26 June, 2023

New designs to share...

I finally decided to see what I could create at CANVA and came up with several designs for different spaces.  Here is one that is faith oriented:

What do you think?
Would this be good for social media?

I'm working on designs to sell but this seems like a good social media posting graphic.  It might work as an insert for letters/cards to loved ones.  Maybe it would be a good design for putting on community bulletin boards.

What do you think it would be good for?

I am still working on my ideas.  I have to make these the right size for some projects.  Knowing what it will be used for is important right now.  I don't know how to create VECTOR designs yet.  They can be easily changed from small to big or big to smaller sizes.  They are supposed to maintain their clarity at any size.  Vector designing has been on my list for a long time.

Here is another design I created:

I am trying to create new designs for my writing called MOUNTAINS.  I love this message and have always wanted to share it in various formats.

I think I shared earlier that I was trying to find the right mountain scene to go with the words.  Now I think I will have to find more than one perspective for it.  

I want to figure out the scene to represent the "places others will never see" as well as the mountains that need to be climbed.

I found one photo, at Getty Images website, that has a man with a metal leg climbing like this!  I was shocked but delighted to see someone climbing like that.  I don't know how real the photo was because I kept wondering how it could be real... but then I figured the man adapted his skills for the disability he had.  Getty Images are expensive so I didn't purchase it (yet).  I might someday.  I don't think there are many people with false legs that mountain climb.  It seriously defined the words I wrote.

So that is what I am busy with, among all the other things I have to do.

I will try to post on Saturday this week.  I don't know what happened.  I'm working on a calendar and ways to remember my "schedule."

Until next time...
Deborah Martin

17 June, 2023

Still thinking...

 It takes me a long time to find a workable path, but when I finally decide on something I just keep going -- unless an unknow problem comes up.  :-)   I guess that seems to happen a lot when we are heading toward something.

This week I have been trying to remember what I said in all my statements online.  :-)  What days to post, what to post about, how to get it all organized, how to find the details for important sharing.  

I bought some lottery tickets this month, when I was shopping and the jackpots were very high.  I keep thinking it could be a good way for GOD to fund Working Together since it is a lot of money and doesn't have "strings attached" to it.  I would never be able to get a traditional loan... and I don't want debt anymore.  I tried several ways to accept donations over the years, but those efforts didn't work out.  And I have created products to sell that didn't turn into a purchase.  WT Memberships haven't worked either.  So, the lottery seems like my only hope... a possible way for GOD to provide... so I just buy one ticket and wait for what would definitely be a miracle for me.

I don't know if I would call one ticket gambling.  Some people say playing Bingo is gambling.  I don't see how that works for my level of playing.  Gambling is a tough topic.  It's like drinking.  Some people can only have one or two drinks, others can't stop if they have the first one.  

In my quest for trying to decide about GOD providing through the lottery I once used my tithe to purchase tickets to see what would happen.  That was a waste of money.  :-)  A lesson on the path of faith and financial need.

Eventually I decided buying a single ticket when it happened to cross my path and the prize was very high was not too much.  So that is where I am at today.  I buy a ticket so GOD can choose to provide that way, but I don't get obsessed with the option.  With the lottery you have to have a ticket just to have the option.  So I buy one ticket.

I still continue trying to sell things online as a way to create income... Etsy, Ebay, PayPal links.

I have a Patreon page for finding income through crowdfunding.

I have the membership link for WT.

And I am trying to decide how to ask for donations, other than my PayPal.me options.

At my age I wonder what I would do with GOD's blessings, if they happened, especially a large amount like the big jackpots with the lottery. and I figure GOD would help me spend it as fast as I could so Christians would be helped.  

These issues are more important than I ever thought about before.  It's the age issue.  I could die before I even get the check to spend!  Crazy.  After all these years.  And still I hope.

When we seek GOD for important things, the details seem to matter a lot.

We want to make sure we are in right standing with Him, and don't block His blessings.  We make all kinds of promises about the answer we want.  We look for all the ways He might bless us.  We pray with intensity.  We expect Him to do what we seek Him to do, or try to get a reasonable substitute for our desired solution.  Faith is not easy.

With all the problems in our nation, and the rest of the world, surviving is high on the list of my conversations with GOD these days.  There are problems we face now that have never been in our lives before.  The increase in evil, the separations within families, the needs of aging, and more, all create desperate prayers to a GOD that hasn't answered me in the ways I thought He would.  I don't know what to expect, what to plan for, what to do on my own.  Prayer is essential but doesn't always seem to "work."  :-)

I am wondering how all the other Christians in the world are doing in their prayers and blessings.  How is GOD going to care for us as times get worse... 

I guess there isn't much we can do to survive whatever is coming.  We have to trust that GOD will provide as each day passes.

My ongoing efforts to survive are continuing.

I'll end this post here, but may return for other details of my quest for GOD to provide.

In Christ,

Deborah Martin


10 June, 2023

Sabbath Saturday - A good day to share?

 Since I realized that Gentiles were actually "adopted" into the Jewish Family, I have been trying to figure out the Saturday Sabbath.  I don't think GOD changed after Jesus saved us.  I think the issue started when Jews went to their Temples on Saturdays and then met as Christians on Sundays.  

We change over time.  Like Santa Clause taking over Christmas, and the Easter Bunny taking over Resurrection Sunday.  Somewhere along the path the true Resurrection memorial celebration became a calendar convenience... I know I have seen it on some of the calendars I have had over the years.

We have taken to this convenience with other days... like the birthdays of Lincoln and Washington, celebrating Columbus, MLK Day, and more.

I am still trying to decide what to do with the Saturday Sabbath as a Christian, but I suppose GOD understands.

Now that I am trying to post more frequently, and catch up with all my posting spaces, I am thinking of attaching them to days I have something else happening.  Faith and Prayer seems to be a good topic for a Sabbath.  I don't think GOD would mind if I wrote a post on Sabbath days, but that may change.  This is a work-in-progress.

I have a lot of projects that are in-progress.  The ones that have to do with spiritual topics may go here.

I have a list of scripture verses that apply to the End Times.  I am thinking of going through them and posting what they mean to me.

I also have my small first writing (1999) about the Antichrist versus the Rapture.  I tried to update it a long while back, but it didn't seem to work as a sharing option then.  It needs to be updated again with better details and thoughts about what is happening now.

I also just want to journal about my own paths and what GOD is doing in my life.

It doesn't seem to be possible for me to focus on just ONE blog or posting option.  They all have different topics to work on.  I'm not sure how long GOD will help me continue these activities.

It would be great to be able to establish offices for Working Together so I can focus on just my personal activities and thoughts.  It is still a prayer, still a hope, still a need.  Pray for Working Together.  The times are becoming very hard for Christians and Jews... the people of GOD.  Pray that GOD will help us gather and protect each other.

Thanks for any prayers you can share with Him for me and what I have tried to do over these past years.

Deborah Martin