27 June, 2024

Prophecy and Politics, Religion and Culture - what we are becoming


I have been thinking about this post for the past several days, since my last post.  I see things, read things, think about things, and wonder what (if) I should say about them.  There are too many issues within the church and outside of it to comment on.

I recently watched a video or videos on the Southern Baptist Convention voting on women as ministers.  The Bible says women are not to be in that position, so it is a win for Satan when they do.  I always think about the judgment of Eve in the Garden.  GOD told her we would always strive with men in this way.  

And the Women's Movement is a very powerful force that has seeped into every church and pushed us into these leadership wars.  GOD doesn't mean women are not good leaders, good people, valuable in ministry, or any other viewpoint.  It just means that GOD said it would be our forever judgment.  

I prayed about this issue a long time.  I decided it is acceptable for women to operate businesses as an option for supporting the church.  This was part of the reason I started Working Together.

When I was young, I thought about becoming a nun because I was so focused on GOD.  But I wanted to have a family more.  Later, I read the Bible for myself and became a Christian.  I never wanted to lead a church, but I did think of other ways to become a blessing to God and others.  Bible Growth Groups was one of those other ways.

It's hard to think about the ways my life strayed from the path of GOD, but it did.  The teen years are so vulnerable.  The Enemy knows this.  Now the Enemy is going more and more into the younger years of kids.  And then there is abortion - killing kids before they can be born.  I think this is the modern form of child sacrifice, in spiritual terms.  We don't think of these battles as spiritual, we call them political, human rights, discrimination, oppression, healthcare, and more.  The government sees the costs of caring for another body and the inability of the budget to do so.  Women see their future destroyed instead of seeing other possibilities that might be even better.  I remember one woman who had a baby that had physical issues and then aborted the second pregnancy she had.  I thought she probably killed the person who would have cared for the first child when she was gone.  God says our babies have a purpose.  They are not just an inconvenient problem.    

Today, just before starting this post, I watched two videos about Pride Month.  One was Cissy Graham Lynch, the other was a street preacher at a Pride event.  

Cissy's post was the more acceptable format.  And some of the points she made hit me.  She said we all know someone in the gay community now.  The numbers have grown that much.  I thought about the End Times and us.  

The latter video showed how hateful the gay community is, while it claims the Christian community is the voice of hate.  It is amazing to me how they act.  The Bible tells us their eyes/minds are blinded by the Evil One.  This can be true of Christians on any topic they don't want to deal with.  We all want acceptance of our sin, not judgment.

The truth is the world is becoming the place it is prophesied to become.

I don't know how to watch someone I love choose evil.  I think about their eternity.  I pray to GOD for mercy, to find a way to reach them.  GOD has until the moment they die.  Maybe my prayers will keep them alive until they do change their path.

There is so much deception in sin.  Like all those young people who were hating the street preacher.  They are only surrounded by people like them.  There are no real conversations about God and salvation. 

It's like countries where the main religion forbids any individual choice about where their citizens want to spend their own eternity.  Women in those countries are mistreated, abused, and killed for reasons I cannot comprehend.  What would we do if we were born in one of those countries?  I often thank GOD I was born an American, and in the time that I was born.  My childhood was very different than the world now.

The next election is frightening for our nation and the world.  We have two people who represent very different paths forward.  I don't know how committed either one is to the principles GOD has shared in the Bible.  I don't know if they have ever read the Bible.  I don't know if they were recently saved or think they are saved.  By their words and actions, we have to wonder about both of them.  I wonder what the next President will do to our country.

I hope the Body of Christ can prepare for what is ahead.

Pray for all of us.

In Christ,

Deborah Martin


24 June, 2024

LGBT "Pride" and what it says


"Pride Month" is coming to a close.  This graphic is my statement about the LGBT... community taking the rainbow as their own.  I think it is a statement about their underlying motives in all that they do.  Nothing is without purpose in their attacks.  GOD is the only thing that is never going to change directions and accept their decisions about sex, which I would say includes gender issues.

This is a serious battleground.

GOD has already shared details about the End of our world, in the Bible, and their part is the main show.  I am not sure how the violence by the gay community will become the norm, but we can see it growing already.

This hatred of all things GOD is why cake makers are attacked in court, why the words in the Bible are attacked and redefined to say what the LGBT community wants them to say, it is why they have gone into the churches to try to change the foundations of true Christianity.

It isn't going to change what GOD says, but the LGBT community feels they are winning the social battle for their cause.  And they are, in many respects, because most people don't fight with them.  It is a form of violence.  It is a kind of violence that has always existed.

What is really at stake is their souls.  Their eternities.  Their final judgment by the GOD that they want to erase.  The Bible is GOD's set of rules.  We don't make the rules.  GOD does.  In the end, when they stand before GOD in the final judgment, their interpretation of what GOD is and what GOD says will not matter.  They will be judged by GOD's laws.

