29 January, 2022

FAITH FRIDAY :: 28JAN2022 - Leadership

It's hard to know what this year will bring.  I listened to a really scary speech by Ronald Reagan in 1964 (I think that was the year) on YouTube tonight.  It was so scary I decided to share it on Twitter.  I think he was a Democrat back then because it was for a Goldwater event.  The main think I noticed was how many of the issues he talked about are still issues today - only worse... especially the deficit/national debt.

"A Time for Choosing" by Ronald Reagan - YouTube

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/qXBswFfh6AY" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

I am not sure how these work after posting so I will just let you choose.

Let me know what your impression is of the similarities.  

I haven't heard any campaign speeches like this in the ones I have heard for many years.  I didn't follow Reagan that fully to know what was going on at that time.  I would have been in elementary school I think.  :-)  I have a t-shirt with one of his quotes that I really like.  In the past several elections I have heard him referred to by the GOP.

I am late posting because I got involved with watching OF Mice and Men - the Gary Sinise version of 1992.  After starting the movie, I realized that I had watched it before but didn't remember what the story line was.  I discovered some parts I didn't recall, so maybe I didn't watch all of it.

For me, it had a lot of different thoughts... on how people were treated, how they survived, what you had to put up with to have a job, abusive and power-relationships in families and jobs, to lack of law and order, plus the lives of those with developmental disabilities when there was no one who cared.  It was filled with a lot of topics. 

I have never read the book, so I wondered how true it was to the original story.

2022 is becoming quite a year.  I will try to find some photos I have taken recently.  I am working on my posting graphics. 

I found this while I was goiong through my boxes as I downsize my room to make spaces to craft.  It is part of a larger writing I did called "Curiosity."  Not much, but the statement is very important to me, and maybe one of the best from that writing.  I hope to create more inspirational graphics that I can reproduce to sell and create the income I need.

This week I moved some of my art supplies to the desk space I have.  I am trying to make it easier to craft. 

I guess we will see how it works this time.  :-)   I had my supplies on my desk before but the spaces got taken over by notebooks and office duties.

I will find a way!

This is the new photo station I have now created.  Going to see how it works.  

I moved my tripods over there.
White is suppose to be the best background, but I also have a black piece of foam core if I need it.  I watched a video once about someone who used poster board to paint the background she wanted for different items.  I have some to try that out one of these days.

Finally made my caramels today.  GOOD!  How to price them is my next quest.

Let me know what you think of the Reagan video.  Listen for some of the examples he provides about debt to GDP.  We are so far beyond the levels he talks about.

In Christ,  Deb  <3


22 January, 2022

FAITH FRIDAY :: 21JAN2022 - Getting there...

 Hello to all. 

I was busy with the MARCH FOR LIFE today.  I couldn't get the online access to work at the start of the March, on THREE sites.  Later, I came back to check on it and the EWTN channel on YouTube was working.  I watched the replay later, for the parts I missed.  Not sure why it didn't come in at Facebook or the main website.

I decided to practice my photo posting with this shot of my computer screen.

One note I made in listening again to the video was about Biden authorizing the death of innocent children growing in the womb up until the moment they are born, forcing the costs to be paid with tax dollars.

For myself, I have repeatedly wondered how our nation has become this kind of nation... where the primary battle of the two main political parties is the death of its children.  

A few things we need to think about:

  • We are near bankruptcy with the increasing debt load we have created.  
  • Anyone not able to defend themselves becomes the media victim for our problems.  
  • Our infrastructure is going to cost more time and money than we can imagine or pay.  
  • Crime is increasing, prisons are decaying, court processes are too expensive to hold everyone accountable.  
  • Addictions have been a huge problem for years and years and years, but we think legalizing marijuana is the answer to declining tax revenues.  
  • The moral foundations our laws are based on no longer exist, 

I have to struggle to survive on my small budget.  The government thinks it can keep printing more money to solve its problems.  It just doesn't work that way.  There are financial laws that all of us have to live by.  That is why so many people are shouting alarms - and no one wants to listen.

The pandemic we are all dealing with is another example.

I have been going through more of my many, many papers and found this 2014 news item about drunk driving deaths... every year.  That's a lot of people. 

I have thought the yearly flu season has become a political pandemic.  

I remember news reports kept adding symptoms - padding the statistics - for data collecting systems.  

I think that means they were trying to justify the actions of the government.  

And the expenses.  

The word "presumptive" was used in my email alerts.

Other people have mentioned some of these data/statistic issues, but the headlines I get on my computer all have the view that anyone who disagrees with the ruling parties ends up dead.  

(This may become my last post...)

