22 February, 2024

Food and prepping - big topics in my life.

Seems I am still working on my schedule.  

I get involved in YouTube videos at night and lose track of time.  I was watching some garden and prepping videos tonight.

Today I started working in my container garden space for this year.

In my downsizing efforts I rediscovered my larger (older) plastic containers, which are what I wanted to do this year.  Now I won't have to buy new ones.  I'm working out which ones to use and which ones not to use.

I have to uses a soldering tip to make drainage holes in the one's I finally decide on.  So, this becomes a permanent decision.

Way back when I discovered you could buy your own recycling bins.  Those would be my ideal container.  Thick, hard plastic, with drainage holes already placed.  Maybe in the future, after I win a big lottery prize.  They are costly.

My recycling side also wanted to collect the newspaper delivery boxes to use in my gardens.  They also are sturdy thick plastic with drainage holes already placed.

One of the videos I watched tonight used old Styrofoam boxes (like shipping boxes for cold food) to grow sweet potatoes (which looked like yams to me) over 60 days.  He seemed to grow quite a few in one box.  I don't know if I want to use Styrofoam for food, but I use to think that was what the little white things in bagged soil was.  I thought that would be a good way to reuse Styrofoam and help soften hard soil, mostly for houseplants.  I have a lot to learn still.  :-)  

I will use my smaller containers for growing other things... maybe all the trees I am working on.

Food is such a big issue for everyone.  I know that much of the food I have to buy is modified, but I don't know how.  I notice it in the skins of potatoes and tomatoes, in the lack of the right smell in some apples, and other things.  If I could grow more, I would know where the food was coming from and it would be as organic as I can make it.  Organic seed is also important.  Heirloom seeds are the historical plants that existed before modern efforts to make production changes that help the shipping and selling issues of foods we buy in the stores.

I watched a video awhile back by Jeff Smith, of Genetic Roulette (movie) fame, which shared that the changes made for these selling traits have also changed the health benefits of our foods.  They aren't as healthy as they use to be, before they were modified.  We don't really know about these things unless the food is tested and labeled.

At my age, I wonder how much it matters for me.  I don't really know.  I just know I haven't been able to build the life I wanted to.  I wish more for my children and others in this world.

I always come back to the place GOD has in all these things.

And I wonder how different our world would be if I had been able to create the life I hoped for my children and me, and for Working Together.  (https://work2gather.us) We never know how much our lives affect this world.  This is one reason I love "It's A Wonderful Life" and watch it over and over.  We are becoming Pottersville instead of Bedford Falls.  

I continue to work on the details for this year.  My hope is to find the things I need to do the tasks I want to accomplish.  I am trying to find the place to start, how to continue, and which destination is the most important for GOD's Plan for my life.  

We all seem to be doing the same search.  It seems like that to me, anyway.

In Christ,

Deborah Martin

15 February, 2024

What the future holds

I just watched a YouTube video with the music from Braveheart.  It's been a very long time since I watched the movie.  This music video shared the meaning of the story as the instrumental music played in the background.  It was a very great display of the critical parts of the story.  Childhood love and loss, then the return, then the love that seemed to last through their separation, secret marriage, and the deaths of each.

I did watch another version of the music but decided to save the one with the story.  You can see it here.  I am still crying about it.


It reminds me how hard it is to be someone's enemy.

I watched several videos over the past several days about the homosexuality issue and the Word of God.  Old videos.  I didn't even remember I had saved them.  There is always the opinion in the gay community that they can change the Word to suite their needs.  They want the approval of their choices, the submission of God and His People.  

One sermon I watched, by Grace to You (John MacArthur), was also painful to watch.  https://youtu.be/h0GqVyYYfHc?si=B6824yGUvYK61S1K   It does have many parts in the sermon that talk about the process history has gone through and the real need inside the hearts and lives of those who have lived in that community.  It is difficult to know the Truth unless you were raised with it as a child.  The LGBT community doesn't allow conversations about GOD and Truth.

I was raised in the Los Angeles area and know what it is like to live there.  I wouldn't know about dealing with the gay community one-on-one in the way a pastor would, but I know the effects it has on communities.  The gay lobby has only become more powerful since I was a child.  It has grown more abusive of others over the years, as I know of them.  I suppose they grew more strategic in how they dealt with their need for approval, and their enemies.  

I suppose those are the tactics of war.

I always wondered what group of people the Antichrist would come from.  He hates GOD, but there are many different people groups who hate Him.  We know about Hitler, and there have been other countries and groups in history that became angry and violent toward the ones that disagreed with them.  It is possible someone from the gay community will rise into the place of the Antichrist.  

