06 December, 2018

Thursday, 6 December 2018

Christmas!  My small part in the Christmas process is getting done.  :-)  Most of my Christmas cards are done, the last few are nearly ready to mail.

I have to get to the post office again (I went yesterday not knowing it was closed for the funeral of the elder Bush)… but that is fine.  I am getting at least one of my packages to mail ready.  I suppose I could wait until next week... I might.  I'm not sure.

This would not be a topic to share if it was easy to get to the Post Office.  Shipping is one of the problems I have living here... so I am still working on a solution I can do.  You can't sell physical products if you can't ship them.  :-(

My eyeglasses will have to wait a bit longer.  I was told by my son that I could walk into the business and be helped, so I tried that.  It didn't work.  Wednesday is my shopping day of choice because of the Salvation Army Sale Day at their thrift shop, so I made an appointment for next Wednesday.  That will give me more time to see if I have any kind of coverage for my eyes... and where.

I finally made it to the Dollar Tree and picked up a bunch of stuff on my lists.  2019 has a planning calendar now.  I have a new address book.  I remembered to get some light bulbs when I saw them in the aisles.  I found a new little screwdriver set and put up my tiny lights that are battery powered, found there previously.  (They are so great!  I will get more!! eventually)  And some household things I needed to get.  It really is great to shop there... I love it.

Then I made it to the thrift store... and found some very wonderful things for me, the house, crafting, and whatever.  The main thing some of you might like to hear about is the 1975 ORTHO book on pickling foods.  It is so great!  Things I never knew people pickled... recipes... lots of photos...  I have found Ortho books before, they are great.

I bought one pair of jeans... but will try for more another time.  I am between and 18 and 16 I think.  I bought a    s-t-r-e-t-c-h-y    size 16 yesterday, washed it today, and will try it on again soon.  I hope it fits OK.  I tend to make fast decisions because I get tired of the process of trying clothes on.  Plus, I kept my thermals on when I tried them out at the store.   :-)  In time I hope to be buying at least size 12...  that would be so nice.

I didn't find any of the tortilla presses I saw one time... sad... but I spent more than I planned anyway. Jeans are expensive there, even at half price.  I bought a DVD because I thought it was a lower price, but it wasn't.  And other things.  But, I got some really great items and I love it... it's just fun to look through all the different items.

I was too wiped out to blog last night.  I decided to let it go.  It is such a challenge to do days like yesterday.  Maybe once a week would be a good try... but that might be too much for me, too.  I'll get this figured out somehow.

Tomorrow is the last dry day before rain comes back.  It is so cold, but always better without the wet... especially in wind.  I have to get all my crafted gifts done by next week... and mailed.

That's my life today.  How is yours going?

I hope well.

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

Working Together Inc
Building for the End Times

May GOD bless those who love Him, provide for those with important needs, and help people who don't know Him to find Him in their lives.  Amen.

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