30 November, 2017

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Wow... I have just developed a terrible headache and taken four aspirins... my dose for a big headache... and I want to get to bed.  I will write this the best I can.

I think it was filling out my government application for Medicare help that gave me the headache!  Fifteen pages of checking up on me and making sure I don't make any money, or telling me they can put me in jail for lying, or both.  Turning 65 has been quite an eye-opener.  The government has all the details on my existence, but they keep adding to the process (which costs a lot more money!).

One of the things they put on senior citizen paperwork now is that they will attach your estate for any costs you incur.  I decided to request a finanancial accounting of what that amount would be, and what it would be for.  If I win the lottery they will be looking for it, too.  I am just wondering what they intend to charge for.

Dealing with the government means there is probably no one in charge of that amount.  I wonder what I will get in response, if I get a response.

They ask if I have a will in place, too.  I haven't had an official will created, even though I have written them in draft form over the years.  I never really had anything that I would consider valuable in their eyes... now I am thinking of making sure everything is taken care of.

The government offers help for when you are losing your shelter... but I have never found help for the legal needs of starting a business, at home or otherwise, or legal help for matters like wills and trusts, etc.  I think you can find volunteers to help you with your tax returns.  Some colleges have legal clinics, but they are not usually for these kinds of things (I forget what the last one I checked on was offering.)

So, I will have to get all my writing done, save my money, and then hope one hour will take care of making sure it is legally correct... or whatever it may need to be. 

Business advice from legal standpoints has also been beyond my budget.  (And accountants.)

Finding a lawyer is also a challenge... my son's got in trouble and were appointed lawyers by the court to cover their legal duties... finding a good lawyer for things like this (business and death) is like closing your eyes and pointing to an address in the phone book (old school).  I suppose they have random options with a computer now.

...one of these days...  maybe I will find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  :-)

I am working on my budget, kind of.  I have to figure out how to do December.

I am praying for the actions of the GOD I believe in... on my behalf.
I hope He will do something good... soon.

Well, you see how bad my attitude gets with headaches... I will try to add something tomorrow...

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

May the one true GOD help us to become a better world, where everyone can decide for themselves what they want to believe and not be attacked, maimed, killed, or imprisoned because they don't agree with the ruling government/power. 
May children not be married to people they don't know or love.
May parents do what is right for their children.
May our differences be respected by each of us, and battled in conversations, not with guns and violence.
May GOD help us.

(I watched a news report some little poor girls in Bangladesh who discovered surfing and it was becoming a religious tragedy because of the Muslim influence in the area...  force is never GOD's way, it is the mistaken choice of men... of tyrants.  I fear for the innocent who suffer because of these changing times.)

29 November, 2017

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Finally, I get to sit down... well, I did watch part of a movie earlier... after some news.  I have been changing things around my room again... did four loads of laundry, including bedding and towels... let's see, what else... mostly just moving a lot of things around to have better access to my supplies and get everything into the best place. 

In the process of moving things today, I decided I am going to try to choose the most important stuff I have and then downsize my possessions to fit better in this small space.  When I shop at the thrift stores, I grab things I like, and then get too much.  I have to separate the kitchen stuff from the crafting supplies.  Somehow, I have to mark the crafting supplies to make sure I don't use them for food again.  I will be using stuff that is not good for eating... plaster, glues, etc.  I have an engraver, that might help.  I use a hole punch for my silicone molds that are for crafts only.

I have also been thinking about going through my food supplies at the end of every year to donate the stuff that is closest to expiring to the missions, then I can replace it for the next year's supplies.  I think that will help me deal with the stuff I want on hand and don't always use up fast enough... and, it will help with the FIFO (first in first out) problems I always have because I don't watch the labels.  Sound like a good idea?  I think so... at least, for me.

If you follow my Facebook page, you will know I changed my little Christmas tree decoration.  I put some Christmas wrapping paper as a background, more festive, because I changed the garland.  I wound up cutting my garland into three sections... one for the tree, one for the background, and one to hang by the neighboring window and make it more garland in that spot.

I really like my 6-cube shelf.  It is becoming a great organizing space.

Once I get through all my boxes of paperwork/records, there will be more space in my room.  It is a S.L.O.W process, and I wish I had more options, but this is where I am and this is what I have to deal with.

My thoughts are about Christmas presents...and about how GOD is working in the world.  What is there I can do within my small abilities... why doesn't GOD provide for the tasks He has put in my heart to do... how will I be able to accomplish anything in my current situation... it's a constant thought.  I wish I understood more about the path GOD has me on, past/present/future.

I am trying to figure out how to update webpage for my December Membership Drive.  I have to get that done tomorrow or the next day.  I am here in Portland, but my business address and plans are in Eugene.  It has been such a huge problem these years since I moved here.  I know GOD always has a purpose for things, but it has been hard for me to understand what that could be.

I hope to finally build a member base to start building all the resources in my plans for Working Together.  Poverty is a real challenge... it doesn't allow any kind of stretching into financial issues.

I always think it was the lack of start-up funding, and the inability to build a start-up financial base through sales.  These are the points where I wonder why GOD didn't provide.  Even the thought of crowd-funding was impossible as I would become homeless with every failed effort.

These must be thoughts of concern... thinking of my past efforts, the issues that have been part of my life, and the lack of visible help from GOD... the church... and others.  I guess my main focus has been to try, do the best I could, and leave the rest to GOD.  I end up saying that I will find out in heaven what my efforts created.  These are the time I cling to all the stories about people who died not seeing the promises of GOD... like Abraham... maybe others... I can't think of them right now.

I wish I had more faith... I only know how to deal with what I have today.  I guess I have always been a budgeting person... fighting to make it all fit into the budget... trying to cover the needs.  I figure there will be a lot of these things as the end gets nearer.

