20 November, 2018

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

I got sidetracked when I came online by the "headlines" and browsed too long... trying to figure out why some things seem to be so important.

I am still recovering from yesterday... trekking out on the bus to do some shopping and searching.  I still need to replace my eyeglasses... what a task.

Catching up with my November budget this morning... I am glad there isn't much left of November, and I won't be doing any Black Friday sales!   :-)   I have a bunch of other things to get done, so it is a good thing.

Should I tell you how much I have left?  Not sure, but it is about $20.  I have food to get by with, toilet paper, and lots of things to get done... it's OK.  I will be working on my December budget next week.

I'm getting my Christmas figured out... gifting, I mean.  Not big gifts, but I have to figure out the "shipping costs" for what goes by mail.

I am still so wiped out from yesterday... I think I might let this go until a better day.  :-)   I suppose the whole world want to know about my life, right?  :-)   No biggy.  When I browse the online headlines I am forced to wonder why tabloid news is more important than the world we need to live in and survive on together.

One of the local papers here generally has one page of business news at the end of the multi-page Sports headlines... I think it's the business community that will make the city survive more... and I wonder if the economic burdens here would improve if more "exposure" was given to it, that it was perceived as important enough for more space, and more of the reasons business matters were shared with the reading public.  Small business creates a lot of jobs, but big business seems to be lifted up as the solution for every financial/economic ill we face.  Not good.

I have realized (relatively recently) that small and local is really important to a community in the long term...  I hope to discover more about how to lift small up and replace big business at the community level.

I just keep trying... it is all I can do with my life and time.  I hope GOD blesses my efforts soon, so I can expand them globally.

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

Working Together Inc
Building for the End Times

May GOD find a way to provide for WT without wasting any of its resources or bringing in the influence and consequences of those who hate Him, Christians, and its goals.  Help us to find our way through the battles against GOD in all parts of the world, and to make places of safety and provision for those who are saved and need them.  Amen.

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