We know he is a false person - pretending to be good until gains power over the globe.  I hope I am getting my details right... the timeline.  I know he pretends to be good.  I don't remember when that changes into someone who orders those who refuse the MARK of the Beast to be killed.

It is going to be a very hard time to be alive... especially for Christians.

I also watched video documentaries about spyware (Pegasus) already in use globally, about inflation, about increasing population issues.  The thing no one talks about is disastrous events that may reduce the population more than anyone could ever predict... or terrorists that have planned their own way to reduce populations they consider unwanted, like Christians and Jews and the elderly and the disabled and....

Natural disasters like the overdue earthquakes on the west coast of America could become worse than we think.  One plate called Juan de Fuca is 600 miles of coastline long, and the San Andreas fault goes from Baja to Alaska I think... to San Francisco at least.  If they are connected underground, the whole west coast could go.  There might not be a Silicon Valley one of these days.  And no Hollywood.

GOD judges sin.

We have a lot of sin in the world now.

Climate change is blamed for every weather issue that now happens.  I watched a video that shared the government was seeding the sky to create weather disasters.  I don't hear much about that.

We don't hear about pollution and its effects anymore.  Every disaster is attached to Climate Change.

Weather affects our food supplies.

GOD tells us there will be famines and drought.  We may want it to be called Climate Change, but there are cycles to the Earth, and pollution affects our food supplies.  The enlarging of the Sun affects our solar system, and the atmosphere we need to protect us.

The authorities that do not believe in GOD will never talk about these issues.  I don't think they can even know what kind of effect the natural consequences of our global actions will have.

Atomic bombs and nuclear energy disasters would release deadly radiation that would never be controlled and take a long time to go away. 

Genetically modified food may have consequences we don't know about yet.

I suppose I could go on and on.  I have years of discovering things that could become our future.

In the end, we only know what GOD has told us in the Bible, and that is not clear.  The big events we know.  We don't know how they will happen.  We have to watch the times we live in.

I don't think any other generation has had digital currency to worry about.  Or the microchip "tool" that government wants to implant in our bodies.  Or the connection of the two.

We are definitely very close to the MARK of the Beast, and that is attached to the Antichrist.  

My question has always been :: How do we prepare for that time in history?

13 February, 2024

Working toward a Monday/Thursday posting schedule

I "forgot" to post yesterday.  I guess I got caught up with the day's challenges.  I will be working to remedy this.  I am getting my "flow" working.  In posting, in doing art and crafting to sell, in the needs to survive, in all that GOD calls me to.

I think Monday and Thursday are the optimum days because Thursday is before the weekend and Monday is after the weekend.  I remembered James Clear (Atomic Habits) chose those days and I thought about why.  I liked his share about his original plan to make this his habit.  He would post those days no matter what he was able to write at the time, just to get the habit established.  I figured he was working around the weekend (or the week, I suppose) because our lives are separated by the work week and the weekend.  :-)  I like my own interpretation.

I mostly think about our lives and how they apply to GOD's Plan for us.

About prophecy.

About the Antichrist.

And about how the world is evolving toward his rise to power.

This year I am determined to restudy the parts of the End Times I studied before and share my thoughts with the world.  It has been enormously hard to study the Bible in my life.  I have been fighting my own battles with the Evil One.  I don't know how it will go, but I am working in that direction.

Right now I am sorting my Christian records to gather what I have from the past.

I rewrote my original work on the Antichrist over the Rapture many years ago, but someone at Etsy felt it was against their policies.  I don't think it is, but we are not always in power and have to let GOD deal with these things.  I am trying to write a new update.  I need to do this anyway.  How to publish it and distribute it is what I am praying about now.

I have the mind I need to get as much done as I can because of my age and the idea I could die any day.  That is why I am trying to use up all my collected supplies this year.  I also need to sort through all the papers I have left before I leave this earth.  Pray that GOD will give me that time.

I was sad to hear about the shooting at Joel Osteen's church.  The photo of the woman showed she was under great stress - her eyes were very darkened, which I believe is a sign of no sleep for a long period of time.  I hope we find out more as the days go by, but I don't think we ever really know the problems in another person's life.  We all seem to hide our pain.

I guess that is because we don't have anyone we really trust.  That we will seem weak.  That our reaching out to others will be used against us in some way.  

I use to pray to GOD for help and watch for His answers.

If He wanted to help, to change things, He could.

Now I look for the purpose behind the problems I face...for GOD's answers about what I should do.  It's different.  It isn't always an attack about me.  It is about all of us now.  About the people of GOD.