28 March, 2024

Finding the way forward... one day at a time.

This seems to be the theme of my life.

One day at a time.

The Bible tells us this moment is all we have but we think our lives will be forever.  Well, a long time.  Now that I am up there in years, it seems this one day at a time theme is still the only option.  The reasons why seem to change, but there is even less of a guarantee we will reach tomorrow, or our next birthday, or the many goals we still have.  

Today I came across a YouTube Short about Christian things.  I think the channel was called The Bible Minute, but I am not sure.  The topic of the video was a question many unbelievers ask about God... about people who have never even heard about God - asking how He can judge them.

My reply was the Bible tells us Creation is a witness of God.  

I also mentioned reading in the Bible that some are made for the day of evil, for the End Times.  We will not all be saved.  This is a big question in my mind.  How are some of us created just for the days of evil?  To me it is saying some of us will not have the option to be saved.  I don't have my answer about this passage yet.  I am just thankful that I found God and salvation.

I am struggling with the details of living in these End Times.  Technology has brought things into our lives that I never thought possible.  And there is no way to stop them.  We will have to learn how to cope with them as they create the fulfillment of prophecy.  Living one day at a time is our only choice.  

We are heading into robots, into internet controls we don't even know about, into microchips in the body and becoming a computer ourselves.  No one in the days when the Bible was created could ever have understood what we are living.  Symbolism, interpretations, words that are chosen to describe what is seen, these are things we have to deal with as we try to understand what the Bible says.  I am thinking of the visions of John in Revelation... about the many times the Bible says "like" when it is describing something in a vision of the future.  I am thinking about all the things that are missing from the details we have.

I believe God's Word is fully true.  I don't know if we can fully understand what is being shared with us.  I know that every time I read the Bible I discover something new because I have been changed by my own experiences and knowledge.  

I suppose this may be why there are so many denominations and ways of seeing parts of what the Bible says.  

Through Working Together I wanted to create a yearly event I called "40 Days in the Wilderness."  It was meant to be a way of gathering all the representatives of the many denominations together to share their views on these differences, find what GOD meant by them, and discuss what we could do to overcome them to become ONE BODY of CHRIST.  I wanted to find a way to solve these issues that divide us.  With the internet, we could all watch the discussions and find ways to participate.  Later, I realized this could become the way the Gospel would be heard all over the world.

Because of all the things I have wanted to do through Working Together, I can see why there has been so much opposition in my life.  What I don't understand is why GOD hasn't provided for Working Together.  I have to assume it was not the right time.

This could be a good sign for Christians.  It might mean we have a little more time before the Antichrist gets here, openly.  Global dominion takes time, I hope.  It's hard to know.  I see the power of the internet, the goal of digital currency as our global money, and the microchip already in human bodies.  I don't know what God's Plan is on the way to the Antichrist. 

I can only do what I am able to do in each day.  That is all God holds me responsible for.  I just wish I could have helped more people, more Christians.  I hate to see suffering that might have been prevented.

Pray for all of us.  It's going to be a lot of chaos when these struggles finally reach us.

In Christ,

Deborah Martin

Working Together Inc - https://work2gather.us

26 March, 2024

Housing is the foundation of surviving any crisis.

I have been watching a lot of videos again.  It is my "recreation" at the end of the day, and the reason I end up posting late.  Some videos are about housing designs, others are about homeless issues, and some are about food or other survival topics.  Tonight I watched a couple new topics - evictions in low-income mobile home parks and squatter rights. 

When everything falls apart, however that may happen, housing will be the main issue.  When we need to overcome huge problems in our lives, having a stable home to start from is really essential.  Trying to solve problems as homeless people/families is very difficult.  

Not having housing makes it very hard to work, to go to school, to take care of yourself or your family, to eat, to do laundry, to shower, and all those little things we don't even think about until they aren't there anymore.

