many responses, so it doesn't seem very urgent to get them out in a serious deadline way.  I call it a flexible schedule.  :-)  And I need to find an "insert" for my September bunch of letters.

I turned on my phone ringer (finally got it to actually work when I tried to turn on the ringer!) and now I get calls that hang up in three rings.  Previously, calls would magically appear on my phone.  I don't answer too many as they never leave a voicemail, so I assume they are robocalls.  It has occurred to me how fake call records can be created and used in court through some of these issues.  We are in such a legal bog with technology.

I think I want a landline again.

I am actually trying to budget in a senior phone with one of those emergency buttons.  One of these days....

I made it out to the ivy patch around noon, after I didn't have the right tool for my curb cleaning plan... cut out vines for an hour!  What a mess!  More to do tomorrow, but I am MOTIVATED now.  :-)  --  I did go back later to check on (rake up) the debris...

In some places of the "seasonal creek" the leaves are so deep it's scary.  I am trying to figure out a good way to make it safer.  There is a dangerous metal spike that is failing to hold up the huge timber wall it was first place for, and it is just waiting for someone to fall and die on it.  I think I will bend it into the timber just to be safe.

I am not sure about the "creek" wall part of the ivy patch... It's hard to see how much is solid rocks and how much is dirt ready to fall down.  There are gaping holes in the dirt, but different pipe sections, and I am wondering about wild animals that could live in them, or be in danger by them.

Roots, some over an inch thick, are going in all kinds of directions... BIG ivy roots, I think... but not sure yet.  I am just cutting off everything that is in the spaces I don't want ivy to be.  I haven't even started on the street side of the patch.  (so much fun..... I can hardly wait!)  haha

I decided not to enter a post yesterday... things were happening and it would not have been a good one.  I did work on my budget... my revisions, my payments, my plans for the month.  It is always depressing.

I watched some news earlier and one of the tidbits about Brazil, in conjunction with the fire loss of their country's national museum (which would be like our Smithsonian burning down into nothing), and the average worker in Brazil only makes about 180 US dollars a month...   no mention of the effects of inflation on their dollars, or any other details about their economy, was made.  Recently I caught the news about (Argentina?) having such high inflation that the government decided to correct the problem itself with it's own "eraser" - going into a version of bitcoin, I think.  All I really heard was the graphics about how many of their dollars it takes to buy some food... one item of food.

I guess the Democrats have come out with media bites to take the media stage with the Kavanaugh hearings... we have become a world that only cares about media bites, not the survival of our world....  It will all come back to "bite" us in time... much worse that it already is.

In a Democratic media world, finding the Truth is hard.  Democratic TV news use Democratic newspaper sources as their guest authorities, as well as any other interview subjects.  If they aren't totally committed to the Democratic agenda, they are very near to it.  And this is presented as "unbiased" reporting.

We rely on information that only represents one view... degrades any other views, reports only bad opinions of their enemies, and controls the way we see the world.  You have to have your own foundation for information, or work extremely hard to find a whole range of reporters to hear, if you even want to think about knowing the details of any ONE issue, for that day.

This is the world we live in.
We are suffering for it.

 I have heard some people read multiple newspapers every day to find out what is happening in the world... I don't have time for that... or the money.

Well, that's it for today... I am still working on a plan for the topics of my blogs... this one is journal blog... my WT blogs need some content, so I am looking at how to get some good blogs posted, at least once a week.  My reorganized room may help me to get closer to that.  Thinking of things to write is easy, actually getting all the details for a "real" blog post is hard... and time consuming... and I need some way to keep a record of sources.  I am working on those details, in the midst of all my other efforts....

I wonder if I will ever reach the point where I can hire the help I need...

I wonder.

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

Working Together Inc
Building for the End Times

May the world suddenly become good again... hmmm... how would that be possible... so, in that view, may GOD help all the good people to prosper and make wise decisions and help other good people and make sure evil forces do not get their resources.  Amen.

And may we all be deserving of the title "good" and maybe "godly" and always "kind, compassionate, merciful, giving, loving, worthy," and everything the Bible tells us is righteous.

I hope GOD finds a way to help us.
We are so divided, so separated, so overpowered by the strength of evil.
I know we are heading toward death by the Antichrist,
but I don't want to let him win without a fight.

Maybe you can help me by joining WT and begin the process of building the things we need to survive as the times grow worse.  It is the only way I can see us becoming ONE Body in Christ.

I hope you will think about it and decide that $10 is not to much to spend to begin the process of changing our world... hopefully, I will actually get the funds and be able to do what I have been planning and working toward since before WT was even created.


May GOD be glorified and protect us from the evil that surrounds us.  Amen.

30 August, 2018

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Some days are better than others...

I see that things will be better.  I continue with my quests.  And my faith is the main issue in everything that happens... good and bad.

We seem to think that loving GOD makes us protected from all the ills of the world...but it doesn't.  It is choosing sides in the constant battle between good and evil, between GOD and Satan, between what is right and what make our lives suffer in ways we don't comprehend at the time.

