26 November, 2018

Monday, 26 November 2018

So far, I have avoided spending money, but I don't know how long that will last !!!

It is hard to resist when the few moments you see, or listen to on the radio, are about Cyber Monday spending... set to hit a new billion dollar record today.

The bigger problem is that I have things on my list to buy online, and I could do that today if I wanted to.  :-)   I'm trying to wait for my DECEMBER budget, though... just in case I need my $10 before that time.  :-)  I will try to remember to let you know tomorrow if I make it through the night without buying something. haha

Of course, one of the signs that our economy is struggling is that Cyber Monday has turned into Cyber Week... and probably will become Cyber Month in a year not too far ahead.  :-(

It's hard to even think about economic woes at Christmas, but I have lived through some hard ones.

I have started to reformat my web pages for 2019... I made new pages, created drafts to work on, and am ready to make my PayPal links.  I am still working on some of the design and content details.  I have a general idea of how to change the first page and make it smaller, with links to the bigger details of each of WT's program goals, but what to keep on the homepage... that is the question!

I hope this year will be better for my membership efforts.  One of my goals is to keep WT within a clear budget... where the member funds pay for the services that membership will provide.  It's a challenge.  I have no buffer.  I don't know how I will survive the process.  But, I hope to see it grow before I die.

I decided to sign up for Patreon (.com) for my personal survival needs.  I have been checking on it the past several days, and now am trying to work out my rewards and benefits and tiers of support.  Maybe that will be a way GOD provides for my great personal needs.

One of the things you have to do with Patreon is figure out a monthly income goal.  It has had me thinking... what should I try for... now and long-term.  Then I remembered my long-ago goal of $60K a year, or $5K a month... with a potential huge tax burden, that would be approximately $3K a month in spendable income.  It sounds like a fortune for someone who is barely existing on $400 a month now (plus food stamps)… but it is a reasonable average.

The wages I have in mind for WT are the same $15/hour that is rallied for these days.  With 30 hours scheduled, and a maximum of 40 hours per person.   That means approximately $1500/month after taxes (25%) for 30 hours a week for 52 weeks.

Part of the goals for WT is to create housing benefits equal to the 30% rate the government uses... and food options as part of the wage benefits... etc.  If I lived on $1500/month now, in America, in an urban setting, I could still be homeless.   Rents are high, ridiculously high, for anything decent.  And this is why poor people live in projects that are roach and mice and rat infected.  It is all they can afford.

Somehow, I had hoped to find solutions for my members at least... for Christians, especially.

So, I am trying to decide what financial goal I want to create for my desired financial support... and how to share my story, and how to offer thank you benefits for those who become part of the process.  As long as I can keep going, it could work for me.

I hope you will become one of my supporters.

Other than that, I continue with all my quests.  :-)

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

Working Together Inc
Building for the End Times

May the GOD of all that exists be kind to those who love Him.  Amen.

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