It has always been one of my goals to keep depending on GOD each year for the provisions we would need... but I wasn't sure how to structure that.  I have tentative plans, and will keep looking for better options.  Membership is the main criteria...and CORD.  These will limit our financial actions.  Members will pay the yearly fee, and we will use that to build resources.  Each year's members will be the ones who can access our efforts, our services, our benefits, our resources, at different levels. 

The public will have access to different benefits/products.

I have it all planned... pretty much.  I just need to get it started...  :-)   I think it will grow into whatever GOD has planned.  When the time comes for the Antichrist to kill us, we will be with each other and be able to face it together.

GOD willing, I will live long enough to get it going.

Time to go.
I hope you will become one of our members... especially if you are a Christian.

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

May GOD bless this new effort to build Working Together.
May I have the provisions I need, at a personal and work level, to do the tasks I need to do.
May there be a way to reach the place/s I need to be.
May we find enough members this December to start all the programs that are planned, and then create more in every region.
May Working Together be blessed in the world, reach Christians, bring us together, help us to grow into ONE BODY, and become the resource we all need as time passes.
May our enemies be thwarted.
May our goals be reached.
May our world become better because of us.
May time be our friend.
May life be protected, and disagreements be talked out, and differences be respected.
May GOD help me soon, now, this year, and always.
May I always be able to separate my life from the life of Working Together.

28 November, 2017

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

The weather is very wet outside today... not much in the way of dry spots.  The kitty (cat) that lives here has been feeling bad since yesterday.  Not eating. Not moving around well.  Was throwing up yesterday, but today it just moans loudly, lays still (sitting in the rain for hours in the same spot!), and now is resting under my bed... I hope she is feeling better there.  I couldn't stand her just sitting in the rainy spot looking like she was in pain, so I brought her back in two or three times.  I'm keeping her in for now.  I tried feeding her the cat treats, which she loves, but she wouldn't have anything to do with them.

I got suddenly ill yesterday myself... thought I ate some bad food.  So far today, the food item I suspected hasn't made me ill again... so, I don't know what it was.  When I had my second son I discovered what bad dairy can do to you... in an instant!  It is not fun.  I have read that changing to a high-fiber diet suddenly can cause problems with your bowels, too.   I'm trying to get my diet under control now... planning my meals to get the food an old body like mine can take.  Becoming a senior citizen also changes your body's ability to process food.

We think we can do what we want to our bodies and they will still treat us well.  It's not true.  Our lifestyles, our food choices, the food that we are being provided (GMO's, etc.), they all contribute to our health or illnesses.  I suppose exercise and clean air should be in there somewhere... and clean water.

I happened to catch the end of an update report about Flint, Michigan, and their water systems.  The part I remember, and have saved in my memories, is the woman at the end who stated that the poor were not considered worthy of the government's concern, so they were left uninformed about the lead dangers for over a year (I think that was the time mentioned).  The poor, the elderly, the kids who have no one... these are the victims of so many government tragedies.  The Bible tells us that the rich will mistreat the poor... it seems to be in the nature of humanity without GOD.  Sometimes Christians hurt others when money is concerned, but not as often as those without GOD.

The local water system is beginning to have problems with pollution... germs, poisons, something that doesn't belong in it.  The call it Bull Run here, but it is a river that once ran clear.  Maybe it was the poisons that come from animal feces (poop)... I'm not sure.  You really can't control everything.  Once a water source is compromised, it is a "poisoned well" and will not be able to be "pristine" again.  Out water treatment plants (everywhere) are having lots of problems with the things that we get rid of... from makeup sources, medicines, trash...  I think fracking is going to be a huge problem one of these days...  we have no idea where all the water table go... if they all come from one deep source, etc. 

I have developed my own mantra about survival on planet earth... air, water, food... these are the three things we REQUIRE just to stay alive.  I read something about how long you can survive without them... you can see their importance by the order I put them in.  Pollution is more than a government issue, it is a survival issue... and it includes our oceans (water and food sources), and rivers.  Oregon has laws that say the water sources all belong to the government.  I have been trying to figure out how that will work out in a survival catastrophe. 

Hiking people have some great water purifiers for backpackers... I have wanted to try them but I can't afford them.  Someday, if I get them and try them out, I will probably blog on them, or maybe do a video by then!  :-)

I can see my senior years online...  even when I am fully homebound... even bedridden.  God willing, I will be active until He calls me home.

Yesterday I finally was able to buy a 6-cube shelf unit for my crafting supplies/organization.  I put it together and am in the process of deciding what to store in the cubes... each approximately one foot by one foot.  The dollar store has some cloth baskets, so I will be checking to see if they will fit.  It will add some storage options to the top shelf, too.  The middle cubes are hard to get to, so they have to hold things I won't need all the time... not sure what that could be.  I am glad to have the shelf, it changes the entire work table.

My poor little wreath still doesn't smell like a forest, so it will be going to the yard debris pile and I will be looking for an evergreen tree that has a Christmas tree smell!  It is quite an awakening to find that every tree that looks like a Christmas tree doesn't smell like a Christmas tree!  :-)  Now I know how I want to construct the next one, so it will look much better.  I am trying to decide on the decorations I want after I get the wreath put together.

I'm turning 65 and this is my first wreath... there's always room to grow, right!  :-)  hahahahaha

No word from Jeff Bezos...  yet.  :-)

I haven't checked anything today either... no email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  I tried to earlier, but the reception seems to be fickled here.  It's going to take me hours to go through my emails... yuk!

I also never got to the local county offices about the low-income housing issue.

Well... have to get going... lots to get done still.
I do hope your days are going well, and that your Christmas is beginning to make you smile.

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

May the GOD of all that exists bless some of us with its bounty, help us to share it with the needy, and make us all better people.
May our hearts be filled with goodness, kindness, joy, love, happiness, fun, patience, and time for those we love.
May our wallets survive the holidays.  :-)
May we find one good, achievable, goal for 2018.
May our life never stop becoming more than we are today.
May we meet in heaven one day.

