27 February, 2020

27FEB - Doing what you can to move forward

The weekly routines are BEGINNING to find a path in my life... updates, improvements, reorganizing, time... It is still not the way I want it to be, but this is where I am.

I decided to post a graphic I found at CANVA.com, I think... I liked the statement.  I have probably shared it before, but this is a good reflection of how I feel today.

I still don't recall who Brian Green is (right now) but this message is a great reminder when you don't have all the things you want to have.

Yardwork is beginning to take more time, especially in sunshine weather.  :-)  I'm working on my berry bushes in the back yard, trying to contain them, looking for ways to improve the berry harvest from that particular group of plants.  Each year I discover new things about blackberries.

No garden plan yet.  I have plenty of seeds and am now thinking of getting a small shelf with a "greenhouse" cover for it.  :-)  It's about $25 at BiMart here.  I am not sure it is something I need to buy... so I am still in the thinking stage about it.  I have always admired the really big greenhouses and thought that would be great for planting my seeds and experimenting with growing food.  Some food items I want to try are not for this climate, but I understand you can still grow them if you can control the temperature somehow.

I found a seed on one of my son's plants in the yard, maybe an olive tree, and decided to plant it to see if it grows.  I read somewhere, a long time ago, that seeds need to go through winter to be able to grow in the spring... the freezing is said to do something to the inner workings of a seed.  I don't recall all the details, but this seed survived the winter.  Hopefully it will grow.

The yellow plum tree is growing leaves and flowers... probably flowers right now.  I see it when I go outside for something, like walking the dogs.  There is another reddish plum tree growing near it, but I have yet to understand this version of plum.  I have seen them in the Northwest, in Oregon, but not sure if they are worth the effort, maybe a wild plant.  I think last summer I called them plum cherries, because of the size they are.  My yellow plums seem to get bigger and better every year.

Food is very important to survival.  It is high on my list.  If I finally get some land to grow on for the future, deciding what to plant is going to be a big issue.  When we go to the store, we buy certain things because they can be used for so many things... like potatoes, onions, carrots.  Other foods can be expensive because they have to be shipped in... like avocados.  One of my questions still not answered is about wheat... how much wheat do you need to make a cup of flour?  Once you know how much flour you need, you can plant that much wheat seeds.

I had to go to the bank to try to (again) fix problems with my accounts and the person that helped me asked me how I would describe Working Together...  work2gather.us  ... my lifetime effort that doesn't seem to get anywhere.  I realized it was about search terms.  I hadn't thought about what kind of search terms I would use for WT before... just my mission statement and the Body of Christ statement I have created because of it.  (https://www.etsy.com/shop/work2gather - I put it on a mug with the logo design I have for WT)  My plan this weekend and next week or until I find the right search terms for it is to answer that question.

I ended up with "Christian Membership Organization" but I think I will try to find a better one or two to describe it.  Everything is built on membership fees, that becomes our budget for each year.  These words don't really describe the SURVIVAL aspects behind Working Together... but how to get them into a search term... I don't know.

Well, I have to go get something done right now, so this will be it for today... I think.  I may add a second post later.

In Christ,
Deborah Martin
and more

20 February, 2020

20 FEB Update - Thinking about prison things

Trying something new...

Faith and Prayer
20 FEB 2020
apx 8 pm my time
Thursday Update

I guess this has been a strange week...  I haven't felt well, slept a lot, and then got sidetracked by a search on Bernie Madoff.  I discovered they have all kinds of videos and movies about him, documentaries, and news shows.  There was an "anniversary" themed program I watched... ten years later.  I kept seeing different details about the same events. I discovered family members I didn't know about, and wondered how much was true and how much was Hollywood "drama."
I haven't really paid much attention to all that over the years.  I decided to write to Mr. Madoff after his son was found dead, with their young son in the apartment with him.  I'm not sure I believe he hanged himself.  In watching the videos, I still wonder.  His wife said his first text was HELP, then later there was a text about having someone come get their son.  I don't know about autopsies, how they can determine someone had done this to him/herself.  I figured the loss of money had something to do with it. Vengeance is a terrible motivation.

