31 July, 2023

When we disagree about the Bible, what do we do?

Trying to reach the current Christian community, where everyone seems to be fixated on a Rapture theory to save them from the Antichrist, is really difficult for me.  I am not like the people I see on TV or listen to on the radio.  I don't really want to be like them.  I have felt that GOD would provide other ways for me to build Working Together for the future.  

Now, here I am, so many years later, after more struggles than I ever imagined, with no resources for those who will need them soon... if they don't already need them.

Technology has created a very different battlefield.  I don't have the ability to fight those who use it to hurt us.  I wonder what it will mean in the end... when the Antichrist rises to power.

It is all known to GOD.  I am just one Christian.  I thought this was what He wanted me to do.  With my experiences over the years, I now wonder why life turned out the way it did.  I wonder what will happen to many of the Christians and Jews who are alone and will not have help when the Enemy becomes our eliminator.

Understanding how GOD does things is a real challenge for all of us.  We expect Him to act like us, to be like humans in His reasoning.  Then He doesn't do what we expect Him to do.

This year I have been moved by the discovery of digital currencies become the global standard and the microchip being ready to put into our bodies.  I have tried to find ways to reach other Christians and ministries with the reality of the Antichrist being so near and the MARK of the Beast ready to become law.  I don't seem to know what to say to change the Rapture theology that many cling to.  And I can't seem to overcome the other spiritual battles I face in technology and poverty.

It all leads to questions about Truth and warfare... and how to deal with our current society. 

Faith is just not easy.

The Enemy SEEMS to be more powerful than GOD, but we know he is not.

The only place that we can go back to is Hitler and the Nazi attacks on the Jews and anyone who helped them.  Technology has changed what happened then into a new battlefield.  Preparing for the days ahead is not like the days of Hitler.  Only the actions of hate and war are the same.

The nature of MAN is always the same.  Without the influence of GOD, we become terrible creatures.  

Hitler had a cause to help him find soldiers who would do what they did.  Later he ruled by violence.  We seem to be headed in the same way... and poverty is the same tool being used to gather soldiers for this war of hate.  People in Germany were starving I understand.  We become survival focused and forget everything else. Sometimes we forget GOD.

There must be a reason why GOD has chosen this way of doing things.  I don't understand it, or know how to be a warrior for what He has put in my heart to do, but I know GOD is the ONE in charge of life and death and accomplishing His Will.

If mainstream Christianity believes they will be saved by a Rapture, perhaps that is the "Great Deception" the Bible talks about.  I hope we find a way to change that soon.  I hate the idea of so many people believing a lie.  I don't understand how it could happen, but it did.  

Maybe we can just focus on the resources we need and not get bitter in our different beliefs.  I'm not sure that is humanly possible, because of the nature of Man, but maybe we can try.

I hope GOD will lead us in a better direction than we are going in now.  This is a global problem for us, not just a single country or continent.  Life has become a global network, and we are dependent on the internet more and more each day.  How will we survive for as long as we can?  We need to prepare for it.

I made my plans for Working Together because I believed GOD would be able to do miracles to help us, collectively, more easily, if we were gathered and helping each other.

I still wonder if that is the best plan, and how we could achieve it.

What do you think?  Can we create enough places to provide for ourselves as society prepares to eliminate us?  How would you prepare?

In Christ,

Deborah Martin


23 July, 2023

At 70, I wonder what my future will be like.

It is really a challenge to make plans as a Senior Citizen, especially a low-income one.

I just finished my post for this week at my Working Together blog, on the pending economic issues we face as a nation and as a world  (Working Together Inc: Can America really survive a big disaster? (working-together-inc.blogspot.com) so my thoughts are not very hopeful for my own life.  I depend on the government for my survival.  I have been homeless too many times already.  I am wondering if I will have to face homelessness again, and what kind of health I will be in if that happens.

I have been working on my goal statements this month.  It is a strange process for me.  I am not to the point of repeating them over and over again throughout the day.  I am currently working on writing them once a day, trying for the first thing in the morning, and noticing what the process does to my actions.

It is interesting.

