06 May, 2016

Friday, 6 MAY 2016 :: Checking in to catch up with everything

I decided to catch up with as many of my blogs as I can today... it has been an long time since I posted in any of them.  I have been trying to decide where to put my energies, what to focus on, what to let go.  I need to hire help for Working Together tasks, so GOD will need to provide that funding.  I would like to become its first employee, but that hasn't happened yet.  You can find my updates for Working Together here.

I nearly came to this blog yesterday to enter a post for the National Day of Prayer (USA)... I decided to enter a post at Facebook and then was prayed-out.  It became a long post, especially for Facebook, but here is the text of what I wrote and the details I saved with it  ::


National Day of Prayer, USA, 2016
Thursday, 5 MAY

The gremlins seem to be out in force today, but I will try again to enter a prayer for this day, and for this nation.  I doubt I will be able to remember what I said in my first effort, but we will believe GOD for a better prayer this time... and maybe I will keep saving it just in case the gremlins decide to attack again...  :-(

I was trying to decide where to enter a prayer. I did enter one at a Turning Point post, and had been thinking I should enter one at my Faith and Prayer blog (faith-and-prayer.blogspot.com) -- which I may still do later, but then I thought I would like to post a prayer here at Facebook. 

America is in such deep financial and spiritual trouble that I don't know if it will ever recover. We know that prophecy tells us things will get worse, but it is hard to live through it, to watch my country fall into the abyss I expected to occur years after my death. How fast will it happen?  No one knows.  How do we find our way through this mess?  I don't know, and I don't think anyone else does either.  We have the actions of force to deal with, and need to find ways to protect ourselves as it takes over our lives.  Christians don't know how to attack, and reason doesn't seem to work anymore.  Prayers are what we have to tell GOD about our pain and our desires... but GOD is the One who is in charge of all this life we are working our way through.  We have to accept the results we can't control ourselves.

I don't know if Trump will become the man we want him to be, but he may be GOD's choice for the years ahead.  Many think we are on the verge of financial difficulties we will all suffer through... I hope he will be able to help us deal with them.  I certainly don't want to see America become more of a socialistic country, but that may also be the path to the Antichrist... the one-world government, without GOD, that some believe is the answer to every need.  We do know that GOD lifts up and tears down the leaders that will accomplish His Will, His Word, His Prophecies. 

So... on to my prayer, or I will be writing a book !!  :-)

Lord GOD, help us to find Your Will for our lives and to make our nation a better place.  Help Your People to find their faith in You as the world becomes a harder place for Christians to live in.  Touch our lives with Your Presence.  Guide our hearts and minds and lives into those places where we can keep you first in our decisions.  Protect our children, protect our faith, protect our courage and determination... keep us focused on You, keep our trust in You, keep our hope in You.  When we want to take the easy road, the safe road, the road that denies You, make us stop and think... help us to remain faithful to our salvation, help us to keep our place in heaven, help us not to deny You.  Build up this country with leaders that will be loyal to You... that will lead with character... that will keep us solvent, keep us strong, keep us honest and true. 

Help YOUR people to join together and become ONE Body in Christ, to protect each other, to support each other, to prepare for the hard times ahead of us.

May You always bless those who love You... provide for our needs... lead us, guide us, make us willing to do Your Will for our lives so that the larger Body of Christ will have all that it needs.  Help us to share, to be courageous, to be wise.  In the holy Name of Jesus, these things I pray.  Amen.

done apx 8:45 pm - my time

I believe this is the blog I will focus on most as time goes by... especially after Working Together gets handed off to someone new.  It is the main focus of my life, and spiritual issues are very important to me.  It may be the best place for my main sharing efforts.

Until next time, remember that no one will be standing with you at the judgment... it will just be you and GOD.  Make your decisions accordingly.  No matter how much you love someone, you cannot save them... they must save themselves... they must choose Christ as their savior.  Pray for them, love them, do the best you can to share the gospel with them, but don't lose your own soul.

Much love, in Christ,  Deb