Being alone, being elderly or disabled - or both, being poor, being without a job, being without close family, being a minority or having a criminal history, being a single parent, or having other problems that affect housing options, makes the challenge to overcome our crisis more impossible.

Stable housing allows us to find solutions. It helps us continue in the same neighborhood we have been living in and to access the resources we already know.  Starting over in a new neighborhood means we have to rebuild all those networks we have had.  It takes time to find new resources in a new neighborhood.  If we have to move again, and again, and again, we are starting over each time.  It makes recovery so hard and it takes so long.

In the mobile home eviction video, one elderly man had planned to live out the rest of his days in a mobile home he bought for his retirement.  He didn't have anyone left in his life except his neighbors.  The entire mobile home park was being evicted.  He had no one to help him through this crisis and no where to go.  He planned ahead.  Then, when he was not able to help himself, was being forced to leave everything he had planned and built and needed to survive the rest of his life.  

Someone bought the land.  They wanted to build a different future with their property.  Is anyone guilty of a crime?  No.  This is a process that happens everywhere.  People want to make as much money as they can.  People have to cover the expenses of a new mortgage.  A new property owner has their own vision and plans.

So, what is the solution?

Somehow, the people in the housing park need to be helped to find an equally priced new situation for living.  But that isn't really possible in our age.  These people were living in the same place for years and years and years.  They never thought about moving.  The homes they owned were too old to be moved.  They didn't have other mobile home parks to move to... the other mobile parks in their city were also being closed.  

The poor cannot suddenly find money to overcome an eviction.  The elderly are often surviving on a limited income.  They cannot make it grow to cover new rent prices.

Christians will suffer these kinds of problems as our End Times become worse.  This is not just the problem of a mobile home park or other low-income property being changed into something else.  Christians are losing jobs, houses, and lives they thought would never change.  Christians have prepared for their future, but their future is changing.  Where will they turn when those difficulties happen?

I don't know.  I didn't really find adequate help in my own trials.  I watch these videos and I see again there is still no hope for people in a sudden crisis, even for Christians.  I hate to think about what is coming and what it will do to Christians and everyone else. 

The government is not the answer.

A crisis that turns everyone toward the government as its only support option is a path to socialism, to government control in greater and greater amounts, slowly, in a hidden path, one that makes the government seem like a savior.  Welfare, SNAP/food benefits, Unemployment, stimulus acts, housing subsidies, and programs like this all lead to the government being the sole support of our lives.  It is changing us from free and independent people into dependent followers of whatever the authorities/government decides is what will be. 

Housing is one way to break our sense of freedom.  

Food is another.  

Jobs are another.

What about the lockdowns we all submitted to willingly, which became legal "rules" and brought police force into our lives... over a mask!

COVID really hurt our nation - and we are not yet recovered.  There are still people in authority who want to keep it going.

These YouTube videos on evictions after COVID say there will be more to come.  The government cannot print enough money to save us... printing money leads to even more financial problems.

We must find ways to protect our communal resources.

21 March, 2024

Keeping our eyes focused on GOD.

Well, what do we do to keep our minds, our hearts, our eyes, focused on what matters?  I listen to my Christian playlist on YouTube.  It helps me remember that whatever happens in this life, we belong to GOD.  Salvation matters more.  Heaven is the goal.  And suffering happens to every life.

I can't remember how many songs I started with.  I had one main music list and decided I needed to have the Christian songs separate.  Now I have a Christian playlist and one called "Other Favorites," which has anything not considered Christian in nature.  My old favorites.

I have 73 songs on my Christian list right now.  I haven't decided how many is enough.  I listen to them on automatic replay... all day, all night, sometimes for more than 24 hours.  It depends on what the days are like.

I usually play them in order, and know what song comes next.  Lately I have been doing the song shuffle.  It changes the order.  Makes it random, kind of.

Every now and then I search for new songs to add.

I'm thinking of making different lists for Christian listening.

Sometimes, lately, I turn on my small radio and listen to a pre-tuned Christian station.  When I first set it up, I think I left it on for two entire days.