I watched most of the videos on the Franklin Graham link I shared last night... one wouldn't work on my computer.  It always makes me see how great a difference salvation makes in life.  I wish I could convince everyone to accept the gift of Jesus so they will grow into the goodness that is discovered.

I explored the Chip Gaines site with the funding competition... it is called CHIPSTARTER 2.0, as it is the second year.  I still have to look at the details, but you can see some of the winners from the first year at the site.  It looks like you have ONE WEEK to enter your video... something close to that.  Small dreams, big dreams... what is your dream?

In my effort to get better at public speaking and all the business events that life seems to include, I watched a video at a linked site from either FB or Twitter tonight... good one. I shared it from the page to three different FB sites of my own... I still have to find out if one of them went through, but two to my pages did.  It is getting interesting how you can share with social media accounts.  I would like to do a ONE-click operation, but that is somewhere in the future, probably after I am gone!  :-)

The video was by INC Magazine, with 8 Tips on presenting to groups.  I hope you can find it easily... it is a nice short video.

I am getting pretty close to finishing my yardwork for this summer... but it will still go into September... the ivy patch project is really going to be my last effort.  I have to finish my berry vine clean-ups and a few small dirt space clean-ups... then it will be the ivy patch to the end.

October starts the normal burn season for this area... I am wondering what my son will be doing about the mountain of debris that is waiting to be dealt with.  I worry that a neighborhood cat might be living under the pile... a safe place for the nights around here, and the wild predators.

My list efforts are getting better.

Still have four more letters to do for August.

I'm almost done with my September budgeting.  It's going to be a hard month.  I forgot about some major expenses in September, so I am trying to squeeze out the pennies as much as I can.

My reorganized room is beginning to flow better.  It takes awhile to remember the changes as you go looking for things.  I am really amazed at how much better things are getting.  I seem to be a month behind my goal schedule, but that is still workable.  PHOTOS are still a major issue, as is SHIPPING.

I love my revamped shipping space in my closet. It may work out great.  We never really know until we start using things... I have discovered this with my form designs.  They are great in the computer, but I discover the problems when I try to use them in my real life needs.

I wish life was not the way it is, but I am praying through all the issues I have to deal with.  I trust that GOD is able to make them into something better, as He has promised in His Word, the Bible.  Faith is hard, whether you are believing in GOD, or in people.  I keep reminding myself of the things I have learned in the past, and search for what I can learn from today.
GOD is in our limitations as much as He is in our abundance.  It is really about what HIS will is for our lives... where HE is leading us... WHO He is trying to reach... what HE is trying to achieve.
That was a hard lesson to learn.  It has helped me to cope with the things life has brought me since I understood this way that GOD works.

I am just one person, without the funds I would like to have, a senior, a woman, with health issues, and more.  In the end, GOD is the one in charge.  I am His servant, His child, His follower... when I was saved, I kind of traded my future for heaven. The Bible says we are bought, that Jesus is the payment for our eternity, and other things I can't quote right now... but the idea is that there is a trade.  We offer out lives because He has given His life for us...Jesus, I mean.  So, it is like the hierarchy of the family... GOD, Jesus, Holy Spirit -- then Man, Wife, children  -- and Christ becomes the husband of single mothers.  There is order in everything that GOD does... including creation.

I am trying to say why I make my days available to GOD and watch what happens.  I do what I can, and then I believe that GOD will do whatever else needs to be done.

I still pray and ask for a lot of things.  :-)   It is like any child asking their parents for things.  Then I look for the gift, hoping it will be mine.

So, I better get going now or I will keep on about these faith issues.  It looks like I may get to bed early tonight... haha.

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

Working Together Inc.
Building for the End Times

May the GOD of all things, life and eternity, be kind to those who love Him, protect us from the attacks of those who hate Him, and provide for our needs.  Amen.

29 August, 2018

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

It is getting late!  I didn't make it to my computer tasks until 10pm, so here I am.  What to say....

I still don't have collected notes for the weekend... I spent the day with re-organizing and food, doing my to-do list items (by memory), and just trying to get my body going every time I had to rest.  This is the way it is... right now, at least.

I was checking my emails and Chip Gaines is having a business/dream competition.. I will be checking it out more tomorrow.  I guess he tried it out previously and must have decided it was a good idea.  It requires a video, though.  I haven't quite figured out videos yet, or I might get serious about sending something in.  How would I describe Working Together in two minutes... I don't know!

I have a CD I want to listen to again, from the thrift store I think, on getting your point across in 30 seconds.  That would help me work through the presentation... times four.  :-)   I am a writing person... even if it is a LONG challenge to "write short."  haha.  I am moving toward something like podcasting...but not sure how I want to use that media.  I was thinking I might try audio options first.  Who knows what the future will hold!  :-)

The Gaines email link goes here ::  https://mailchi.mp/magnoliamarket/we-want-to-help-launch-your-dream?e=4fb96982f8  -- so all the people who are braver than me can check it out.   :-)   The finale is in mid OCTOBER, so there isn't much time to get going.  I didn't see any age limits... but I haven't checked it out fully... make sure you do BEFORE you send in your life's heartbeat.

