25 February, 2022

FAITH FRIDAY :: 25 FEB 2022 - What to say about change.

Hello to a real Friday post.

It seems like the change causes all kinds of other issues.  Moving things around your house.  Getting rid of some things, getting new things... it is hard to remember what you still have.  Plus other reasons like storage, theft, donating, selling.  I guess we need to just deal with the days as they come.

I have seen a few decent movies recently.  Well, some had better meaning as a thinking topic, but others were done well.  I wouldn't know if the content was true, but when they claim to be based on a true story you hope the details presented are close to the truth.

I guess it's like the Bible.  A lot of things are not stated, but we can imagine what they might be like.  I am thinking of the movies made about the Bible and what it says.  We take them as truth, especially if we don't study the Bible for ourselves.  

One example that has always stayed with me is one of the old movies about Christ's death.  The person who made this film decided that GOD would have done something that a Man could not when the curtains in the Holy of Holies (I think that was the curtain that symbolized the separation between GOD and Man) was torn.  He made it fall apart by spitting horizontally completely.  I have always wondered how they even accomplished that feat.  It's a great scene in the movie, but I never even thought about it until I heard/read about his views somewhere.  

No one was there.  We don't have a record of how it was done.  He knew GOD and knew GOD would make sure the people saw that it was HIS work, not anyone else's.  The curtain was an enormous statement about GOD's holiness and the destruction of that symbol was His way of showing the Jews that things have changed.

It's like the parting of the waters to let the Jews cross over on DRY land.

It's like the pictures we have of Christ.  The Shroud of Turin is the closest thing we have to knowing what Christ looked like.  Our examples all make him beautiful, appealing, happy.  The Bible says the opposite.

But getting back to the movies on YouTube...

I love movies as a way to relax, to get away from other ongoing projects.  Once I start one I usually have to watch the whole thing to see what develops, how the film and characters and story are crafted.  It is a downfall of mine sometimes.  

Lately I keep finding PG movies with really objectionable scenes... I wonder if the uploader does this on purpose or if the meaning of PG has changed over the years.

I have started to make a search each time I log in to find "free Christian movies." What comes up is sometimes a surprise, sometimes the same things, sometimes movies I have already seen.  

My home page at YouTube is not always filled with good options.  I guess the choices that come up can keep me from movies and other videos that are worth watching.  

Distractions.  And they usually work.

It has become a goal now to control my time better, watch things that matter - that are worth the time I spend to see them.  This is a LONG-term project (like eating healthier to lose weight and feel better), but I am finding ways to change my bad habits into better choices.

Maybe I will add some movie reviews to my posts.  I am looking for better topics to develop and post about... like my sharing of my notes on BEYOND BLESSED.

I will try to get the details gathered and share what most impacts me as I go through my spiritual quests.

It can be a challenge to honor GOD in our lives.  The Bible tells us it will only get worse.  Maybe we need to prepare better options for that difficult future.

19 February, 2022

FAITH FRIDAY for 18 FEB 2022 - Notes on book by Robert Morris

 Hello, again.  I am barely up, but I want to go back to sleep, so I thought I better get this done!  :-)

My notes on BEYOND BLESSED say this book is about Stewardship.  My notes say I watched or listened to him talk about it at the end of May 2019.  I am trying to remember how I got these notes.  It may have been something from TBN, or maybe I watched his presentation on TBN back then.

I will go through my pages as I have them collected.

The first point I have written down is to "Know your current status."  That means :: Debts, Assets, Income, Current Spending.  Then I have the great advice to make a budget plan.

I think Dave Ramsey and the Baby Steps started the world back on the track of living within your means.  I heard the history of credit cards once, on another YouTube video.  I was surprised.  This whole industry was started in a neighborhood.  Someone wanted to make it easier for people to buy meals from local restaurants.  He got them together and then created an accounting process for those stores to provide meals to the members of that DINERS CLUB.  Now we have giant interest rates, lots of bankruptcy, and devastated lives.

My next page of notes talks about SPENDING.  There are six groups listed... 

MANDATORY - Required, like rent/mortgage, contract payments, insurance.

DISCRETIONARY - Flexible, like groceries, restaurants, entertainment.

FIXED - Same amount each time.

VARIABLE - Changes each payment, like utilities or phone charges.


PERIODIC - Varying in frequency.

In my life, food is the only thing that could be manipulated -- which means you have to find enough food to eat with whatever you have left.  It's why there are always food issues in poverty families.

The next page has the headings of VALUES and GOALS.  These are two of the ways we decide what we are going to buy, what we want in our lives, how we make our decisions to spend.

There is an illustration here that I remember... rocks into a jar.  I had seen this illustration somewhere else, but it is a good one.  In this reference, the idea is what to pay first.  You have big rocks (big expenses or the most important tasks to do), gravel, sand, and water to fit into the jar.

The quick answer is you have to put the big rocks into the jar first because the gravel will fit into the empty spaces, then the sand will fit into the next empty spaces, and then the water will fit into the next empty spaces.  You will have to search YouTube to find a video about it.  It was a very interesting presentation.

For Christians there is an order of spending :: the TITHE comes first.  My next notes, probably all my notes, are a mix of personal application and what was said.  I have the next spending category listed as SAVE, but I am not sure why.  There are subtitle that would be from Robert Morris, and other notes that would be mine.  I will share it all the best I can.