27 November, 2017

Monday, 27 November 2017

Since I am at this device, I may as well get this done!  :-)

I was listening to NBR and they had a segment on Jeff Bezos (Amazon) becoming a very rich man in his stock ownership. In the report they stated he has no philanthropic goals, foundation, etc.  Then they mentioned a tweet (@JeffBezos) from last June asking for ideas.  When I got there, I realized it was an impossible task... good ideas take lots of words, but who has time to read them all!  :-)  I added a link to my webpage, which I am in the process of updating but still has links to all my commenting places  :-)  -- and then shared that housing ownership is the greatest need for the poor and homeless everywhere.  There weren't many tweets there, but it did have the blue checkmark.  Hope that it gets read, but it is also attached to my @FixingAmerica Twitter account.  :-)  Who knows... It's almost December....  It was interesting to see "0" following on the account.  :-)

Friday was a day of shopping for me... after I mailed all my Christmas cards for this year.

I stayed home Saturday and Sunday. 

I forgot about Cyber Monday. 

I don't have much money to spend anyway.  I'm trying to save what I have left and rebuild my emergency fund, which got spent on lots of things...   I think I have all gifts done, including myself, but there are still some household items on my wish list to make it better here.

Been working on my crafting projects.  If I start making jewelry to sell, I will be wearing more of it... I can tell that already!  I discovered my pierced ears were nearly closed from lack of earrings being worn, so now I have a pair of crafting earrings in them to keep them open.  I was wearing a gift pair from last Christmas, but it was too much for my ears... not hypo-allergenic wires and my ears were sore wearing them... maybe needing time to recover from getting "pierced" again.  :-) 

I'm working on bracelet ideas, too.  I can see how one change is going to lead to another!  I may actually have to buy some NEW clothes one of these days... decent stuff (non-jeans  :-) , maybe even a dress!  What is the world coming to!

Today I made my first effort at creating a small evergreen wreath for the door on my room.  It doesn't smell like an evergreen, so I may have to find better branches.  If I can, I will try to add a photo after I am done with this.  It is still such a problem, one I didn't have when I use to use a real computer.  We will keep working on this issue until we find the answer!  :-)

I'm trying to find my recipe for making your own dog biscuits/bones so I can get that done.  I already bought the dogs some store treats, but I hope to make some from scratch to give them too. 

I'm also working on a gift for the wild birds, one I hope to sell in the future.  Maybe come chicken treats, too.

The kitty that lives here is not feeling well so I hope she gets better.  I think she will get a catnip toy.

I am working through all the fudge I made without nuts... it is enough for my chocolate cravings.  I ration them out, but I am also working on my next sugar creation/s. 

My diet has suffered enormously.  (so sad)

I want to send my housing ideas to the local government that is selling their low-income properties... I think to finance new government offices.  It really is a dilemma for everyone... as the government struggles to survive, it sacrifices things it shouldn't... like using the funds meant to finance Social Security and now the system is facing bankruptcy and is paid through debt financing.

The people who are in those units depend on that housing to survive... just to make it through each month because their incomes are so low.  The entire city, the Portland Metro Area, is battling gentrification issues, as are many other places, so there is no other neighborhood for them to move to.

It really is a sad system... not very well thought out. 

From the local papers, I read that Clackamas County was the first to operate low-income housing on government-owned land.  Because the housing is old, I am assuming they don't want to replace it.  The need for money to build new county offices makes it convenient to sell now.  The government will offer "opportunities" to help them find other housing (like Section 8 vouchers), but they generally are worthless because there is little to no decent housing that qualifies and/or provides the schools, transportation, and shopping options that low-income families need. 

I am making generalizations, yes, but this is what I have seen the government do... the programs they create often look good on paper but don't work good in real life.

I already went through my "shock" stage from discovering all these things in the middle of my needs... it's hard to find solutions within the government's boundaries... but some things only the government can do, like my suggestions for prison reforms.

Enough... I hope I am not too late to comment on their plan to sell the land.  I just kept putting it off because it is such a hard topic for me.  I am still just one foot away from living on the street, again... but I pray every day for GOD to provide a better future for me (and WT).

I guess I will go now... I have sufficiently depressed myself out of words.

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

May God be kind to all who are suffering, and provide for their individual needs.
May we find a way to change the status quo of government life, and make it more self-sufficient with a lower tax need.
May we give this year to as many as we can.
May our lives see more than us, more than what we get, more than what we want, more than what we have, more than dollar signs.
May our country become debt free, and find leaders that will keep it that way.
May we preserve all that is good about America and change what is wrong with it...for the better.
May the joy of Christmas be welcomed, and remembered.
May our people choose good over evil, right over wrong, life over death, and compassion over fear.

23 November, 2017

Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, 23 NOV 2017

It would be easy to forget today's post... but here I am.  :-)

I hope everyone had a nice day, had enough to eat, and is happy.  I saw quite a lot of posts on Facebook with great photos for Thanksgiving reminders.  I save the ones I want to look at later on and remind myself of their message.  There were several mission posts about feeding people who don't have homes, or don't cook, or can't afford to make a holiday meal.  Next year I may try to volunteer as a server... it depends on my situation at the time.  Travel can be a problem for me.

I finished my Christmas cards for this year. Will try to mail them tomorrow as I look for my Black Friday deal/s.  This is really early for me... but I wanted to get it done.  With my increase in crafting there is less time for doing my cards, and money goes away so fast.  I want to make sure I have enough money for the postage.

Today I was busy making more of my craft projects.  My big one was trying a friendship bracelet with little sparkly things.  It was really a great feeling to see it becoming a nice bracelet.  I can't finish it until I find my beading needles... or buy some more until I do.  I am already thinking of other designs to try.  It's my first friendship-type bracelet, with cord and beads.  The instructions I do have are very nominal, so I have to find out more information about the finishing steps.  The start is easy, the finish is unknown.  I am making up my own versions as I work.

