31 December, 2021

FAITH FRIDAY :: 31dec2021 - Happy New Year!

 It is a little past 6pm where I live, so the change of years has not happened here yet.  I have been busy doing more of my reorganizing, thinking about 2022, trying to find the best way forward for me.

I am always wondering what GOD will be doing as our time passes.  We want the best of everything, but that is not always what life brings us.  

I look for a future where I am safe and have what I need to live and grow and thrive.  I want everything to be good.  I wonder what I will do first.  I see the global problems and hope we can help a lot of people survive, especially Christians.  I look for GOD to protect His people from harm as times change.

I still don't have my ONE goal for 2022.  It is hard to decide what can be achievable in my life situations.  Personal, business, crafting - what kind of goal should I truly commit myself to?  My one resolution is a BIG thing for me.

Still working on my downsizing.  2022 will begin with an effort to sell what I can and use the money for other things I need.  

I guess I have a lot of projects already in process.  Maybe they are my 2022 goal.     :-)      I suppose they could be.  I will think on that tonight.

My GOAL book for 2022 is filling up fast.

I have my journal book for 2022 ready to start.  It's a 2013planner filled with recycling tips and environmental details.  I found it at a SCRAP store many years ago, but missed the next year with the same days.  So, I am just going to go by the dates and enter a review of the day with any special details included for the page.  This is another experiment of mine as I search for the best way for me to keep track of my days. 

Someday I might try a Bullet Journal (Bujo) format.  I like notebooks for most everything, so I make my own dotted pages with a program like Excel.  I haven't gotten to the designs yet, but want to.  I bought some of the little metal stencil awhile back.  When I find them again, I will try a few of the Bujo options to practice.

Have to go...

Hope your 2020 is the best year ever!  Mine too!

In Christ,  Deb  <3

Pray for our nation,

for our world.

We are in deep need

of people who love GOD,

are saved by Christ,

and will be strong 

for the right things.

24 December, 2021

FAITH FRIDAY on Christmas Eve - 24 DEC 2021

Christmas Eve... Jewish days change at sundown so I think it must be part of the reason we celebrate with two days, or the evening and then the day.  I didn't really think about it until this year.  I have been trying to do GOD Sabbath for some time, but it is hard.  

We are expecting snow this year, maybe tonight or tomorrow, then continuing for over a week.  I see me indoors most of that time and praying the trees don't fall in the cold and ice and any wind ahead of us!!

This year has been a struggle, for me and so many others.  I hope next year will be better.  I was able to do most of my regular Christmas Giving.  That is always a great thing for me.  I am working on a plan to do better for next year's season.  :-)  

No decided resolution for 2022 yet.

I am getting a lot of things sorted and reorganized this month... for my 2022 hopes.  It is making things better for my quests.

No response to my WT Membership Drive.  I trust GOD knows why.

I hope we all remember that Jesus was born to save our souls.  I know I would have died a lot of years back if I didn't know GOD and keep trying to understand His Word.  It has always been the core of my life and search for what matters.  I hope you will find that meaning in your life.

Merry Christmas

Happy New Year

and may GOD bless our lives in relation to our need and our love for Him.

In Christ,  Deb <3

18 December, 2021

Faith Friday on Saturday - again! :: What is happening this December!?! :-)

 I am trying to decide what is happening this month to miss two posts on Fridays....  I had a heavy day of shopping and then just seemed to forget to make my Friday post.  So sorry.  Not much to say, but I am working on continuity.

Today, I watched the whole STAR WARS TRILOGY on VHS tapes.  So fun to see it again.

I have sorted my movies and watched most of them again.  One tape that I thought was OK the last time I viewed it was WHERE THE RED FERN GROWS.  This time it had a lot of static, but I still want to keep it.  The values of way back when are so very different from today... it is also a statement about rural and urban values.  

I also watched my copy of THE YEARLING.  It had Gregory Peck and Jane Wyman as the main adult characters.  It was a reminder of values (rural, survival) in the Appalachian Mountains when it was being settled.  I kind of thought about the role of men in the different views it shared.  This one had a serious connection with surviving over the years, needing to grow your own food to live, and a look at how hard it was through the death of one's children.  The main family lost three from stillbirth to less than 3 years - b the grave marker information.

And more.

Someone started talking to me during my shopping activities, about the difference in our own lives and social values.  About the downward slide in values, safety, crime, etc.  The Bible tells us it will get worse because we are heading into the Antichrist.  Living through these changes is hard for every generation.

Electricity changed life when it came into our lives.  Water resources changed life when they were developed.  Machinery changed farming, then food resources, and distribution.  We change over time.  In some ways these changes are really great, in other ways they bring with them other kinds of problems.  How do we judge what is good "progress" when the effects are mixed?  I am not sure.

I try to think of how things affect Christians and prophecies.  That is a bit different than just how something changes our lives.  It seems we don't notice the rise of evil until it affects our personal lives.  I wonder if our times are like the days when Hitler was gaining power... and what we can do to change that path.

I suppose I would like to go to a safer location... avoid conflict... work on my own survival issues.  That won't help the world, but it does seem like a good solution.  I don't have the power to change things.  On my own.  So, finding a safe place seems like a plan.

I guess, in the end, it is GOD's call.  If He doesn't provide, we can't do anything... it is our place in His Plan.

Trust and Obey... that is what we do.

In Christ,  Deb  <3

10 December, 2021

FAITH FRIDAY :: 10DEC2021 - Getting Better

 Here I am again.

Sorry about last week.  It was Saturday before I realized I missed last week's post.  My life isn't that exciting, but I am working on my process, schedule, consistency...  I will try to do better.

I am busy with planning for 2022 these days.  Looking for ONE resolution to focus on for the year.

Still reorganizing as I downsize, getting better, but it is a slow process.

The Working Together Membership Drive is on this month.  I decided to go with just the Trial Membership, a quarterly e-newsletter format for $10USD.  There's a link to the membership payment page (PayPal link that processes credit cards as well). I put a separate link to the program information page... to share the ongoing vision for WT, where I see it going -- in part.  Lots of details not there yet.  Trial Membership fees will just start the financial process of growing.

Working on Christmas, personal gifting.  Got my Christmas cards done and ready to mail.  Have to get to the post office to get them into the mail.  Next week, God willing.

Then on to finish the rest of the list for this year.

Listening to Christmas music online this year.  The Presidential Prayer Team (.org) has a link to a 24-hour loop that I am accessing as I can.  It's mellow music so it is very relaxing as you do the things you have to do.  There's a link on the page - they call it IPrayRadio.org but I think there are two music options. Here's the link I listen on ::

I Pray Radio | The Presidential Prayer Team

Hope you like it.  

I've been talking to GOD about a lot of things... but none to share right now.

May we all find His blessings in our lives as we have need, and look for ways to share our extra with others.

In Christ,  Deb  <3

I have not always liked the verse that says all thing are connected to God's Will for us... I would like to have only good things in my life, lots of great blessings.  But, I have found the bad time somehow find a way to the good future.

If you are suffering, keep your trust in God's Plan for your life.  We don't understand all the hidden details.  He does.