24 October, 2020

FAITH :: Changing....

Here I am again... on Saturday.

I was so focused on the Presidential debate and other things on Thursday, I forgot my Faith post.  Then I was inspired to change the day to something more meaningful... my Saturday Sabbath.  Now, officially, the real Sabbath is over at sundown, so next time I might do this in the morning.  

It seems like a good idea to make it a Sabbath activity because I am always searching for things to do that are spiritual instead of "work"... and we all know I like to ramble on about things.  After thinking about it, I decided making a post for Faith topics on my Saturdays might be a great idea... and leave the weekdays for other things.

I got out of my routine.  I was really surprised at the difference that makes.  So, I'm working on getting back into a reminder process... maybe a better wall calendar so I can always see my schedule.  I will have to see how this works out.

The election is our constant prayer project right now.  It's hard to watch the disintegration of all that is holy in my lifetime.  No one is a perfect candidate for any party, but this election is like the choice between freedom and faith and government control of our lives... which is my definition of socialism, communism, or whatever you call the government taking over every part of our lives using taxes and healthcare and regulations and police force and other parts of our civilization that we normally respect and honor.  I'm not talking about upheaval and revolt, just the idea that we become criminals just for not wearing masks, not staying home, wanting to go to church, and other recent actions taken by our governments.  

I really hate to think about our nation under the leadership of Biden and Harris. I am praying GOD will protect us for a longer time, as long as He can, until the requirements of Prophecy mean we these changes have to take place.

Not much time left until the 3rd of November.

It's late where I live.  I just wanted to make sure I posted today.  This is a fluid effort, so who knows what will happen to my postings online... at this and other blogs.  I am realizing I need a public option for free access to the things I write about.  My Patreon page is not really about public posts.  I am thinking about that this month and through the end of the year.  I like to make changes at the changing of each year, so I think about those issues for several months heading into a NEW year.

Patreon is meant to be my main fundraising effort and activity space, it is also meant to have lots of Patrons.  This year didn't happen the way I hoped it would.  Now I am working on ways to connect with the world in PUBLIC and PRIVATE ways... exclusive access seems important to my goals for the rest of my life.  I am still looking for the best path forward.

Until next time,

In Christ,

Deborah Martin


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16 October, 2020

FAITH :: Remembering the past and changing the future.

Hello, everyone... it's about 12:30 am now... I just finished watching the very old version (1936) of SHOW BOAT... in two parts.  Today was a YouTube and search result movie day. I'm not sure how I ended up with the old version.  I really LOVE the 1951 movie version of the song OLD MAN RIVER and tried to find a way to listen to it.  Now I have it saved at my YouTube space so I can listen any time I want. 

Old movies really are different from what is made today.  I suppose they were considered too revealing in their time... but it's a big change to watch singing and dancing and stories and then today's idea of "progress" is to watch people having sex, swearing, hurting each other, and more.

This week I watched a replay of a talk about MORALITY. It is a forgotten concept in our time.  We don't fully understand what this means to our society, our laws, our relationships.  I see it online, but if you don't have moral boundaries, what do you base your decisions on?  Right.  Nothing... "Just Do It"... If it feels good, it must be good... and other phrases like these.

I remember when I was a teen in the 1960's - during the "sexual revolution" and Woodstock and bra burning... and women's lib. We don't see the consequence of these changes until it's too late.

I have had the thought that "reality shows" are just the newest version of breaking down the values that protect us.  I don't watch them... don't want to.  I remember checking on some shows a long while back and thinking it's just a way to "watch" people, push them into bad places, and see how far they will go.  

In watching the old version of Show Boat there was a scene with "black face" and I wondered if there would be an uprising to rid the world of this old movie... like taking down historical statues because you disagree with the times that they represented.  

Our world is really in trouble... we can't respect our history.  It is important to remember what the past was like so you can make a better future.  

I didn't like my past, but I can't change what it was. I can change the parts I didn't like, make new decisions, learn how to do things I didn't know about back then, and work toward better results. 

This is the essence of Christ's forgiveness. It doesn't erase the past, it helps you to overcome the habits and choices you had so you can build a new future.  I think I have shared before my idea that Christ erases our criminal record, but the results of our sin and bad choices don't go away, we still have to deal with them.

How to keep from making bad choices... in a world with little ability to engage with it and not have it forced on you somehow.  I might watch a G-rated movie but the ads that go with it are more like porn.  It's something I am trying to find answers for these days.

Right now, I am torn between wanting to buy copies of all these old movies I love, that aren't explicit, rated R, filled with things I don't want to see or hear, and realizing I won't be here much longer so I guess just watching replays is enough.  

I think I will be happy just to be able to listen to OLD MAN RIVER when I want to.

How do we survive with our morals intact in this time in history?  What do you do to be at peace with GOD in the midst of things you cannot control?

Let me know.

In Christ,

Deborah Martin


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PS... I updated the website a bit, on the homepage.  I am getting it ready for the DECEMBER Membership Drive... the Membership info and links will be done by December, GOD willing.  :-)   Who knows WHAT the rest of the year will hold!

08 October, 2020

FAITH :: America's Future and GOD's Word

This election seems to be our national decision about where we are heading... Freedom and Democracy, or Socialism and Government Rule.  It is hard for me to see my country becoming what it is.  I hoped to be gone when Prophecies became this real.

We see the increasing violence, we see the difference between a godly nation and one that is honoring abortion, euthanasia, mercy killing, addictions, greed, self, and alternative sexuality in children and adults. 

Those who hate the boundaries GOD places on our lives, for our own good, will do anything they can to malign the faith of believers.  The theme seems to be force... and the anger keeps rising every year.  In the Bible, there are only two real references to the way the world will be in the End Times... one of them is about Sodom before it was destroyed.

This prophecy is about the sexual appetites of its citizens and the inability of the populations to stop them.  I wouldn't say we are as violent as Sodom yet, but we are heading in that direction.  The attitude of force against anything related to GOD is becoming open and vicious.

When the two angels came to take Lot and his family out of Sodom because GOD was going to destroy it, the Bible tells us men rushed from all over the city to be the first to conquer the new visitors.  The Bible tells us that Lot was willing to sacrifice his daughters to appease the violent men.  The Bible tells us they had a huge "lock" on their door to protect themselves from what was outside.

I can't imagine living in a place like that... and I have seen inner cities I was afraid of.  

Violent control is not always physical.  We have seen how the courts have been used to hurt and destroy Christians.  We see the media used to make everyone afraid to believe what they want to.  We have seen small children used to further the cause of the LGBT community.  We have seen "coalitions" created to prevent the success of any other theology.  

I have wondered how many of the gay people I see on TV and in the news became that way by force, by fear, by abuse... thinking there was no other choice.  

Only GOD knows the hearts of each of us... whatever our sin may be.  He is the only one who can know how to judge these issues.  I have just tried to understand how to protect myself and my children and my family and my friends and my Christian Community.  

How can we approve the purposeful murder of unborn children, simply for the "cause" of making it legal.  I can see how abortion is really a modern form of child sacrifice, how it protects the man who created the child with the mother, and how greed is the reason it is so important for some to protect.

Greed is also behind "mercy killing" - another form of legalized murder.  Euthanasia, volunteer suicide, the high cost of medical services, government health insurance, the war between Democrats and Republicans, the national budget and debt, the breakdown of the family structure - including large distances between family members because of work, education, and other factors, all contribute to the changes in our nation and its values.  Once the government controls health care, it will begin to limit what is approved for payment.  If the government reaches the 100% level in taxation, we will all be employees of the government.  There will be no getting away from the governments ability to decide our entire lives.

