23 January, 2016

Saturday, 23 JAN 2016

Thinking about this blog seems to be capturing my attention more as the days go by... GOD is the main focus of my life, and faith is what makes that possible... faith that grew as the years passed by.  I am never sure how to share my faith, but I do what I can. 

Everything is related to our faith...how we see the world, what we know about the future, how we make our decisions.  What we believe in translates into the path we take... whether that is good, bad, or somewhere in-between.  When I was in the beginning of my faith, those choices didn't always work as well as I wanted them to.  I think it's a lifetime learning process, so I guess I will be taking you on the path with me.

19 January, 2016

Thankful post for 19 JAN 2016

I am still working out the details for this posting process...  for now, I am continuing to post at Etsy and then to Facebook, and now here.  In the next several days or weeks, I will figure out how to make a transition, if I choose that path.  I hope you will enter your own thankful posts at Etsy or here, or both.  :-)

In Christ,

Tuesday, 19 JAN 2016
Hi, all...  I am expanding my thankfulness to a blog post, too!  :-)  I just started a blog for my Christian and Bible meanderings, included this post topic and my Etsy Bible Verse inspirations thread.  I also share my posts on Facebook, and link back to these threads for others to join in.  I hope it will grow at each connection because it is a good thing.  :-)  --  You can do the same... share the thread/s with the people you know and we can all see what is good about our lives.
Today I am thankful for growing as each day passes, in the internal realms, in education, in skill, in goals, and more.  I am thankful for the small blessing and the ability to pray for bigger things that seem so hard to reach.  I am thankful there is a GOD that is able to answer prayers.  I am thankful for Christian supports in many ungodly places I have to go, and the hope for a better future.  I am thankful for the health I still have, the small amount of money I have (because it is better than nothing, and that has been my life before -- it isn't fun), and the supplies I have been able to rebuild.  I am so thankful to have coffee, food stamps to buy food, my shopping cart (that took so many years to be able to buy), water, showers, clean clothes, socks, gloves, a warm coat, and jeans when I need them.  I am thankful my birthday flowers lasted so long... and for little creatures that just want you to love them and be kind and think about their needs.  May GOD help us all to find the place where we belong in His Kingdom.

18 January, 2016

Sharing My Faith

I have been discovering new opportunities on the Internet for some years, but most recently I have been trying to find the best way to share my faith in GOD, Jesus, and the Bible. 

Because of the Etsy shop I started  ( work2gather.etsy.com ), I have been exploring their teams and other forum options for sellers. 

To help with selling, I have started Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest accounts.  I am trying to understand social media and how it works, what you can and cannot do through each venue.

Somewhere along the path I have been exploring, I started a Linked In account, but it (and other accounts) is currently "dormant" until I can get to it! 

I have also added several BLOGs to my original effort for   Working Together   in this expanding process... trying to create separate topic links for the large goals of  Working Together. 

When GOD finally blesses my efforts with the funds I need, I will hire Christians to help me with all these duties, but for now, it is only me.

Learning all these online skills takes a lot more time than I realized, so I am trying to establish some kind of priority list this year, some way to connect the dots in a better way.  This blog is part of that effort, but I am not sure where it will lead us.

One of the activities I became involved in at an Etsy team I joined was entering what I call a "Thankful" post.  The thread was labeled "Today I am thankful for..." and team members were encouraged to enter what they were thankful for.  I started to do this, and then made a commitment to enter my post as often as I could.  It became a highlight of my life because it forced me to think about all the blessings I had and to share them with others in a public forum.  It helped me to see good things in my life and not just the problems I was dealing with.

That original thread was recently deleted so I had to decide what I wanted to do about my new habit.  In time, I started a new thread in the public pages of the forums, where people can interact and add comments of their own.  You can find that thread   HERE   and add to it any time you want to if you are registered as a buyer or a seller at Etsy.

I had also started a Bible-related thread in the forums to share how affects our lives with Etsy participants.  You can find that thread   HERE   and also add to it if you want.

It is important to share my faith in public forums because the world is becoming the End Times we read about in our Bibles... soon there won't be the freedoms we have enjoyed in America, and hostility toward GOD is taking form on the Internet.  I can't change the world, so I am trying to find a way to continue my walk in the midst of all these changes.

Faith and Prayer will be my place to talk about the things of GOD.

I am hoping to make it one place to share both my posts on thankfulness and my posts about the way the Bible inspires and teaches me about GOD, about my personal Bible studies, about life and all the issues we face, and about our priorities.  As I get more into the process of studying the news and prophecy, books, other people focused on the End Times, and related matters, I hope to share my discoveries here.  I have no idea where this will lead, but I hope it will be a good direction.

I still have a lot to learn about setting up my blogs at Google, about the clash of values with most websites, and how far the Enemy's workers will go to stop the Word of GOD and our walk of faith, but I hope we can find a way through all this.  There isn't any other choice right now.

I do want to ask you to help me if you can.  You can share the links to any of my current efforts, you can pray for me and the work I am trying to accomplish, you can buy the products I am creating to support myself, and you can join Working Together (when I can get that link active) so you can be part of the future I hope to build for those who will live in harder times than this.

Thank you for anything you do to help.