23 October, 2021

FAITH FRIDAY :: 22 OCT 2021 - Time to plan ahead

 Almost didn't make it here!

I was busy with something else and didn't watch the clock.  

I have been working on my posting schedule and made more changes at Patreon (https://patreon.com/DebsRetirementPlan).  I need to make a public post to try to find supporters, so that stayed on MONDAYS.  All my tier posts were pointless because I only have one supporter (in Jewelry), so I decided to make just one post a week (WEDNESDAYS) for all my tiers until I grow my support.  I will also post anything important to individual tiers on the way.  I kind of write to the future patrons I hope to have... keeping my process shared for them.

Been trying to start my WT MEMBERSHIP details.  They have to get posted online soon.  On the way I will be trying to improve my webpage  (http://work2gather.us).  It's been looking bad since last Drive, but I hope to get it better for this year.

I think about FAITH issues every day -- all my waking hours.  It is the main issue of our times.  How GOD opposes what MAN wants to do, or what Satan makes Man think he wants.  It's hard not to see it in the news, in the world, in our families.  I wish I could find a good answer for all the pain Satan causes our world.

I found a church nearby that will be collecting Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes this year.  I made my 2021 Yearly Project about filling 10 of the plastic shoeboxes I already had and sending in $10 fees for each of the 31 brochures I had from other years.  I made it to 9 fees this month.  I hope to add another fee by collection week.  I decided to try to continue the fees effort into 2022.  I want to cover the costs of each unused brochure... however long it takes me.

I wasn't able to fill all the shoeboxes so far.  I'm going to do an inventory of the boxes and then my budget to see what else I can do before I deliver them.

I love doing these shoeboxes for the holidays.  I haven't been able to fill any for some years.  That is why I decided to make it a yearly project.  After this year, the fee effort will be enough for my budget.  :-)

This is the holiday season... Christians like to really stretch their budget to give this time of year.  I wonder if there will be many more to care about because of all the COVID problems.  I hope we find a way to help them.

What is my biggest battle in Faith issues?  I suppose it is always keeping my focus on GOD and trusting Him to take care of all the things I can't.  That is really a BIG topic, and every day that is defined in new ways.

When I really get deep in my troubles I remember that this life is not the place I care about most.  I want to spend my eternity in heaven.  I don't like pain, but I want to stay true to what I know is GOD's Will, His Truth, what I know is right and good and worth dying for.

It's not easy to stay faithful in our world.

We have to find ways to help each other through the hard times, now and what is coming in the future.

I hope we do find those priorities.

In Christ,  Deborah Martin,  Working Together Inc

15 October, 2021

FAITH FRIDAY :: 15 OCT 2021 - Believing what the Bible says

 Just finished watching a tear jerker called FAITH UNDER FIRE. It makes me think about GOD in our daily lives, in our greatest pain, and as we come out of all that suffering.  

Movies are always about the big things... like cancer, like losing those we love, like not knowing about GOD or blaming Him for everything.  

I guess we all have to face our burdens.  We have to find answers.  I don't know if we ever can, but we try.  The characters in movies don't know what the Bible says, so the movie can tell them (and the audience).  We all have to put our trust in what the Bible says.  That is Faith.

I don't remember when I wrote this, but it wasn't too long ago.  I didn't always have a deep faith in GOD.  I went through some very hard times and watched GOD work in the middle of them.  I learned to trust Him.  I learned what kind of GOD He is.

It is what every single person has to do.  No one else can do this for you.  It's all part of our final judgment... we don't get punished for the sins of others, only our own life choices.

This is really important to understand.

I think it helped me to separate myself from people who wanted me to do things I knew were wrong.  It helped me to say "No!"

It took a long time to reach that place.

We don't stand alone very well.  Friends, family, groups we belong to, our church, any place we are with a lot of other people who may not believe the way we do.

It is so much easier to follow.  Saying no is always a battle.  People we know don't want us to say there is something wrong with what they say, do, believe.  We are the same way about what we believe.

In passages about the End Times and others about Faith and some about standing firm for GOD/Christ, we see the losses we might encounter.  I think about them more as the world becomes so divided.  We may even lose our life.  

I had a different life planned than the one I got.  

If GOD is the One who creates the winding paths we all follow, then I believe there is a reason for them.  I will keep trusting Him for "the end of the story."  

09 October, 2021

FAITH FRIDAY :: 8OCT2021 - Watching Some Christian Movies

 I seem to find my movies on YouTube now... since I decided to pay for no-ads every month.  It is so great... I hope I can afford it until I die!  haha  I guess it's my entertainment budget, but it is also a research tool and income tool someday.

I am getting to the point where I have watched most of the ones that come up on my feed.  I don't know how that equals what is available.  I tend to go through spurts of movie watching... most of the time on my Sabbath time, or the weekends.

In the search for a decent movie, I end up clicking on some that are very bad in terms of content.  There isn't a real way to decide what a movie will have in it when it's on YouTube.  And I sometimes wonder if it's not a good thing to watch them if I have no idea where they are sourced from.

I find it's an ongoing battle for me.  No answers yet.  

Hallmark movies come up all the time. Tonight I checked on one that was called a Hallmark movie but it wasn't.  It turned out to be an R rated movie.  I found out when I searched for the title on a new page.  This seems to be a tool of the Enemy... trying to deceive with false information.  I don't always find out before I start watching, but this time I did.

It is always a question for me because it directly relates to my faith and the choices I keep trying to make to honor GOD more with my life.  These battles get worse as my desire to honor GOD gets bigger.  I wonder how to deal with hidden "temptations" that become sins if we don't fight them.

What the digital age has brought to us is algorithms that can be manipulated to force on us things we would never choose on our own... including those terrible ads that are pushed on us at every website.  I can't afford to pay every website to remove the ads from my view.  So, how do we deal with the new future of our world?

I don't know.

It is the ongoing topic in my prayers and seeking GOD for answers.  Morality is a big thought in my head and heart these days... and it will get even bigger as the world grows darker.

In terms of wanting to build a Christian Community through Working Together, the need to decide about these problems is important.  There are technical issues to consider... security, content, costs... how do we function as Christians in a global internet world if we are attached to the world by our "internet provider?"  There's no way to build our own system, other than a small community in a defined space... by acres, by houses, by location.

I don't know what would be possible for us as we work to survive a world leading up to the Antichrist.

Plus, what do we do now... this is the time when the internet is growing to cover the world.  When the gospel is shared with every person, it will fulfill prophecy.

I guess I keep doing battle with the idea of how to live without the internet, without YouTube, without all the growing necessities of contact through the internet.  I have movies that are VHS and DVD.  As long as I have a device to watch them on, I can still enjoy movies... the ones without too much dirt in them.  

I have some that are not fully clean, that are violent, that are not about godly topics, etc.  I don't watch them all the time, but I want them as a reference...  Are they choosing to sin?  I suppose they are.  I'm not yet able to decide if I MUST get rid of them.  Will it cause GOD to reject me?  

I can't recall all the titles I have right now, but some in this category might be Hotel Rwand - about the genocide of a people group. Maybe Waterworld - about a man becoming a fish creature as a testament to evolution.  Anything with profanity, violence, crime, sex, lying, nudity, or other sinful things.

In listening to music I face the same problems.