America is not ready for this kind of submission.  We don't believe it will ever happen.  We are the frog that is put in the water when it is cool and then boiled without a fight because the heat rises slowly.

I believe this election is the second major turning point in our future history... I believe 9/11 was the first real evidence of GOD removing His protection from our nation.  This is all tied to prophecy.  If Trump wins, it is only four years (we hope) until the next point of decision.  Prophecy will come true, we just don't know how or when.  We see the signs of what GOD warned us about, but only GOD knows all the details of how it will become reality.

I hope and pray that GOD will help us to elect Trump again... just to find more time to fight against the tide of evil that is taking over the world on its way to the Antichrist and the final end of our lives.  

What matters most now?

I'm not sure I can answer that for everyone.  I am still trying to find ways to protect myself and other Christians.  We need to think about what is coming.  We need to find ways to protect each other on the path forward.  

If we can gather together, we can find answers together.

In Christ,

Deborah Martin


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01 October, 2020

FAITH :: Today, Tomorrow, and Always

I guess it has been a long week... the Presidential debate, working on my food options, sorting through so many piles of papers to clear out the old stuff, praying still, and getting way behind on my prayer journal.  :-(   --  I don't know if I can catch up with this one...  OCTOBER starts new books for both of my prayer journals... USA and personal.  Maybe I can just try to keep up with it this time.   I will have to think about this...

I think the biggest thing for me right now is going food shopping on Sunday... GOD willing.  It's been a long haul trying to live on what I had stored up.  I guess we learn lessons along the way, like figuring out new "meals" from random ingredients.   :-)     Some worked out really good... others went into the compost container or the trash!  I would never search for these things if I didn't have to.  I go for the easiest, fastest, simplest food solutions for each meal... with a small thought to my nutritional goals.  

My minimum goal is 2 fruit servings and 3 veggie servings, plus the carbs and whole grains.  Sometimes I get that worked out, other times it's OVERLOAD!  (Eating too much.)  I think being a senior citizen allows us to splurge, within reason.  We don't have all that much time left, so we can indulge.

In case you missed it, here is a new design I created at PRINTFUL (affiliate link  :-)  for my  ETSY  October discount item...

I was going to make a poster item, but it just didn't work out... so I tried the postcard option.  I had to re-make it maybe four times because it kept disappearing from my screen and wasn't saved automatically... "warning" for you if you try it.  Buying the first one is relatively expensive in shipping ($3.25 I think), but if you order more (at $2 each) you only pay 5-cents each for the added cards to ship... at least, that is what the site says.

The process of creating a design again showed me I need a better computer, better internet access, and better software... ADOBE, I think.  That is growing on my priority list.  Big Bucks for me --- about $60 a month if I remember right.  It's going to be necessary, so I have to deal with it.  :-( 

In sorting through so many of my older papers, I have rediscovered so many great things.  Memories.  I have tried to be ruthless and shred as much as I can.  I tend to go through these things in stages... first stage - as much as possible, second-stage - as much as possible, third stage - as much as possible...   :-)   It is just so hard to let go of memories, and things I don't have time to really read/review.

This election has made me realize that AMERICA is at one of those seriously historical pivot points.  This election seems like the line in the sand... and who gets elected will decide how much of the heritage of our nation will remain.  

No one is a perfect person, so they both (all candidates in an election) have their issues and their strengths in different areas of experience.  But, given their agendas for the country, only one option is available for godly foundations to continue at least four more years, GOD willing.  

I hate to think of the country if Biden and Harris win.

The Democratic Party is fighting hard because they think their goals are right for everyone.  The Republican Party is doing the same.  This year is a very different year than any before, and the many historical events that have happened THIS YEAR ONLY make this election unusual and suspect and dangerous and frightening.

My view is linked to PROPHECIES in the Bible and what GOD has told us the world will become.  Is this the turning point for Christians?  No one knows what the future will bring us, but we can all see the problems are increasing, becoming global, and not easily solved.  It seems like the Antichrist is just down the road... maybe another 20 years or less...maybe.  GOD seems to allow so much time before He judges anything, because He wants us to find our way to heaven.  So, our ideas of how long it will take aren't the same as His.  Only He knows when the Antichrist will get here.  In my personal life, I think he will get here tomorrow!  :-)   

We need to figure out some strategies to protect the ones we love, those in our communities, and how to build safety into our global ministries.  Maybe this election will push this on us.

Until next time,

In Christ,

Deborah Martin


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24 September, 2020

Thursday update - Today's Battles : How they affect our future

Life has been a mixed event lately... I will try scheduling this post so I can make sure you are updated.  Not that my life is the thing to know about, but I am on a path to the future and still learning how to build this thing we call an "online presence."   :-)

I am in the middle of several project paths so I feel kind of out of sorts.  It's still moving forward, but slowly.  This week I have been trying to get my plan into an organized and printed list.  

I have been thinking a lot about GOD, and what He means to our daily lives... not the invisible parts, more about the things we can see, the way He moves in our individual lives, how we can say He is real and he still loves us even when we don't get the things we want from Him.  I often try to see what GOD looks like to the people who don't know them.  Our current problems and battles and wars are part of that thinking as well.

It makes everything else kind of "foggy" so I tend to operate on autopilot when things get really "deep" in my thinking time.  We are facing so many serious problems these days, with even greater issues ahead of us.  I get consumed by the place GOD and Christians hold in the history that is to come... especially when I include what GOD has already told us about in Bible Prophecy.

In the practical spaces of my life, I made it to the grocery store finally.  I was trying to live on what I already had for as long as I could, but it got really tough when I ran out of coffee, tea, and other options besides water to drink.  :-)  Wouldn't you know it, the one thing I forgot at the store was coffee.  It seems to be a pattern these days.  Still, we know that GOD works through the attacks of our enemies, and is always the main power.  So we need to ask ourselves, "Why?"   I think it is to show us what the world is becoming... and a part of what He is doing in the people who are our enemies.

  • I've been working on my notebook system, been waiting on crafting supplies I ordered, been thinking about Christmas for me and Christmas selling online, and a lot more.  
  • I got behind in my prayer journaling so I am still catching up with that.  
  • I was so happy to find yeast at the store!!  I now wonder how they make it because it took so long to replace with the shopping restrictions we have had.  
  • I was also so excited to see eggnog available... I grabbed it up!

I spent almost all of my financial resources this month... I'm not use to being able to buy anything, so I always feel like I have been going crazy with my purchases.  Mostly all things I have wanted for some time, and there's a lot more to buy!  :-)   

  • I am also getting my workspaces figured out for now.

Thinking about GOD and Life and our way of doing things in America, I have discovered some strange realities.  I don't know why they matter, but we often just assume many things so we don't really look into them more deeply.  I haven't finished this quest with GOD so I don't want to share everything yet.

I have also become a prayer advocate for some of our public personalities.  I think it may be a bigger issue than I would like it to be because I am in the senior citizen group and spend too much time online and don't have a good way to get around for other activities.  

Online is my "work" now, so I can't avoid all the contacts with posts and photos and times to wonder how these people I am seeking GOD for get into their life choices.  We all become the product of our choices, so the problems are different but we all have our battles.  I wonder why they do the things they do... and if they really understand the difference GOD makes in our lives when we are truly committed to Him.

