13 December, 2018

Finally feeling better! - Thursday, 13 DEC 2018

This has been a long week.  I am sure everyone missed all my great posting!  :-)

This morning is my first time back on the internet I think... time is such a blur... I felt terrible Monday and Tuesday, then Wednesday the internet didn't work.  That is how life goes sometimes.

I was checking my emails today and linked to some Patreon articles that I need to read.  At this point I am not sure there are enough people in the world to support my creative goals, but I am willing to learn how to do it and give it a try.  There are success stories at every site... who's going to tell you about all the failures, right!?  :-)  Lots of money to get connected for time-saving options, but those can become future goals.   I am trying to decide what benefits to offer and at what price levels.

No eyeglasses yet.  Had to reschedule my appointment.

I am just beginning to catch up with everything.

This morning I tried my first bird food project.  It will need some testing and refinement before I try to sell it.  :-)  Winter is a great time for that.  I may try to make something the squirrels will love, too.

I have my Christmas mailings to finish.  Only two this year.  Will send off the last of my Christmas cards at the same time.  I have my recipes to try, and my supplies for my crafting projects.  We are almost done with this year's gifting/

Once I feel better things will seem better, too.

I have to say, one of my emails was from CUFI, the Israel group started by the Hagee Ministries... and it seems they have amasses 5 MILLION members for that group!!  I was shocked!  I sent them a reply email to say how impressed I was... and that I didn't think that many Christians could gather for anything!  I have hope for Working Together now.   :-)

Maybe... someday... and maybe even more.  I hope we are able to keep the Christian populations high until the Antichrist gets here.  It's really a big debate issue.

I guess that's all there is for now.  I may blog over the weekend since the week was so bad.

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

Working Together Inc
Building for the End Times

May GOD bless those who love Him and want to help others find the way to heaven.

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