This situation exists in the churches as well.  We have so many denominations because there are disagreements about what the Bible is really saying.

I studied it for myself because I wanted to know what it said, how GOD saw things, what really mattered in His eyes.  I think everyone needs to do this.  If you only know what another person has decided is true about GOD and the Bible, then you are letting them decide where you will spend your eternity.

GOD is able to show you what you need to know.  You have to invest the time.  It took me many years to discover what I found in the Bible.  I haven't read the whole thing yet.  I may discover more things before I die.

Why do people hate what the Bible tells us?  Because they love their sin.  They don't want to stop sinning.  They enjoy what they are doing.  There are "benefits" to sin.  They don't know what life without those sins would be like.  They don't want to leave their "friends and family."  I suppose there are many reasons people see sin as being better than changing. 

I wish they understood that life with GOD is so much better.  

It may take some time to reach that point, but it is true.  Once you really know the Truth, you can never go back to what you were, what you once thought was better.  

Yes, eventually the LGBT... community and drug cartels will win the world.  Sin and violence will rule every day.  The Bible tells us this is true.  But it won't be a good life.  The world will become a very terrible place.

God's good people will not be here, unless someone gets saved after they are killed by the Antichrist.  I can't say what will be happening then.  I only know I won't be here.  

Every true Christian desires the best for other people.  We want you to find the difference salvation makes in anyone's life.  We hope you search the Bible for the Truth.  GOD is not afraid of your doubts.  He will show you what you need to know to make a real decision.

And that is the bottom line: you have to make the decision for yourself.  No one else can do that for you.  If you follow the group, the group may lead you to hell and the Lake of Fire.  You have to seek out the answers for yourself.

I hope we meet in heaven one day.

Deborah Martin


21 June, 2024

Another season of failed Christians in the media


I have to say I was shocked to see another mega minister in the news for their failures.  I was just getting over seeing Tony Evans exposed for an "unnamed sin."  Now that Robert Morris has been discovered for a pretty serious sexual sin at the age of 21 and beyond, I am waiting for the traditional set of three to be completed. 

It took about three videos at YouTube to understand the details of what happened.  It is really heartbreaking when you find this kind of failure in a leader.  His youth is not an excuse for this one.  If he wasn't a pastor, and such a big pastor, it might not matter as much, but it would still be a terrible thing.

I remember my youth.  In those days, college boys would get involved with high school girls.  I think we called them "jail bait" in those days.  I don't know if that's the term that is still used, but this was worse.  This was more like pedophilia. 

The life of being such a huge minister is probably like the life of a huge star.  People throw themselves at you.  The damage they do gets hidden, we never really know what their lives are like.  We see the public persona.

Only God knows the hearts of people.  We hear sermons about how Satan knows our weaknesses and does the best he can to destroy our lives and our souls by tempting us into submission.  It really is a daily battle.  The Enemy doesn't care about us, but GOD does.  I remember the moment I finally realized that the way out GOD promises to provide for us is sometimes just saying no.

Since I discovered the news about Tony Evans, I have thought about the issues around standing firm in GOD's Truth.  I have decided my mantra needs to be the words spoken by the three Hebrews refusing to bow down to a statue of the king in the land where they were held captive.  They told the king that their God could save them, but even if He didn't, they would not bow down.  

This is our need, today, in our time in history.

Even if GOD doesn't save us, make us safe, protect us from the anger and suffering that our Enemy brings into our lives, we will still not bow down.

It doesn't say we can become violent and hurt others.  They simply refused to do what the king had decreed.  They didn't fight what the Enemy decided was their punishment.  I didn't read anything about them trying to escape from the king's punishment.  Everything was focused on GOD.  

I hope I will be able to stand for GOD when life becomes very hard.  It has always been an issue with me because of the path GOD has taken me on.  

I have often wondered why GOD chose to put the desire for Working Together into my heart and life.  I am not a model Christian.  I suppose I model failure.  Three kids, three different fathers, no marriage.  I am sure I could share a lot of reasons for my failures, but they won't change the fact that I chose to sin.  Sin has consequences.  They never go away.  

I wondered why Robert Morris is suffering more consequences now.

I suppose GOD has a reason.  Perhaps He is leading Mr. Morris to a new path.  When we sin, GOD has to judge it.  I think He also has to lead us to a new place.  We will never be the same person after dealing with our sin, our weaknesses, our consequences, the pain we have caused others.  Only GOD knows the details in the life of Robert Morris. 

I can share that my sins resulted in greater consequences for each failure.  

I don't know if that is what GOD does with everyone, but it is what He did with me.

I should share my poster about choices and consequences.  It has a statement about the different effects of our individual choices.  