I am going through my belongings again, trying to downsize the the very least amount of possessions I can.  I say downsizing to the things I still want to have when I die, for whatever reasons.  My treasures have changed in that new definition.

How do we make our lives holy in a world like ours?  What does GOD expect of us?  Are we a true example to others when we haven't eliminated all these questionable possessions from our daily lives?  Can we even control what is pushed on us - like the ads we are forced to see in our emails, on search results, etc.?

If you have some answers, please share them with me so I can think about them.  I am still searching for answers I can believe in.

In Christ,  Deb  <3

01 October, 2021

FAITH FRIDAY :: 1 OCT 2021 - When GOD is 24-hours

I have a hard time separating life from GOD... compartments of life that some think GOD is not involved in.  Every day, 24-hours-a-day, that's the real GOD.

So, where is He when people are hurting?  When I am hurting.  I still think about that, more when I am in the middle of a hard season.  The answers are never clear.  We want Him to do everything for our suffering, but that is not GOD.

As I search for my answers, different parts of the Bible come to mind.

This week I remembered Paul's sufferings.  They didn't go away, they weren't prevented, he didn't see his ministry as separated from his sufferings.  

This week I thought of the martyrs under the throne.  I think of them a lot.  Some are linked to the sufferings of the Tribulation.  All have died for their faith.  As I have often thought about them, and their place in the 1000 years of being with the Lord as priests, I decided that suffering is what leads to our place in heaven.  These martyrs will not experience the second death, those of us who just die in salvation will have to go through that event.

I wonder if I am strong enough to die because I am faithful.

The Bible tells us our family might become our enemies because they choose not to believe.  That has been a hard one for me.  Watching this world take over their faith, lead them astray.  

I understand Brittany Spears was raised Christian.  It must be very hard for her parents.  

I have heard that Marilyn Manson was raised Christian.  

Now I hear that the children and grandchildren of Anita Bryant have fallen away from their godly heritage.  

How hard it is to think of our loved ones in the suffering of hell and the Lake of Fire forever.  The daily hurts we have to endure.

The world wants the eternities of those we care about.  That is when I think of Samson and his parents.

My children know the difference between right and wrong, have been baptized, and battle the problems of surviving and addictions and choosing GOD over the temptations of this world.  It is their choice, and sometimes their pain.

I had to choose.  You have to choose.  Each of us can only save ourselves.

With the internet I suffer with the things I see done to women and children because men are the "leaders" in their cultures.  I thought we need to find a way to share how GOD sees a man's place in a family, in a community.  

How can we live in this world that keeps growing more evil?

I really don't know.

I keep seeking GOD for the answers -- for myself and for all Christians.

I think about these global problems in case GOD allows me to do something about them, through Working Together, as myself, in the final years of my life.  What would you do to solve some of these problems if GOD provided you with the ability to do something?

It all takes money.

What is the priority of our ministries when our own are suffering?

With the pandemic we have seen a huge change in what it means to live, work, spend.  We have lost faith, freedoms, and our future.  What will we become now?  

The Antichrist is near.  Maybe not in our lifetimes (Boomers), but soon.  All these changes with the government in the pandemic seem to be orchestrated to get us to be willing to let the government be our absolute ruler and authority, without GOD.

Prophecy is true.  It will happen.  It is happening.  How can we prepare for it?

How can we become the ONE Body of Christ in this world?

Deb  <3

24 September, 2021

FAITH FRIDAY :: 24 SEP 2021 - Housing ideas and Faith in GOD's will for our lives

Well, I almost forgot it was Friday again!  :-)  I was browsing videos at You Tube.  Housing is a big topic for me.  I watch a lot of Tiny House videos, and found one by a channel called Invisible People.  I think they are in the Los Angeles area of California, but that was only a guess.  I made a very long comment about the isse, which I kept for my records, but I think I will share it here.  I mentioned several of my own ideas on housing and government... maybe one of my readers will be able to use them to help the homeless in their area.

Let me know if you think any of these quickly shared ideas has any hope of being implemented !!


Well, just going to add my comments to the conversation... not sure they will be seen at this date.  I hear comments only register right after posting.  :-)

I heard Santa Monica so I am guessing it's a CA location.

I heard safe zone is only for COVID reasons.  Where will she go as restrictions are lifted.

I wonder if there are any worthwhile updates about her situation... housing, job, future?

I read some of your materials but relying on the government to be all answers to all people is  not going to help the nation.  Taxes can only go so far.  The government has promised too much, abused the funds it has already received, and doesn't seem to think it will ever go bankrupt because, after all, the people can pay more, right?!

The options that are available need government approval, not always funding.  That is a long hard and sometimes futile process.  People like you can make changes on your own.  You are a charity.  Raise funds for housing projects.  Buy land and build a community for the people you are advocating for.

Tiny Houses are legal in California... see what you can do with them... will you make decent housing or just something to cover a human from the elements?  Rehab old trailers, RVs, make cheap containers into housing, create something like a KOA for a small homeless community - they would house tents, cars, campers, and even include cabins for some. 

I think a quarter acre is right for a family, but urban housing often exists on a tenth of an acre.  Buy them all over the city, by transit for poverty transportation needs, and create single living spaces.

I think homeless options exist on the top floors of parking garages.  They have water pipes (for fire requirements) so they can be divided by parking spaces and be modified for cooking and showers and laundries.  Parking garages are generally by transit I think.  Security options can be created to protect all.  The idea is to STABILIZE, so no time requirements... duplicate the options to include more homeless people.

Churches have been a resource for centuries.  The problem is zoning... again, the government needs to approve changes that don't cost money.  Porta-potties seem to work for this option.  Electricity can be worked out.  Help can be found in the congregations. Some churches are by transit.  Some church members have skills that might help a homeless person or family... like mechanics to fix cars or trucks.  Once a church finds out if the person is worth helping more, there might be more opportunities for the individual or family.  Time is always a good thing when people are good people.

Find out what exact properties the city (govt) owns that might be available for use.  Make sure you get an agreement in writing that says the project is forever or there will just be another problem in the future.  Make a purchase of any land by transit or some life need.  Create housing there.

I have the idea that housing needs to stop being a subsidy for the developers and become a small income source for the government.  See if you can get them to establish a new home ownership program where the payment is the traditional government charge of 30% of income... it will change the future for everyone in the whole USA once it gets going.  It becomes non-tax income, but there needs to be a fund in place to pay for the property when a new buyer is created, which would be a pre-approved homeless person.  The seller would see an income from their efforts to improve their property over the years of ownership...maybe use that to buy a new home for themselves.

Look for ways to house people that will take them off the streets and provide for their human needs...spread the efforts all over the city so all the homeless are not in one general space like Skid Row... FIND places, look for things you can do, what other non-profits can do, what the homeless can do for themselves.

viewed  24 SEPT 2021  [probably about 10pm]

COMMENT on this video  ::  https://youtu.be/nT3VGI0V5Rs

Homeless Woman Has a Masters in Mathematics and Engineering

2,174,807 views Apr 21, 2021  -  50K hands up  -  1.1K hands down

Invisible People  -  986K subscribers


Other than that, I have been fighting the battle to survive myself.

I finally did some experimenting with my resin supplies yesterday.  I am happy about the experience.  I now have to decide what to do with the pieces I made.  With resin there is a layering process.  I am trying to create things I can sell at my ETSY or EBAY shops, or provide as a benefit to my PATREON supporters.