Another thing that happened this week was at YouTube.  I somehow discovered songs I hadn't heard for years and added them to my MUSIC folder.  In the process of trying to find more that day, I listened to songs from the past... they reminded me why I only listen to Christian stations now... sermons and Klove... well, and now CDs as I build up a collection.

The themes of the Enemy's music are all about "love" - mostly sexual love. They are beautiful songs, but they don't lead you into what GOD's best is.  They lead to easy sex for men, desperate sex for women, and the consequences of sex outside of GOD's Plan... which is part of the reason ABORTION is such a battlefield.  There are so many consequences to sins we think are "harmless" but become lifetime effects.  Following GOD's way of life leads us to real and lasting happiness, sin will not.  We all want to find LOVE in our lives... and compromise our faith in moments of weakness.  People without faith don't even see the battle, they just pass through the attacks on their lives without the benefit of moral guidance.

So, I put them in my folder for now, but I am not sure that is a great idea.  I am seeking GOD about it and thinking about the damage they can cause... about the step that can become a crash in faith.  This is actually a very real test of faith, a choice that is typical of Satan's forces. When we repeatedly hear, see, think about anything, it becomes a part of our daily thought life.  Like choosing a friend.  These "friends" can ruin our lives.

I need to get going.

Think about the small choices you make every day... they lead you into your future, good and bad.

In Christ,

Deborah Martin


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18 September, 2020

18 SEP - Late again... what was I doing?

It was the early hours of today that I realized it was Friday and I missed my Thursday update here... oops!  I tried to think of why I did that, and all I can say is I was in bed most of the day, up to eat something, then back to bed.  Somewhere along that way I didn't think about posting a blog.  :-)

I received my Vistaprint order, finally.  This was the order with my first window cling and my magnets with my CHOICES statement on them...  my favorite so far.

This is the updated version, with my name under the statement and a contact point.  I guess I need to find out how to attribute the image... which I found at Canva (.com) I think.  Once I get my art going, I will design my own images and text... or do whatever is needed when you use someone else's image.  

I got 25 images in the minimum order, two had production issues, but that will be dealt with later.  I'm saving at least 20 for Christmas I think, but not sure.  I'm going to order more with the contact info. 

The window cling is a new thing for me.  I have been trying to find a way to put my designs on some window clings.  This looks nice.  I got a free squeegee with the order and it has a soft tip... really interesting.  I will keep it in my art supplies and see when I can use it.

Now that I have something produced with it, I am seeing the missing space after "goals" - I thought I had a period there, but it isn't there now... only the space.

Getting sample orders is a good thing.  It helps to find the problems before you try to sell to the public.  My big goal with one of my Patreon tiers... the one called Design Tools... for now.  Once I build up my finances, it will become a part of the creation process for each product.

I have warned people on my Patreon site that I am still in CHANGE mode with my page... thinking about 2021 and how to organize everything.  My New Projects tier MIGHT go away, or maybe focus on different things.

I also received my research package of sourdough starter on spoons!  They look simple enough.  I need to wait to do the starting process.  I will save the one from Alaska starter and use the one from his hometown.  FYI - check out the main site I know of for the wilderness man...  Richard Proenneke  I have his first documentary DVD on its way, and a book that is suppose to be about his Alaska experience.  There is a second documentary also, but I am waiting on that one.  There is a site that has some clips of his documentaries and it is worth looking at... if I remember right, you have to search his name at the blog.  (NOTE: I can't find it right now... there seems to be a WordPress issue... but the main site is  theoffgridcabin.com -- they have lots of small housing designs to look at, too.)

I will try to remember to share my sourdough starter adventures when I get to them.  :-)

I have started some painting projects for possible Christmas selling.  One thing leads to another.  Finding the space to let things sit between the parts of creating them has risen to the top of the list again. I am working on that.  I am beginning to see cardboard as a wonder product.  :-)

I guess I will go for now.  I need to rest again.

I do hope and pray that everyone is well and safe and finding their way through this year. 

In Christ,

Deborah Martin


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10 September, 2020

Been THINKING a lot this week...

 It's been a tough week.

My thoughts have been captured by the people on the news feed I end up with every time I check my emails... they are a reflection of what people either want us to care about or what people really do care about... and none of it is godly.

I am so deeply saddened by the values they represent... 

Women, especially, are seen in their need to expose as much of their breasts as possible, as much of their legs and hips as possible, as much of their butts as possible.  The goal seems to be who can appear the most naked so they can get a photo in the media.

In my eyes they are demeaning themselves, and then I think about the difference betwee true Christian values and the values of the world and the values of Satan.

I lived in Hollywood for a short-ish time, but when I was a teen driver I use to travel those streets all the time.  I don't see much difference between their version of "selling" themselves and the prostitutes that line certain streets in the area.  

It pains my heart because I have been praying for some of these visibly public "stars" we look up to and emulate... well, some emulate them.

I guess this is high in my attention right now because I just finished my emails and browsed the long feed that shows up.  

I have been seeking GOD for how to deal with these issues... and my prayers.  We become emotionally involved with people that we pray for... like our mates, our kids, our families and our friends.  We so want the best in life, in GOD's blessings, for them.  Salvation changes all of us, a true salvation.  Wanting that best for others means we suffer when they stay in sin and increase the consequences that come of those sins.

I also have become so aware of those who don't really know the BIBLE, or what GOD really says in it.  It is just hated because it does not approve of those things that hurt us.  And, as a result, the things that cannot be seen with the eyes get focused on those who love GOD and all that He represents.  We become the targets of all that emotional bitterness and pain.

The headlines seem to point the world to this kind of hatred.

How do we, here in America, reach people in the headlines with what is true?  I think we assume they must already know everything in the Bible.  The conversations about ending the existence of GOD in our nation don't really include what matters most about our history.  Being a Christian doesn't make people perfect, so there's a lot of failure to discuss about us, but the inside difference that a real relationship with GOD and Christ creates is the true blessing our nation receives.  We are losing that blessing.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of the TWIN TOWERS attack.  I have been filled with thoughts about that event, too.  PragerU had an email by a young adult about the lack of history his generation had about that attack.  I never thought about that before.  I just assumed they knew what happened and how it changed our world. 

I see that day as a turning point for our nation.  To me it is the evidence of GOD taking away His Hand of Protection for us.  We no longer love and serve Him so He has no responsibility to be our national protector, as promised to those who love and honor Him.  

Maybe it was a warning, like the battle that was lost when the Israelites didn't do what was required by GOD.  Even though most didn't know anyone had stolen the offering that was GODs, the entire nation was chastised.  ONE man's actions cause the loss of GOD's protection.  Eventually that one man was pointed out, and his whole family was destroyed because of it.  That was the "rule" in those days... like when the enemies of Daniel (think Lions Den) were all destroyed, including their whole families.

We don't really understand a lot of things in the Bible as GOD sees them, but we try to.  In the early days, it was a purging of sin... trying to keep sin from infecting the whole nation.  We understand the principle in the fact that children learn their morals and many of their views by the daily lives they live with their parents.  Now, GOD has changed the punishment to an individual accounting.  Whole families are not punished for one member's sins.  We are dealt with because of our own choices.  The influence of our choices still affect those around us, but we are held accountable for our own choices.

The people that Hollywood lifts up pay for their choices as well.  Their values are seen and felt by their families, but they also affect us.  Our media affects us.  The movies they make affect us.  The conversations that become "viral" affect us.  What we lift up is a statement about what we value... including the motivations behind it.