Maybe it will help you to see the effects of your decisions on others. 

17 June, 2024

Mondays are always mixed up! :-)


This is another ad I tried at the same NW Christian newspaper.  I don't recall how long I ran it, but it was probably a December effort.

December is the annual Membership month.  I chose that on purpose.  Memberships run yearly, January through December.  This makes it easier to work out the finances for Member benefits.  

This is still the plan.

This ad was for the 2022 year.  That means it probably ran through December 2021.

I am still thinking about a way to allow Memberships again... throughout the year.  The TRIAL MEMBERSHIP was my previous option. 

You can see it was Digital Only, with limited updates (quarterly).  I think I started it off at $10 but had to raise it as costs kept rising.  

I decided this year was too dangerous for any memberships because of the economy and my poverty.  :-)  I struggle to get through every month, I can't afford a global event.  This is why I am trying to raise funds first.

Working Together is not like a regular ministry.  It has different needs.  GOD has to provide the ability to establish it, the finances, the start to this major effort.

I put new links up at the website to see if GOD would provide.

I have problems with all my electronics, but I figure GOD is big enough to deal with the problems I face.  I just keep waiting for GOD to do whatever needs to be done, and I try to keep getting prepared for the time He finally starts moving WT into the places it needs to be.

I am still looking for the Christian GOD wants to take over the operations of Working Together.  I know He will bring them into view when the time gets here to hand over the responsibility to care for as many Christians as we can until the Antichrist decides to kill us.

It is hard to watch America and the rest of the world change so much, even if it is linked to God's prophecies.  

I guess that will be enough for this post.  Please pray for me and for WT and for all of the Christians in our world.  Pray we become ONE BODY IN CHRIST, and that we find a way through what is left of our freedoms and faith.  Pray we gather in every community and begin to protect each other.  Pray we will be blessed by GOD and use our resources wisely.  Amen.

In Christ, Deborah Martin, https://work2gather.us 

13 June, 2024

Protecting the Body of Christ

Working Together and the Body of Christ.  It has been my life.  It is still my life, even though I am trying to find a senior path.

This design was an ad in a Christian newspaper.  I advertised for so many years, and never had a single response.  Makes me wonder why.

I decided to share it again today because I like the statement.  I don't have the money to finance anyone buying the mug, but the statement is still very important.

Selling something digital is better for me and for Working Together right now.  I have been trying to sell a printable of my very important writing called SERVANTS, also at Etsy, so I can avoid the problems of product costs.  If you decide to buy anything, that would be the right thing to buy... right now.  Later, I would have more options.

I have been trying to decide what the best path forward for me is.  I don't know what GOD is doing, but I know He is trying to warn His People, to provide for them, to protect us from the thngs we don't yet know about or understand in this time of history.  The Beast, the Antichrist, what prophecy means in our age.  Technology is becoming more than anyone could have thought it would.

I listen to a lot of Christian sermons on YouTube these days.  It is the easiest way for me to access Christian messages.  I also try to find news, movies, books to listen to, songs, and other digital materials to think about and find answers.  The internet has changed our lives in so many ways.  It is the future.  It is also a great danger for freedom, for finances, for government, for everything we know.  I can see why GOD may have chosen this time for the Antichrist and our deaths by him.

I am seeking GOD for the path forward.  

If I cannot do what I need to do, I look to GOD for the path I can take, what I can do, and what I believe He wants me to do.  I know that nothing in this world can stop GOD from accomplishing His Will in this world.  I have to trust that He will do whatever is needed.  That is what I do.  Wait.  Do what I can.  Wait for GOD to solve the problems.

In this election year, America is at a more serious crossroads than others in the past.  The choice between Trump and Biden, Republican and Democrat, conservative and liberal, is a serious fork in the path to our future.  The ability to vote is our right to choose which direction we take.  

None of our choices will be perfect.  Every person running for every office is not a perfect person.  We have to choose the people who are heading in the directions we want to go.  We have many serious problems in our nation, and soon the world will become one government -- that will change EVERYTHING in all of our lives.  The decisions of government will become the prophecies of the Bible.  

I don't know if Working Together can help us, but I hope GOD shows us why He created it.  It must have an important place in our story.  I think it will help us become ONE Body of Christ, but it will also help us do more for each other.  That was my hope anyway.

In Christ,

Deborah Martin


10 June, 2024

Art ahead


I decided to re-publish my Patreon pages on Saturday.  It took until Sunday morning to get it done.

Now I have to figure out how to make them work out for my life.  I have been at Patreon for years and not had any response.  

Naturally, a lot of that may be due to my posting details.  Learning the internet is quite a long-term task.  I am still trying to figure it out.  


I am also working on learning to post video from my phone.  That will help. 