My California background, and 60's teen years, have me stuck in some of the hippie designs when I bead, etc.  I don't know where I will sell these things, but they are easier for me to make with recycled supplies.  Now that I am getting better supplies, I can try new designs.  It is beginning to feel like there is a future for my efforts.

I needed to rework my Christmas tree and decorations, so I finished that today.  I will try to post my photo of it.  It became quite a fun time for me... trying to figure out what I could use, make, do with the supplies I had.  I designed my own decoration hooks, sorted through the old type bulbs I had that were small, and then wound up using some gold and red jingle bells for my tree bulbs.  In the process of making jingle bell decorations, I made a little cat toy to see if it would be fun for the (older) cat that lives here.  I have some catnip to work into a Christmas gift for her, too.  :-)  Once I find a good design, I will make more to sell online.

I am making as many things as I can with a mix of recycled and new supplies.  This makes it easier to create workable designs... and I love the challenge.  In this arena I hope to design some kits to sell online.

I keep saying I will be OK if I just live long enough!!!  :-)

I entered some of my Thankfulness at posts on Facebook, but I would like to end with something here.

I am thankful for my life... for my children... for my salvation... for my hope and faith and love and joy... for being an American... for meaning in my life... for dreams and goals... for being able to read... for my education... for food and shelter... for being relatively healthy... for the person GOD has made me.

I hope you have many things you are thankful for...

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

May GOD be with all those who are alone today, and anyone that is hurting in any way... May He comfort their hearts and bless their lives in some way to draw them to Himself.

May we all share our bounty with those who have little, and be cared for in our needs by those who have been blessed.

May our lives become worthy of our blessings.

22 November, 2017

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

I guess shopping and Christmas and sleep/rest took precedence over my blog... I totally forgot to get it done before I collapsed into bed, putting it off until later... and later turned into tomorrow.  I hope it didn't matter to anyone.  This is still a work-in-progress, so these things happen.

This morning I found a goal planner from the C12 Group, a Christian business support group.  It was a 28-page download and I actually PRINTED it off... using a lot of precious ink for the machine I use and supply... but I hope it will be worth it.

I woke in the early (wee hours) of today and decided to work on my Christmas gifts, packaging, cards, and planning.  I am also working on some packaging ideas for future products.  It is getting interesting.  I will try to post at least one of the photos I have been taking, but I have to do that after I publish this post.  Such a pain...

When the holidays get here, I begin to think about my life again...  how I got to now, where I wish I would have been, and where I want to go in the future.  I think the end of each year is a mixed blessing -- mostly because it is filled with lots of memories that are not always good.  They have their use in how we go forward, but they still have lots of emotions attached to them.  I call it my end-of-the-year review.  It goes along with goal planning for the next year.

I get reminders on Facebook about my plans for a December Membership Drive for Working Together.  The need to update those webpages and insert the payment links still is on my to-do list... but I don't have a real computer yet.  I will be trying to find a way to get those things done, or finding an alternative.  Keep in touch and make sure you join WT so we can start building the resources that will be needed.

Every day I see how desperate the world is becoming for the Christian populations and I wish I was already farther into my plans for WT.  I wonder how much I will be able to accomplish.  I wonder why GOD hasn't provided the funds needed.  I think about all the ministries and churches and schools and groups that will increasingly need financial help, volunteers, and other resources... and I think about the limits each of us has in providing them.

May this be the year that GOD opens up the fountains of provision and helps us to gather together to support each other through the increasing persecutions the Bible tells us are coming.

Have to go...
In Christ,
Deborah Martin

May GOD hear my prayers and provide for His people through WT.  Amen.

16 November, 2017

Thursday, 16 November 2017

So much happens in every day that can be shared as thoughts that provoke, that change, that need to be expressed, but I get here and the current moment is just a small piece of time.

I really need to write a book about the purpose for Working Together.

How many chapters?
How many words?
How many pages?

How do I fit a lifetime into print?

I read a news item today about the increasing delinquency rate for auto loans... and that people with bad credit scores "don't have many options to get money to buy a new or used car and often end up getting a subprime auto loan that comes with an interest rate of 15 to 20 percent."  So their lives get worse with every effort to make it better.  I know the feeling.

Since learning that GOD also charges interest when people borrow their tithes, my goals for financial programs has been deeply affected.  When I first started planning some way to help members get through their hardships, I decided to offer member credit towards WT products, programs, and events... with an interest charge of one percent each month on the unpaid balance, thinking it would encourage quicker repayment.  This would be a maximum of 12% a year if the balance continued.  Right?  (I'm not a banker, I was just trying to find a fair option.  I didn't want to charge more than would be needed to pay for the program's overhead and expenses.  Automatic increases with each membership year were planned, as long as the previous balances had been kept up to date -- a minimum payment of $5 was expected to show that the member was aware of their debt.

I haven't figured out the jubilee effect yet.  That is still being decided.

Now I have discovered that GOD charges a flat 20% fee for borrowing the money we are expected to give to Him.  I am trying to work that out in my plans.

You can see how different the world would be if we operated with GOD's plan.  My school loans started at about 30K dollars, they are now in the 150K range.  If I don't win the big lottery prize or sell a lot of products online, it will just keep increasing until I die... and then who knows what the government will do.  My current income is less than $400 a month, plus food stamps and government medical.

I don't know why GOD hasn't provided the income I needed to get Working Together going, but I can't change the world without a decent amount of start-up money.  I guess the banks will win this battle, too.

I have also been trying to contact local government offices about low-income housing that is in jeopardy of being sold to the highest bidder.  The government sees the program as a burden because they can only see it as a subsidy program... that means it costs them money they just don't have.  I see homeless housing as part of the low-income program, with the government owning the land and the resident owning the "improvements" on the land.  Using the same 30% of income formula that the government already uses for subsidy payments, a poverty household could begin the ownership process and eventually sell their property to the next low-income resident when they are able to purchase their next house.