I am still thinking about some of the motivational videos I watched last weekend and the effect they had on me... some good, some bad.  Who you decide to follow means everything.   It is impossible to protect yourself from people who promote ungodly things in ungodly ways... you will have to search through the mixed offerings of most sites yourself... use wisdom, use discretion, make a "judgment" about their truth and quality.  There are a lot of new names that have become famous, but that doesn't mean they are the best people to lift up in your life.  The difference between Christian leaders is immense, the difference between sincere Christians and those who trust in the world's methods and values is even wider than immense.  Think about what you discover... test it like you would test the Bible's details... only embrace the good.

Well... I will go for now... and try to write a better post tomorrow... maybe a bit earlier if I can, so I won't be so tired, worn out, not able to share the best details.  :-)   By tomorrow I should have my desk and papers sorted out better.  haha.

May GOD be kind to the trusting, the faithful, the good, the saved, and those dedicated to Him.  May He also watch over those we love and pray for, who mean so much to us, and who/m we want to be in heaven with.  Amen.

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

Working Together Inc
Building for the End Times

I got an email from Franklin Graham (BGEA) too... with a link to a site that explains faith and Christ.  If anyone is looking for the peace Christ brings to life, it might be a place to start.  I haven't checked it out yet either... I needed to get this post done first.  :-)

Find Peace With God

28 August, 2018

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

How is everyone tonight?  Good, I hope.

I have been busy with my budgeting and figuring out how to make my room better for using so I can get stuff done... all day today, I worked on getting it better... I think I am going to suffer a week of recovery for this one.  :-(  I am in pain!

But, the room is so much better now.  Once I get the rest of the little things done, it will be great.

I have one cleared table (eventually) for working on, and I changed the rest to see if I could get my supplies better organized.  It is amazing that I found all sorts of things I have been looking for, and have been deciding what to do first.

I have a lot I want to share from the weekend, but not now.  I am beat.  I need to make some notes.  :-)

I will share that I started working on my biographical statement... to get things going I started a list.  I will try to paste it here for this blog post.  It's funny how many different things we are in a lifetime.  :-)

Until next time...
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

Working Together Inc
Building for the End Times


My attemt to make a biographical statement for my publishing efforts....

a Christian
tither / giver
committed to GOD
independent believer
part of the Body of Christ
End Time crusader
saved sinner
moral conscience
Bible searcher
persecuted believer
prayer warrior

a mother

a writer
old movie lover
music admirer

a crafter
crochet lover
jewelry maker
sewer of simple things

a financial tragedy
budget maker

website developer
online shop owner
social media novice
learning video
planning to podcast
marketing intern

college hopeful
self-study student
life-long learner
media critic

corporate founder
sole supporter
dreamer of better things

faith traveler
homeless survivor
poverty activist

That's all so far.
Now I think I will expand each category with a statement or description so I can figure out what matters for different statements.  This is such a strange project... It is almost as bad as creating a resume or filling out a job application.  :-(

May GOD help me to recover swiftly, and provide the things I need desperately for my future. Amen.

23 August, 2018

Thursday, 23 August 2018

What a day of listening to more YouTube motivational videos!  After all my morning stuff.

I lasted for two hours in the ivy patch!  I was amazed because I cut up vines, trimmed trees, raked before I made a mess again, and started to tear down the stump I found... you would not believe what was inside it!  It was a hard wood (as opposed to decayed wood granules) tree shape with limb shapes that looked like they were sawed off - I have never seen anything like it... I took photos, but they are on another device and I haven't figured out how to upload them yet.

It makes me wonder about other trees... and why this stump was that way.

I too a bunch of photos of the ivy space, for me and for possible sharing online.  I have to find a way to take my sales photos and both edit and upload them for using at my sites for social media and for my shops.

I want a great smartphone... I NEED a great smartphone... even more, I need a great digital camera set-up for selling and blogging and more.  :-)

If I pray, will it come?
I don't know.
I hope so.

I pray for everything I need to do all the things I want to do.  Amen.


I suppose I better check the lottery prize amounts, just in case... haha.

I try to remember when I started saying, if only I would win the lottery...  it's been a long road... and I really don't know if GOD would provide that way, for me, even if He does bless others with prizes.

I really just always wanted to sell memberships for the income I needed.
That didn't seem to work out well either.

We are always hopeful that tomorrow will be THE DAY that GOD decides to move in my life!

I listened to the Nightingale Strangest Secret audio program this morning... mostly.  It's hard not to go do things while you listen, so you don't really catch every word, but I remembered parts of it.  and I plan to listen again.  (I tried to find a link to it, but can't get one I think is open access... and I don't remember where I found mine... sorry about that.)