I haven't been doing good with my ART efforts the past couple of weeks.  Been busy with other things.  I cut about three watercolor paper pads into sections to use.  Now to use them.  

Eventually, I will find the crafting directions I want to focus on.

FAITH... it's been a slow path recently.  I think it seems to follow the amount of struggling I do in my life, the harder it is the more I seek GOD.  That seems to be the way it goes for all of us... we just see the suffering, GOD sees the lesson to be learned... or the part of His plan that needs to be accomplished... or the consequences of our sins or someone else's sins.  

I have always figured GOD is up to something if I can't find a way out of what is happening.

Maybe it is my life He's working in, or maybe it is someone else's.  I have to trust Him either way... look for the answers, and wait if I can't find them.

I shared an old photo I found recently on one of my Patreon posts.  I think I will end with it here.  I pray GOD is close to us and helping us to find our answers.  GOD is the only person I have ever had to trust in.  I think I will keep my focus on Him.

17 September, 2021

FAITH FRIDAY :: 17 sept 2021 - Finding GOD in the struggle.

Hello to all -  Friday is here.  

I often wonder what to share here.  My weeks are full of thoughts about GOD and us and where prophecy is leading us.  I tend to be serious about these topics, and they are the meaning of my life. 

Life is filled with so much good and so much bad... the bad seems to scream louder because it is painful to deal with.  It is why we call out to GOD for help.  When GOD doesn't take away the hurt, we think He doesn't care.  It's been a search of mine to figure out what GOD does in our lives... how he acts, moves, deals with sin, and accomplishes prophecy without compromising His Words.

We trust GOD because He doesn't lie.

What does that mean in real life... throughout history... in our times and the days that lie ahead.  I spent many many years searching for answers.  I haven't been able to do that in recent history, but I still remember the things I discovered.  

I fairly recently purchased this little journal at a Dollar Tree... so I could put it in a place where I would be reminded that nothing can change the past... to try to find a better future.  It does help.  I have it next to my computer space.

Those of us with less than acceptable pasts have a hard time getting over the shadow they cast on every future step we take.

Faith is the only thing that helps me keep going.

This is a mug I designed a long while ago.  I like this half of the design, but decided to make a new mug without the other side on this one... I'm working on what to replace the statement with... the statement on the other side... or maybe just duplicate this design on both sides so it can be seen by people with both left- and right-handed grasps.

The mug that really matters is my mug about the Body of Christ... with two designs and both of them essential to the message... and bot part of my effort called  Working Together  (work2gather.us) - which is all about getting us together and protected for the hard days of prophecy before the Antichrist comes to kill us.

You can see this at my ETSY shop or my EBAY shop.  The other side has my 5-line expression of what salvation is all about, and how it makes us ONE Body of Christ...

One God
One Bible
One Christ
One Salvation
One Body

This mug is what I want every Christian to have in their lives... and share with others.  It is brief and it shares the main elements of our place in this life.  I hope you will consider purchasing some for everyone you know that claims the salvation of Christ.

Since creating it, I am the only one who has purchased it.

I hope that changes soon.

Selling products is the way I hoped to support myself and build Working Together, because my life, my past, doesn't allow traditional methods.  That is still my goal.

I keep this news page with me because of the title and the space it shows... it is suppose to be a photo of a property that was 40 acres large.  I need more than that for WT, but as a local option, it was inspiring.  I had wanted another property in Oregon that was also 40 acres of farmland.  It would allow a lot of growth, either as farmland or as development in an urban location.  Forty acres seems large until you start building.

As time passed and I couldn't find a way to raise funds, I had to search for GOD's meaning in the lack of provision.  I find the Enemy has violated my life and efforts in ways I never thought possible.  We have entered a new world.  Technology has changed a lot.  We can't avoid the actions of non-believers, so I keep looking for GOD's path forward.

Whatever happens, we need to remain faithful to what GOD has taught us and our salvation.  I heard a sermon sometime recently, maybe this week, and it talked about the ten days we will be thrown in prison and only those who remain faithful will keep the crown of righteousness and heaven.  It makes me think of the Jews in the prison camps... and great suffering that I cannot even imagine.

Our times may get hard, but if we gather together to help each other, it will be a strength for everyone.

My focus is food, shelter, and protection... with everything else becoming part of the work as GOD provides for it.  So... I keep looking for land that will provide what we need when the time comes.

Join me in my efforts.

Deborah Martin,
Founder and Owner
Working Together Inc
1987 to present


10 September, 2021

FAITH FRIDAY :: 10 SEPT 2021 - Thinking about America and 9/11

 It is always a hard time for me when 9/11 gets here.  This year it is 20 years since it happened.  I feel it was a turning point for our nation because we have strayed from our spiritual foundations.  To me, it was a sign that GOD's Hand of Protection has left us.

In the flow of prophecies about the End Times, morality and spiritual commitments are going to go away.  Living in these times is hard.  I don't want my country to lose the blessings that are part of being dedicated to GOD, saved by Jesus, trusting ourselves to the Will of GOD.  There is nothing in the Bible that says GOD has to keep protecting us when we fail to keep Him first in our lives.  Even Israel fell away and was forced to endure judgments for their sins and faithlessness.

Last year I discovered a YouTube video about how people with boats rushed to help after the Twin Towers were hit and later collapsed. It was a short video, but was very inspiring.  I hoped it would become a good memory for this major Anniversary of the event.  I wanted a hard copy to keep forever.

I just searched for it... here is the link ::  https://youtu.be/18lsxFcDrjo

BOATLIFT - An Untold Tale of 9/11 Resilience (HD Version)

That's the best I can do with the copy and paste option for info from the video page.  :-)  Tom Hanks is the narrator.  It was the ten year anniversary production.

We are not a godly nation anymore.

It is good to see something like this.

So, I am still praying for a lot of the same things in my life.  Thinking about how GOD provides, and what causes the things you pray for to not get to you.  

We can find different views of prayer and provision in the Bible.  I think I must not have the faith that makes it possible -- you know, the faith that will move a mountain, the faith where Jesus says that whatever we ask will be done -- and then there's the part that says we don't get because we ask amiss, to fulfill our lusts for things.  Then there's the knocking on the door passage... knock, seek, find.  :-)   

Which one applies?  (to my prayers.)

Faith is not a simple thing, unless you are that child the Bible talks about.  haha

I am still kind of stuck on the concept of "Free Will" and how it affects us as a person, a nation, a world... even the fulfillment of prophecy.  I don't know if you read about what happened (this year, I think) when I was writing a statement about Herod killing all the innocent babies because he wanted to kill the baby Jesus.  Herod was fulfilling a prophecy.  Could anything change that?  I don't know... I don't think so.  What GOD did was to warn Joseph and send him to a safer place until Herod was dead... and that became the fulfillment of another prophecy.

It's a huge example of how GOD works in our world.

We want GOD to end our suffering, to bring us the things we need (or want) so we don't have to deal with the pain of not having them.  He can't do that.  What would it look like if every single prayer by every single person was answered?  It's an impossible event.

So what does that mean to our lives?