A lot of changes would happen between the first payment and the last... depending on the property the government sold to them.  Government apartment complexes can become housing associations of owners.  People will have the stability they need, and not be afraid of being kicked out, and be able to slowly improve their future options.  If people have problems that will keep them at the same income level, like senior status or disabilities or other problems, they can still be owners of their homes and have something to build on.

Poverty isn't going anywhere, the people who are poor will just change as each generation passes through this life.  Isn't it better to create a permanent, positive, financially sound program that earns the government an income instead of adding to their subsidy burdens... and the change in direction will allow the program to create more housing options as the years go by.

Tax reform is overdue, but the government will never do what is right.  Expecting them to reduce their wages, cut off their power strategies, eliminate bad laws that just encourage their re-election, or enforce laws that protect our future, is unrealistic.  I don't know how it can be done, but to save America we need a complete change of direction in tax perspectives.  ONE TAX is what the government needs to live on... ONE reasonable tax that is forever limited, restrained, enforced.  I realized there was only one tax that could be applied at a global level - and divided fairly among our three primary government levels - so I have been advocating a 10% sales tax since then.

Ten percent can be collected at 3% for federal, 3% for state, and 3% for county governments.  Our international commitments can be paid with the remaining 1%.  This covers all the internet sales issues, reduces all the various overhead and oversight issues with the IRS and other tax agencies, allows taxes to be collected and adjusted in real time, allows for arrests with illegal activities by tax evasion, eliminates income tax, property tax, estate tax, and other taxes - which will greatly stimulate the economy, AND it will tie every single decision government makes to the health of the economy.  I just remembered that this limited tax structure would still allow each government to enter into partnerships with the others (for roads and things like that) and would also still allow the creation of government bonds, which investors seem to like.

I'm sure I have mentioned other things since I started sharing this concept, but that is all I can remember tonight.

Imagine how different the world would be.

I guess I just wish my life would have allowed me to implement some actions toward these goals... get them going, I guess.  The financing changes would disrupt the current practices.  The tax changes would disrupt the government and make it better after a bit of an adjustment period. The housing changes would set the government on a path toward creating its own income instead of always resorting to new taxes, increasing taxes, and abusing tax funding. 

I hope someone will get these things going if I am not able to... but, as I am still breathing, I will keep trying to move in these directions and others that I want to see done...like prison reforms, education choices, business development for the poor, and more...

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

15 November, 2017

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Well, we (me, myself, and God) missed yesterday... I went to bed early, thinking I would get up and do my post later.  Never quite made it up again.  It seems the world survived.  :-)  I'm glad of that.  haha

Today has been another long and busy day, with a nap, but I am still very tired.

I will go ahead and write more in the morning, or some time before I am falling asleep in an upright position.

Until then,
In Christ,
Deborah Martin

May our heavenly Father be close to those who have no father.
May the lost find strength in the salvation of Christ.
May our holidays be good, and our benevolence (giving) be great...
there are so very many needs in our world, and these are the days those needs hurt more.

I think I will try to add a photo, but I may have to do it as an edit.  I have my better photos on a different device.

13 November, 2017

Monday, 13 November 2017

Here we go again... having to start over because of a computer issue... everything disappears, and I have no idea why!  If someone is causing it, I hope they get really spanked by God!

I was trying to share my weekend with you...

I actually went shopping both Saturday and Sunday because that is when it had to be done.

Saturday I went out to see a local Christian church-based bazaar that is held every year and has grown large over the years. It is near a local mall and is held on the same weekend as another large annual community gift/food event at the downtown Convention Center. I had hoped to see the downtown event but I was already too worn out by the church activity.  I think it took me three hours to go through all the booths I could see... and then go back and buy a few things.

This is my year to check out local bazaars.  Eventually I want to sell at a couple of local craft fairs or similar events.  I have decided to look for a good Christian venue and also a good community venue.  This would be for the Christmas selling season.  As I age, this will be more than enough I think.  I will also be busy with online efforts.  If my health lasts, I can keep going.

Since I paid for a daypass on the bus, I went to a few more stores before heading home.  I had a Michael's coupon so I wanted to see if they had some of the jewelry tools I am looking for.  They cost a lot for my budget, so coupons are my best option at Michael's.  I spent a lot (for me) but I got some good items, including some storage pieces for beads and findings and other small pieces.  I want to go get more as they seem to be a good option for me.  I also bought some of the supplies I need to finish projects I am working on.  If they turn out OK, I will try to list them for sale online.  That is my goal for this week... finishing these projects and listing them online.

I also was able to get to the Dollar Tree for ten other items I really needed... and that included my Christmas cards for this year.  I love to send cards at Christmas, and the price is good for me.  If I could afford the expensive ones, I would buy them.  This is fine for me.  I use to make my own designs every year... a bit different than a regular card, but I loved it.  One of these years I will do that again.

Shopping is hard for me right now... it really takes me several days to recover from an effort like Saturday, but the opportunity to get food on Sunday (with a car ride) was too important to pass up.  So glad I did.  I will be set for awhile now.  I still have about $20 left until next month, plus some Farmer's Market money, so I can use those if I run out of things. I have been attached to the government for too many years, but every month is still a challenge.   I guess I figure a big lottery win is my only way out of this if GOD doesn't provide through sales of WT products.

I was catching up with some newspapers over the weekend.  One of my poverty proposals is for the government to maintain land and housing for low-income households, with the government owning the land and the household owning the "improvements" on the property, like housing.  I read that a local government is planning to sell one of their low-income properties to a developer (as they look for money for other things that governments like to do). 

