25 March, 2022

FAITH FRIDAY :: 25 March 2022 - heading forward

 The time it goes so fast.  :-) 

I started watching YouTube again and got lost in food.  I am trying to find a good cornbread recipe to use up my older supplies.  Also looking to make some French Bread.

We can see videos from all over the world now.  It is interesting to watch how other people do things.

I like all the homesteading channels.  They have been sharing life at a level most will not think possible... I wish my early days would have been able to go in those directions.  I just couldn't find the path there.  It is a gradual change and a learning curve that takes more than I had.

I wish I knew what GOD was doing then.

Right now, I am heading into APRIL.  I have new forms for my goal and budget process.  I am trying to decide what is possible in my situation... and how to get from here to there.  How to separate the bad from my life and move toward the goals of GOD.

I only have the stories of the Jews to think about as the Antichrist rises.  It isn't easy to see a future where persecutions become life in America.  How to do what I can until it's my time to go away from here.

It isn't a happy day when I have to see what might be ahead.

I guess I wonder why I wasn't able to build what GOD put in my heart to do.  I think it would have been a better world if I had.

I am praying about what is left of my life.  What to do with it.  How to deal with my struggles.  Where to go from here.

I hope others are praying about our future too. 

The enemies we have are not nice.  They cause pain, suffering, hurt, violence, death.  I don't like having to deal with them.  What will it be like in twenty years?  I won't be here, but you might be.  How will you remain a good person in the middle of evil?  

Nazis are the only reference I have.

The things they have done seem like they will be nothing compared to the evils that are rising today.

I am one person.  What can I do?  I am trying to decide what that is.

19 March, 2022

FAITH FRIDAY :: 18MAR2022 - Short message

Well, it was 11:59 when I realized I didn't post yet!

That's about it - my life.

What can I say about faith this week....  I don't really know.  It gets to be a fuzzy topic sometimes.  I think about GOD, about life, about Christianity, salvation, truth, love, and what GOD is doing in this world.  I just don't always find answers I am happy with.  I am still looking.

Hope you find GOD's love for your life.

11 March, 2022

FAITH FRIDAY :: 11 MAR 2022 - Tomorrow is near...

My list of things to get done seems to be forgotten when I start watching a movie.  I realized it's getting late and may watch a 3-hour western... maybe.  

Not much to say because I don't want to go into the videos I discovered about Lauren Chapin and her family... yesterday.

We don't really know what others are suffering.

And we don't always understand the effects abuse has on our lifetime.

It's a place I haven't visited for many years.

I am continuing my downsizing activities... sorting, shredding, filing, organizing.  I found my old kitchen gadgets again. I love OLD utensils.  It's like seeing how people changed the way we do things in the kitchen.  Some are perfect for my prepping supplies (non-electric), others I just love to have.  Some I have to figure out how to use them, still. 

By the time we get to the Antichrist there will not be much that isn't connected to the internet.  I found a JOHN DEERE video that shows how the tech equipment they use in harvesting crops creates a crop amount as it goes.  These tractors can't be fixed by the farmers. It's scary.  Everything in our lives is moving to surveillance mode. 

I started to see our need to capture all the non-computerized parts of our lives a long time ago.  It began with laundromat equipment.  Keeping all the quarter-run machines we can.  Computerized anything can't be fixed by normal people.  It's trash or it has to be fixed by someone who knows what to do.  

With software issues getting big, new versions of programming make continued use a problem.  That's all about new phones, new routers, new endless updates we never know what's in them or are they even needed or is it just another way to collect all our private details...  and we can't refuse them anymore.  The computers just wait for a moment to update, usually when we sleep.

I really want to collect as much non-internet options as I can.  I wish I could afford to.

In news stories you see the growing ability of law enforcement to track our phones, our calls, our texts, our pings, out life.  DNA is becoming a new force in crime solving.  I like to see crimes solved and the bad guys get caught, I just hate all the invasive tracking.

Off-grid, controlled internet, separate technology and software (no "cloud"), creative abilities with the possibility of hacking.  Those are what I would like.  Maybe a cell phone that calls 911 when you need help.  :-)  Or, I would have the option to only have internet attached to my phone.  Well, something.

Years and years ago I discovered people used microphones the size of a sewing needle to spy on people.  Now I read there are Apple tracking things people can attach anywhere they want to and you won't know they even exist... like the old movies we use to watch.

Criminals use these things to for their goals, Government uses these things for their goals.  Technology is going to become a difficult opponent of freedom.

I wn't get started about medical technology!

I don't know what Christians, or anyone, can do about all this as we try to protect and help each other, but I keep hoping to try.

Think about the two sides of technology in your life... The same things that appear to help you "stay connected" can also be used to violate your lives, your freedoms, your work, your faith, your ability to protect yourself and survive.  

What can we do?  I don't know.  We are slowly becoming ruled by technology.  

When the satellite service to help you if you ever needed it was in the news every day, I realized that the same device that locks your doors to keep others out and protect you from harm could also be locked to keep you in if someone wanted to keep you from escaping.  It's a scary thing.  It all depends on who is in charge -- a good person or a bad person.  We are heading into a world where the bad people will out number the good.  How do we prepare for that?

05 March, 2022

FAITH FRIDAY for 4MAR2022 - My Update Post

 Some days are just more difficult than others.  Sorry about that.  This is my "official" post for this week.

I don't think I have done very good with my Sabbath rest today.  Been catching up with all the undone things for yesterday.  I have such a hard time resting when I want to.  I really wonder what it was like for the Jews in the Bible times.

I'm trying to move into a larger text size because it is easier to read.  I have also discovered that when I increase the percentage of my web pages, I can't get them to work right.  It's a problem.  So now I am going to try to use larger fonts.  Next :: a template!!  Then I can have it the same formats every time!

I have been thinking about some faith issues over the days and months.  I don't write about them, but I am in the process of trying to figure out GOD's perspectives.

I will let you know I shred at least four bags of papers so far, with more to come.  I have been reorganizing my files and it might actually be a really great thing. It's a long project that I have been trying to get done, but is taking forever.  I need more crafting spaces in my room  This is helping to do that.

My prayers are always for increased income so I can accomplish the ZILLIONS of things I have always wanted to do.  All of my projects are toward that end.

This year might be a good year for GOD's blessings.

I hope so.

04 March, 2022

FAITH FRIDAY :: 4 MARCH 2022 - Going through my past...

 Been going through so many old papers today... finding things I forgot about, shredding as much as I can, just trying to get it done!

I had some saved to share, but they will have to wait until my sorting is done.  I can't find them!  :-)

I am so tired I can't think.  I will postpone this again... tomorrow looks good, and fresh, and hopeful.  See  you then.  :-)