Money is the god in some lives.  It makes people do very terrible things.

The Bible tells us to want as much as we need, not too little and not too much.  Poverty isn't good, neither is extreme wealth when you don't have a purpose for it or your life.  I have only know the poverty side, but I have expected GOD to provide wealth for Working Together and building the future for His people.  (work2gather.us)  It hasn't happened so far, but I also have felt the battles at spiritual levels.

I have never received a reply from Mr. Madoff.  I write to him because what I did see in the news made me pray for him.  Later on, I also felt that he might be able to change the prison system on punishment for crimes of theft.  I have come to believe it would be better to focus on making financial restitution than building more prisons.

My perspective on this change comes from my experience with my sons in the system, and seeing that a lot of theft is drug-related, poverty-related, and survival related.  I discovered prison doesn't seem to change the future.

As our moral characters decline with the rejection of anything godly, more crimes will happen.  We can't just build more prisons.  In time, there will need to be "prisons" to keep good people safe.

We need to find a better way.  Theft seemed like the easiest place to start.  Legal consequences could become related to work, education, mentoring, and other programs that provide the foundation of change in the lives of criminals... especially those who will be released one day.

I guess you could say my INMATE NEWS project was my hope for this big need.  I created a special project tier for it iat my PATREON page to see if I could raise the necessary start-up finding for it.
Money, again.  It is what we need to achieve good, and what seems to be a way of valuing our worth.

I guess I failed that test.

In my mixed efforts to reach out to inmates and to find a way to reform the prison system, I have suggested they need to write a book about their side of their story.  It would help them and help us.  They can take a hard look at their lives, we can begin to understand why we are here and they are there.

The only version most of us have of an inmates life and crime is the media version.  We don't go to courtrooms, know these people individually, understand their situations, the why's of their crimes...and efforts they have made to change.  It would allow them to speak, and be something other than the media record when they try to be released.

I also advocate for the government to create an "eBay for inmates" so everyone can benefit on the way to their future.  Books are just one thing inmates could make to sell and earn money for themselves and their other financial responsibilities, including restitution.  The prison system could generate non-tax income for their own needs.

There is a lot that could be done, but it seems to be a hopeless cause.

The request by Mr. Madoff for compassionate release is why I revisited his past through an online search.  I don't believe he will (or should) get a release, but I do think we all would benefit if he was released through a restitution program.  His consequences have already been huge, and they will never go away.  How much is enough?

The Bible teaches about making restitution for doing wrong in things that restitution can resolve... like theft, like destroying property that belongs to another, and whatever else it cites.  What I remember right now is that it says restitution is to be made if it takes everything you own.  That is the consequence... paying for your crime... replacing what you have taken or destroyed.

In my own thoughts, I have considered that the restitution amount would grow with any subsequent thefts.  This is from thinking that the amounts would be small, and the inmate would be younger.  Over the course of time, and repeating programs, work, mentoring, education, the criminal would become a different person.  Court costs could be included if there is a repeating event.  I just think the current idea to stick everyone behind bars is not working.  We have to find a better way to the future.

We all face the consequences of our choices... they are part of the crime package.  What are the right consequences is my focus.  Housing people in prison can make them worse.  If someone is going to be released, they need to be ready to survive, or helped until they are ready, at release.

I decided today to make writing the book about Working Together and my vision for it the second project tier for WT ($10).  I spent so many years developing its framework, and trying to find funding, now it seems the best I can do is to write out everything I can and share it with the Christian Community.  Hopefully, it will make them think about what is heading our way... and how to protect their loved ones from as much as possible before the Antichrist rises to kill us.

I guess I need to decide how much I need to be able to get that done.

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

19 February, 2020

New Learning Curve!