The news article mentioned that some of the residents are seniors on retirement incomes that will never survive off of government housing.  Permanence is so important for these individuals.  It doesn't help to punish people who have no other options.  If they were paying the traditional 30% of their income as a purchase payment, they would be building equity for later, have the stability they need, and be able to create the life they want for themselves and change the units to fit their lives. 

This change of administration would change everything about low-income housing options.  The housing program would become an income program for the government (instead of a subsidy program) and an asset-building program for the residents.  When one low-income family leaves, they can sell their unit to another low-income family that has been pre-approved financially. 

I have written about this option before.  The newspaper stated that the county here was an innovative leader when it built the housing project, so maybe they can lead the government into a new way of operating homeless programs.  I hope I can reach the people who make the decisions on these topics.

I also tried to share my excitement about putting up my Christmas decorations, but I am to tired to repeat all that now.  I will try to post some photos at my Facebook page/s and share some of the details tomorrow.  Until then...

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

09 November, 2017

Thursday, 9 November 2017

I just finished watching some YouTube videos on crafting topics.  I don't think I want to share which ones, yet, as I am still looking for ideas.  I guess that is why it is so dangerous for me to link to YouTube  :-)  I seem to link to one, and then see there are several others that look good to watch, topics I really need to explore a bit.  If I don't watch them now, I know I will never be able to find them again... maybe.

I am finding that when I link to a YouTube video from some places (maybe Pinterest), you can't "like" them or "save" them without signing into your account.  I tend to let these go unrecorded because I don't even remember most of my passwords these days.  So sad, don't you think.  I hope I can remember some of them, for later, but there isn't a guarantee. I will have to find a solution to this, if I want to keep track of who I share in my blogging.

I know I could write them down, but I already have piles of notes from all the places I search through.

I had a big afternoon exploring some live videos that were on Facebook, on farming. The National Young Farmers group has a gathering that I happened to see when I checked my Facebook page.  I linked to some guides from somewhere along the way.  Spent some time exploring them and printed a few pages to think about... on business planning.

It has always been a challenge for me to get a full business plan completed.  One of the page sections I printed was about topics to think about and include in your plans.  Another was about identifying your customer's traits, for marketing goals.  I haven't thought about it in a long time, so this will be a refresher... make me think about my goals for crafting and my goals for WT (Working Together, work2gather.us).

I am ready to start looking again for a small, inexpensive computer to use for writing and planning.  I may try to get two so I have one for online activities.  I just don't like having everything attached to the internet.  It seems to be a dangerous option anymore with all the hacking and identity theft, and other things.  This is just another effort of mine to find a good solution for me.  I really don't know what I want to do yet.

My old computer is OK for some tasks, but not for my new social media and website duties.  I think this will be my Black Friday goal.

More Christmas Bazaars this weekend.  It is getting interesting to see what the crafting/holiday bazaar world is like.  I hope it is worth the time and trouble. 

I don't want to get into any really serious topics right now.  I get very emotional about the things that matter to me.  I heading into a goal to make better blog posts, but also wanting to keep this one more like a journal. 

I will be adding more thoughts as I process them... until then, keep your foundations in Christ's salvation... meet me in heaven one day.

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

May we all find our way through the changes that must happen for prophecy to be fulfilled.
May we keep our fight on God's side, allowing Him to deal with our enemies.
May our efforts be filled with God's purposes.
May our goals be faith-based.
May we keep trying even when the enemy seems to be winning.
May we all remember that God is good, and powerful, and not our servant.

08 November, 2017

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Such a day...  I was able to bake my salt dough creations, in a couple forms (cut-outs and silicone molds), to see how they would turn out... developing my products... and will try some more, maybe tomorrow.

Also baked another batch of FIMO shapes... still developing these product options.

Got out my supplies and tools to see if I can make something all done and ready to sell... will also have to dig for more supplies tomorrow to get those done!

Worked on some new food ideas, for more soups and salads to eat.  I guess we get into food rutts, and have to work to try new ways of eating the same basic foods.  Getting better on my calorie options... one bread instead of two, no bread instead of one... and hitting all my basic food groups.  Still trying to decide on how many of each is OK for me... based on a few different eating plans.

Love my later eating plan (to 7pm), but have been eating too much in the wee hours, and after my deadline and before my starting time of 4pm (right now).  Trying to get back to the beginning plan... not sure Christmas is helping me.  With my food group plan it doesn't seem to matter, but I still think it is better to have that no eating period for my poor body to regroup.

I must be trying to feel productive today... all these accomplishment details.  :-)

I'm having problems with my technology options, so that is a killer for me... always causes problems.  I'm praying about the most important thing to try to buy this Black Friday.

Still crying over the church shooting every time I see something about it.

I have entered the final section of Joyce Meyer's Battlefield of the Mind book... Lots of great sections to think about, would like to quote them more, but I have to get better at taking notes while I'm reading.  It seems to be hard to do.

My prayers are continual... for the same things... and I am still wondering how GOD will make Himself known in the answers.  Evil people don't seem to fear GOD, and they should.  I guess the worst consequence is eternity in hell AND the Lake of Fire, but it is hard to fear that reality when you don't acknowledge that GOD even exists, or think you will somehow escape it.  I am believing GOD for the souls of my sons, and others I know.  I am counting on His Power to intervene in their lives before it is too late.  I am hoping to find my own way through all the increasing sins that attack our lives... how to do it? I don't know.  I keep looking for answers as I wait for GOD to provide the enormous sums of money needed to create a place for Christians.

Well, we may be like the children of God who were forced into the fiery furnace, willing to die but knowing GOD has the power to save.

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

May the GOD of heaven, and all of the universe, be kind to us today.
May He save the ones we love.
May our lives become forever changed by the salvation of our souls.
May the lost become interested in finding out the real truth for themselves.
May we become a better nation, a Christian nation, a nation that doesn't live on fear and acts with wisdom and mercy and faith.