Our world has become a place we don't recognize.  Many of our families and businesses have faltered or died because the government decided to put us in lockdown.  I see a slow destruction of freedom, and a danger to our economic health - nationally and individually.  

We can't keep doing this, for every disease.

The flu has always mutated into new strains.  That is what it has always done.  It won't stop doing that.

I see the government increasing its ability to force us to submit to its will... mandating us to isolate, mandating us to vaccinate, mandating us to wear masks, mandating us to take boosters, mandating us to stay home, out of school, out of work.  

Is this a side effect of Obamacare?  Because healthcare is now mandated, I am forced to have government paid Medicare supplementary care.  Without any knowledge on my part, the state now carries a bill for those costs against my estate.  No notifications.  No updates.  Nothing except a bill that will come due after I am dead.

It makes you wonder about the real purpose of mandated healthcare... no matter what is said in public.

Pandemic mandates?  The government doesn't do things without a very specific reason.  There must be a money connection somewhere.

The frog in the kettle seems to fit here.

Government authority, mandates, shutdowns -- these have created a slow change of perspective, authority, freedom.  It is really a sign of power and abuse when people are arrested for not wearing a medical mask or killed for asking someone to put one on.

I don't think it is good.  And it doesn't look like the government wants to stop the growing level of control it has already discovered.

What can we do about this huge change of direction for our nation? or the world!  One party wants this one world government, another wants to stay free and independent.  Some of us think the government should be trusted, should take care of every citizen's needs.  Others see the danger in too much government, the ability to abuse, the desire to reap only for itself.

In my daily thoughts about the future Antichrist and the current paths of those in power, I see we are at a serious turning point.

Of course, I have problems with my internet access.  Maybe it's only on my computer.


NOTE ::  Edit required republishing - I discovered there were two copies of the same photo. Not sure how that happened.  I suppose I thought I was seeing the same photo.  Lesson learned.

14 January, 2022

FAITH FRIDAY :: 14 JAN 2022 - What to do with 2022

 Been thinking about this year... and working on my lists.  Still no single resolution to work on for the whole year.  

I already have a lot of projects I am working on, but they aren't the same as one self-improvement project.  I'm always working on my weight and food choices.  Always trying to find some workspaces so I can do my crafts (including art).  Always working on my budgets and trying to save what I can.

It's halfway through January and I don't think I have been able to sit down and do creative activities yet.

My reorganizing takes a lot of my time.  I still want to finish it, so I am continuing the quest while I try to find a way to create, list, and sell online.

I keep wondering what GOD's part in my life is, and how to interpret what has happened in the past.

On to other questions that need answers.  :-)

I finally opened up the WORD program on my computer and tried to see if it worked any better.  I was able to create a couple or so files and will try to make a final file to share.  I want to start an email list and offer some freebies for signing up.  I haven't had good results with my past efforts and want to make a better try this year.  I also don't know how much I can do on my own.

I finally decided on a product to focus my marketing efforts on... posting at social media and maybe even purchasing online ads for.  It's my logo mug for WT -- on the meaning of the Body of Christ.  I expected to have more sales by now.  It is a mug I think every Christian needs to have so they can remember what we are - we are the Body of Christ together, as people, as souls that are saved, not by our individual denomination.  

You can see it at my ETSY and EBAY shops.

How t make us ONE Body in Christ has been the primary objective of Working Together.  I'm a bit tired after all these years, but I still want to see it started at least.

I am officially "retired" from regular jobs, heading into 70 years old, trying to keep active as long as I can while I try to increase my income through creative quests I was never able to do.  Also still praying to do WT. 

It's been these same goals for many years.

This year I want to find better ways to do things, things that will become income, income that will let me build my life and dreams... before GOD calls me home.

January is becoming a month to get all these plans figured out.

If you want to help me help you, buy one of my logo mugs.  You can also sign up to be a monthly supporter for me at my PATREON page (Debs Retirement Plan).

Thanks for any financial help you decide to do.

Deborah Martin

07 January, 2022

FAITH FRIDAY :: 7 JAN 2022 - It's a new year to grow in our faith.


Who leads our nation, who leads our businesses, who leads our schools, who leads our local and state government -- these are the people who will create our future.

I don't know how we can keep our freedoms without good people as our leaders.

The Bible tells us the End Times will grow worse as time goes on.  I hope we can keep godly people in charge of everything that matters to our safety and our protection and our lives.  It's for our children and our grandchildren and, hopefully, for our great grandchildren... as king as GOD allows.

May our communities become places that Christians of all denominations gather to care for each other and find ways to resolve our differences in the interpretation of GOD's Word.  WE are ONE BODY in Christ.  We need each other to battle the problems we face.

In Christ, Deborah Martin, https://work2gather.us