And I continue to work on making videos on my desktop computer.  Video is my go-to, and it seems to be everyone else's.  Camera, software, decent computer, etc.  It is an expensive part of life online.  The phone seems to be the easiest option, for now.

I have also discovered Patreon now has selling options, so that will also help.  It seems to be digital products only.  I can figure out some kind of digital products to sell.  My designs.  Maybe some of the booklets I have been wanting to create.

And I am working on how to market my income sites.  I have always been working on marketing but never been sure how to budget it into my current income.  I have very limited financial options for marketing and that changes monthly.  I need to FORCE myself to start somewhere.  By Christmas season.

We come back to Start-Up Funding.  Or Gorilla tactics.  I don't think I will be one of those old business heroes who start with a dollar and become billionaires.  :-)   I have been trying that.  I don't think I have that many years left.  

I won't get a routine going for a bit yet, but you can check out my two pages at Patreon ::



My original page is only for historical reference.

More to do... so that's all for today.

In Christ,

Deborah Martin

06 June, 2024

Affirmations and Faith

I have been listening to some very old audio books on YouTube.  About success, in different points of view.  One of these uses faith as its foundations and links the consequences we face to the subconscious, right thinking, affirmations, faith, karma, and I'm not sure what else.  I have been realizing that all of these things are related but we don't see them in our own definition of Christian Faith.

Affirmations are like meditating on the Word.  They are a way to change our subconscious thoughts.  Modern science has discovered the power of our subconscious mind.  We do things without thinking, we choose mates that are like someone we did not want in our lives (the mother or father that was harmful to us), we sabotage our happiness and success without knowing we are doing it or why, and more.

Consequences and Karma are pretty much the same effect, whether good or evil.  I have a saying I made up a long time ago about consequences that says, "You can call it God, or you can call it Karma, but [it all means the same thing: consequences].  

Joel Osteen talks about stating the positive as we look for God's blessings.  This is really about training your mind to see good results... to EXPECT good results, not to believe you are not worthy of them.  It's about "attracting" what you are praying for.

Faith is really a big thing in GOD's teachings.  We receive blessings according to our faith.  I think it is also about His Will for our individual lives, but the principle is still about our level of faith.  

Prosperity Preaching is similar but different.  Prosperity Preaching is telling God what He's going to give us.  In this conversation, about blessings, it is what I call "presumption."  Faith is more about prayer.  Another of my sayings is, "There's a thin line between Faith and presumption."  It would probably take many pages in a book to work out the details of these two parts of our modern spiritual perspectives.  I will let you work it out.

My search has been about GOD's provisions for me, or lack of them.  

I don't have the demanding kind of Faith.  I have the "God will provide all I need when I need it." kind of faith.  These books, the one mentioned above is from 1925, are giving me new looks at how this has been a problem throughout time.  Some parts make sense.  I question others.  

I am in the process of clarifying my goals so the have a way to be "checked off" when they happen.  I have never been able to clarify my goals for Working Together because it is such a HUGE goal for a person like me.  I am going to try to put as many of the pieces of these goals down on paper and see how it goes.  I GOD has built this business-ministry in me for some reason, so I just keep waiting for Him to provide for it.  I am now thinking about this Faith process I am coming across in books I read years ago and books I am just discovering.

Times are going to get worse.  We can see it in the economy, in global problems, in rising crimes and violence, in government oppression.  How will our FAITH continue in what is ahead of us?  I don't know.  My problems with God's provision will be the same for millions of other Christians.  I am trying to understand what GOD will expect from us, and how we can depend on Him with increased crimes and persecutions.

Pray that GOD will open His doors of provision for Working Together and that we will know how to use those provisions for all of us.  Amen.  

03 June, 2024

Another month.

I guess I will never make it as a mover and shaker... I forgot about this post and went to bed earlier in the evening.  Here I am, after 11:30pm, trying to make the midnight deadline.

My mind was on the economy.

I have wondered what I can do to protect my life from the ravages of inflation and the possible collapse of the government because of the high debt we carry and continue to depend upon.  I don't think there is anything I can do.

The subject of GOD enters the process.

Is my faith in the government or is my faith in GOD's ability to provide for my needs.  I haven't decided if it is GOD that provides for me through the government or will provide in some other way.

Faith is a hard road to travel.  We can't see GOD, or the way He accomplishes things in our world, so it is a daily challenge.  How much is my part, how much is His part?  

I still don't have that answer.

I plan to keep trying, doing my best each day, believing that GOD is the source of all that comes into my life that is good, and Satan is the source of all that comes into my life that is bad... and I am responsible for those choices and consequences that I have control over.

I don't quite know how that gets divided.  It seems we are in a war that we cannot see, a spiritual war, and all our choices created this current place we all must share in history.

What do you think about the spiritual realms?

Can we change our lives when we choose what is good?  Choose GOD?

I hope so.