It is a battle every day.

I am wondering why that is so.

Because of Working Together's mission in this life, I have discovered spiritual warfare.  I don't know how to do battle like great saints, but I have felt and seen the effects of spiritual warfare in my life.  The battles I went through moved me into a space of leaving it all to GOD.  I can't fight, and we are told that GOD does battle for us.

And there is the idea of His Will.

If we push our way through, is it GOD's Will or ours?  

That is quite a technical issue.  Once we know we are in GOD's Will, pushing through may be the only way.  It took me awhile to get to that realization... was it my idea or GOD's... and then do my best to make it through all the struggles.

I'm not young anymore.  I don't have the energy and stamina I had when I was young.  But, I am still willing to do whatever I can.  If GOD provides, I will keep doing whatever I can.

So, in the aging process, my goals have had to change.

I am beginning to wonder what other seniors do.  How do they see their future when death could happen at any moment?  How do they prepare to travel?  How much money do we really need when we are older?

I never planned to be so poor in my life.  My efforts just didn't work out the way I planned.  

I think the pandemic seriously damaged a lot of lives.  I don't know if we will really recover from it.  I hope we do.

In the Christian perspective, the details are very different.  We are watching for the Antichrist, and what the Bible tells us will happen when he gets here.

All these global problems, economic problems, government actions, and more, show us the Antichrist is very near.  

I was listening again to the video speech I love, by Paul Harvey, called FREEDOM TO CHAINS, at the Natalie Sims channel,  https://youtu.be/VPlQ-ANUCuc , and one statement stood out to me again as a description of the Antichrist we expect ::

"Some believe that the need is for a vigorous strong man to arise on the scene to regulate and regiment the affairs of men."

Paul Harvey made this speech in 1965, according to the video.  It's almost 60 years ago and we are on the brink of seeing that kind of person being asked to save the world.

GOD moves slowly because He wants to save as many souls as He can, but the day of His Prophecy will arrive.

I have heard some sources claim that digital currency and other technological "resources" will be in our lives by 2025.  I am wondering if that means the Antichrist.

I guess the only thing I can do is just meet every day with the best I have.  To keep trying.  To reach for the goals I have.  To be content with what the day brings.  (That reminds me of a verse in the Bible... haha)

I still hope to have some fun before I die, but I am not sure that will happen.  I remain one foot from life on the streets again... or death.  

I suppose GOD knows why my life has gone the way it has, and what my future will allow me to do.

As long as I remain faithful to the end, and make it to heaven, I will be happy.

How do you plan your future life?

In Christ,

Deborah Martin


16 July, 2023

Keeping on...

What can I say?

Faith is hard.

It's a daily commitment.

It costs.

I just finished my post for Working Together (working-together-inc.blogspot.com) about persecution and an old movie I watched yesterday about the Nazis invading Denmark.  Lots of hard thoughts, and wondering about us in 2023.

GOD doesn't just make all our problems go away.

We suffer... for doing nothing wrong.

We suffer because people sin, because we sin, because others sin against us.  I have thought about these issues with suffering a very long time.  This is what I decided was true.  It all has to do with GOD's promise of Free Will -- we have the right to choose, good or evil.  It is the basis of all GOD stands for.  

Suffering is the big argument against GOD.  People tend to blame GOD for everything they suffer, and they expect GOD to just fix everything that is wrong with the world.  When you seriously think about these issues, you see that the idea is ridiculous - there is no way GOD can make every life without pain and still give us the will to choose our path.

He can't stop the bad choices of others from hurting us either.

When I studied the Bible more deeply, I saw a GOD that only intervened in essential moments, when there is no other choice, when He needed to.  When His greater Will was involved, He acted.  That would be most evident in saving Jesus from the attacks of evil that wanted to kill Him.  

When I suffer, I try to see the cause, God's Purpose, and my part.  It isn't always easy to find the spiritual details and keep my faith in GOD.  Suffering is hard.  It hurts.

The world has been struggling for some time now, especially with the effects of COVID.  No one expected anything like COVID to happen.  The damage it did will never go away.  We will all keep looking for ways to recover.  

