04 December, 2018

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

I got distracted by hilarious posts on Facebook tonight...  maybe this one will work.  :-)

Today was a  S-L-O-W day, cold day, sleepy day... not much to say.  

I am hoping to find some more clothes tomorrow... and see about getting new glasses... and buy some supplies... and do errands... and...     I may not have that much energy.  I will have to "prioritize!"

I find I need GIANT PRINT more and more... I was so upset when I discovered the zoom feature doesn't exist at Facebook...   This is a problem!   :-)

I watched a Christy Wright video yesterday (I think)… one from a link and another from a glitch at YouTube... so, I guess I watched two.  One was on social media and listed a freebie with the names of apps to get to help you.   Another was on finding ONE key characteristics for your business to promote it.  I have been thinking about WT and what would be the best ONE feature to focus on.  I will try to promote the DECEMBER Membership Drive with some of the paid ads I see promoted to me everywhere.  I want to make a really great post to promote... so I am trying to decide how to focus my energies... and money.

I am always thinking about GOD and how technology is going to affect our lives.  It's the only way the Antichrist can eventually control everything (all buying and selling)… but it is still too early for that.  We are not all connected and dependent yet.  It isn't too far away though.

I see the paths ahead by what exists today.

There is always lots to think about, and these thoughts always have to include the big ongoing battles of good and evil, of people and power, of time and energy and money...  lots to think about and pray about and wonder about.

This is the season of need.  I wonder how WT will ever survive this financial challenge.  Once it is established, it will keep itself.  It will be the only option, the best option, the hope of Christians until the Antichrist gets here.   BUT... why hasn't GOD provided already... what dastardly evil force has violated this need for Christians...  this is also something I think about.  WT should have grown by now.

So... I keep trying to find a new option.  Today, I am trying to decide what the most important part of WT is so I can share that on social media and find the members it needs to grow. 

I will try to share that with you when I figure it out.

We only have one month... DECEMBER... only.

I can only handle so much, so 1000 memberships is enough for 2019.  Who will those founding members be?  I wonder.   :-)   After me.

I guess I will go for now.

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

Working Together Inc
Building for the End Times

FYI - the Membership Drive link ::

May GOD provide for WT and me and the needs of those who love Him.  Amen.

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