29 November, 2018

Thursday, 29 November 2018

I am getting ready to do some more computer work, so I decided I better some a post done now.  :-)  I know you are so happy about that!

It's been hard to get going today.  I was up until almost 4 am this morning working on the PAYPAL link page to purchase the memberships for 2019.  Making decisions that are going to be in force for a whole year is scary... I don't have a lot to work with.  So,

I am going to limit the total number of possible memberships to 1000 for 2019.  

That will allow me to build up the process and hire help for the next year's Membership Drive.  Trial Memberships will continue to be available all year.

Right now, it is only me... and no money.

I am hoping my PATREON account will help my financial situation, and equipment needs, and other real needs every month.  They have a place to list your goals, so I am going to list each piece of equipment I need and an estimated dollar amount to get that item.  We will have to see how that goes.

Of course, you need to have people see your account to get any kind of support... so that is another challenge for me.  I often think my efforts are not even connected to the internet because of technical abnormalities in my situation.  Only GOD knows.  It is beyond my ability to understand or deal with.  My focus is to keep trying and see what GOD does with it.

There are only two days left until the Membership Drive starts.

I think I can do this.  I am almost there... (done).

Well, I better get busy.
Pray for me.
Pray for WT.
Pray for Christians everywhere.

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

Working Together Inc
Building for the End Times

May GOD find a way to help us all help each other.  Amen.

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