I have shared these things before, somewhere in my writings, but I finally came up with a statement to clarify the whole matter of sin and suffering and free will, at least in my mind. I want to make it into something that can be shared, something that will be read more than once, maybe something that will fit into a Bible.

We suffer because others choose to sin, 

others suffer because we choose to sin.

Think about it. We are responsible for the condition of our world because of our choices... all of us... everyone.  It isn't GOD that has made all the suffering in our lives... but it is easy to blame Him, to expect Him to fix the consequences of every sin.

9/11 is an example of this ripple effect I talk about.  Innocent people died because someone hated America.  That's what we think caused it.  Why did they hate us?  What did they hope to accomplish by doing these actions?

I want to see GOD's people protected... somehow... as the End Times get worse and become what prophecy tells us they will become.

How can we do that? 

Well, let me know your ideas.  

I say to become One Body of Christ, in each community... so we can make sure everyone that is Christian or Jew or in need of care/protection is safe.  We can be the answer to each other's prayers.

03 September, 2021

FAITH FRIDAY :: Food and other things. ARTWORKS!

It has been another long week... I have been doing a lot of serious thinking, making some serious comments at social media and other places, and working on my PATREON posting efforts. I thought I had a new schedule that would work for the rest of the year, but I am trying to find a way to post all the same info one time and then the separate info to each tier.  I see two posts or an attachment for the solution so far.  :-)

We just have to keep looking until we find the way we need to go.

Today I harvested my two containers of potatoes.  :-)  That was a fun experience.  haha  I have finished cleaning up after the fun, and may be ready for winter weather already!

If you don't remember, I started a container of organic white potatoes first.  The green tops on that container died first, but it still had a little green growing so I wasn't sure if I should dump the thing and look for potatoes.  My son says they rot if you leave them in the soil after the tops have browned.  He had already harvested his, I waited a week more I think.  This was the first container I harvested this morning.

I don't have the photos on my computer yet, so I can't share them here.  I may try to do that later.  There were more very small potatoes in the white harvest.  I washed off about five or six of the largest in that bunch and lots of little black holes were all over them.  One had the black part going all the way into the potato.  (There was only one - largest - potato casualty when I dumped the container  :-)  I haven't checked the rest of the potatoes yet.

I have nothing to compare a harvest with, so I am just telling you what I found.

Later I went back and dumped the store-bought red potato container.  Lots more of the larger ones, less of the smaller ones.  I haven't cleaned these yet so I have no idea if they are edible - without lots of disease.

That's my first "successful" growing of potatoes.  I figure I will learn more and try another way to grow them next year.  :-)

I made my first fermented cabbage into a meal today.  It was pretty good!  I love kielbasa and sauerkraut with potatoes... so, you can guess, I used my new potato harvest to make some.  I recently fermented the cabbage (for about a week) with a brine recipe that uses 1 teaspoon kosher salt to each cup of water.  --  The brine formula seems to be important, so that is why I am sharing the one I finally used.  It is the easiest one I found.  --  With new potatoes and new fermented cabbage, I was ready to find out what it would taste like!  :-)

I was surprised at how good it tasted. Fermented cabbage doesn't have as much sour to it.  It cooked up great, didn't take long.  I will be trying more fermented foods over time.

Now I am trying to ferment some of the tomatoes I got at the Farmer's Market... they are like large cherry tomatoes.  I don't know what variety they are, but they are little round things about the size of a golf ball.  I watched a video by Pro Home Cook and he made them.  I didn't have enough to fill the jar I had, but I added some onions, too.  I am wondering how this will end up as tomatoes usually split with water.

How to use fermented foods is a challenge for me.  My son suggested the sauerkraut option.  I hadn't thought about it.  I was thinking sandwiches.  I don't know what the tomatoes will end up like so I am not sure what to do with them yet.  I have to find some other veggies to ferment.

Food.  We don't think about it until we don't have any.

I bought some lottery tickets because when I was at the store the reader said they were over 300 million dollars.  I haven't checked them yet, but if someone won from this area, I am sure I would have heard about it.  It's a divisive issue in the church.  Is it gambling if you just buy one ticket?  Is BINGO gambling?  For me, it's a search for funding for Working Together.  A big maybe, but still a possibility.  I haven't been able to raise even enough money for my own life with online efforts, and I would never qualify for a loan.  It seems like my only option.  So, I buy a ticket when the prize gets huge.  I figure it would have to be a miracle of GOD for me to win!  As far as I know, I'm still looking for funds.  :-)

I won't share the serious things I have been thinking about this week... maybe in the future.

I did spend HOURS trying to get my photo all downloaded to my computer so I can sort through them and see what I have, what I want to keep, what matters.  Here are a few before I go.

Have a great weekend.  May GOD be near the suffering, where ever they are, and may he bring the Body of Christ together to help and protect each other as our struggles increase.

These are some art I made a long time ago... maybe 2002, I'm not sure right now as I write this.     The photos are bad, but they have to do for now.

27 August, 2021

FAITH FRIDAY :: 27 AUG 2021 - Thinking about how GOD fits into our lives.

 It has been a long week!

I am working on making a better schedule for my posting activities, and I finally found something I think I can live with...  weekly posts instead of several days a week posting for some tiers.

I may have shared that I am trying to increase my income and create a better retirement for myself by making PATREON the main focus for my online life.  It has been a long struggle, with little results, but I trust that GOD will do what He says He will do... provide for us and to protect us, not arriving too soon or too late... always right on time.  I hope the blessings are shared with me soon!  Christmas is coming!   :-)

I got pretty serious about spiritual issues a few times (or more) this week.  I post replies to videos and social media posts, to emails, to anything that raises up a flag for me.  We are fighting so many battles these days... at every turn.  I sense that our lives are violated in ways we cannot comprehend, or control, or change.  This is the power of technology, and what will allow the ANTICHRIST to rule.

I answered a survey for Melissa Norris and that led to some thoughts about food and land and shelter.  I shared that we can stretch to help people with shelter needs if we have land, but how do we find food in a serious crisis...  (not a direst quote, just the idea of what I said.)  food is a finite resource and we all must have it to live.  It is a scary thought.  If we have food and others do not, they will take it from us.

Then there was the adoption issue... about kids who get tossed around the system all their lives and then thrown out into the world with little or nothing.  How can anyone help them?

I guess my laments are about money... not having the funds to make change happen.

That all goes back to GOD -- His provision.

Faith is such a hard thing to do when GOD is not doing what we want Him to. 

How does FAITH work in your life?

I have been seeking GOD about these issues for my lifetime.  I hear our own versions of rhetoric and then I wonder about real people and real life.  I see how GOD works in my life, in your life I only see the tragedies or the testimonies, neither of which are fully known or verified to me.

I read the Bible and I see the same words as others, but my experience tells me there may be more than one "truth" about them... especially those parts where denominations disagree or cults claim as the basis of their faith.  It's a very hard thing to make a final decision on.  I just try to find my own answers and trust that GOD will see my honest searching when judgment time comes.

One of my hopes for Working Together was to bring all the leaders of all the denominations and groups that claim to have the truth about everything in the Bible together every summer from the 4th of July to the end of forty days... mid-August some time.  I called it FORTY DAYS IN THE WILDERNESS because the Israelites wandered in the desert for forty years.  I know the differences between us won't go away easily, but if we return to the table to discuss the reasons why we feel our version is the right one, maybe we will all find GOD's viewpoint and change into the ONE Body of Christ we are meant to be.