I was updating my blogs, checking the settings and other things at each one (I have EIGHT right now, so I am working on a plan to get them active and focused.) when I discovered the email posting option.  

THIS is my first effort.

I wanted to see what happens first, so I set them to go to draft status.  After I send this one, I will have a better idea how the process works.  I may be able to post from my email spaces once I learn how it works.  

I have no idea how photos or images fit into the process.  I will have to find that out.

I have guessed that the subject line might be the title of the blog post. I will find out soon.  Where else could it go!?!

If I figure this out, I will be able to share more information as I discover it, for each of the topics I have blogs for, and for my updates.

Well, here goes....


2020 is filled with HUGE goals... 

The most important one being the quest to find ONE MILLION $5 supporters for my PATREON page! 


Sign up as soon as possible... lets see how fast we can reach this goal.

On the way, I will be learning how to "spread the word" online and sharing what I discover in my posts. 

Join me in this challenge.

PATREON ::  https://www.patreon.com/DebsRetirementPlan

13 February, 2020

13FEB 2020 Challenge Update

Hello to all...

I can't believe what I discovered today!

I found a YouTube video about "Forever Foods" (things that last a LONG time in a pantry), and the maker had a Patreon page.  So I went to check it out (Prepsteader).  When I went to contact her, there was no place to connect for questions or comments! I went to the website (prepsteaders.com) eventually and found a Contact Us form, so I tried that.  As I write this there seem to be problems connecting with her sites... hope it is just a glitch from here.

Now I am waiting to see what I hear back, if I do.
I was amazed that I couldn't just ask a question.

I was asking the page creator if she liked being a part of Patreon, and if she would check on my page and suggest anything.  I shared that I make every tier a different project, and am trying to focus on exclusive benefits (available only to supporters), and that I want to find the right place to suggest the ONE-TIME donation button, separate from signing up.  I hope to do this more often and get more feedback.

Note::  I was looking for her name  (something like Christi Swartz) and discovered her YouTube channel states over a hundred thousand subscribers, since 2012.  I probably won't hear back from her, her Patreon only has 18 supporters.  (Found her name!  Christa Swartz -- only one letter off!  :-)

I do see this a lot.  I think there is a flow that each person has to find.  I would like Patreon to be my first space because of the tiers... as I move forward, I can build up and slow down as needed... the funding is month-to-month and that works great for the money issues. My individual project tiers will become a varied participation option.  I am interested in many things, so that works best for me.

If only GOD would just bless my efforts.  :-|  He just doesn't seem to listen to me!    :-)


This week's Patreon Update has a graphic that is pretty close to one I might use to advertise my quest.  I am waiting until I decide what to promote.  I have a very limited amount of funds.  I may try to do a quarterly ad campaign, while I learn about this process and decide where to focus my money and time.

Let me see if I can post the graphic here...

It looks blurry here, so I hope it looks better after I post this.  You can see it better at the page...

This one has a lot of the information to share with people as an advertisement.  I may need to do a post boost if it doesn't work as the right ad size.  I guess we will find out soon... I need to start getting that information.

Below are the new tier photos (graphics) I made for identifying the tier for the Challenge.  The first one had too much information to read it right... so I remade it into the second version.

Note -- I am trying to post all of these at the Pinterest board for this Challenge.

Creating graphics for all the different spaces online is quite a challenge in itself.  Canva has prepared sizes for some of the social media needs, and Twitter posts are what I do most of my graphics as, but the tier options are 460x200. This seems to be very different.

It was also my first effort, so I had no idea what would fit.  I am planning to make more, especially for the recycling tier.  Once I get some of my crafts made, I can use them as the graphics..  


I am wondering if my page name is a big hindrance to my current quest...  I chose the name because that is what this support is for... to help me build up my finances so I can do as many of the things I have been trying to do all my life as I can.  Crafts, WT, Bucket List, etc.

When it is attached to my support Challenge, it sounds like just a retirement plea... which it is, kinda... but not with this Challenge.

