28 November, 2018

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

I was up until 3am this morning working on my website ideas.  It takes me a long time because I am not an official website creator and I want to use html right now.  So I have to try a code and see what it does, change the way I put the codes and then see what it does.  I wanted a website in the early 2000's so I had to learn the basics on my own.  I have to re-learn it all now!  It has been so long !!  :-)

I am not sure what the first of January will bring for my site, but I am working on some way to give each program its own space (webpages) and figuring out how to create the income sources for each program.

In making my links to my new 2019 pages, I realized how neglected all my blogs and other pages are.  I will have to find a way to get then updated and ongoing, too.

Just me... this is a challenge!  If only I would have won that big lottery prize !!  :-)

Today has been rain, rain, and more rain... but I went out and swept some leaves and raked some leaves to keep from sitting at a computer all day and night.  The marathon last night/this morning was a bit much.  Tonight I will try to get my stuff done and then get to sleep for at least a little while.

I am thinking about GOD still... about how He contains His power, His anger, His judgments.  I think it is amazing.  Human beings seem to thrive on their anger and payback... controlling everything that opposes them.  I don't know what I would be like if I had that much power, but I hope I would be able to understand the nature of people and be merciful.

I am thinking about GOD's ability to change our lives in a moment.

I haven't decided if Satan changes it to hurt us, via the world around us, and people he controls.

I guess I was thinking more about lottery kind of wins that change our lives.

When I went through the trials of my life, I also discovered the way life can change in a moment... basically, in the twinkle of an eye.  Accidents, mistakes, tragedies, life and death, things that you don't plan and have to find a way through.

These things change our lives.

I suppose they could have destroyed me as a person if I didn't have my faith, didn't know about GOD, didn't see that the future will bring answers I might not know now.  I think some call it bitterness.  It makes life just one big anger episode.  GOD helps us to find a way through all that.

GOD raised me for Working Together, for the different path it will take the Church.  I feel that He will provide for it, but maybe not in my lifetime.  I don't know.  If GOD raised me to be this way, He is raising others to be this way, too.

I am fighting impatience.  I am fighting the feelings that the end of each year brings to goals and dreams and plans.  I am fighting the deadline for my DECEMBER MEMBERSHIP DRIVE !!!   :-)  I suppose someone somewhere has a name for this normal process in life... probably a terrible sounding psychological trauma... and addicting meds the only cure.  YUK!

I guess I will go for now.  I just turned on the computer a bit ago, checked my emails, and now will share this post.  I have to work on my priority list for tonight.

Pray for me!  :-)

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

Working Together Inc
Building for the End Times

May GOD be kind to me and the rest of the Christian world.
May we find a way to gather our power and solve our differences.
May life become better than it is.
May GOD find us "working together" to provide for the future.

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