01 November, 2016

The Battle to Believe Is Getting Worse

I was just browsing my Facebook posts and came across one about Amy Grant releasing a new album that was evaluated as not being "Christian enough."  As I read the Washington Post (liberal, against GOD) article, there was a link about another media Christian who stated that LGBTetc morals were biblically acceptable.  Lots of words for the politically correct view, none about the right to disagree or the fact that the Bible is adamantly against the sexual choices of the LGBTetc community. 

The greater damage with all these articles is the presentation of falsehoods as truth, which is the ultimate goal of these writers and publishers.  Many people do not know what the Bible says so they can't discern what is true and what is false.  The media they depend on doesn't present the whole truth anymore, but their followers believe they do.

What will it mean to live in a world that once was free and faithful but is now violently opposed to anything having to do with GOD?  I hate to think about living in a fully controlled information environment.  Part of our greatness as a country was the ability to differ, to discuss with a level of respect, to debate concepts and ideas, without propaganda or violence or imprisonment.

When I think of the consequences caused by thought police, I remember movies like Hotel Rwanda and The Hiding Place, of Pharaoh in the days of Jewish slavery, the Jewish leaders in the time of Christ, and any dictator that may exist.  I'm not good at accepting this kind of change.  I doubt any Christian would be.

We never expect life to become so terrible, especially in America, but history has shown us that it happens, all the time, and often in cycles.  Christians understand that Bible prophecy has already described these days, but it isn't easy to watch happening, or live through.

At a personal level, I have tried to understand this global change process.  The best I can say about it is a nation has the right to their spiritual beliefs.  If I go to another country, I am not going to change my faith because they have a national faith that is not the same as mine.  I also don't expect them to change their national faith to what I believe.  Somewhere in our relationships there has to be a mutual respect, and the freedom to discover each other. 

America was created as a place to worship the GOD of the Bible freely, without fear of retribution, imprisonment, or death.  We have a right, as a nation, to be true to that Christian foundation.  It seems we have been forced to change our laws to accomodate every non-biblical faith and personal choice that exists because of media claiming there is some basis for the separation of church and state.  Our national laws can reflect our spiritual foundation, in marriage, in abortion, and in restrooms.  It is our heritage.

The issue of national faith is kind of like the national language issue.  We speak English as a nation.  If we offer help to strangers who speak other languages, it needs to be seen as an act of kindness, not a requirement.  We can be a Christian nation without sacrificing compassion toward other faiths in our global citizens.

The only problem I have with this "respect" theory is the issue of harming others.  Some religions involve their followers in activities that cause harm to other creatures, whether human or animal.  Some use the idea of religious protections as a way to engage in illegal acts.  That is not what I would consider real spiritual faith.

Some religions force children or adults into sexual activities they dont want to participate in.  That is not what I would consider a valid right of faith.  I would call that self-indulgence, letchery, abusive, rape, a crime. 

Some religions require maiming or killing animals or human beings as a sacrifice to their "god."  I would not consider these actions evidence of a valid faith claim.   They are evidence of abuse, violence, murder... and are a crime against others. 

Hazy areas do exist in faiths that depend on the GOD of the Bible for the contents of their lives, including not choosing medical interventions.  If a person with this kind faith dies of what would be natural causes in other circumstances, and this act of their faith is not coerced by anyone in a position of leadership, the result is not suicide or murder... it is the natural causes they believe in.

A person with this kind of faith trusts that GOD has the ability to intervene, the ability to heal, the ability to change the current circumstance.  If GOD does not intervene, someone with this kind of faith accepts the results as part of a larger divine plan.  Medical intervention does not guarantee life will continue.  People who have no spiritual faith and do everything they can to stay alive still die.  Basing one's inaction on how you see GOD is not the same as actively harming someone in a claimed act of "worship."

We now live in a social and governmental climate that eliminates elderly or disabled people by forced starvation and encourages others to commit suicide to avoid the costs of their medical care.  We are moving into a selective elimination morality.  Letting GOD decide your time of death is not the same as forced euthanasia or premeditated murder.  The legal rights of government to kill people who cannot stop them is not the same as trusting GOD and ending up dying.

These are the issues we are facing now.  They are related to faith in GOD, the GOD of the Bible...no other faith is attacked at this level.  The government that once protected us is now becoming our enemy.  The Bible warns that laws will be changed to suit the needs of prophecy and fulfill the Word.

The sexual choices of the LGBTetc community are not matters of faith.  They may exist, but they do not have  the approval of the GOD of the Bible.  Making them appear as if they do is evidence of premeditated deception.  There is nothing that can make these opinions acceptable to Christians, or to GOD.  These sexual choices are not genetic in nature so they don't deserve the protection of our national laws. 

In a Christian nation, we can show kindness and compassion toward those who do not believe the way our Bible teaches, but elevating this behavior to a protected status is like legalizing pedophilia, rape, abuse, or murder.  It isn't deserved, and shouldn't be necessary for any reason.

The LGBTetc community will become what they have fought against for themselves.  It seems to be the results of power without morality. 

We, as Christians, will lose this moral war eventually... we just don't know when, how long it will take, or what we can do to protect ourselves on the way down.

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