All this is background music.  I go about my day with this music playing.  It is amazing how certain songs come up when I am in range of the device I have on.  

There are old Christian songs I haven't found yet.

I think about life without money, without electricity, without the internet.  I think of people who would destroy everything we care about.  I wonder how to save these treasures of our lives.  I can't imagine my life without music.

If God had blessed my efforts, I was going to collect as many as possible from the Body of Christ, sort them, create a library of them, find a way to make themed playlists... like worship, prayer, family, dancing (?), and whatever other lists that come up.  It was meant to be a way to save and protect and replay the best of our history in music.  

I remember the lessons of history where all the books were burned.  Now we have the internet as a single consuming source for all our information... with censorship, hacking, and altering the details.  It's not much different than burning books.  Easier, actually.  And no one really knows what has been changed unless they are an authority. 

We are heading into the rule of the Antichrist.  Imagine what he will do to our history.

This battle has been going on for all of life here on earth.  It's a spiritual war, with unseen warriors on both sides.

What will we do?  I don't know.

I remember the part in the Bible where the Jews found the scriptures again and it was read aloud to the people.  I wondered how they lived before it was found again.  I wondered what God did in the years when their Bible was not available.  I wondered how they might be judged in the future judgment we all face... except the martyrs.

Keeping our focus on God can be very hard without daily reminders.  We get busy with our needs.  Slowly we forget about God and what He has told us.  It is a tool of the Enemy to keep us from His Word... slowly getting it out of our lives, our focus, our world.

What can we do in these last days before the Antichrist rises and destroys us?  Who will still be left?  How will they remember all the things we have learned over the many years of out lives?  How will God keep Himself alive in their daily existence?

I wonder if there is anything we can do to leave our history in ways and places they might be able to find it....  We are becoming a 100% surveillance world.  Will there be any hope to reach anyone that lives beyond us?  

I really don't know.  I imagine the forces of Satan will have kept a record and will destroy all our efforts.

A world without godly people is not going to be a good place to live.


18 March, 2024

Spring means gardens.

Been working on my garden plans for this summer.  Today I planted my first seedlings.  Ever, I think.  Some containers I have for my seedlings are planted with old seeds I collected or packages I bought in previous years.  I still want to try them, but there's no guarantee they will sprout.  I tried doing direct planting with others last year and it didn't turn out well.  This year I am trying "official" seedling planting.  I am also trying them without the soaking option to see if they are still viable.  If they don't work, I will be buying starts at the stores.

I have collected several old plastic containers to try this year.  Burned holes in the bottoms for drainage.  Now I have to figure out the soil I need.  I already have a list of things to consider, like bagged mulch or shavings, bagged manure, and several kinds of bagged dirt.

I probably already shared this in another post.    

I think I have one more sunny day before the rains come back.  Will have to get all this done before it gets wet and muddy and cold.

I'm trying another new option for me -- having my seedlings outside, in the empty storage containers.  This will be like one of those early planting boxes for outside... where they have a window section on top, one that can be lifted during the day for air.  I have a plastic sheet over mine.  I plan to remove it, or prop it up somehow, for air flow every day.  This is another gardening experiment for me.

Today I also trimmed the berry patch we have here.  I cleaned up some of the ground around the blackberry plants and then laid some ground cloth under it.  I still need more landscape pins to secure the entire space.  Or I may do some other things to keep the area covered... straw, shavings, bark mulch, dirt, or ???  Before I buy something to do that, I still need to get the supplies for making support poles for the patch.  

My main goal has been to keep the berries up high, for easier picking and more berries.  I watched several videos on YouTube this month about putting in supports and they also had information about how to prune the vines.  I could have watched these videos long ago but I didn't think of doing a search for it.  I was using what was around here and didn't really see YouTube as a source for that kind of information.  I also didn't have funds to buy anything.  FYI - There are LOTS of videos to watch.  I discovered some of them this season.

