13 May, 2022

FAITH FRIDAY on 13 May 2022 - short update

 Another Friday.

Working on my giant print options.

I finally uploaded some of the new photos I took and discovered HEIC... meaning I had to buy an app to see them. Still more to learn about that process.  I may go back to taking all my photos with my old camera.

This is one of the photos I took to share. It is  an old greeting card I received a long time ago.  I liked the statement. I laminated it to keep it forever.

Here is another inspirational statement I had saved.  I don't recall where I found this one, but I liked the quote.

I walked around my room one day, trying to take a bunch of photos to share in different spaces.  This is the only place my first design about food issues exists, so I decided I better get a photo to remember it.  I need to redo this design.  It disappeared from my Printful account. 

When I went to see what I could do about that, I ended up making a new, related design on a laptop sleeve, which I LOVE!

Here it is...

I need to spend some time making new designs for my ETSY shop.  I seem to be avoidng it.

I am still trying to digest the possibility the microchip will be attached to digital currency, which the government is moving toward.  I didn't want to miss another post.  I will let you know my decisions about it when I know.

Until next time, God willing.

06 May, 2022

FAITH FRIDAY for 6 May 2022 - Is the Antichrist nearer than we thought?

I guess it's been a harder week than normal.  I have been thinking about something I discovered recently, maybe it was last weekend, maybe a little earlier.

I watched/listened to some programs by Jan Markell (Understanding the Times) because the were about the topic of "buying and selling" from prophecy.  Their focus was on government wanting to create or regulate digital currency.  It occurred to me that digital currency could be the connecting point for the microchip in the body... the "Mark of the Beast" we know is coming, but don't know for sure how or when.

I have been realizing that it would make our efforts to save money, be debt free, prepare for life without money (to survive a little bit longer) pointless.Years ago I read about pilot projects in prisons and then in ordinary people.  I assume the microchip we think will be the "Mark" has been tested and approved by now.  It's ready to become the new way to live.  

If it is connected to the government's currency changes, for any number of reasons (like bankruptcy, saving money because they wouldn''t have to print or distribute or protect paper and coin currency, "safety" for citizens, the distribution of services to those who might need social services - maybe everyone, and a way to provide without having the "gold" to back up the value of currency....), we won't have any options for surviving.  The money we need for everything will be tied to having that microchip.

I have been thinking about how this moment in history fits into prophecy.  I have no idea what we can do to help ourselves, protect those we love, create alternative options... we will be forced into making that choice.

I wonder if there would be a "transition" from curency to chip on a card to the final moment of having a microchip embedded in our bodies.  The Bible says it will be the right hand or the forehead.

Money is connected to jobs, paychecks, mortgages, rent, food, utilities, transportation, taxes, everything we think of as a normal existence.  We have old movies about being homeless when the time comes, of hiding out from the government when the time comes.  I am not sure what will happen if we come to that moment in our lifetimes.

I haven't studied the topic for many years but I remember the Bible saying that less than a single generation would be alive after Israel reunited.  I remember wondering how GOD defined a generation.  I remember wondering if Israel reborn meant what happened in 1948 or could it mean something else to GOD... like Isreal reclaiming ALL of the historical land.  Only GOD knows what He meant by that statement.

In recent times I read/heard someone state that the Boomers might be the last generation with a faith in GOD and all that is connected to it.  

I had a project planned for Working Together called 40 Days in the Wilderness.  It was to gather all the leaders of all the denominations every summer so they could talk about the parts of the Bible we seem to interpret differently - to find resolutions, to look for GOD's view, to help us to become the ONE BODY we are supposed to be.  In creating that event, I realized that it could become the way the Gospel is heard by eveyone in the world... fulfilling another prophecy.  The internet would allow that.

I always thought the Antichrist would be farther in the future.  Now I wonder if I will live long enough to see him rise to power.  Will I need to choose between the Mark and GOD?

It is so hard to even think of these things.  It has been a difficult week.

I posted a couple things about this.  I emailed about it once or more.  This weekend I am debating on how to share it with those who know more about what is happening than I do... who can reach more Christians than I can.

What to do?  I keep trying to think about what GOD is doing.  About my life.  About the great needs in our world and in Christian families.

Let me know if you have any suggestions.

This is just a possible path to the prophecies about the Antichrist.  It seems very possible.  It is a global possibility.  It is scary to see it happening.

May GOD help us to find our way forward, to unite, to prepare, to help each other, to keep our faith, to see GOD when the time comes, to trust in Him, to love Him, to pray for those we love who may not choose Him.

In Christ,

Deborah Martin