07 November, 2017

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

I am praying for some really big things...
wondering what one small person can do...
looking for answers...
seeking the best path forward...
waiting for the blessings of God that are needed...
and not sure when God will show up.

Some days are like this.
You just pray, and pray, and pray, and pray, and pray....
Night gets here, and there are still no answers.

I will see you tomorrow.

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

May GOD find a way to meet the needs of our lives and guide us into the future we seek Him for.  Amen

06 November, 2017

Monday, 6 November 2017

My goodness... what a weekend.

Just a bit ago I started reading about Patreon as a funding source.  I get email newsletters from someone that has a Patreon account and is building up to $1000/month income for her goals.  I followed the link she has at the bottom of her email to see what her page was like.  Then I linked to some of the Patreon information to find out how it is done.  The examples ranged from over 35K a month and I think one was over 85K a month (for someone with over 5 million YouTube followers.  I am amazed.

I have occasionally seen some Tiny Home traveling videos with Patreon supporters... but never really checked on it until now.  This is a long-term and serious form of support... without a lot of the hassles of crowdfunding... the ones I have discovered so far.  These seem to be online delivery efforts, too... podcasts, videos, animations, etc.  I am assuming there are artists in there somewhere.  I am wondering if it would be an option for me.

If you know anything about Patreon firsthand, share it with me in the comments.  I haven't decided what funding route to go in yet, so this will take a bit of time.  Again, there is a video requirement... so that is a problem with me so far.  I am working on it, and plan to learn the other forms of sharing listed above, but it is a bit in the future still.

I heard more on tax reforms (proposed tax reforms) in the news today.  I got angry again about the topic.  It really irritates me that the government thinks our money is really their money. 

I remember now, it was a report on leaked off-shore account holders, which included the Queen of England and Madonna, but the liberal democrat-focused media only wanted to fry someone in the Republican trenches that had the vaguest association with a Russian business through a fund of some kind... I think it was a mutual fund that has stocks in multiple companies, but it wasn't really clear.

Our nation is nearly on life-support and the media only cares about the Democratic agenda.

It was the commentary about lost taxes that created my comment on the government above.  They think any money made by any American is rightfully theirs, income they deserve to have just because a corporation or wealthy individual possesses it.  When there is talk about tax reform, the Democrats talk in terms of lost taxes, loopholes they would also take advantage of but only highlighted because there are Republicans involved.  Taxes are too HIGH, they are unreasonable, they need to be reduced to a level that would be fair for everyone... including the wealthy, who have EARNED their money the same way others can (if it has been done honestly). 

Every day I grow more and more adamant that the maximum tax the government should have of anyone's money is ten percent, which needs to be divided to cover all our tax categories... federal at 3%, state at 3%, county at 3%, and international at 1%.  Sales taxes are the only tax we need, and it will cover everyone at the same level... the poor will pay less, the rich will pay more.  If we get rid of income and property taxes, estate taxes, and all the other taxes that have been created to build up the government budgets, we will also have less labor costs for government employees, less overhead for government offices, etc.  The government will have to budget, change their high salaries into minimum wage earnings, have everyone on the same government medical plan, open social security to the general public, create revolving loan funds instead of loan guarantees, become part of the process so they don't make ridiculous regulations that can't be enforced, implemented, or productive.... and the changes go on and on and on.

We have to change this system if we want to survive and thrive, be great again...be America.

I guess that had to be said.  It does so little good.

Every death is a tragedy, someone loses the rest of their lives, people lose the ones they love... and big media tragedies are manipulated into political causes.  I have, so far, cried every time I see the news about the church shooting from Sunday.  It has been turned into gun-control and domestic violence, religious persecution, and/or mental health funding...another "worst" for America... added to the international carnage that we keep seeing.

People are suffering all over the world.

Why are they killing themselves, killing others, filled with anger and hate, demanding that the world believe their form of truth "or else"... and innocent people are the victims.  We thing money will solve every problem... raise taxes so we can offer more funding... but it never seems to work out that way.  The problems get worse, and no amount of money would be enough.

Our lives have no foundation to stand on...no moral compass, as they say.  Getting rid of God leaves a vacuum just like getting rid of a brutal dictator leaves a political vacuum that can be filled with someone much worse.  The absence of God means the increase of Satan.  I can't find one good thing about Satan in the Bible, or his followers.  Why do people want him in charge?  I sure don't know.

One family lost so many of its people...children, mothers, fathers, unborn babies... the father was left and two daughters were left.  Losing so much of their close-knit group will change their lives forever.  Will the media be there to discover the results in 10 years, or maybe we will have to relive this moment every year. 

I still want to cry.  I can't even imagine the pain that is being processed as we continue with our lives.

Life is like a river...no matter what happens, it just keeps going.

I wonder what tomorrow will hold for the rest of us.

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

May God touch the hearts and lives of those who are hurting tonight, not just in a small town after a mass shooting, but in every place they live... big cities, small cities, homeless, in mansions, with jobs, without jobs, lonely or with tons of people around them.  May God comfort them with blessings that can only be from Him... and the awareness of His Love for them.  May we all remember that hard times are part of every life and they go away, we just have to hang on, trust God, and keep going.

May time heal the scars we carry from the tragedies we have faced.
May joy find its way into our hardened hearts and busy lives.
May we find a way to cope with all the misery we discover every day.
May our hearts be able to stand the strain, and stay warm, be able to keep loving, not see fear at every turn.
May we share what we can with those who have less than we do.
May we seek to find better answers for the things we can change... and try them.
May our priorities be humanity, life, sharing, giving, loving, lifting others up, being real, truth, compassion, time....
Help us to all find a new purpose in our life that helps the world become a better place.

02 November, 2017

Thursday, 2 November 2017

I would like to ramble on about the tax issues in America, and the problems with both the, all the parties, but I won't... not today, anyway.