I linked to the "Thank You" videos from Evan Carmichael, and decided to listen to some of the famous people "Top Ten" tips for success... Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and who knows who else.

I discovered a link at Evan Carmichael's videos or pages to someone called Mateusz M - a young man that makes motivational videos.  I didn't see anything recent, so I am not sure if he is busy with other things or gone to another media format or what...  some of the videos were great, others were too intense for me.  He has some great wallpapers though.  They appear in his Facebook posts... I think that is where I saw them... not sure right now.  I think this was my favorite video so far.... DESTINY.   You will have to check his work out for yourself.

I sometimes worry that wee need to pump ourselves up so much... maybe we get addicted to the process, the words, the cycles...  I have been alone in my struggles so much, it was always nice to hear about other people who were finding ways to overcome theirs.  It helps.  I wish we could get this inspiration into the places that need it more, like prisons, and poverty dungeons, and ?

Evan Carmichael's work is also very encouraging... lots of TOP TEN videos and other compilations... which I love.  Real people sharing things that helped them to overcome the hard places.  I started with his video on Steve Jobs and I discovered a lot of things I didn't know about him... I especially enjoyed his commencement speech with three things he wanted to share with them about being young and changing the world.  You need to hear it if you haven't already.

I am aware of famous people, but I don't follow them like a groupie... so I don't know a lot of things about them.  Sometimes I read a bit about them in the newspaper, see something in the news, read a headline in a magazine...things like that.

Well... tomorrow is another day, kind of busy, and a Friday.  I always find things to do, resting when I can or when I have to.

I listened to a video of three people in the UK that were over 100 years old today... they were pretty alive looking... there is hope for us yet!  It was kind of cute to see them... and strange to think of living that long.

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

Working Together Inc
Building for the End Times

May GOD help us all to find the answers we seek to the meaning of our lives... and find a good life, a life that is filled with memories to treasure, and a life that has enough to share.  Amen.

22 August, 2018

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

I better get this done... I have been browsing at YouTube because I had a link in my emails, I think.  It's been so long, I can't remember what got me there, but it was a link from somewhere.

I ended up at some of the selling and success videos, then I checked for Nightingale-Conant and discovered they are still alive.  I use to listen to lots of their audio programs, from somewhere.  Them and Zig Ziglar.  I signed up for the motivational emails and got a few freebies in the process.  I am hoping this FB (embed code) post will work here... I'm still learning how to connect all these online spaces.

<iframe src="https://www.facebook.com/plugins/post.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2FNightingaleConantCorp%2Fposts%2F10154179347959596%3A0&width=500" width="500" height="422" style="border:none;overflow:hidden" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowTransparency="true" allow="encrypted-media"></iframe>

It seems that the link doesn't work here in creating the post, so here is a back-up link...


That seems to work.

Maybe the internet code will work after it's posted... but I don't think so.

I listened to some old Ziglar first, than a video compilation by Evan Carmichael (.com - a great graphic with links there, and I hope to find time to explore it!).  I signed up for his emails because there was a free PDF about Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs was part of my history... my motivation.  I always remembered how his company was taken from him... it is part of the reason I decided to keep WT structured as a single-owner privately held company while I am alive... and to try to make sure it is protected somehow after I die.  A company takeover of WT would not be a good thing for the future... I think it would defeat the purpose of trying to save and protect Christians as we move into harder circumstances.

So... it has been a walk down memory lane for me.  :-)

The rest of life is still a work in progress.  I sorted through some of my supplies today, made a decision about my workspace needs, and completed most of my TO-DO list for today.

I think I have about five letters left for this month... four to one family.  :-)

I am praying in the midst of everything...

I guess I better get back to my inspirational activities for today...   :-)    I may listen to Nightingale's free audio book/presentation again... it's been awhile since I listened to it.

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

Working Together Inc
Building for the End Times

May GOD be listening to my prayers... I really need to know He is... in this season of my life, today, this month, this year.  Amen.

21 August, 2018

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

My days are full of different things... and by the time I get to blogging, a lot of it gets forgotten.  Regular activities, like yardwork and prepping food, seem to fade away.  Articles I read, videos I watch, things I discover... they pass into a state of non-existence when I get here.  I wonder what to write about.

Life is really strange some days.  I just finished browsing through a long page or two of "headlines" after checking my emails and some social media posts/search links.  The world is not quite a good place when you only see the things that other people think are important... like crimes, politics, murder, celebrity gossip, and the "stories" I have been discovering since doing this browsing with 500 pages to flip through (of advertising) to even get near the headline details.  I still fall for some of them, but don't even want to look anymore.

This morning I thought my mini-fridge died so I had to save my food right away. After emptying it, I discovered a THICK patch of ice and wondered if that was the cause.  After cleaning (defrosting) everything and having it unplugged for hours, it came back to life.  Now I am watching the thermometer to see if it works right. I will have to prevent an iceberg from forming in the fridge, too.  I think it messed up the temperature process, but I don't really know.  It seemed to be turned off and defrosting, etc., this morning.