I have evolved to have three main categories in my monthly budge - because my budget is SMALL!!!  If I had more money, I would have more categories.  :-)   These days my categories are TITHE, SAVE, and HOUSEHOLD.  My Household category has all the subcategories.

Here are the mini-categories I have listed on this page of notes ::

EMERGENCY FUND - This would be for General and Medical needs not in the budget, House repaiers, Car repairs, and living expenses for 3-6 months in case something happens like losing a job.

NEEDS - This has clothes, cars, etc. listed.  

Poverty families don't have cars, they walk, ride a bike, or take the bus.  You can live without cars.  It is less expensive.  BUT, you have to live close to public transit.  The places where most people live are not near transit.  They need a car, and all the expenses that go with it.

Poverty families buy at thrift stores and garage sales... hand clothes down... and trade with others to keep these costs low.  I remember that every Christmas we got socks and underwear for presents.  Now that I am older, I understand why.  They are very expensive.

WANTS - This is noted as personal desires.  When I first was on Welfare I went without because I thought it would be a short time.  When that didn't happen, I had to find some way to value myself.  I think it was buying gum or candy at first, then I went to the big deal :: I bought myself a can of Cafe Vienne coffee most or all months.  It was something that I wanted, not that I needed, and it was a treat for me.

Little things can mean so much.

My treat for my kids was taking them to McDonald's for the kid's meal and the toy.

FUTURE - This category talks about Retirement, a down payment on a house, or other very large expenses.  Poverty households don't really have any excess, they are usually struggling to make basic needs, so this category means Social Security is planning for retirement.

I think I should mention here that all retirement funds are usually based on investment incomes.  If the stock market fails, like it will in an economic crisis, it means most people won't have the retirement dreams they have been building their entire lifetimes.  Think about that.  What could you do to make sure your retirement is still there no matter what happens.

GIVING - No notes here.  I am now assuming it means other giving than the Tithe.

The next page of my notes has this title ::  Know your current debt status to make a plan and see where you are as time goes by.

This looks like a chart.

Headings are :: 

(TO)    Who you owe money to.

TYPE    Secured, Unsecured, Mortgage, Student Loan, etc.




I remember one big option I heard along the way of my life.  It was that you can require a bank to apply your payments to the principal only by making a note on every payment.  The normal bank process is to take the interest first, leaving a few dollars for the balance deduction.  This path means your money reduces the loan balance and applies the interest to the loan balance.  This ends up meaning thousands of dollars in savings over time.  You can add more to the payment and shorten the loan period and total interest you pay on a loan.

I am assuming this is still possible, but I have never been able to buy a house so I haven't tested it out.  I remember the main issue was putting the statement on your payment.

(On the next page) Robert Morris mentions the difference between debt to fellow believers and others (foreigners).  We don't charge interest (usury) to fellow believers, and we forgive their debts in the Year of Jubilee (the 7th year).  But others pay interest (usury fees) and are not released from their debts.  This is another way to see how GOD requires us to help each other.

On the next page, along with the notes on usury, are three scripture references on debt in the Bible ::

Exodus 22:25-27

Leviticus 25:36-37

Deuteronomy 23:20-22

I also have Deuteronomy 15:6-8 listed, with three stars - it must be important!  :-)

My last page of notes has a great quote by Mark Twain that was listed in the book on page 184 ::

The secret to getting ahead is getting started.

Here is the final note ::

"... The secret of getting started is breaking your complex, overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks and then starting on the first one."

I keep trying to do this, but haven't quite figured it out yet.  Maybe someday... probably when I get to heaven.  haha

This is one of my older artworks that I am thinking of selling at eBay soon.  It is a very hard thing to do secret good works, but it is worth the effort.  :-)   I still wonder about the best way to do these things, if I ever get the opportunity.  :-)

18 February, 2022

FAITH FRIDAY :: 18 FEB 2022 - Too hard to think today...

 I sorted a whole bunch of papers this early morning... lots of memories, lots of shredding.  It's beginning to look like the piles won't last too much longer.  I found some notes from a book by Robert Morris - BEYOND BLESSED.  I thought I would go over them as a post.  It will have to wait until tomorrow.

I walked down the hill where I live and back u it when I went shopping in the middle of the day.  It has made it hard to think.  Too much sun I think.  I just don't do well in the sun.

I wanted to make sure you knew I didn't forget this time.  :-)

I will try to write more in the morning, when I (hopefully) feel better.

In Christ,  Deb Martin

12 February, 2022

FAITH FRIDAY AGAIN :-) :: 12FEB2022 - Not much faith these days...

It is actually a Saturday.  

I just let this post go last night.

I discovered I totally didn't post last Friday, but I can't recall if that is true.  I thought I had it all done during the week.  Guess I am not the best poster for faith topics.  :-)  

I haven't much to say right now.  I am posting at my Patreon page and started a new project with some older artworks I have rediscovered.  I will be sharing the art one at a time for my Patrons only (which is currently zero - but that could change.  :-)  Most of my artworks are about faith topics. So I am sharing the story behind the ones I did in mostly 2002, but some I am finding are also 2001.


Here is a small sample.  Bad photo, bad camera, but that will change someday when I am able to sell my things online.

This snake one is a favorite. 

As I write this post, I can't recall which ones I might have shared with you already.

This one looks a bit funny because I put it into a small plastic bag to protect it.

I am working on the pricing before I post them.

I have several flower topics in my collection.

I am praying through some difficulties.  I hope to see GOD do something that will clarify His power in this world.  Pray with me.  Thanks.

In Christ,  Deb   <3