This year my theme is to use up as many of my collected supplies as possible, which includes finishing all the projects I have planned to do.  The berry patch is one of those projects.

I haven't really created a lot of food with my garden efforts.  This is why I am trying larger containers this year.  I don't know how much food I could make for myself, but I am trying to learn how to grow more.  Fresh produce is so much better than store bought, even store organic foods.  If you can take it from the garden and eat it right away, it is very different than buying it and then making it into something you eat.

I understand that Farmer's Markets and CSA's are almost like getting the food right away, but not always.  Some seasonal foods are stored for selling later, even in CSA's.  Usually this is a winter CSA issue, for potatoes and things like that.  Organic is still better than not organic.

I don't know about Farmer's Market foods.  I can only afford them when I get the Senior Farm Checks -- about 8 small payment vouchers that can only be used at Farm Markets and only for produce (not processed farm products like meats and canned or packaged foods).

These kinds of foods are pretty much out of my budget range.  I found one SMALL CSA in the local area, that delivered, so I tried it.  I hope to one day afford a permanent CSA, but I have a lot of things that need to fit into my budget.  

Organic at the grocery store is my reachable goal.

I would like to end this with a statistic I found in a USA Facts email today ::

Federal Minimum Wage is still $7.25 an hour.  Forty (40) hours equals about $15,000 a year at that wage (BEFORE taxes).  The 2023 poverty level for a single person under 65 was $15,852.

Throughout the entire USA, the median gross income was $58,140.

That's a big difference.

My income is less than $10,000, and includes my Social Security Retirement Benefits and SNAP food assistance.  I think I have only gone above $10,000 in wages once in my life.  I understand poverty, homelessness, programs, missions, subsidized housing, and all the other parts of urban (and some rural) needs.  Poverty is hard.

As all these national crises happen, Christians will need to find support in their churches and in their communities.  If they don't have a church, can't get to the places where help can be found, seniors will suffer alone in their homes.  I don't know what we can do to stop that from happening, but elderly and disabled people often don't have anyone caring for/about them.

I hope you will try to notice your neighbors, set up pantries in your churches, and find ways to make it less hard for people who have never needed help to reach out for it.

May GOD guide us as we pass into any hard time ahead of us.

14 March, 2024

Any day can be the last one...

I was thinking about what to write today and the idea of how unknown our lives are is really big with me these days.  Not just my personal humanity, but the unknown nature of all the things we are "prepping" for.  

The election year and daily politics.  

The grid going down.  

Food issues.  



Economic threats and inflation.

I guess there are a lot of dangers in our lives right now, and we have no idea when they will happen.

I want to create designs with thoughts about GOD and salvation and heaven and hell and life and unborn children and more, so I am always thinking about statements that would work for prompting people to think about their everyday choices, especially salvation.  The reality of our temporary place in this life is always coming into my thoughts.

I am concerned for a number of public people.  I think about them and know they are not yet saved but hate the thought of them spending eternity in hell and the Lake of Fire.  There is nothing I can do to reach them.  I wonder if GOD has tried.  I wonder about their children... and other loved ones.  I wonder if anyone is in their lives that might show them the way to a better life here and in eternity.

We only have this life to decide.  Once we are gone, there are no second chances.  The Bible tells us this is the only life we have, and we have to decide before we die.  

Public people face so many pressures I would never want to deal with.  The things and people they are surrounded by affect the directions they would choose.  Their incomes, their jobs, their daily lives are affected.  It is hard to be different.  If we work in a very ungodly place, it affects our faith.  

The price that is paid by public people can be very heavy.  I don't know that many can deal with the issues they face and stay faithful to GOD.

Then I think of other classes of people.  In truth, we all face the pressures of our peers, the hard burdens of our jobs, our families, our incomes, and our environment.  The choices of someone living on the street may seem worse than someone living in a penthouse or mansion, but it is just a different location.  We all face the same issues in different locations in life.

