15 July, 2024

Republican Convention on Day One. Who will save America?

Been listening to the Republican Convention on YouTube today.  I missed the first part.  I don't set alarms for these things, so I started late.  I hope to view some of what I missed through other videos.

It is quite a speaking event.  I haven't seen others, except (maybe) some other years when Trump was in it.  Maybe the first time.  This time I listened mostly, while playing a word game.  Am I a multi-tasker or just waiting to hear something important to me?  :-)  

I am wondering what they do at a political convention.

I am at CSPAN's YouTube channel.

I think the VP choice looks good.  He might be a good president in the future.  We have seen that Trump is danger.  We need to think about those possibilities.  

I don't think I want to see a Harris presidency.  I hope Trump wins this election.  He's our best bet.  It seems like a very long election cycle this year.

We are facing decisions where we need to pick the least harmful option.  I keep wondering if this is what the Bible means when we become a world that is evil.  Day by day, election by election, law by law, global vs national vs state vs county.  It is hard to see this all happening.

I keep listening to two older videos about politics.  You may know what they are because I have shared them before.  The main one I love is the Ripple speech by Bobby Kennedy.  The other one is a Reagan speech for Goldwater's campaign for President.

The Kennedy speech is about ideals.

The Reagan speech is about finances.

Both issues are important to our nation.

We don't hear speeches like these anymore.  And I wonder why.

https://youtu.be/BeqY2oMiwx8?si=ifFco489FR36R-0D   Kennedy's Ripple of Hope speech

https://youtu.be/qXBswFfh6AY?si=a71MWTpBUlqdSHjW   Reagan's Time for Choosing speech

They talk about character.  And more.  I wasn't political at all back then.  I wonder if I ever saw anything like these speeches on the news.  I doubt it.  I don't remember anything about them.  It is amazing what the brain recalls and what it doesn't.

The view of poverty programs from people who never needed or survived by them is always something to think about.  In my years of Welfare and other poverty issues, there were many efforts by people to get more money to live on, even moving state to state because they didn't understand that the costs to live were higher also.  There are movies about what it was like to live on Welfare in the early years, before my experience started.  I couldn't believe people went through what they did, just to get help from the government.  

The Reagan video mentions another example.  It was about getting more money if you were divorced rather than staying married.  I vaguely recall this issue, but I have always been single on government benefits so I wouldn't know about it.

When you listen to the Reagan video the amounts are amazing.  I think this is what inflation is all about, and the national debt is the link to inflation.

One part of the Kennedy video that hits me every time I hear it is the list of problems all over the world.  And the connection to humanity.  The problems we face, everywhere, all the time, are often from people without a moral base.  I would say they aren't Christian or biblical, but these countries have some kind of faith base and still have serious problems.  

There are some amazing statements in the Kennedy speech.  I think that is why I listen to it over and over again.

What will happen to America?  This is a more important election than the last one.  Our problems have gotten worse.

There is no guarantee any political party can save us from the economic threats we face.  I hope, again, that Trump will be able to guide us through to a better place because of his experience in business and his past term as President.  He could be in office for two terms, I think.  It's going to take a huge effort to save us.

Let's hope GOD is really trying to help us survive what history has created.

08 July, 2024

Finding GOD's Truth in the Bible

I am always thinking about how GOD works out His Plans.

I guess I am just trying to figure out what He is doing in the world, in my world, in the lives of others.

We all have interpretations about what the Bible says.  That is why we have so many denominations, why we are divided, why we think our ideas are the right ones.

I guess I do the same thing.

When I was searching for my answers about GOD, I made my own decisions about what GOD was trying to show us.  Nothing big, just the conflicts we seem to have.  I needed to decide which view I thought was the right one.

I listen to a video sermon from Adrian Rogers called the Final Judgment.  There are points he makes about the two places called HELL and DEATH, the GREAT WHITE THRONE JUDGMENT, and the LAKE OF FIRE.  I understand the concept of Death and Hell being temporary spaces we go to when we die to wait for the big Judgment, the Great White Throne Judgment.  Death is for the saved, Hell is for the unsaved.  The Lake of Fire is the final place for those who are not saved, not in the Book of Life.  

And then there are all the Martyrs -- the souls who wait under the Throne for the Day of Judgment - to be avenged.  They seem to be a separate group.

In the sermon about the Final Judgment, Adrian Rogers makes one statement about the White Throne Judgment that I don't understand.  He says that anyone who is saved will not have to stand before that final White Throne Judgment.  I am not sure that is the right way to see our future.

I say this because of the martyrs.  They are the only ones I have found who will never face the second death at the Great White Throne Judgment.  

I think we will still face the White Throne.  My view of our sins is that when we confess and repent of our sins, accepting Christ's substitutionary offering for them, they are removed from our "book" in judgment.  Christ's sacrifice covers them.  They are no longer part of our judgment process because we have confessed and repented and accepted Christ's death as our atonement for them.  

This is how I understand the process of forgiveness. 

Consequences of our sins never go away.  Forgiveness is a different thing.

This is what I decided when I studied the Bible to find answers.

Every denomination has their own definitions of what the Bible says.  I think we have to search for our own understanding.  We are all just humans.  Only GOD really knows what He means.  Some parts of what He says are hard to know.  It takes many years to go through all the different passages about any topic, and there are things I will never know about history that is related to some of the Bible's stories.  BUT -- I am still responsible for seeking out these answers myself.  

We have to find a way to become One Body.  Talking through all these differences is the only way I see this happening.  

I hope we can create a global effort, one the world will be able to access and be a part of.  It may be the only good thing the internet can accomplish, for all of us.

I hope GOD allows us to do that.