There was a lot of concern over the change in the leadership of the Federal Reserve today.  I keep wondering who profits with this low interest.  I keep trying to understand how inflation has a bearing on the level of interest the FR decides on.  I keep wondering how we are going to find a way out of this money pit we have dug for ourselves.

Yes, I am part of the problem, but not because I want to be.  Welfare, food stamps, Medicaid, now Medicare affordability issues.  It wasn't the life I planned.  I kept trying to find a way out of it.  If it wasn't available, our situation would have been worse.  I keep looking for better solutions from my perspective, and people in charge of the process, in Washington (DC) and elsewhere, are looking for ways to end poverty programs.  Everyone has a part of the picture, but no one sees the whole puzzle.

That may be why puzzles are so big on my list of favorite things... relating them to the parts of an issue.  I recently bought a silicone version of a puzzle to see what I could do with it!!!

One of the speakers in one of the news reports I was listening to today said that very same thing... that each affected group will be attacking Washington legislators to defend and keep their particular special interest item.  It's always like that.  No one seems to care about the whole of America, what is right and wrong, what principles need to be encouraged, who needs help and how to get it to them, etc.

Naturally, I have my own view in that mix.

I keep wondering if I am really a special interest group of one.

Do I just want poverty programs, do I want a balance that will help as many as possible, or do I only see my needs... I don't know.

I have written about my views, given my suggestions, tried to reach that "someone" who would be able to do what I can't afford to do... in my income level you are just a victim of everyone else's decisions.

My ONE TAX proposal is an example of what I think is fair, right, necessary, important in our tax issues. 

When I saw the new proposal for tax levels, heard again the "soak the rich" argument, listened to the party arguments for and against the changes, I got angry.  This is not what our country was created to be.  The government needs money to operate, but how much is enough?!   We are all citizens of this country, we need a tax that is paid by everyone, at the level of their wealth, but fairly.  When did we decide the rich are more responsible for the survival of the country than everyone else?

I guess I did run into my tax anger anyway.

Christmas Bazaars start in November... the first one I can get to is this weekend.  I may go.  I hate the rainy weather these days, so I avoid it when I can.  I lost my wonderful raincoat one day and haven't replaced it.  I want to check them out this year as part of my plan to sell in the future.  I am looking for one Christian venue and one community venue.

I keep seeing these Facebook posts about people making thousands of dollars selling things... drop-shipping, I think.  I have no idea how I can find a product or products to drop-ship, but it is definitely on my list.  I am trying to pick up the process a little at a time as I go along with all the other selling options.  One of these days it will all come together and produce income for me and for WT.  Right now I just keep trying to find the way I can reach that goal.

I didn't get as busy as I wanted to today.  :-)   I decided to re-polish my fingernails and that turned into a nightmare!  I will be getting to all those things this weekend.

Time to get going.
Until next time,

In Christ,

Deborah Martin

May God be kind to me... and help me to reach the goals I have been working toward.  :-)
May this weekend be filled with good things for all of us.
May our lives be better than they were.
May the mercy of God, the love of Christ, and the salvation of souls be plentiful.
May our lives be our own.
May time show us the wisdom of biblical principles.
May life be filled with goodness and joy and peace and all happiness.
May we find our purpose in this life.
May heaven be the place we meet.
May God provide what we need.
May we need only those things that are important.
May our values be true.
May we make the right choices.

01 November, 2017

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

I stayed home today, from my favorite sale at the Salvation Army, because I really didn't have money to spend. 

I have been working on my "still left to buy" list since last weekend.  It keeps getting larger and larger.  I don't think I can get all of it, so I am making a list in priority order now.  I have to get to the store for some things that I am out of, so I want to get as much of my shopping done as possible.  Less trips, less spending.  That is the plan, anyway.

I happened to listen to Georgene Rice on KPDQ (.com, I think) radio today as she updated the status of microchips being put into human bodies.  We know that it is coming to the human population because they already put it in our pets.  I did hear her say that the technology isn't capable of processing every part of our lives yet, but it won't take long to develop it.  Technology is doubling, tripling, and more as we speak... something like that.  The innovation is coming faster than ever before.  The Mark of the Beast is near.

You should be able to find her programs online...

The rains have started here again.  I was busy today with raking clean paths for me to walk, sweeping the porch by my room (and upper deck) to get rid dangerous wet leaves, before they happened.  I tried to make a safe and warm and water resistant pet bed for the cat.  We'll see how it went in the morning.  It's her comfort zone outside.  The upper deck leaks water like a shower, so nothing is dry down on the porch here... where her bed has to be.  I have it outside my window to keep an eye on her, when I can.  I think she likes the cardboard box up high on a table, she sometimes sits and watches from her perch.  I am thinking a small dog house might be the solution for this cat home in the rain problem... I have to go see what they look like... somewhere.

I missed my shower today... aren't you glad to know that?!  :-)   Sometimes I just get busy with my household stuff and don't get around to it.  I don't think I sweat enough to make it a serious issue.  I think my small world will survive when I let it gooooooooo a day or two or three.  (I always refer to the fact I heard about soldiers in WWII... some of them didn't shower for 6 months or more!  --  They survived.)

I also burned my popcorn today... what a mess.  It still stinks.
The smoke alarm should have gone off... It didn't.
It checks fine.  I guess it takes more smoke than I thought it would.
I always expect them to be sensitive like other ones I have had to deal with, ones that go off for steam clouds.

I made more popcorn later on... twice.
I wanted to make sure it didn't harm my popcorn courage.  :-)

Tomorrow is expected to be a busy day.  I will let you know how it turns out.

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

May God be with you as you seek Him, and bless your efforts to find His Will for your life.
May the world be better than it is.
May we find a way to stay kind in the midst of growing problems.
May our hearts be filled with love, and joy, and happiness.
May time be our friend, help us to heal from our hurts and overcome our pains.
May the Bible be protected from any who want to violate it.
May our lives be focused on God, on goodness, on becoming better.
May God provide what we need.