I have been wondering how I will end this life.  Will I stay true to my faith?  Will I stand firm, trust GOD for all the daily needs I have as an older person, or will I grumble in my heart and feel abandoned.  It isn't easy to keep believing when GOD does not provide things you assume He will.

What will happen to those I love and want to find in heaven someday?

I am beginning to understand "One day at a time" in a new way.  Any day might be my last day.

I wonder if my life has made a difference for anyone.

I have been changed, but nothing happened the way I thought it would.

What purpose has GOD used me for?  

It's really difficult to know.

I hope GOD helps me to see why some of the things that have happened in my life were necessary to make me who I am.  Why I didn't achieve what I thought His purpose for me was.

Can any of us really know how GOD works in our lives to accomplish HIS will for us?  I don't think so.  That may have to wait until we get to heaven.

In Christ,

Deborah Martin


11 March, 2024

It's getting harder to comment on news videos.

Tonight, I tried to comment at a PBS NewsHour video.  It was about the economy, how the government says everything is fine, but people don't feel like it's fine.


This isn't the first time I have wanted to comment on a news video but there hasn't been any way to reach them.  This time I had to search and search and search for any way to reach either PBS or the source of the video within the news organization.  Over the several times I tried to reach sources of news videos, I sometimes found a way, most of the time I gave up.  I know it is a hard job to follow comments, but it seems especially important for news sources.

This time I may write a letter just to make sure they hear what I feel is very important for them to hear.  I hope I can maintain the enthusiasm I had for my comment when I first watched the video.  

Then there is the war between the liberal news and anything conservative.  I doubt they will hear my opinion anyway.

How can anyone say the economy is doing well?  We are printing money for everything we do.  Printing money causes inflation.  Getting loans is a form of printing money.  Credit cards are a form of printing money.  The GDP, which is the current measure of fiscal health for the government, is based on people spending money.  I don't see any of these measurements as being good ways to say the economy is doing well -- do you?

More important is hearing views that differ from you.  The other views allow you to see a problem in a way you might never consider.  It really is a complicated and hard problem to solve.  No one knows everything.  We all see events through our personal history.  Our lives dictate our interpretation of everything.  What we think may be the TRUTH might not be the whole truth.

This is another reason comments are so important to allow.  In an internet environment, comments are the form of communication between a source of information and the reader, video maker, and viewer.  Valid disagreements need to be heard.

I don't know why news sources are turning their comments off.  I suspect it has something to do with the election, with a dislike for opposition, with data storage, with the connection between comments and the perceived value of any online news item, and more.  We also have problems with people downloading and editing materials that are online.

I don't know how we will be able to trust anything online until we solve the problems hackers and criminals bring into the process.

If you have the answer, please let me know!

In Christ,

Deborah Martin

07 March, 2024

Politics... It's going to be a long hard year.

I forgot about the State of the Union speech being tonight until I went to my You Tube channel.  I watched it on one of the news channels (the one with David Muir).  Then some of the feedback sections.  I still have a couple videos to watch from the Republican side.  I did see the official Republican response. 

Politics are hard to deal with.  The sides are so divided and battling against anything that the other wants.  I don't see much good in all of that.

In this speech I thought Biden looked very frail.  His speech had a lot of energy, but his physical presence seemed very frail to me.

Each side of anything shares statistics about the problems they discuss.  It seems to me that statistics and polls can be easily manipulated to say anything you want them to say.  I don't follow the daily activities of government and politicians so it's hard for me to say whether anything is actually true.  Example:  When they say they created a zillion new jobs, I am wondering if they are counting all the jobs that came back after COVID lockdowns.  I wonder what kind of jobs they are counting.  I wonder if they are temporary, reduced hours, or permanent full-time jobs.  

I hear positive statements that put all the credit with that person or party.  I wonder how much is true, how much is exaggerated. 

I am not looking forward to this year.