I am working on a PLAN for any future problems with it, too.  I have been freezing my summer harvests and leftover foods, so that would be a great loss.  I already threw out anything that might have been compromised before I realized what was going on... milk, etc.

The other big event for today was making more fresh tomato sauce... with spices and mushrooms, like a spaghetti sauce.  I ended up with 3 pint jars and the rest I ate with pasta.  It wasn't quite as good as the first one, but I'm working on it.  I have to figure out what my canning options are, so I have them in the fridge (2) and freezer (1).

Doing computer stuff has occupied my evening time.

Earlier in the day I read through some of the articles I have saved from newspapers.  One was about the increase in seniors filing for bankruptcy   We are heading into the Boomer generation in retirement, which has been seen as causing financial problems with Social Security and other economy topics.

This was after I had seen a news report on one of the bail out countries ending their debt, and how they endured eight years of great austerity measures to reach that point, and how this meant they will be able to borrow money again.  (There's something wrong with that logic.)

It was also an article from the Detroit Free Press, so I wondered how much applied to their area alone.

No mention was made of the changing structure of families in our culture and how that would affect the situations of elderly people.  I wondered how many had opted to have no or just one child, if they were still alive to help, if they lived near each other, had good relationships... and more.

We are not the Walton's anymore... 

I lived in an apartment building once, and one day I saw an elderly person alone in an empty apartment unit -- lying on a hospital bed, not conscious.  I guess I don't know if they ever woke up because I only saw them that one time when I left the building to go somewhere.  Everything was gone and the apartment was empty again soon after that.  I wondered what happened.  I wondered why.  I wondered if that person was put there to die.  I wondered if they didn't have funding for a normal care facility.  It happened so fast, and there was no one to really ask about it.  I just remember how strange it seemed to see just a hospital bed in an empty apartment.

When I was younger, living in Hollywood, I saw an older woman in a dirty nightgown sitting on a bus stop.  I didn't know anything about senior issues then.  I thought she was just another Hollywood weird person.  I eventually realized that wasn't the case, many years later.  I remember her with great sadness because I didn't help her.  I have no way of knowing what happened to her.

I found a news item many years ago, a very small article in a newspaper somewhere, about a woman that was dead for six years before anyone found her... her apartment and utilities were paid automatically, so she had a large savings account when she died.  They found her after the payments defaulted and she was evicted.  No one from her work checked on her.  No one at the apartment she lived in checked on her.  She must not have had any family that was able to check on her.  No friends came for her.  It makes you wonder.  How did it get that way?  Why?  What happened to her...

People have been reported as being unable to remember where they live.  Gone wandering for months.  Somehow surviving... looking homeless.

We are a society that is separated from people who would otherwise be the ones to care for us, watch over our senior years, and more.  Jobs seem to be the main cause.  Climbing the success ladder.  Moving here, moving there... never belonging anywhere.

I have seen that technology is used to keep people from their loved ones.  How will we overcome these new acts of the criminal mind?  I don't really know.

For me, the focus has been to protect the Christian community somehow.  

Not just me, I could never do that alone, but to create a place for Christians to help each other.

We like to think that is already happening, but seniors get forgotten, even in church.  I remember being part of a very small church with most of their members being seniors, and many of them couldn't get to church.  I thought a daily check-in call might help keep in touch with them, find out how they were doing, if they needed anything, etc.  I wasn't there long enough to start that, but the idea is still with me.  If Working Together needs to use it, it will.

I wonder if any of my hopes and dreams and desires to help the Body of Christ gather for the future hard times will ever happen.  GOD is the one in charge, so I hope someone will see the need we have to change our patterns of being apart, not wanting to talk about our doctrinal differences, dying as churches and communities.  I guess it has to happen in every community.  I hope I can do something to encourage that one day.  Working Together was my answer to all these needs.

Being a Senior Citizen myself now, and seeing the increased persecutions we face as Christians, the future is growing more and more frightening... even in America.  I will die one of these days, so I won't have to worry about it anymore, but Prophecy will continue to come true.  The world we know will become like the days of Noah and like the city of Sodom... that means Christians will not be the majority.

Will we be able to live apart in peace, providing for ourselves, trying to have a community we feel safe in?  I don't know.  Maybe for awhile.  It depends on what the world becomes, and how fast, and where we are, and who is in charge, and if we are strong enough.  Will the economy fall, or war change everything?  Maybe GOD is in the process of judging us with drought, and famine, and disease.

I find it a horror of our world to see little babies dying of starvation, their parents desperate to help them and not able to... and then see how people in our country purposely starve and abuse and kill their children and others.  It is our morality that causes these things... our lack of morality.  But GOD is not allowed in schools, courts, personal choices, and laws... these are moral choices, too.

When I started talking about the bankruptcy of seniors being a sign of other deeper problems, I didn't mean to get into as much as I did... but I also did not share as much as I wanted to.  I can go on and on about serious things like this.