I keep coming back to the fact that GOD is able to do whatever needs to be done.  We may not get what we want, but GOD is still in charge.  We may be facing a test, may be the focus of some evil battle, may be heading into GOD's Plan for our future -  there's no way for us to fully understand all the details of our current struggles.  But we know GOD could do something if it was needed, so we trust Him to provide what we need to accomplish HIS WILL.  Even is we die, we trust GOD through the hard times and the good times.  It is all leading us to heaven, if we keep our faith in Him.

I'm 70 now, so I am ready to leave this earth.  It is expected I will die soon.  I wonder how younger people will meet their suffering.  Will they give up and run to the temptations Satan uses on them?  Will they lose their place in heaven because they aren't prepared to suffer for what they believe in?  It is hard for me to think of friends and family turning away from heaven because they don't want to suffer, have no one to help them, or don't even know what the Bible teaches about our time in history.

I wonder what other Christians believe.

What do you believe about suffering and persecution for your faith?  Are you ready for it?  Do you have a plan?

Let me know what about your struggles and faith.  How do you deal with it?

In Christ,

Deborah Martin


10 July, 2023

Still working on my goals for this year.

 I am not sure I can share everything that has been happening in my life, but I do want to share some updates and some thoughts.

My Goal Statement Project is coming along.  I am writing the two statements I decided on in the mornings.  I am working on a way to repeat them daily, once or more, so I can keep that focus in the front of my mind.  I see that is the main reason for repeating them... to keep them on top of your "to-do" list every day.  It helps keep you moving in the directions of your chosen goals.  Once in the morning is just not enough.  I may try to write them more often through the day.

I started working on some art yesterday.  It took awhile to reach that point and it isn't proving to be a good event.  Space and deciding what to paint are the second problem.  I am getting to a better place in this quest.  Small changes add up.  It's forward movement... just very slow for me.

I have bought more lottery tickets in the last two months (June and July) than in years (YEARS!) past.  It is my decision to buy them when the jackpots are high WHEN the option comes before me.  I didn't think about the effect of shopping more often.  :-)  BUT, I am going to follow through for this current effort.  I may change my strategy in the future.

Right now the jackpots are almost 700 million and almost 500 million.

I walked to the store this morning.  I was not happy to have to spend another five dollars to buy one ticket for each of the three games in my state.  It is a waste of money if you don't win... my view.  BUT, you do have to have a ticket to win.  I'm working through this current strategy and trying to find a different plan for the future.

If I win enough money to get Working Together started, pay off my debts, and set up my retirement plan, then it would be a good investment.  :-)

I watched a video at You Tube yesterday... and it seriously impacted me.  It was called The Great Awakening and I found it on the channel Project Clarity.  I would urge you to find it and watch it, too.  It will change your view of America.  I think you will see how prophecy is becoming reality in our lifetimes.  

We get so busy with our own survival we don't notice all the events in the world that are the are GOD's prophecies becoming a part of our lives.  I suppose that is the strategy of Satan, we just don't think about it because we are so busy with our lives.  I always discover things I never knew before.  

I hope you watch it and think about your families, your work, your life.  We don't have much time left.

Pray for GOD's blessings on me if you can.  I really want to get some things started to help us -- Christians and America.  When Digital Currency and the Antichrist get here, we won't have any money to spend.  I think we need to use it N-O-W to prepare for what's ahead... the hard parts, the times when those we love will be losing what they worked so hard to build.  I know the poor can't do much of anything to help anyone, including themselves.  If we all wait until we end up poor, homeless, and isolated, no one will be able to help us.

Let's start gathering to find out what we need.

Let's start seeing the end of money, and figure out how to invest what GOD has blessed us with for what is ahead of us.

I suppose everything is going the way GOD saw it going... I keep hoping we can make it stay away a little longer, and prepare to keep each other safe in our own communities.

It's hard to have tried for so many years and not been able to get my work started, ready for these times.  I just wish GOD would have shown me why He didn't provide.

Until next time...