What to do.
If you have any suggestions, let me know.


Guess that is enough for now.  I am beginning to make lists of topics to share and notes about things to write about.  Maybe my journal will help with that.  I am beginning to write more details about my days and have begun to just write on pages as I need them for each day.  I was trying to keep it to two pages per day, but that isn't working.  CHANGE is always necessary!  :-)

In Christ,
the Great Savior,
the Life,
and our hope for heaven.

Deb Martin

06 February, 2020

6 FEB Update - #My2020PatreonChallenge

Here we are, in February already.
The time is going too fast for me!

What have I been doing?
I have to think too long on that!
It all gets muddled with my to-do lists every day, long days and long nights, and life.

I was checking on "zines" the other day... the information has changed since the last time I looked them up.  I discovered a trick to folding one sheet of paper to make a one-sided option... meaning the under side of the pages can't be used.

I prefer the greeting card size, that can be created more easily on a computer and printed out to put together.  I found one young person that sews them together!  I loved that idea!  I expect to try it out.  I also followed her link to an Etsy shop.  I think it was the Enchanted Quill... let me check real quick.
(It is actually ShopEnchantedQuill... I bought the one for $1.50 about being nice.)

My current goals are more about envelop size... #10 envelope size.  So, I tend to like the brochure format.  I've made them over the years, and you can get a lot of text on those.  I need to work on my graphics, but I think CANVA(.com) may help with that.

Creating physical products seems to be important in our age because of so much online theft and grief caused by it.  It is a sign of our moral character as a world.  To my knowledge, only the Christian faith requires good... even Obama stated that Muslims are "allowed" to lie.  This matters more as time goes by and things get worse.

I was looking at land parcels from an email link tonight, too.  Lots of money for those...  I don't know enough about that level of value, I look to see the size, the things that are included, the locations, and the ability to support people and food.

I finally ordered some seeds for this year's garden effort... with some microgreens to try out.  I have been following a group in Arizona called  seedbankbox.com  after finding a video by them about growing loofa sponge gourds.  I wanted some seeds.  I never got them.  I was amazed that you grew those things!!!  I am always looking for self-sufficient options.  So when I sent a note after making my order, I asked about getting those seeds, too.  I have no idea if they have any, but I hope I can get some to try out.

YouTube(.com) is a great resource for me... When I have time, or a reason to go there, I end up looking for hours.  Music, crafts, food, and more... things I never heard of.  When I finally learn how to do video, that will be where I post my own videos. One place I post them.  Maybe that will be my "file" for all my video efforts.

My budget is on life-support this month.  :-)   I am getting things I need to go forward... but not on the budget.  I tend to "flex" my budget categories to meet needs that suddenly appear.

I made an order at HobbyLobby(.com) for a six-hole punch I couldn't find at a price I could afford.  So I also made an order for the stretched canvas I need to make silk-screens for printing (learning how to print with them), and the yarn needle I have to have to finish binding a book effort I am working on.

This may seem like nothing, but it is all about the money.  These aren't the best supplies for me, but they are good enough at this point in time.  Without the right tools, supplies, equipment, space, I can't make anything.
  • I can't make my art prints until I figure out how to do silkscreening.
  • I can't do my experimenting with bookbinding until I get my yarn needle.
  • I can't use my 6-hole recycled notebooks until I find an easier way to fill them with paper!
  • I can't grow good food without good seeds.
  • I can't fulfill my commitments and goals without making the things I have promised.
This year is a big deal for me.  I am trying to find the answers I have looked for over many years.  I hope you will be part of that process.

In Christ,
Deborah Martin


Note :: I am working to build my Etsy shop with important
words and statements on various products.  Keep checking back.
-----  ETSY is having problems with their billing system right now,
so I am dealing with the results of that.  This is a good link,
but it may not work until ETSY fixes their system problems.

Note ::  I am not promoting any affiliate links at this time.  I will let you know when I do.  :-)