I don't have the desire or the power to "make" people choose what is right in GOD's eyes, but I can pray for them, hope they will find the blessings that are found in choosing GOD and salvation through Christ, and believe that at lease some of my prayers will help.

I might see the evidence of change in my children, possibly some changes in the public people I pray for, but only GOD knows the depths of each heart... what they want, need, hope for, and are struggling with.  We won't know until we get to heaven if anyone will be there... anyone we know and love.  Parents know that our children can pretend to be good.  GOD knows if they really are.

On another topic...

This is a design I had printed up to go with my MOUNTAINS writing.  It is nice to see my writing as a product, but I think I need to fine tune it for selling.  So, I am working on that.  I also has my CHOICES design printed up, and my TODAY statement (like the wallpaper I sell at ETSY).  My goal is to have it all on my selling sites by NOVEMBER... keep watching for these new listings.  (etsy.com/shop/work2gather

Where I live there are fires raging and imminent evacuation threats.  PRAY that GOD will help me to not lose everything again.  It has taken so many years to recover to this point.  I am hoping GOD will be kind and prevent this kind of loss... please add your prayers to mine.  Thank you.

In Christ,

Deborah Martin


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03 September, 2020

3 SEP - GIVING in a time of economic hardship...

Another week is gone... it gets busy, and time flies by, and I forget all the things that I have done... what to share... I think the biggest thing is the CD I decided to purchase :: RESCUE STORY by Zach Williams.  I have had it on repeat all for hours, went to bed with it playing, woke up to different songs at different times... and it is only 10pm+ (that is my life right now, irregular hours).

I bought the CD because I love the song There Was Jesus.  Now I have listened to the whole thing and I have discovered several songs that are deeply impacting but I would never hear them on KLOVE, the music station I play when I am not listening to a sermon station or the internet options I can access.

I guess I'm becoming an advertisement for him here, but he's a good singer that I hope doesn't become lost in fame.  The first song is about how hard it is to fight temptation -- so filled wit the battle... it reminds me of the struggle every time I hear it.  There's another one Stand Up that gets me going, and also one called Less Like Me.   :-)

I'm looking at the titles now and I can't find one I don't really like, that isn't filled with the deeper meanings of our walk in this world, the battles against Satan and sin, the world that wants us to fail, the greatness of GOD and Jesus and faith.

I bought the CD so I could put it on repeat... I am so glad I did.

In other places this week, I have been working on all my needs, and goals, and things I have to get done.  Making decisions, trying to cover my budget, and praying about all the things I have no control over.  I keep wondering when I will die.  I wish I could do more than GOD has allowed me to do.

Today I made sure I donated to my causes for September.  This is my month for ANGEL TREE, which is part of my Christmas giving.  My monthly giving project is on its second year, I think... maybe three, but I would have to look it up... and this month  Hillsdale College / IMPRIMIS are on the list.  It was hard to start this monthly project, but it has become a good thing in my battle with money.  

I started with the commitment to give $10 to one ministry each month.  Remember, my income is only about $400 a month.  It became part of my tithe money.  Some months it was hard to do because the costs of funding WORKING TOGETHER were high, but now I am trying to make bigger monthly donations when I can.

Our giving is critical to the WORD getting shared, to people in need being helped, and to our faith in GOD to provide for us in other ways.  This Christmas will be a hard one for many.  I always pray that the churches and ministries will be the ones to help those who turn to them.  Many time, they don't.  It becomes a choice between their programs and growth and the many, many, many people who will seek them out if there is even a small hope they can find help.  PLUS, there are always those who want to have something to complain about later if they don't get all they want.  Sometimes churches send people to the government, thinking they are saving money.  What they are doing is missing the opportunity to find a new soul.

It's a hard place for everyone.  My prayers about this seek change in how we handle these problems with money and need.  I started Action Prayer as my solution.

I was determined to create a new t-shirt design as my September discount item, and this is what I created ::

I finally made individual listings with this, too!  Seven color options, and all the listed sizes with each color.  We'll have to see how this works with PRINTFUL, my partner in dropshipping efforts, one of my goals for selling online.  If you decide to check them out, please use the link below... it is my FIRST affiliate link.  I am waiting to see how it works out.

There is some kind of commission involved in affiliate links.  I am still learning about how it works. 

I have more designs to make for NOVEMBER, which is my idea of when I need all my pro-life items to be ready to buy for the JANUARY pro-life events attached to the anniversary of ROE vs WADE, like the March for Life in Washington DC.  Every state has events as well.  I think the National Right to Life would have information on those.  (http://nrlc.org)

So, I am working on my beanie designs for the cold winter weather, long-sleeved t-shirts, and I think I want to do some HOODIES because of the extra protection they give against the wind.  I love the one or two I have.  I am not sure what else I might get created.  :-)   For now, ETSY is the main location for these things, but I am trying to list some of my items at my EBAY shop, too.

Keep checking back as the holiday season gets going.  I have a monthly discount on something now, but I don't decide until the month gets here.  You will need to check on that at the beginning of each month.

Another big decision I made this week is a MARKETING PLAN.  I will be focusing on marketing my PATREON page during Septembers, do HOLIDAY SALES marketing in October and November, and then work on marketing for the ANNUAL Membership Drive I hold for Working Together in December.  This is a good thing.  I have been struggling with how to afford all the outreach needs I have for all the separate projects I am working on.  I think this will really help me.  If I get a lot of income someday, I can change the monthly limitations.  For now, it is a good thing.

I suppose that is enough for today... I could keep going, BUT I don't think that would be good for my readers.  :-)

Try to find Zach Williams music somewhere online and listen to the RESCUE STORY ... albumn?  I don't know what they call online productions like my CD version.  I hope you like it as much as I do.

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

and more...

I hope we make it to become ONE BODY in CHRIST...

28 August, 2020

Election thoughts after the RNC Convention

 I was trying to watch the RNC Convention this week... some of it I was able to see, most of it was messed up by the reception I have on my computer (replays) or forgetting the time.  Tonight (Thursday) was really moving... but it also made me see why most of us stay at home and leave all the details to others.

Public speaking is quite an art.  I looked at most of the people I watched this week and they seemed to have whole lifetimes of learning how to share their opinions.  I was especially impressed with Ivanka's speech.

I noticed that most of the political points are about achievements... and I wondered what I could ever add to the battle.  So, here I am, just a person trying to find opportunities that will fit into my budget and resources.

Yes, I suppose I would have done more with money, if I had it, but GOD chose this life for me.  In my thoughts about everything, I know that all the details of my life, my world, my kids, my country, my faith, and more, would not have been what they are if things had been different along the way.  Each step we take leads to a certain pathway... and our experiences are all wrapped up in those choices.

I don't understand GOD's reasons for not providing, so I will have to accept his limitations.

I just wanted to get this posted.

I found an old Debbie Reynolds movie while I was at YouTube so I watched it... funny how things change over our lifetimes... I wish we could be a better nation, a better people.  I find I can't get away from the smut online just checking my emails.  What kind of world will we become... and how long will it take to become like Noah's day...  I don't know. 

I am thinking of posting once each day, somewhere.

I have lots of thoughts, but I need to get them out into the world.

In Christ,

Deborah Martin


and more...

We all want GOD to bless our nation.
I pray that He will... by blessing HIS people
so they can become a force for good in our world.
We need good and godly people to be the ones in charge,
the ones that make decisions, the ones that see why faith is so important in our daily lives and choices.