It was a good idea, I think, because other ministries started doing Forty Days of Prayer, and some other forms of the concept.  I always wonder why GOD didn't provide for WT to start that.  With technology, the event, the discussions, everything could be online, with options for public comments and involvement.

I had some great ideas, but no money to get them going.

It can still be done.  We just need to make the space and find the leaders who can seriously represent their denominations.

How can we become ONE BODY in Christ It is really important that we do.  All these divisions make us weak, like the divisions in our families, our communities, our countries.  We need to protect each other.

I guess FAITH means we think GOD is going to do it for us...which He will, to a point.  That saying we hear all the time :: "God helps those who help themselves."  ::  is it really true?  Do we make it happen, or does GOD?  This has been an ongoing discussion in my mind and life.  Some "blessings" come from Satan.  How do we know when they are from GOD?

It isn't easy to be a believer.  :-)

I better stop here or I will go on forever with all kinds of conflicting thoughts about Faith.  I hope we find these answers together... as a single group of people who believe in what the Bible says, what GOD is all about, and want to do our best to follow Him.

I made a mug out of my own statement about what the BODY OF CHRIST is... I'm going to share a link here.  Maybe you can buy one, or two, or three.... so I can increase my income and find a better old age than my poverty life has been.  :-)

Inspirational CHRISTIAN MUG in 11oz & 15oz sizes two | Etsy

15-ounce White Ceramic Mug - Original CHRISTIAN Message on the Body of Christ | eBay

20 August, 2021

FAITH FRIDAY :: Living in the End Times. What does that mean?


This is my life's meaning... 

I started WT after lots of suffering.

Starting it seems to have caused a lot of suffering.

I am not sure what GOD is trying to accomplish through me, but WT is really important to the larger Body of Christ.

Defining the End Times is hard.

I tend to think of the Antichrist for my focus and our corporate spiritual existence, as Christians.  After he gets here, there won't be a need to help Christians survive.  We will be exterminated.

Still, others will still live past us, and we hope some of them will turn to GOD, be saved by their discovering Christ and trusting in His sacrifice for them.

So what is our place in the larger view of what the End Times mean?  How do we prepare, how do we use our resources for the larger needs, how can we be sure our efforts will last beyond us?

These are the things I think about... whether WT exists or not.

I took a long time creating this design.  Parts became one.  What matters to me is the fact that we need to see ourselves as ONE Body of Christ.  Our divisions make us weak.  We can see the effects of our weakness in the news these days.

I wonder if this weakness is part of our planned decline - to fulfill GOD's Words about the End Times.  Or are we causing the decline because of our choices...  I don't know.

I was 23 when I entered the Welfare system and discovered a lot of things about poverty I never even considered as I was growing up.  In 1987, when I finally registered WT as a corporation, I was about 34.  I am almost 70 now.  It doesn't seem to be my task anymore.  Now I am looking for GOD's Will about the future of WT.  Who will protect GOD's people?

I know our lives have specific meanings in the course of time.  The Bible stories are all I have to refer to and find GOD's way of dealing with Mankind.  What is GOD doing in our time?  The answers seem hidden, so I keep searching for them.

Whatever GOD's reasons for the way my life unfolded, they are His.  I tried the best I could to do what I felt was right... and then there are those times I slowly fell away from GOD, into sins of need and confusion.  Returning to GOD's path was the only choice.  We know that, but we still fall away.  I think that is what they call "the flesh" in sermons.  It never leads to happiness, we just think it will.

I don't know how I get off on these topics.  :-)  I hope they are not doing harm to anyone.  I know this world is not wanting us to stand with GOD for anything.  As it gets worse, it may become even harder to stay faithful.  How to help Christians stay true to GOD and salvation and each other is one of the hopes of Working Together.

What do you think the Body of Christ is?

How would you solve our global problems, our lack of unity, our need to become ONE in Christ?  Is there any hope we can reach that goal?  Will GOD have to cause greater pain and suffering to make us start doing what we should have done long ago?

Tell me how you think we can protect ourselves as persecution increases.  Not just for our families, but for the whole church, for the communities we live in, for the countries that exist, and the social / moral changes we are seeing.

In Christ,  Deb <3

13 August, 2021

FAITH FRIDAY :: Waiting for GOD

 Every week seems to be longer and longer for me... so many things to do, and I wonder when GOD will provide for the things I need.  

It seems like Satan is winning the battles, even though I know he isn't... 

I guess Satan is accomplishing prophecy, like he did when he moved the Jews to kill Jesus.  Even Satan thought the Christ would rise in power, which is why he worked so hard to kill Him. Satan didn't understand that by Christ's death we would be able to be saved... without the need to make blood sacrifices of animals to atone for our sins. 

When I was studying all this, and trying to find answers for myself, I discovered some perspectives I had never seen before - about GOD, Jesus, Man, Sin, Salvation, Judgment, and more.  The apostles were "waiting" for Jesus to rise up and take back their power in the world...all the way until Jesus was taken and crucified.

It is very hard to have a faith you were taught, then a faith you discovered for yourself, then a faith that doesn't seem to work the way you expect it to.  :-)  

We don't always wait for the right things.

We want GOD to avenge us right away, to provide immediately, to be our servant instead of our God.  

I am still searching for answers about how GOD works in our lives every day, and what the Bible tells us about the things that happen.  It isn't an easy search.  GOD doesn't do things the way we do.

Pray with me about the needs of our people, pray for me that GOD will provide for His work soon.  Thanks.

In Christ,

Deborah Martin, Working Together Inc

06 August, 2021

FAITH FRIDAY :: Preparing for Christian survival.

 I was just sending a reply to AFA about government legislation & LGBT issues...asking what the Christian Community really needs to focus on as Prophecy becomes reality.  It is always on my mind.  

How hard do we fight?  

Where do we put our tithing dollars?  

We have many ministries, including churches and global organizations, and the income we use to donate is getting harder to find.  People all over the world depend on US charity to exist.  Persecution will bring more need and less resources.  How do we prepare for that reality?

I have my thoughts.

This problem is why I started Working Together (WT) many many years ago.  The poverty GOD put into my life showed me the problems that were going to become important in the future.

  • One big issue is the fact that non-profit status has become a tool of Satan to silence the church.  -  I like to point out that GOD took care of His church before non-profit status.
  • Another big issue is that the government is struggling.  It wants more tax income.  One of the main tax-free groups are non-profits.  I suppose that government rule will reach the day when only church-related groups will be forced into tax-paying status, but until then they will have to eliminate all tax-free options just to include the church.

Many understand that the tithe is the first thing to go away in a financial crisis.  We just don't seem to do what GOD requires of us unless forced somehow.  The tithe is one act of faith that shows us what GOD is capable of doing and shows Him we trust Him to keep His Word.  This action is what provides for the church, for its ministers, for its congregations, for its poor.  I vaguely recall hearing sermons that said the church already doesn't tithe.  What will happen when global crises start happening?

As jobs go away just because we are Christians, what will the church of these unemployed people do to help them?  This won't be a small benevolence check, provided once.  I see the need for permanent systems to be created to meet the growing needs of persecuted people, people who never ask until they are desperate, people who look for GOD's provision in other places, people who struggle with their faith when there isn't anyone to be found who will help them.