One important piece of information I heard in the past has stayed with me... someone claimed that the Boomers were the last generation to claim a faith in GOD and what the Bible stands for.

That will affect the world in ways no one even thinks about today.

I better go.
Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

Working Together Inc
Building for the End Times

May GOD help us to gather together and create a community that will care for one another, young and old, weak and strong, poor and rich.  Amen.

20 August, 2018

Monday, 20 August 2018

Another weekend is over.

This weekend, I decided to try to make my comments on news stories from the local papers I read.  I am not sure what I will do with them.  I am attaching a computer written page with my opinions to different articles I have saved.  Once the anger and dissatisfaction fall away, it is hard to keep up the effort.  We get so irritated with our society, and feel so helpless.  Giving my opinions is about the only thing I can do.  I personally care about some of the issues, people, programs, charities, etc., and am just frustrated with others, like the media.

I have said I am a topic kind of person ::  taxes, social services, government waste (and debt), homelessness, poverty, education, immigration, GOD in the world, salvation, church doctrine, internet sales, marketing, social media, and more... I suppose topics that are about people surviving... oh, yes, and prison reforms.  This means I have a lot of opinions.

I get mad when people complain and don't try to find a better solution, so I am always looking for ways to make problems work better, like prisons.  We need prisons, but do we need all this disarray and confusion and privacy that is a breeding ground for abuse?  No.

My main solution to the problems I encountered in the prison systems is to require each county to operate a single joint facility that would house local, state, and federal prisoners that would be released to that county, and a medical facility within the prison for inmate needs.  I suppose a mental health ward would be required, too.

Why county facilities?  Because the money invested and programs that can be created would benefit the citizens of that county.  Mentoring, work programs, family relationships, and more.  Visiting is one of the best interventions for inmates, their families, and system oversight, but most of the poor people who are in prisons and their equally poor families cannot visit unless they can reach the prison.  Making the system put people close to their homes and families will increase visiting options and help a lot of people, including the government.  It would be a national transfer system, combined and separate (funding).  Better for everyone, including the government, and communities.

The other problem is inmate income.  With the internet available for sales, we need to create income options that inmates can take with them when they leave, plus the ability to pay their debts, support their families, and provide for themselves.  But the issues of payment and shipping require the government to maintain the access to an internet sales site for inmates.  The government would also be creating income to pay for the program through the same fees charged by regular sales sites.  It would force the prisons to change the way they see rehabilitation, and extend a positive relationship to the parole department.  After release, and until inmates can establish their own financial foundations, the same account can be kept open for them... forever.  Internet sales increase honest income options for inmates who now leave prisons alone and virtually penniless.  Inmate sales would provide money for everyone, inmates and prisons.  Income for inmates means less state funding for child support and restitution and education and....

I have stated these two points of view before.

One of the articles I commented on this weekend was about a dangerous neighborhood pathway for kids walking to and from school.  The want the government to fix the problem.  My complaint is that the government doesn't need to be involved in every little detail of our lives... why can't the neighborhood build the sidewalk (somehow)?  I also went into another example about potholes.  They are dangerous.  They can cause injuries and death to people but no one sees this in any data.  I used the example of a bicycle rider that crashed on a busy street for no apparent reason... and a curb area that could cause elderly people to fall and be hurt, among others.  All that needed to be done was a temporary fill, with something like Quikrete -- or even gravel, but cement would be better in my view.  Many cities have Neighborhood Associations now.  They could oversee the community process.

My point is that it is not an earth-shaking event to do something like fill a pothole or create a safer pathway.  It doesn't have to be done by the government... at least, not immediately.

I ended up with TWO pages of comments about the fake news defense by media organizations in recent days.  It was in two editorials that I saw, locally.  My main point is that BIAS in the way news is reported makes it fake news.  I may share it in a blog post.  I'm not sure.  I didn't edit it for value, just wrote it and printed it.

I still want to write comment pages on taxes and homelessness... those two will take a long time I think, if I really write about them.

On a lighter note

I harvested my son's garden tomatoes because they were rotting all over the place.  One of the plants is all bad, some kind of disease from within, like the apple and pear trees they have here from the previous owners.  I hoped some of the tomatoes wouldn't have the problem, but all of the ones I picked to check were bad.  It may be the whole plant is bad, infested with something.  It isn't a familiar tomato to me, looks like a Roma tomato, but isn't.

I'm not sure what they are going to do about it.

I did look at the corn.  It seems to be growing, but small ears.  I'm not sure how corn grows as I have never grown any.  My grandmother had a farm with acres of corn.  We use to run through the rows.  Now I know we are lucky to have gotten out alive!  Small people and tall corn can be dangerous.  I do remember we use to go pick the corn for a meal from the field.  :-)  Those were good times.