20 August, 2020

Update :: Continuing the quests... WT, Patreon, and CHRISTMAS !! :-)

I was busy with my emails again... and the links that lead to social media... and then social media... and then, suddenly, I remembered it was THURSDAY !!     :-)

One of my sons became my first Patreon supporter the other day.  On my end, it is a way to see how the Patreon system works with real people...  there is so much to learn about all the online connections and how to reach your goals with them.

In questions of Faith, and how GOD works in the middle of all our problems and desires, it is still a one day at a time plan, the only reality we can do.

I didn't get to my prayer journals today... I don't think.  Sometimes that happens... I get to them as soon as I can.  Prayers are not always an immediate topic.  I try to make a note of the time and date when I enter a late prayer, so I know it was a long day and busy.

I just shared (today) on Toby Mac's regular weekly Facebook post for audience prayer needs about how my journals have changed my life, and what they can mean to other Christians.  I hope others will try it.  I added my prayer needs at the bottom.

Prayer has always been a hard topic to deal with.  There are a lot of different view on it... and we all want GOD to give us what we pray for.  When He doesn't... it creates a theology problem.

I was busy with food today... I got to go to the grocery store, then had to decide what to do with what I bought.  I started keeping track of how many times I go to the store for food.  I want to go weekly, to certain stores throughout the month.  My food budget is government food benefits.  I have been trying to decide the best way to shop, store, and eat food within this very tight budget.  

Time just gets away from us.

I have problems I am working to overcome.

The battle between what I WANT to do and what I actually get done seems like a constant war.  Progress gets made, but in very tiny steps.

Working on CHRISTMAS is taking over my days, sometimes my nights.  I have been working on how to keep track of what I do, and deadlines for things.  I can only do my part.  GOD has to do His part.  What the results are reflect His Plan and Purpose for this time and place.

We all create the future... our choices, our actions, our opposition, our problems, our supporters, our goals, our failures, our faith....  it all leads to the bigger future.

I think my efforts to make paper mache items will be worth the effort. I am making them thick, and looking for my sanding paper supplies.  Once they are smooth, I will head into a primer layer then figure out some kind of design.  I am trying a "vase" and a bowl shape... plus some bracelet options.  I think smooth will be the critical issue with bracelets.  Then design.

My son has been sending me photos in emails.  Today they were like a blog on how to refurbish a wheelbarrow.  Inspired me to get better at my blogging.

So, for today, that is about it.
Sign up with my Patreon page, if you can.  Only $5.  That is the goal. 
You can do more if you want to, but the goal for 2020 is ONE MILLION supporters at the $5 level.  Think about it.  Thanks.

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

and more...

13 August, 2020

13 AUG - Faith in the hard parts, and Christmas prepping

 Hi, again...  the days seem very long when you are busy with things.  

In matters of Faith, I have been thinking deeply about the issues we are facing with people who have no moral foundations... who blame GOD for all their problems... who don't think it is "a hate crime" to attack Christians because they don't like the way we think about their issues.  This is what persecution is.

I received an email from a Christian media organization that offered a free viewing for Tortured for Christ, which is about the Voice of the Martyrs founder.  I signed up to watch it, but persecution is so hard to deal with... in real time.  I can't say whether I will force myself to watch it.  I will think about it over the weekend... my main movie watching time.

In our time, in our country, persecution takes a different route, usually.  It is growing in our lives, so we will one day think it is normal.  In the Bible, it was also "normal" (for the Jews, and also a political issue.  When Jesus came to die, it was the church of the time that wanted Him killed.  Jesus also warns us that people will think they are doing GOD a favor by killing those who don't agree with the prevailing thought.  

When I try to think about what life will be like as the End Time get worse, it seems so impossible that our salvation in Christ will be the weapon against us.  We usually think it will be the obvious enemies... those outside of the Faith.  I have been thinking a lot about what our lives will become like as evil wins more battles because it is required to fulfill prophecy.  

If I decide on any answers, I will try to share them with you.

Today I have been organizing my crafting supplies as I look for certain things I need.  It has been a good thing to do, but I am tired.

I finally found my silk-screening paint, then found my silk-screening supplies, then found my cardstock and other painting supplies.  I am going to get those started as soon as I can.  I made more space to do all that.  I still need to hang some kind of drying string.  I found more canvas-type art options for my learning curve on them.  Eventually I will settle into the ones I like the best.

I found many of my "in-progress" projects for selling things.  Those will get worked on first.  I have at least SEVENTY earring sets to make for this holiday selling season.  :-)  I will be experimenting with a LOT of different supplies.

I finally cut out some shapes with the play dough I made the other day.  I found a recipe that was a lot like my old one (from when my kids were small) so I tried it out, with the addition of lemon extract and yellow food coloring for this batch.  The recipe is so like salt dough recipes I am trying to see how it dries for making projects.  I flipped the pieces today because I noticed the edges were curling.  I will try to flip the pieces every day and see if that helps.

I am very excited about this year.  If I can work out the photo and shipping issues, this will be a good year.

I received my new battery-operated mini lights for Christmas today.  I found them at IKEA one day and ordered them right away.  I ordered a small one for my year-round mini fake tree, which will some day be used for my Holiday Sales events... one Christian, one Public - that's the goal.  Right now, since last Christmas, it has been too high on my shelves to attend to.  The batteries went out and I just didn't want to get up there to change them.  Now I totally redid the tree with last year's blue mini-lights and this year's white mini-lights.  I also put it in a place I can turn the lights off or on for the night time.  You cannot believe how bright they are with a new battery, then just a small subtle glow when the battery is nearly gone.  I like it in the middle range, but Dollar Tree and IKEA bargains are not built with that option.  If I find some one day, and they don't cost a LOT, I will try a set with a "dimmer switch."  Later on I will get some photos posted.  I am still decorating the space below the tree for this year.  :-)

So, my life is focused on CHRISTMAS... making, selling, gifting.

And the election.

This is the strangest year... so many struggling, so much hate and violence, media-bashing is rising again, and technology is changing our lives in both good and bad ways.

I am able to deal with it all much better when I do my Prayer Journals.  They help me see the limits of my ability and my resources.  They help me to call on GOD for things I could never do.  They help me to focus on Him.

I still sorrow with the news reports and the struggles of my own life, but I am able to see the world through the eyes of GOD and allow Him to be in charge.  I pray.

I hope your lives are doing much better than mine, that you are able to lift up others in your hearts to GOD daily, and that we will all keep our faith as the time grow harder.

In Christ,

Deborah Martin


and more...

06 August, 2020

Making GOALS and Prayer Journals, mostly.

This week I am trying to create some realistic goals for my CHALLENGE and my Christmas selling.  I recently found a CRUSH IT form I had from   LivingWellSpendingLess.com  and decided to use it to help me figure out THREE goals.

NOTE -- I found a link about it.  I don't know if you can find the download I got, but there should be something on this page to help you. 

NOTE II -- I don't follow her at any level. I explored her space awhile back.  I downloaded the form as a sign-up incentive, I think.

Making really good goals that I am able to achieve is such a hard thing for me.  I see all the obstacles, what I DON'T have.  I keep searching for goals I can do, but they aren't the goals I need to do.  SMART goals are similar to the CRUSH IT format... but not exactly.  The biggest issue in making goals is to do them.  How to make a goal you can do is what helps you move into another goal, and another, and another. 