Deborah Martin

02 July, 2023

Starting my Goal Statement journey

July is becoming my first month of trying out Goal Statements and getting my subconscious to work for me.  By the first two days, I would say it is really a great way to keep my goals in focus.  It's like a repeated reminder of what you want to get done, and that helps you keep your focus on whatever you make your goal/s.

I decided to do two statements because I couldn't figure out one goal with a reasonable money amount.  At my budget level, everything seems ridiculous.  So, I made a goal for JULY only and will make separate goals for each month on the way to DECEMBER.  Plus I made a goal for the end of the year... with a money amount and other goals that need to get done first.

It's going to be an adventure I have tried before, but I hope to see how this works out.

I received my free book (WHEN FAITH IS FORBIDDEN) from Voice of the Martyrs this weekend and am trying to read it.  It is a compilation of stories about people who were martyred for their faith... I suppose everywhere but the USA, but I don't know yet.  Well, I think the author traveled to other countries and is sharing their struggles.  I don't know if all the stories take place in 1998 or not.  I will have to let you know.

What is interesting to me is this oppression over GOD and Jesus.  Salvation makes people better.  Why wouldn't a country want to have good people as its citizens?  America is now becoming an oppressed country.  This is why I am reading this book, no matter how dated the details might be.  

An example ::  One paster held services every Tuesday, I think it was, so the government would arrest him every Tuesday morning and keep him all day (or overnight) to make sure he couldn't preach to his people.

I think that was the first day of his forty day sharing... the first chapter... the first person he is telling us about.  That's where I am right now.

America is already arresting people of faith who go against someone or some thing that is being regulated for social standards.  It mostly seems to be the LGBTetc right now.  To me, this is the defining issue of prophecy, but it is not the only one.  Crime, corruption, violence, and other non-good activities go along with sexual sins.  The world will become like Sodom and like Noah's day.

I can hardly believe what is happening in America and other countries already.  Technology is a big part of the changes, but how it will evolve is not clear.  It seems the governments are all trying to survive and digital is the easiest path.  It all will lead to the Antichrist, and then the MARK of the Beast will be required.  I see the establishment of digital currency, then the microchip in our bodies.

I watched a video the other day, maybe yesterday, maybe Friday, about all the US FOODS that are banned in other countries.  It was a serious awakening for me.  GMO issues and other ingredients in foods we make here were the primary causes.  The video was by the Dr Bobby Price channel.  It included so many of our foods...  Beef, Dairy, Pork, Chicken, Processed Meats like Bacon and Sausage and Ham and even Smoked Meats.  Bread was on the list, and I think that is part GMO and part other ingredients.  I was surprised to see Farm Raised Fish and Salmon.  

One item that I also was surprised by was PREpacked Ground Beef, which was because of something they use in the process of making it.  I haven't decided what to do about my shopping lists.  I can't afford to buy expensive foods that appear to be healthier and grown without all these issues.  According to the video, there is no way to know if the healthier products are actually what their labels claim.  One example was that farmers will raise cattle on GMO feeds and then put it into a pasture at the end of their lives to label the products grass-fed.  

It's another sign of the corruption that will rise as the End gets closer.

Income is still my main struggle.  I keep asking GOD why this has been an ongoing struggle and why He hasn't changed the issue in my life.  No answers yet.  This is why I am making goal statements, why I sometimes buy lottery tickets, and why I keep looking for ways to change this problem... even at seventy (70) years old.  I even wonder if it's too late to change any of the things I sought God's blessings for.  I decided to keep trying until He calls me home.

I watched a movie in the wee hours of today and was helped by the theme of faith it shared.  The main statement I am talking about is we just have to do our best and believe God is in control, that He will help us to find the place He is leading us to.  Something like that.  I didn't write it down, I was just encouraged to hear it.  I looked at my YouTube History and I believe it was the movie called Paper Angels on the Johnson Production Group channel.

I may have to change my posting date for this blog to Sundays, or Fridays... I'm not sure yet.  It's a work-in-progress.  I think my Goal Statements will help me keep on track for posting... I hope.  :-)

Until next time,

Deborah Martin