I wanted to share the topic of a newsletter I received the other day.  It's the MARCH 2024 edition of the Eagle Forum Report.  It's about the government creating a way to control ALL future land under the umbrella of conservation.  It is a scary thought but seems logical for the agenda of government.  I suggest you try to get a copy and read it for yourself.  There are four one-page articles on the topics involved in this move of government on private land ownership.

It is too complicated for me to share.  I see the danger, and know the government's way of securing power, so I can see this as a ploy to control food supplies, business activities, and other issues of freedom and ownership.  In thinking about the Antichrist, I see this as one more way to control all our lives.

The idea I see in this is creating conservation requirements and then enforcing them.  Every person and landowner would be subject to the government's control.  If they say you can't grow something, build something, own something, then you won't be able to.  Water, timber, cattle, crops, and more can be affected.  This is a GMO issue if the government decided the only crops you can grow are GMO crops.  It's a water issue if there is a drought.  It is a cattle issue if you have too many cows and their farts are considered a danger to our environment.  The government can say whatever it wants, and enforce it.

We are seeing this happen in other areas of life now.  Parental Rights -- taking children away from their parents for any political reason... or closing down businesses...  seizing property... and more.  Even in America.  The reasons are homeschooling, and sexual/gender issues and disagreeing with the rising powers or changes being made in our lifetimes.

Freedom allows us to disagree.  We are seeing those rights disappear.  That means we are becoming a different kind of country.

If we understand prophecy and what the world will become, we can see why these changes are happening.  I don't know what it will do to our ability to protect ourselves.  I thought we could gather and find a way to survive together.  These changes in government are making that difficult to see anymore.

Registering to vote and voting for the person you think represents your ideas of freedom and personal liberty is so very important, especially now, as our times become more fragile and hostile.  It may be the only hope we have... if the elections are honest and the people we elect understand our needs.

I hope you will cast your vote in November.  It really does matter.  God has given you this opportunity to voice your opinions on who will lead our nation.  Please use it.

04 March, 2024

Planning for the Future

It seems we are always thinking about our future... expecting it... never thinking about death, anyone's death.

Tonight I watched an old movie (1993) with Michael Keaton and Nicole Kidman (My Life).  It was about cancer, about death, about resolving life issues.  We all have unfinished business in our lives.  Having time to think about things before we die is a gift.

In watching a lot of movies I never watched before, or watched a long time ago, I am seeing new parts of them.  Moral details.  This one was marked PG13.  I didn't see any deep bed scenes, but they inserted a "dream sequence" with a naked man.  It seems to me that was frivolous nudity.  He could have had clothes on in the dream.  There were other parts with suggestive nudity.   

Then there was the Asian medical affiliation.  Not just about medicine, more about mystical powers.  I'm not sure what the purpose was in this part of the film, but I won't share any thoughts about it.

I understand that no details escape Hollywood opportunities for suggestive selling.  

Before watching this film, I watched one about teen pregnancy issues, called FOR KEEPS.  Molly Ringwald was the star.  It was also filled with suggestive sex and nudity... and was labeled PG13.  This film was made in 1988.

In discovering these things about Hollywood movies, I have become aware of how our lives are changed over time... one small step at a time.  Sandra Bullock made this obvious in one film I watched (I don't know if it was The Blind Side - 2009).  She purposely walked to the front of a large painting with some kind of nudity.  

I was very surprised to see this same activity in a very, very, very old movie one day... maybe from the 1940's or around that time.  Hollywood has been moving in this direction a long time.  We just didn't notice it.

I don't know how to give up movies.  I never think these kinds of scenes will be in every movie.  Even movies that are supposed to be from Christian sources seem to have questionable scenes.  I am wondering if there are tares growing with the wheat.

I am writing all this because I wonder where we are heading as a society, as a civilization, as a world.  I am wondering what I will do about these paths in my own life.

I feel a big choice is coming my way.

A decision.

A spiritual fork in the road.

I'm not sure when it will be.  