My three CHRISTMAS goals are about  ART,  making JEWELRY, and creating ORNAMENTS for this season.  I am currently trying to decide HOW MANY and by WHEN.  I also have some PRO-LIFE design goals for the January anniversary event.

I've been going through my supplies and my collection of ideas.  Finding space is still a problem, but I'm working on that.

I'm working on the photo problems, too.

PRAY I am able to overcome all the obstacles I face.  Thanks.

Life is strange this year... as the months go by, the situation with the lockdowns gets really difficult.  I keep wondering where this year is leading us. 

I don't think it is a good place.

Election years are big ad spending years.  I see all those millions of dollars mentioned, and I cringe because of all the needs we have in our country.  The world suffers, but our elections are about us... so our needs are what that money could help.

I don't see any solution for this.

My daily Prayer Journals are really a great thing in my life still... I recommend them to anyone I can.  It has changed my forever goal to do some kind of Prayer Journal.  Next  year I will continue this habit.  Writing a name, then a short prayer for their day or their lives, is so easy. The biggest success element for me is limiting it to two pages -- one page for my family, one for others.

Try it for your family and friends.  OTHERS, for me, includes anyone and anything that is beyond my kids and me.

I guess that will do for now. It's getting to be time to sleep.
Let me know how you pray in a journal... I have always wondered how other people do this.  Every now and then someone I listen to, like Charles Stanly, says something about how they pray and record it to see how GOD answers. 

In Christ,
Deborah Martin
and more...

31 July, 2020

Being the Body of Christ - TOGETHER !

I totally forgot it was Thursday.  I've been buy with other things and then got lost in the YouTube space.  Just an FYI... sorry about this growing habit that seems to be overtaking my life. I will try to do better with my schedule.

I picked a bunch of blackberries this morning, then had to wash and decide what to do with them.  I packed up 2 freezer containers (2-cup size) and put them in what I call the "big freezer" and then decided to add two of my small containers in my fridge freezer.  There was eight cups left so I decided to make a jam... or try to.  :-)   I ended up cooking it until it reached the "jelly" stage on my thermometer.  I put it in jars to freeze because I didn't have the energy to water bath them all (5).  I had about 3/4 cup of jam left, so I put that in the fridge.  I should have enough jam to last a long time!  (And blackberry harvesting has just begun!!  :-)

I am continuing my Prayer Journals.  My list of "Others" keeps growing.  Not sure where this will end up by the end of the year.  I mostly like this version of keeping a Prayer Journal for me... simple, limited, personal, focused... it helps me to think of what a day may hold for the person I pray for, and what my prayers for them might be.  I have started praying for some people to overcome my problems with them.  Prayer changes us as much as it changes others.  I am hoping to keep my Spirit from becoming hard and ungodly.  That will be something I find out by the end of the year also.

I don't recall if I shared that I wached the movie about Rich Mullins... Ragamuffin.  I think my most favorite song of his is MY DELIVERER.  I just found out tonight that it is on the record album of songs they found fully recorded (?) after his death... he had just made them.  It seems that My Deliverer is on that list!  I don't follow these things... and you can see how late I am in getting to movies and songs others have already known for years.  So, I checked the links attached to this discovery tonight and decided to buy the CD I found listed at eBay.  It is listed as in GOOD condition.  I hope it is.

Lots of things going on, lots of things being prayed for.  Sometimes I don't know how to pray in GOD's Will, but I sure wish He would listen to my will.  It is hard to wait, to wonder if and when GOD will act on our behalf.  I think of all kinds of things that are in the Bible, and try to decide what applies and what doesn't.  The bottom line always goes back to the fact that it is GOD's decision, according to His bigger Plan, and I am like an employee that needs to do what the BOSS says.  We all know that can be a challenge.  Pray that my life will become all the things I have prayed for it to become, and that I will see GOD's provisions for those things I know He has created me to do... somehow.

The AUGUST BUDGET is in draft form, but I know that will get changed.  I am going to try my first ad "campaign" online.  :-)  Just to see how it works.  I need to make the post that I want to share.

My PATREON Challenge continues to be my main financial quest.  It would solve so many problems I face... just that small $5 from so many people.  It would be the start-up financing I could never find.

I am busying myself with getting my CHRISTMAS lists done... what to make, what I need in supplies and space, how to ship things, what to paint, what to charge, how to list what I have, and all those issues for raising money through online sales.

My goal and planning notebooks keep evolving, getting better, getting sorted into a flow that will work for me.

Pray that GOD will provide.
Many thanks for any prayers that you share on my behalf.
If you can spare $5, that would be even greater.

In Christ,
Deborah Martin
and more...

Remember... we are the Body of Christ TOGETHER... we all need each other... for many things, now and in the End Times and before the Antichrist gets here.

23 July, 2020

What does it mean to be a Christian?

I am not prepared for a formal post... I have been busy with other things and trying to figure out how to get everything done! 

I made those cake pop things and discovered the mix was GMO and I could tell.. so I have been avoiding eating the pop shapes I saved for later. Most I froze.  I did eat the regular cupcakes, but I don't think I can eat these.

I found a small cake maker that does the shape of a cake pop.  I may find a made-from-scratch recipe and just go that route.  It looks better for eating, and making.  That's something way in the maybe future... not an urgent need.

I was on Facebook a bit ago and watched part of a Benham Brothers live on Thursdays replay... I think it's their Business by the Book.  I was looking at the verses they posted and found a note about a Christian author who decided he was gay.  Eventually I found the place where that segment was and listened to most of it.  When I went to check the name, it seemed like a story I had seen a long time ago, but was suppose to have been something recent.  Not sure what is up with that.  (Fake News?)

I left a comment on a TBN post about NOAH's time...  it was on the 22nd.  I will paste it below for you.  In the process of writing it, I thought about the End Times.  There are only two parts of the BIBLE that tell us what it will be like in those days. The story of Noah talks about the evil everywhere in that time. The story with Sodom as the reference point tells us one of the main evils that will exist. 

It seems to be the same road down every time GOD tries to "start over" with His creation... our world.  What I remember most is that all the men from the city tried to reach the new visitors to have their way with them first, and the fact that Lot was willing to sacrifice his virgin daughters for the angel visitors.  Sexuality is the biggest goal of Satan... because anything outside of a monogamous marriage between a DNA-male and an DNA-female, for life, is like an attack against GOD.  It is the goal of Satan to hurt GOD by hurting us.


Deborah Martin
I think of Noah as trusting GOD... over years and years and years and years of time... and how GOD kept his sons from having children... but gave them all wives... -- I often wonder what the people around him were like in all that time... we only know they were evil, fully consumed by evil, and destined to die. Were there any conversations about faith and GOD and what was coming... we don't really know. -- if anyone was saved, they didn't get a ticket on the Ark. I suppose they had to leave the populations and live where they could cut wood to build the Ark. They must have lived off the land. GOD says He brought the animals to the Ark when it was time to fulfill His Words. It was over a hundred years of building time, I think... I don't recall right now, it's been awhile since I studied that passage. It is always a difficult thing to think about Noah's time because he is just one of two passages we have about the End Times, what it will be like in those days. Evil rules the day. What will it be like when the Antichrist gets here and kills all the Christians? I hate to think about that. GOD warns people hundreds of years ahead of things... and the erosion of faith and godliness continues. We try to solve problems on our own... but there is no way to "solve" prophecy. We can only prepare for it. work2gather.us

We live in difficult times.