We all think the "Body of Christ" is our back-up plan.  We believe GOD will use them to help us.  We look to our church as a final resource.  Unfortunately, none of these prove true when the hard time comes.  

I call it a "bottleneck" problem... and the church office is the bottleneck.  The people in the pews can't access the entire church with their needs because (I think) the staff desire all the resource access for their own programs and plans.  There is no established way for the people in the pews to reach the whole church, they have to go through the staff, and there is generally no mention of those things at regular services.

I have to admit I haven't been able to go to regular services for a number of years... things may have changed, but I doubt it, especially with the lockdowns.

I also know that some Christian crowdfunding platforms have tried to meet the needs of the people of faith.  Faith Launcher, which I tried, died and was sold to another platform, which is trying to act as a church fundraiser.  I don't have any information on how successful they have been.

I know that, in my poverty, benevolence funds had limits from $5 to $25, and programs like the Salvation Army or St. Vincent de Paul had limits for different needs.  In times where persecution involves everyone in the church, the needs will be ongoing.  We are not ready to help each other in those kinds of times.

If everyone is poor, will we be ready to share?

My solutions were multiple but (alas!) I couldn't find the funds to get started.  Over so many years and hard times, different efforts, being too weak to ask or do at different times, being homeless and without the necessary resources to operate, looking for GOD's source, trying to find His Plan for WT.  It's a much bigger problem than anyone realizes.

I think the problem is we think GOD's approval is attached to our abundance.  I suppose that is a natural attitude.  We see the abundance of JOB, but not the faith and provision of the poor and ordinary faithful.  When someone like me asks, especially if I am a stranger, my poverty says to the church that GOD is not blessing me... I must be living in sin.  :-)

My point is that the people who have supported a church for entire lifetimes are expecting that church to help them when they have a need, someday.  I don't think the church will be able to meet those needs.

And that is why we have to change.

We have to prepare... somehow.

In creating a farm for food, we are expecting GOD to do miracles when the time comes and we depend on Him for our survival.

In creating businesses we are preparing jobs for our people.

In building up our Missions, we are creating an emergency process.

In organizing our properties for group needs, we are making places for others to live and work and remain a part of our community.  

No one knows what the future holds, but prophecy tells us the path to the Antichrist will not be good.  We can see our own nation becoming something we don't recognize as good, free, brave, or Christian anymore.

One of the things I use to compare the time it takes to prepare is the growth of a fruit tree ::  It can take ten years before it has the fruit you want to harvest to eat.

How long do we have to prepare?

31 July, 2021

FAITH FRIDAY :: GOD and us - how does it work?

I am starting this post at 11:50 PM on Friday !!!  How could I forget it was Friday?!   :-)

Well, not looking at my daily to-do list might be one reason.  haha

It's been a long week of thinking about GOD and how He fits into our lives.  I wish it was easy.  We tend to think GOD is responsible for everything that happens to us.  I think there is some kind of separation between cause and effect, but I haven't fully decided what it is.

I've been getting up in the very early morning for a couple days... to care for some chickens where I live.  Summers mean early light and late dark.  Hard to dothese days as a senior.  :-)  I need the weekend to recover!  :-)    I also used the time for some yardwork.  The puppies where I live and the heat.  The chickens in the heat.  Sorting my room, my supplies.  And trying to make plans to reach my goals.

Everything takes time.  I find it hard to spend, so I am looking for ways to get the right things done... the 80:20 Rule I shared about.

One time I decided that tithing time meant using 2.4 hours for my time with GOD and spiritual activities.  Maybe Bible time and prayer.  I tried it, but it was a job just to keep track of what I considered GOD time.  It fell by the wayside... but is still part of my thoughts when I am working on my planning activities. 

One time I worked out the average schedule and needs of a person by the day and by the week.  I ended up with what we call our work week.  I was trying to decide how much time I would have to build my business. We have to eat and sleep and do the dishes and take showers and shop and lots of other daily tasks just to live.  I was actually amazed that the only time left was a traditional work week.  When I saw that, I also saw that goals need time that we don't always have, and how do we change our lives to do the things that need to get done...

I am still looking for that answer.

Today I found another idea for saving money.  I was at YouTube and found a video about using envelopes to save about $5K over a year using just 100 envelopes numbered 1 to 100. It's easy to save the small amounts, but the larger ones are a big issue with my budget.  Still, it makes the process different and more achievable.  I think I will try some version of it.  (There was also the 51-week challenge.)

Money has always been a large hurdle for me.  It will change my ability to reach my crafting and ministry goals.  I will be excited if I can save that much money.  Probably in 2022, but sooner if I can.

You might like to watch this video.  I shared it at my Patreon post.  It is about goals.  It helped me to remember the best ideas for reaching my goals.  It is part of my thoughts today, now, and until I can find the right things to list on my daily sheet, and do.


Let me know if you think they are good for doing.

In Christ,

Deborah Martin,  work2gather.us   

23 July, 2021

FAITH FRIDAY :: Suffering and its causes.

I got lost in a bunch of YouTube videos and nearly forgot it was Friday and I need to post!!!  Who knows what GOD will bring to mind... I think about spiritual issues all the time, but putting them into words is hard.

I just watched a video about a young person who has made his life about living in a van.  I am always looking at housing-related videos and have had to live in a van before, so watching the details he was sharing about how he converted his van for homeless living was something that interested me.

There were only four videos on his channel, dating to six months ago, but the channel was created a little bit before that, maybe six months if I recall right.  I didn't take notes.  So he is still a question mark in truth-sharing.  

His van was very interesting.

I thought about how young he was, and how hard homeless living is... and how dangerous it can be.  I didn't have any choices in the matter... I think he did.  I told him I hope he stays safe.  And I told him he could help others with his life experience.  I hope he does both.

How do we know where our lives will lead us?  We don't.  The Bible say we make our plans but GOD is the true author of where we actually go... He leads us to our future in so many ways.

I also wrote a comment on one of the SEE LIFE 2021 videos Focus on the Family is currently sharing.  It was about unplanned pregnancies.  In my own thinking about how GOD works in our lives I believe there is some kind of connection between our freedom to choose the path of our lives, each day, and GOD's promise that He will make good out of the bad things that happen to us.  In my comment I shared how the Bible tells us GOD can control the womb, that we get pregnant because of His Plans sometimes... that every life has a purpose.  We may sin, but GOD can turn the damage that sin does in our lives into something that is good in our lives or the lives of others.

I have created little proverbs for myself as life took me into places I never planned to be... one of them was about the things we can control vs the things we can't.  Sometimes we have to deal with the results of others' choices.  There isn't anything we can do to change it.  

I often think of the Israelites being imprisoned by their enemies as a judgment for their sins... 400 years I believe it was one time.  I remember they neglected the Sabbath and eventually had to pay for it by a judgment.  It may have been the 400 years, but I can't recall right now.  It's a silly thought, but I also think about how they wouldn't have been honoring the Sabbath as prisoners of their enemies.  :-)

It is my interest in prison reform that brings these issues into my thoughts.

It is my own suffering that also makes me try to understand what comes from GOD and what comes from Man, or myself.

This all leads to the question :: What is my responsibility in the painful parts of my life?