I don't know how to move forward with Working Together, stay true to GOD in my daily life, find current news, look for answers and do research without the ease of the internet -- which is not a reliable source of anything.

How do we exist without it?

That is The Question we need to answer.

01 March, 2024

Still seeking GOD for the path forward.

The end of the day is not a very good time to write, but I seem to face this battle every time.  I tend to be emotional from fatigue and lots of time thinking about the details of life and faith.

I ended up at Facebook tonight.  I wanted to reach a YouTube channel with a comment about their program on how the elderly are treated in those end-of-life care facilities - Retirement homes, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, etc.  The comments were turned off of the video.  Facebook seemed to be the only option.  I ended up sending them a message.  I hope they received it.  I never really know... my computer has a lot of problems.

I do want to share that the program talked about places where people paid over a million dollars for their care, and still the systems abused them and led to early death.  Another facility I watched about was holding a LOT of money in trust for the residents and the residents didn't get the proper care, leading again to abuse and early death.  It was really scary.  The facilities LOOKED great, one was brand new, but their loved ones were not cared for.

Anyway, I ended up seeing the video tab as I browsed around at my Facebook page, which I haven't really been involved with for years, and watched a series of different videos.

The last one I watched was about the Turpin children from 2018.  They were the family with parents that abused their 13 children, kept them home all that time, until one of the kids escaped and called 911.  I remember seeing short news items of the event and the parents, but I didn't know the details really.  This video was of the child escaping, the call to 911, and the process the police went through to verify the claims.  The parents were arrested, and the children were separated into two groups - the adult children and the minor children.  At the end there was a short mention of what happened to the children and the money the world donated to them to help with their recoveries.  Again, money became an issue of financial abuse as they tried to build new lives.

In our lives, in the times ahead, money will become another tool of the Enemy against us.  I think it was the goal of Hitler against the Jews in their time.  I remember seeing something that said the Nazi's went around to all the homes of the imprisoned and killed Jews taking whatever was valuable.

I am wondering how this will show up in our lifetimes.

Governments all over the world are struggling.  Thy are beginning to use their power in very strange ways.  I think they are flexing their wings to see what they can get away with, especially in those places where freedom and laws are more difficult to overcome the rights of the people.  I think COVID may have been one of those flexing moments because now the World Health Organization is seeking global power over vaccine issues.  In America it seems to be the powers of government becoming more strategized than they have been in the past.  We see it as Biden versus Trump, Democrats versus Republicans, Immigration, Black Lives Matter, the Supreme Court, Prolife versus Abortion, Taxes, Zoning, Program funding, and any other issue that will allow the government to control us more.

We don't have the ability to overcome government control.  Not really.

They want to control our water resources.  They will.

Things happening now, in our lifetime, will become the survival issues of tomorrow.

I don't know when, or how, but the Bible tells us everything will become so bad the Antichrist will be asked to solve the problem/s that bring him to power.

I am near the end of my life.  Who will still be alive when the Antichrist gets here?  What will the people of faith do when those hardships begin to change into persecution and then into government actions?  I keep wondering about all these things.  It has been my life for so many years, I still keep looking for GOD's meaning in our daily problems.

The Enemy will attack one, then two, then three, etc.  He will grow stronger and stronger as time passes.  Anything that has to do with GOD, Faith, goodness, family, etc., will become a target.  That is what we are seeing, we just don't know why these changes are happening.

We don't see them in the realm of Faith.

We see these problems, and we suffer, and we seek GOD, and we don't know what is happening to destroy our nation and our lives, but the real issue is the spiritual battles under the problems we see.  

I hope we find better ways to prepare for what prophecy tells us.

I think WE are the generation the Bible talks about... the one generation... the last generation before the Antichrist.  

Technology is the difference.  No other generations knew about technology and the difference it would make.  Digital currency and the microchip define what the Bible says about not being able to buy or sell.  Both are on their way to becoming global norms.

GOD has people in this world to help us.  We need to find them and get busy preparing for what our future will become.