I made another comment (today, I think) about our need to be strong enough to die.  It's hard to imagine that kind of America.  I don't think many Christians are ready for that kind of testimony.

Getting off the pain of our futures, I also have been search out Kindle books this week. On a few topics... creating recipe books (small / short in length), some short opinion booklets, and a short "inspirational" booklet.  It looks achievable for me.  :-)  I also found one called  GROW  OR  DIE !!  It is on growing  your own food to survive any kind of disaster situation. 

I'm still looking through them.

Christmas is still high on the attention list.  Still working on the details.  Going to try making small art, in case you don't remember or I haven't shared that yet.

All of my newly ordered supplies haven't arrived yet... the remaining things are due mid-August to maybe October... can't recall right now, but it was way for out there.  I guess it's on the slow boat from China.  :-)  I have plenty to do, so that will be OK for this year.

Well, I'm going to close for today.
I am still thinking about some things, and tired, and seeking GOD.
That author that suddenly declared himself Gay -- well, he plans to continue writing children's books and doesn't see the problem with being "Gay and Christian."
I still think it's slanderous fake news, so I will wait and see. 
I hope they catch those who are doing this kind of thing.

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

and more...

ONE Body of Christ...

Make sure you understand that your vote can save our nation from spiritual demise.

Choose which leaders you want to be over your life... their decisions affect your daily and Christian life.

17 July, 2020

Here I am!

I got busy with a Daymond John free webinar offer... it started at 11pm, just when I planned to be here.  I hope you don't mind.  It was on preparing the so important "elevator speech."  I have tried to figure that one out for years.  He has a nice free downloadable sheet to help.

So, what has been happening this week... a lot I think... but it is hard to quantify.

I started receiving my supplies, started working on some crafts, and have been working on my CHRISTMAS options.  It's getting there. 

If I can't find my paint for silk-screening I may have to try something like acrylics until I can get some.  I am excited to see how this works on real screens.  I have two premade screens - one of an elephant head, one of a dandelion.  One has thick spaces, the other fine lines.  Before I make my own screens, I need to figure out how these design options work in the finished product.

I got an email about bartering art for services. It reminded me of the option.  I browsed the article and did see that you have to make a receipt for taxes.  It is considered "income" for taxation purposes, and needs to be accounted for.  Barter is a great concept.  With the government's need to tax every penny it can, I would need cash to pay the taxes... I don't have that... BUT, it is an option to think about.

I am still in the process of receiving some of my supplies.  Many seem to come from CHINA, no matter where I order them.  Some must be warehoused here, but others take many weeks to get here (for free shipping -- the only other charge I noticed was $42 -- that would be a lot more than the order!)...  Someday, I would like to try a big order and see how that works.

I am looking for the details more these days... MADE IN THE USA

I had a horrific experience with a packaged cake mix this month... when I went to make it it was nothing like the cake mixes I use to make years ago... it was like slime... gel-like.  I made it, and will eat it, but I will never buy it again... and I will try to remember to read more labels.  This mix was made with GMO ingredients.  It was my first time actually seeing what that means.  I am thankful it was labeled... but I hope the company goes back to real ingredients. 

I made the cake because I have been wanting to try the CAKE POP thing.  I decided to not make them on a stick... and froze most of the scoops I made.  I have four to try covering with chocolate.  It is definitely a  S W E E T  treat!

I guess this has been a slow, thinking and praying kind of week.  I had to sleep much more than normal.  I have been planning the next several months... trying to get a path through it. 

I finally decided to commit my crafting roller machine (pasta maker) to polymer clays.  I will be getting that started this weekend I suppose.  You have to warm up the clay to get it to be pliable... I will try to keep it in my pocket and see if body warmth will help that process.  I don't know what shapes I want to make yet, but I need some flat pieces.  Eventually, I want to try to use various colors to make "art" on squares of polymer.  And I am going to try "glow in the dark" options.  :-)  I think that will be fun.

I have some shapes already baked and will be trying to get them finished... drilling, sanding, etc.

Next I need to figure out the packaging for the projects I am working on.

I guess there are so many things that are "in process" it is hard to share all the details. 

I have made a commitment with my Patreon CHALLENGE tier to review my activities on all ten of my tiers when I do my weekly updates.  This has proven to be a very difficult thing, but it is helping me focus on each of the tiers for my reporting duties... finding things to get me moving forward on all of them.

In the Faith department, I am continuing my PRAYER JOURNALING projects, and as they develop, I am expanding my person list.  Sometimes the needs weigh heavily on my soul.  We pray all the time, but seeing how GOD answers those prayers is not easy.

I guess that is enough for now.
May GOD be with all His People as we try to make it through this life into heaven.

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

and more...

09 July, 2020

Another Update... Christmas is getting closer every day! :-)

Now that I am focused on CHRISTMAS, I keep thinking of what I need to get done, what I need to get it done, and how to get it done... 

I have spent way over my budget already, but everything is covered - so far.  I am buying supplies, starting to paint, getting out my crafting tools and other supplies.  Tonight I went to Etsy to check on the price and availability of something and stayed there forever.  A shop in China has a lot of low-cost items I want to try, but I am going to sleep on it and see if that is what I want to do.  They want to charge high shipping costs so the "free" option doesn't get here until September/October.  I am thinking about it... about whether it is worth the wait.

I will look for my own supplies and start with them.  I have to find them.  :-)   They are somewhere in my room... I hope.

If I can do the silk-screening, the jewelry supplies can wait.  I received my silkscreen transparencies for making designs to burn into the screens. I'm expecting my major order of supplies soon... it is suppose to go PRIORITY MAIL... so that means tomorrow, maybe.  I hope so.  I made the economic plunge because I have been trying to get the right equipment for a long time.  What I ordered is for small art.  I am going to work on my postcard designs, maybe some ATC's/ACEO's, small designs for baby clothes maybe, whatever I can figure out.  I only have about 10 screens to work with, of two types of screen material.

Next will be the emulsion learning curve... making my own screens to burn designs in.  I'm going to work my way up to poster sizes because that has always been something I wanted to do.

I watched some YouTube videos again... about the premade transfers that are available.  Some will do actual photos.  Some will work on sports clothes.  Some are for regular needs.  I am learning these things on my way to buying a heat press.

I was at a store tonight that had about 30K listings... that is a lot of listings.  I'm not sure I want to get that big... but if it's automated, it won't hurt.  That's a future decision.  Right now I just want to make a decent amount of money for CHRISTMAS.  I just remembered, as I was writing that last sentence, that my original goal was to make things all year and sell the most at CHRISTMAS, trying to make enough to pay for the next year... ahead.  :-)  I will have to write that down again.

I am debating (still) about PRINTFUL.  My eBay shop got disconnected from its integration with Printful.  I am thinking I might try manual sales for a bit.  I am getting ready to list some items with my phone.  I've been working in that direction for some time now.  I started taking photos and making social media posts this past week.  I started to make a listing, but didn't have my items planned for eBay out and ready to list.  I will be working on that this weekend, too.

I didn't do my prayer journals this morning.  The day just got away from me.  I will be entering them when I finish here.  I see how much better it is to get this done first thing in the morning, like Bible time.  I haven't had Bible time for a long time... it's been a long valley.  Today was a good thing... it has reminded me that mornings are important for some of the commitments we make.

I watched a video on making my own stickers, too... another goal.  I need one of those cutting machines to get that done right, good enough to sell.