I suppose I have seen a book about suffering by almost every pastor I have followed.  It is one of the hardest questions in Faith.  Everyone wants to blame GOD for every bad thing that exists.  I don't think it is GOD, but I also know that somethings have been beyond my own ability to control.  Somewhere in the middle of all the ideas we have about GOD and Man and sin and suffering is a principle, a Truth, but is it the same answer for each of us?  I don't think so.

We all are different.  We make our choices based on our particular lives.  GOD is involved in our lives in unique ways because our purposes, our reason for living, our place in the Body of Christ is different.  

All poor people may have things in common, but that doesn't mean GOD is orchestrating the pains of poverty the same in each poor person's life.

I think the sermons we hear are often messages that sound good, what we want to believe, but the reality of suffering and other grey areas of theology is that we don't really know what GOD is up to.

I think of Moses a lot... how his parents kept him alive, how they had to trust GOD to save him, how the Pharaoh's daughter was childless, how she found the child, how an older girl just happened to be there, how Moses was sent back to his mother until he was weaned, how Moses' family were able to watch their child grow without being able to be his family -- all to keep him alive.  GOD protected Moses in the only way He could at that time in history, preparing Moses for the plan GOD had for his life.

How GOD works in our lives is that big "mystery" -- we have to keep our eyes on GOD and trust that He will accomplish His Will through it all.

I keep reminding myself that "GOD is able..." and that He isn't my servant, I am his servant.  He is the Boss.  I am the "employee."  When life doesn't work out the way I want it to, I bring GOD into focus as the One in charge.

It helps, but still hurts.

I would hate for anything bad to happen to that young man in the van.  I hope he doesn't have to learn a lesson that hurts, one that can change his life forever, or take it away.  There are bad people on the streets.  Not everyone, but enough to hurt or kill innocent and trusting people.  I wish all the time there was some way to keep everyone from the pains of evil, but I don't have that power.

I have to trust that GOD will help those who truly need His help, who trust in Him, who put their faith in Him, and who cannot survive without Him.

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

16 July, 2021

FAITH :: Friday Update... that sounds good - Faith Friday. What do you think? :-)

 Change is always a challenge.  I have read it takes at least twelve weeks to create a NEW habit.  I'm working on one month, less than a month actually... JULY for now.

It's my Sabbath Prep day, and my planned schedule has fallen by the wayside.  This whole week has been taken over by summer and budget activities.  

We (I) will carry on and find the right solution for increasing my income.

It looks like PATREON will be my main journal site for now... up to daily, depending on how life goes.... AND mostly craft topics I think... life affects work, including crafting.  Not sure what the final content will be for journaling.  

I will be looking for spiritual topics for this blog posting page.  I could write about a lot of things, but I need to decide what to share with my readers here.  Every day I search GOD about so many things, but don't really share all that here.  I hope to start doing that because Working Together's blog will be moving into new content efforts, too.

I will look forward to hearing your views in the comment section.  I think I have it set up to screen comments so I won't have any really bad ones (in GOD's eyes, not serious discussions) available for public viewing.  I did find a commercial from one of my posting commenters somewhere.  It seems to be a necessary step.

The future is going to be filled with things we never thought possible, and in the Enemy's hands will be very destructive.  I try to understand GOD's place and our place in the middle of violence and persecution.  The Nazis are the main historical reference, but the Bible tells us a lot about how GOD handles the evils of life.  I hope to share my thoughts on some of those things.

Until then,

Deborah Martin

The graphic is an important message for all of us... whatever denomination we claim.  We are the BODY OF CHRIST together... all of us... and we need to unite to care for each other as times get worse.

10 July, 2021

FAITH :: Just watched some End Time videos and had to comment on one...

Decided to share my comment to a YouTube video I watched...


"What If There Is NO Rapture?"  (work2gather.us)  --  Reliance on the THEORY of escaping the Antichrist is going to create a loss of faith in all those who exist at the time of the MARK of the Beast....  The souls below the throne, given white robes, are martyrs, including those who die in the midst of the Tribulation and the Mark.   PLEASE, share all the different versions of what could happen.  Each person must find their own answers because their soul is judged by their choices.  The ONLY RAPTURE in the Bible is at the end of the earth and heaven's existence, when fire destroys everything, which may be the sun exploding because it is already expanding, which may be the cause of our ozone destruction... there are many possibilities for everything...   I once read a part in the Bible which said 5000 people died as one-third of the lives destroyed... which would mean only 15K people were alive at that time.  This would mean global catastrophe/s occurred.  We don't KNOW the details, our positions are all theories of interpretation.   -- I think the Bible says that GOD will hold your soul accountable for the souls you mislead.  PLEASE, share more than what you think is the interpretation of Bible Prophecy! 

MY COMMENT on a youtube video...

Saturday, 10 JULY 2021

apx  5:05 pm

The End Times: Antichrist, Rapture, Final Battle & Christ's Return - Mark Hitchcock

470,393 views Sep 12, 2020

9.3K  hands up 

496    hands down

The channel is :: 



I am not sure what to do about all these seemingly popular speakers who share the same mistaken view of prophecy.  I hope to find GOD's answer to this problem soon.

The need to stand in FAIIH unto death at the time of the Antichrist is what our challenge will be... not taking the MARK of the Beast... becoming martyrs for our Faith...

We will not escape this requirement.

Tell me what you believe, and why.

Deborah Martin


09 July, 2021

FAITH :: Going to try Friday posting

 Hello again...

I've been working out the details of my "Christmas season" - which starts in JULY - and so far I will be working on a FRIDAY post here and a PATREON post on Mondays.  That's for now.

This month is all an experiment, but I want to try to find a good flow for all my tasks and efforts. Regular posting is important, so I need to get back to that commitment.

You may remember I am working on a NOTEBOOK plan to keep things organized.  It's been a long week of getting those spaces organized, changed, workable.  I will be improving my posts as I get my topics figured out. 

How to share my faith is what matters most to me... finding the topics that really matter is important to me... and getting my writing better is also important to me.  I hope this will be good path to those goals.

My notebooks will help me collect the things I want to share here.

Until next Friday...  Deb

06 July, 2021

FAITH :: Checking In and Sharing What's New

Hello, again...  My blogging efforts are really in sad shape.  I'm not sure what will happen with them, but we can find out together.  :-)

I have been working on how to get everything done, what to focus on first, and the path to the future.  It is an ongoing battle in my life.  I decided to try PROJECT  WEEKS and see if that gets my listings up and sales going.

The plan is to focus on one crafting project a week... like one week of art, one week of resins, one week of polymer clays, etc.  Then I can list what looks like it is worth buying!  :-)  

In the listing process, I am still trying to make PATREON my first priority.  My Patrons the special people in my life.  They will have access to Patreon-only options and products.  So I will have to work out how to achieve that.

My ETSY shop will be for other items.

My EBAY shop will be focused on AUCTION items and some BUY IT NOW options... I think finding my ART pricing there will be a starter action.  How does anyone know what their work is worth?!?  I have no idea!  I think it's a hit-or-miss target.

PAYPAL has an option to list things on social media and other spaces, so that will be a new option to try out.  I think that will be great.  I assume the fees will be PayPal only, but who knows...  I will try to remember to let you know.