Another FIRST happened this weekend.  I made a tomato sauce from four of the heirloom tomatoes I salvaged from the garden.  I was AMAZED at how fantastic it was !!!  I can see some tomato canning in my future... today, I think.  Small batches, but so amazingly good.  I hope they can well, and retain that wonderful flavor.  I made some noodles right away and ate it all up, half freshly made, half as leftovers (for breakfast today).  Next time, I will pour it over something instead of adding everything to the sauce.  It was so great tasting just as a tomato sauce... without anything but spices and a little sugar.  I am looking forward to growing tomatoes next year!


This morning I heard a comment from one of the preachers on the radio and it stunned me.  I had no idea this was true, and I am assuming it is true because of the source.  He said that the Jews were not allowed to own land for about 1800 years !!!   I knew they were in exile for the Sabbath issue, for over 400 years, but I never thought about the land issue like that before.  The preacher was talking about Israel's history, so that is why it came up.  I guess it was the years before they had their own country again.

Having been homeless most of my adult life, with children and without children, the idea of so many years as GOD's people without their own homes makes me terribly sad.  I never really thought about it before.  I knew about the Jubilee process, but not the details of their history... like that.

Another program I listened to this weekend stated that Jerusalem was returned to Israel as its capitol on the day of it's birthday celebration.  The idea in American Christianity is that salvation solves a lot of our life problems... which it doesn't.  Mostly it changes our view of our problems, and how we handle the solutions.  As I focus on the End Times and all the persecutions coming into our lives, it is hard for me to know how bad it will get before the Antichrist kills us all.  How do you prepare for a life where the government can take everything when they want to?  I figure we have to provide for ourselves and protect us all as long as we can... then we can die together.

Sounds so morbid, doesn't it... but that is the future of people who believe in GOD, in Jesus, and in the Holy Spirit (which technology will mimic and use to deceive many).  I keep telling myself to "think of how the world will be when all the good people are gone."  That is like prisons and inmates and crimes everywhere, like the movies that clean it up so we can bear to watch it, and like nothing we can even comprehend.

I guess I am repeating a lot of my theme songs in this post.  I better end here and work on my tomatoes or my commentaries... or take some aspirin and rest this headache I am dealing with.  No one in any church or government or business or organization likes to talk about the hard things we deal with.  It is hard.  If we don't prepare for it, it will be like an earthquake that suddenly destroys everything and there is nothing to help us recover from it.  It's coming, we know that, we just don't know when.

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

Working Together Inc
Building for the End Times

My GOD help me to find the words and income and help I need to make a place for the future by starting the process today.  Amen.

17 August, 2018

Farm Aid Friday, 17 August 2018

What happened to yesterday!?!

The internet happened... again.

The other day I sent a social media message to Willie Nelson, on Twitter I think, about who would be the best person to establish a revolving loan fund for farmers who need financial options for the bad years.  I knew he was associated with FARM AID, but really didn't know what the group was about... except music concerts to raise funds.  I made my way to their website yesterday... to find out what it offered farmers... and it took a long time just to "browse" through the pages they had.

I was planning to make an "official" suggestion about the loan option, with more details so, actually, I was kind of looking for a contact option...for the staff...for individuals with the authority to even think about the plan I wanted to share.  It is hard, very hard, to reach the people who matter when you want to offer a suggestion that matters.  I'm not sure how I will set this up for Working Together either.  For me, it all depends on the money available... to be able to pay someone to take care of that part of the process.  I don't know what the issue is for other groups, or businesses.

In looking at the website, it seemed like another referral group.  Having been involved with the poverty sector for SOOOOOOO many years, you discover that everyone wants to offer you the same information... go here for this, go here for that...so you spend your days and money going here and there, but no one actually has the resources you need, or any kind of access to it.  It is the "merry-go-round" principle.  People feel like they are helping you, but it is really like a dog or cat that is chasing its tail... it doesn't really help solve the problem you have in that moment.

I did find a new DISASTER RECOVERY FUND for things like floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc..  And that was good.

I looked at their Form 990 a little bit and found a lot of grants for things.  I haven't been able to explore the details yet.

I looked at their Charity Navigator link and was concerned that their audit independence wasn't checked... so I saved their link to that report to check out later.

I watched a bunch of their videos, checked on their Board & Staff page, and realized the original purpose of Farm Aid was to bring awareness to the needs of struggling FAMILY farms... starting in 1985... so the concert focus made sense.  I guess the concerts also bring in farmers and the foods they create with their farms... so that is good.

I am still trying to decide how the funding applies to what they do as an organization.  The money that is raised is what matters to me... it seems to me that aid for farmers needs to save their farms from being lost.  I am trying to understand how it works at Farm Aid... including the legal restrictions that non-profits must operate under... and what will happen after the main musicians are gone.  :-(

I still think that Willie Nelson is the best one for the job of helping farmers in distress... and I think that he might be able to establish something for them before he leaves this world.  I will continue in my quest to submit the details of my idea so they can at least think about it.