Everything I want to do is based on the designs I have always wanted to make.

Awhile back I remembered the POLITICAL ACTION CARDS I created way back in the beginning of my quests for creating income.  They would be great for election issues like we are facing now, and will face in the future.  God willing, I might be able to get those done for the next Presidential election... it should be a major event for the US and the world because there will be two new candidates fighting to win the position.

We forget that our country is only as good, as healthy, as kind and merciful as the hearts of its people.  When there is no GOD to create moral foundations, sin and evil grow -- without the lost even understanding what they are missing.

I think the false media, powers that are bigger than us, try to make us think that Christians and Jews are dying.  It helps their cause... it makes us weak.

I wrote a letter to someone this week about deciding to sign up for AARP to get their "freebie" item... but not liking the politics of the group.  I remembered that one of reasons I wanted to build up Working Together was to be the AARP for Christians... to have the power that membership gives when it is large.  To stand against the rising evils.  To be able to organize protections and provisions for us.

I seem to be "remembering" my original goals these days. Mostly I just try to survive.  The things that mattered to me at the beginning seem pointless now, as I am heading into senior issues and death.  The foundation is good, the need is great, but the provision just hasn't been there.  I don't know why.

Sometimes I think it is the interference of Satan, but I don't think it would have been allowed this long unless there was a bigger purpose in GOD's Plan.

Sometimes I think the person, or people, who GOD wanted to provide for WT didn't do it.

There is always this connection with action in our faith.  I have shared it before, but one time I was in a church Bible study and a question was asked... I knew the answer, but didn't give it.  Then the Holy Spirit found someone else in the room to share the answer.  It was a lesson to me of how GOD works sometimes. When we don't do what He prompts us to do, sometimes He finds another Christian willing to be His vessel in a certain action.

Then I think of the times when there was no one else to be a substitute. What happens when we are the only one who can do something, and we choose not to do it?  It could be a minor consequence or it could be devastating... for us, for the church, for the Body of Christ... we don't know the effects of not doing GOD's Will.

I think of how different my life would be.  E V E R Y T H I N G  would have been different.  So, is this where we are all suppose to be?  Is this the time GOD will finally move on our behalf?  I don't know.

I guess I will just keep thinking about all these things... and trust that GOD is able to do anything that needs to be done, and I am just ONE tiny little cell in the global BODY of CHRIST.  Something is happening, I just don't know what it is.  GOD does.

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin
and more...

02 July, 2020

Thursday 2 July - Thoughts on Prayer and Christmas

I started my daily  PRAYER  JOURNALING  on the first of the month.  Before I started I was thinking about what I might pray about in words on a page.  I finally watched WAR ROOM in mid June, and was impressed with the issues that were explored with the film... and wondered if I would ever do that kind of praying.  Instead, I decided more journaling would be good for me.

The amount of writing space for the Presidential Prayer Team (.org)  Quarterly Journal is not much, which is good.  If you take a piece of copy paper and fold it in half on the long side, you have the size of a small book... that is the size of their Journal.  Each page has half of the space lined for a short prayer.  The rest of it is words about other things, historical facts, the names of people in government being highlighted, etc.  

As I get into the process of repeated prayer, I am guessing my focus will change from America to some of the details they provide.  Maybe.  I am doing this because I am very concerned about my country, and about the rest of the world.  America impacts the globe, in one way or another.  So do it's Christians, through their charitable projects.

Since I will be writing a short prayer about my nation, I decided to add some prayers to the small personal journal I have (and didn't enter but ONE prayer when I started it.  I am praying for my children every day.  I sometimes add a prayer for myself.  And will be praying for other things as they come up.  In my personal journal I can go on as long as I want to... Sometimes I do that.  It will depend on the needs of the day.

Over my life I have heard sermons about Prayer Journals, and tried to do them several times.  It just didn't work well with my life.  I hope this time will be different.  I will keep you posted about my progress.   :-)   

Since this is an IMPORTANT election year, maybe you should start a daily journal for America, too.  We need some big change in how things are done.


I am already starting on my CHRISTMAS activities.

I was working on my budget and trying to figure out how to save enough money for holiday giving. I eventually moved some of the Christmas donations to JULY and AUGUST instead of starting in September.  This is proving to be a really great decision.  I already made my donations for the month and now am trying not to spend  A L L  my money on giving.  I so would love to give to a LONG list of groups and ministries, but I can't.  

I'm working on ways to give to as many as I can, and as much as I can, each month.

Holiday commitments to give are not the only money issues at Christmas.  I am also working on my GIFTING list... kids, family, sending Christmas cards, and what I absolutely have to have CASH for.  :-)  Last month I already decided to MAKE as many gifts this year as I can.  This is going to be a challenge, too!


I made some new designs for MUGS because I am doing a yearly project at my ETSY shop... trying to figure out monthly discounts.  I am now to the place where putting ONE ITEM on sale every month is working.  So far, I am designing a NEW MUG for the discount. 

Last month it was my Political Correctness theme.  This month it is ELECTION 2020.

The photo is the 15oz size, which is great for designs, for tea, for desk planters, and pen holders.  It's too big for me to drink coffee in, but I see a lot of people with larger cups of coffee!  (There's an 11oz size I think is better for coffee... but not as good for all the other things.  :-)  

I also put my CHOICES design on a mug!  With a new statement about the effects of our choices on the other side of the mug.

I can't get them to go on the same line right now... I will try to learn that.

I'm working on ways to use the tools I have access to.  The images on the computer screen don't always work on the products.

I also am trying to learn fonts and sizes and alterations to the fonts and colors and shadows...

This isn't the first photo I have tried to put on a mug, but it is the best one I have tried to use so far.

As my design options improve, so will my creations.

I keep saying, If I live long enough...   and that is probably true.  I will just keep going, get a good lawyer as soon as I can, make a great will so all my efforts go to good places, and trust that GOD is able to be in charge of things.

These are the choices I have right now.  If they change, maybe the results will be even better!  

The other design I created that day is this one...

I bet you can click on the photo to see it larger...

I am focusing on the need for every citizen to vote.  We are not a free nation led by the choices of its citizens if we do not vote.

There are no voting options without problems.  Our conversations become about things that take away from the really important issues we face as a nation because it keeps the real needs covered. 

We have to find a way to make our government become what it should have been all the time.

It needs to become a reflection of the people... not a resource for greed and harm, manipulation, power, evil.

There are posts all over social media about the morals of our leaders... how they make us a great country or a country that is near extinction.

Below is one I made with a Bible verse reference.

VOTING  is how we choose godly men and women leaders who will honor what is right.  It is our responsibility to our nation, to our families, to our GOD.

We can't choose the morality of our bosses, our family, our neighbors, but we can VOTE for our leaders and say who we think needs to be above us in authority.  We may not win, but we must let our choices be known.

This is why AMERICA has been great... what so many other countries in the world do not have.

I hope you won't waste the blessing GOD has given to us.  We lead the world, and we need good people in charge of our country.

It looks like the election is getting heated now... we are trying to get back to "normal" after such a long  VIRUS CRISIS.  Not much time left to campaign so it is probably going to be a very long summer and fall.  


I see I am finding ways to make my posts more creative.  This is good.  :-)   I am trying to do this... just learning how!

I hope you have a safe and happy INDEPENDENCE DAY... think about America, what we need, who can keep their promises (as far as it is in their control),  and how you might VOTE in November.

A M E R I C A   N E E D S   Y O U !!!

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin
and more...