BLOGGING is finding its place.  This will be my JOURNAL spot, maybe... maybe for spiritual issues, maybe just my walk with GOD and life.  I am debating what to do with the PUBLIC posting option at Patreon until I get my Patron spots filled... it may become my first place journal.

All this matters because my income seems to be having problems getting bigger.  :-)  I have PRAYED about it!  A long time.  A long, long, long, long time.  I don't see any reason it should have these problems for such a long time, so maybe GOD needs to step in.  I hope He does -- and soon!

July starts my Christmas season... prepping and giving.  

Spreading my Christmas giving over six months has made it a lot easier on my budget.  I tend to give to the same groups each year, so some just get their (small) donation from me a bit early.  Their computers don't know I only give once a year, so I get barraged with more requests the rest of the year.  I'm working on that problem, too.  :-)

Filling up my Christmas inventory started the Project Weeks effort.  I keep getting sidetracked with all the day-to-day battles and never get to making the things I want to sell for income.  I hope my Project Weeks will change that issue.

Keep watching my online spaces.  I am working on a LOT of new designs and ideas.  It will be great to share them with you later.

In Christ,  Deborah Martin




10 June, 2021

FAITH :: Working on my posting...

 I listened to a YouTube video the other day... a presentation by James Clear at a ConvertKit event so they could learn about "Atomic Habits."  I think I already shared about my watching several videos about this book.  

There were three Strategies that really got me to thinking...

  • The 1% Strategy  --  This is about improving your life and reaching your goals by small steps every day... improving by just 1%.  I am trying to decide what that looks like in my life... how do you value something at 1% - how small would it be?
  • The 2 Minutes Strategy  --  This is about getting started.  Instead of focusing on the BIG goal, just focus on the first two minutes... what would that look like... the examples were things like getting your running shoes on and getting out the door.  One woman just focused on getting out the door and into the taxi because if she got that far then the rest would happen when she got to the place she was going.  I remembered another example that has stuck with me over many years about a man that just focused on getting to the bathroom to brush his teeth, that was how he got up and got going in the mornings.  It's like the very first step on the way to your goal.
  • The Calendar Strategy  -- This is a visual aid that lets you remember your goal.  You cross off the days you do the thing you want to get done.  If you miss a day, just keep going.  James Clear added a mantra for this one :: never miss twice.  That can be a killer, start an easy way to let something go, make you fail completely.  Starting over is always harder than just missing a day.
TODAY has been a day of changing my environment to work better. That is another Strategy.  I was already doing this, or planning to - I can't recall  :-)  -- so it was a great activity for me.  It is becoming a really good choice for me.

Going through my past records is still an unfinished task.  I needed a way to store the ones I want or need to keep.  I have a new option to try now.  It is going to help.

One of the examples on the video was how he made a commitment to post on Mondays and Thursdays.  Consistently.  And it led to increasing his followers.  Over time.  I imagine the content was also part of the ongoing improvements.  :-)   It helped me to remember the goals I had and past efforts, like my year of looking for a million $5 supporters.  So I will be trying to find a good posting schedule.

Prepare yourself!  :-)

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

08 June, 2021

FAITH :: June is a hard month for me now.

I keep wondering what is coming for Americans who have a Faith in GOD, for the Jews, for anyone who doesn't agree with the more aggressive powers that are against us. 

In days that are very hard, I try to understand those who have suffered under other oppressive groups, including the Blacks and Migrants and Asians, plus those in other countries in the past and now. I have seen movies, news reports, books and videos, but that doesn't equal experiencing these painful moments myself. I have had struggles for various reasons, but not the violence of death for doing nothing but be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The Bible has examples, so this is not a new problem.

How hard it is to know freedom and then be forced to submit to those who are over us -- when we don't agree.  Obamacare was the first big US mandate that affected the entire nation.  Now we are dealing with COVID restrictions and increasing government control.  The methods that a conquering power uses are not always soldiers and guns, but I do think those were threatened or used in the mask issue.

When we think of the Antichrist, we can see what it will mean to submit to government... much like the people who were overcome by Hitler.

It is so hard to imagine America becoming a nation of mandated citizens, no longer free, forced to do what the government decides we must do, dependent on the government for our survival.

I don't want that kind of country.  I have seen how the government takes care of people.  It isn't good.  You don't want that to become the way we exist. 

This month is now a hard month for me.  All the PRIDE issues connected to the LGBT Community have made it a hard month now.  Every time I see their abuse of GOD's rainbow I feel their hatred of Christians... of GOD... of anything and anyone with Faith.  Life has changed into a constant battle to understand why, to fight the oppression of this group of people, and to pray GOD will reach their souls with His Truth.

How do we stand in our rights, our faith, in a world that is becoming more and more angry and violent against all that is good?

Today is a day when the rainbow is a battering ram against my GOD.

I feel the oppression.  I feel helpless to change it.  I feel lost in the reality of prophecy. 

I keep praying for answers to these questions, to find a way to stay me and not be attacked by those who disagree with my GOD.  

Have you found a way to do that?

Deborah Martin, work2gather.us

06 June, 2021

FAITH :: It's been too long... a short update

 I plan to get to my posting activities so many days...then it gets late and I go to sleep.  I was just doing that when I noticed the date on my last post.  Where did the whole month of MAY go!!  I don't know.  It's already heading into the 7th of JUNE.

I decided to send out a few words before my end of day.

Right now my big quest is to do weekly shopping according to a budget.  It's a lot harder than I thought it would be.  Getting to the store when I need to seems to be part of the problem.  The other big issue is how to replace my food staples along with the weekly fresh produce goal.  

This month I created a budget tracker to help me get a visual look at the boundaries for this effort.  I had to revise it after starting to fill in the details of the process, but it looks like a way to sort out the money issues.  We'll know after this month.

I'm already way over my first week's budget because I did my main shopping at a different store, then went to my regular shopping place for refilling my cupboards.  If I can keep to the budget I worked out today, I will make it through OK.  Next month I will have it figured out better, for all four weeks.

The first week of the month is the main shopping time.  I need to replace a lot of things I used up.  I end up buying more than I need to.  SOOOOOOO, my plan is to spread that buying through all four weeks... in JULY.  :-)

Right now, I have to use all the fresh produce I bought because it was at a sale price and getting to a store is still a problem.  This is a serious budget issue.  I will be working on how to spread my food out over the month so I can make it to next month.

One good thing -- I finally figured out how to do the weeks of the month for my food budget.  I just have to go by the dates ::  1-7, 8-14, 15-21, 22-28.  Going by the days of the week just didn't work.  Four weeks is the main part of the month.  That's the budget.  Four weeks.

Faith issues are a daily struggle.  I am looking for GOD's answers to the problems I face in my life, and how the larger Body of Christ is surviving those same problems.  We are facing so many hard choices, consequences to years of not seeing the battles or not doing anything about those battles, and increasing persecutions by the Enemy and those who are his soldiers.  Prophecy can't be stopped, but how do those of us who believe in GOD and are saved by Christ find the path to the future?  I'm not sure.  I keep seeking GOD's answers.

Let me know if you have found any of those answers.

Well, I need to end this now.  I will try to be better at sharing my life and thoughts with you this month and beyond.  I am looking for a workable pace, a schedule I can live with, and how to focus my activities on what matters most. 

In Christ,

Deborah Martin