Many years ago I watched videos of multiple-generation farm families see their lives be auctioned off because there was no one around to help. There was some of that in the videos I saw at Farm Aid's site.  It reminds me that

I have lost everything in my life before.
So I know how hard that is on a human being, on a family, on the history and memories that matter.  I don't know yet what they consider a Family Farm in questions of support, but I will keep looking for that information.

Changing the Status Quo has been one of the things that motivated me in creating Working Together. I think our only hope is to go outside of the way things are done now.  As a Christian, GOD is an important part of the entire process.  It makes my views different, my decisions different, my goals different.  I hope that we can find that path soon.

This year's Farm Aid Festival is 22 September in Hartford, Connecticut.  You'll have to find out more at their website.  :-)

I better go for now.  I may be back later today since this post got occupied by one topic.  I am busy getting ready for the weekend, for the Sabbath, and for the sunshine that is coming.  There is always something that needs to be done, so I try to check as many things off my list as I can.  :-)  That's all I can do... right?  haha

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

Working Together Inc
Building for the End Times

May GOD provide for those who are suffering and don't know how to find the help they need.
May Christians become more aware of those around them.
May our differences become less important than our humanity.
May we find better solutions to our community problems than greed and law.
May we love one another with a pure heart, trusting GOD for the details, and doing what we can in our lives to support other in godly ways.
May we think of good things more than we think of bad things to do to each other.
May we stand strong in our faith, in the good, and in what matters.
I pray that we will join together and build things that will last beyond our lives.

15 August, 2018

Tuesday, 15 August 2018

I was busy searching out property links until about midnight last night... :-)   I actually did the Google Maps trail through the places I use to live in the Eugene area (some of them).  It was a challenge to figure out how to make the "drive" work, especially because the recording car was going the opposite direction from me, but it did become quite a trip via technology.  :-)   I won't do that again soon, but for one night's "research" it was OK.  Eventually I discovered the "shortcut window" and used it a lot.  I was very tired of driving online after so long a time... had to go right to bed.

This morning I was encouraged to get up by chicken squawking and then reminders of my goals.  I did get quite a bit of yardwork done, eventually, but the body doesn't like it too much right now.  My daily effort is small, but it will add up in time.

I was near my son's garden so I looked for some bounty to add to my fridge.  I found some lettuce (salad for lunch) and a couple yellow squash, which became a (failed) effort at making baked "chips" for my bean hummus.  I see a dehydrator in my future for the second try.  That should help... instead of baking, I will dry them and see how it works.

Later on I went back to check the tomatoes.  I took some of the cherry tomatoes but not too many, I didn't want to deplete the supply.  Their Roma tomatoes don't seem to be doing well.  They are getting dark and rotten on the bottoms.  I found one that wasn't looking ruined, but when I cut it open to see, it was sick from the inside.  Not good.  This afternoon I discovered they have a TON of tomatoes to eat already, and more getting ripe on the vines, so I may go back to grab some more.  I'll ask first.

This is the first year they have offered to share... it's been interesting.  The sunflowers are giant this time... and beginning to grow their seed pods (flowers).  I wonder how they will end up.  In Eugene, some people grow them for the squirrels... put them up high on the street trees as a treat.  :-)  I thought that was fantastic.

I have noticed that lots of people make squirrel feeders for the winter that hold dry corn cobs.  I want to try one of those someday.  (Today, while I was watering out front, one of the neighborhood squirrels tried to sneak past me on the utility wires above... I decided to get the little thing with my hose water... it was fun... like trying to get the chickens wet.  That little guy turned around, jumped into the nearest tree, and escaped far away.  I did get him wet, I'm sure I did.  haha)

I watched a TedXHumboldtBay video that was sent in a link from Sponsors Inc -- it's a prisoner re-entry organization in the Eugene area, and the presenter was from there.  I don't know why he was presenting on a TEDx, but his focus was the Three E's of ReEntry (https://youtu.be/aEWUg1zeUsg - that should be right... if not, his name is Nicolas Crapser).  At the end of the presentation he added a fourth...  Here they are ::

  • Environment
  • Employment
  • Education
  • Empowerment
You will have to follow the link to hear all the details... I think it was less than fifteen minutes.  The Environment is different... I can easily see the meaning of the other three... but it is a great "E" word.

(NOTE:  In getting the links to connect you, it seems the presentations were in December 2017, and the theme was "Solve for Why" -- good goal...)

It has been a long day already, and I am just now getting to my internet stuff.  I will be doing that faster tonight, I hope!  I think I will end this post here.

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin


Working Together Inc
Building for the End Times

Lord help us to meet the future with steadfast faith and courage.
Help us to know the Truth and to protect it.
Help us not to see denominations as the guide, but YOUR WORD as the final test.
Lead us into togetherness, unity in You, ONE BODY in Christ.
Show us how to live together with different opinions.
Help us to care for each other, and provide for those in need.
Protect us, Lord, as we try to follow You.
Provide for our needs.
Bring us into communion with You, and with each other.
Help us to be strong in our faith.
Show us how to bring glory to Your Name.