31 January, 2018

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

I am feeling the pressure of this being the last day of January... the first month of the year is over... what have I accomplished? ...how have I done with my goals? ...did I use my time, my life, in a wise way? ...how can I make the next month better?

In the last days of January, I have decided to make some lists of things I want to accomplish this year... things to do, things to buy, things to work toward... whatever I can think of... especially my Bucket List!  I want to start checking off things... to feel like I am moving in a forward direction... actually doing things that matter!  :-)  To me, at least.

The State of the Union message is still in my thoughts.  We think our nation is invincible, and that nothing will stop us, but that is not true.  We are very strong, full of ourselves, and dedicated (mostly) to the good things of humanity (compassion, mercy, love, sharing...).  But we are not invincible.  We also don't need to become like our enemies.  This is an important time in our national history.

I hope our leaders do the right thing for the long-term future of our country, and don't operate on fear.  Fear creates bad decisions.

Today I am finishing all my details for January and working on my plans for February.  Valentines is in February.  It is one of the holidays I hope to focus on during the year.  I don't know if I have time to sell anything this year (for Valentine's Day), but I am considering my options as I plan.  I have some easy projects planned, so I could see how they work (production) and figure out their shipping requirements and costs.  We'll see....

The budget for February is still not done... so that is on the list for today.  It is hard to fit everything in... I don't have a credit card for back-up, and can't print my own money to have more (like the government does).  I have to decide what I can do with what I have.  My savings has already been depleted.  :-(   When I get my lists done, I will be able to figure out more.

My monthly letter campaign is still going... and getting better every month.  I hope this works for my old age and home-bound future.  I don't like doing everything online... it just isn't the same.  Of course, hackers hijack our lives online... criminals have great skills online...  the future has problems we can't even imagine right now.  I just have to do my best, and trust that GOD will deal with those other things I can't control.

I have been in food heaven since going shopping on Sunday... I am getting more focused on eating lots of fresh produce  ::  fruits and veggies and nuts and oatmeal and beans and everything else like that.  I told my son that the cost of nuts is like buying meats... very expensive!  I'm looking for recipes that are good and use the least expensive plant foods.   :-)   The prices are catching my attention more these days... and I am reworking my containers for different foods.

My crafting is coming along... which means my workspaces are beginning to look useable for what I can/want to do.  I am getting things ready to take photos of what I have done, or ready to sell.  It is finally beginning to look like I might actually have some stuff to SELL online!!!

Well, just wanted to get this post done.  I may be doing more than one a day now.  I'm working on my process... just writing when I have something to say.

Until next time,
In Christ,
Deborah Martin

May GOD lead us to a better future.

30 January, 2018

USA :: State of the Union

That was a great speech for our country... I hope our leaders can set aside their political maneuvering to deal with America's many issues, all very expensive.

On NBR tonight, the value of the US dollar was only 89 cents...  not good in my mind.  It keeps going lower and lower.

In one of the documentaries I watched recently, they shared a graphic that said the entire military budget was about a fourth of the healthcare expenses... and I have no idea what year they were refering to.

Our "infrastructure" -- roads, bridges, railways, etc... --  is in such bad shape, it will take years and more money than we have for it.  I still remember making a trip across the nation and having to travel on freeways with horrendous pits for miles and miles... deep "potholes" in cement freeways.  You can find lots of reports on how bad our bridges are.  These tasks will create jobs, but the problem is finances.  All our governments, which collect tax dollars to pay for all these projects, are suffering in the money department.  I know the federal government is living on its "credit card" balances, so I assume state and local governments are struggling as well.

I was glad he was stopping "aid" to countries that hate us.  I'm not sure about the prison plan for terrorists... it all depends on what they do there... if we become like the enemy, what good is that?

The biggest issue is the debt, I think.  The debt is our safety net... and we don't have that anymore.  I keep trying to figure out some way to get it down fast, but there doesn't seem to be anything I can see yet.

I was really sad to see the way the Democrats acted...  if it was a Democratic President, would the Republicans be doing the same thing?  It is really divisive... not good for our national needs.  I think the people we elect become a group that is detached from the real people of our country... a world to themselves... manipulative, power-centered, ineffective, greedy, media controlled, and in office too long... like a corporation that never changes it's controling executives.

It was hard to hear the tragedies of the President's visitors... the people that are highlighted in a speech.  There are always more details than we know about to those stories.  I cried more than once.

Prison reform was mentioned, but no details given.  Anything to help inmates re-enter the new world they are released to is good.  Maybe I better send them my suggestions...   :-)

It was a good speech in my view... focused on the need to deal with the issues America is facing.  We may not agree on the solutions, but we have to get some movement in better directions.  The internet makes all of us vulnerable.  Fully funding the military is critical to our safety and survival.

It appears they like coal and gas and oil... I would rather see more development in solar and wind and water, but in smaller and different directions than what exists today.

I hope we have a good year... as a nation... as America... as the greatest nation on earth... and the most critical.

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

I can't believe I ate it all!

Thank goodness I only had 4 slices in the house, and cooked... even if they were thick slices. I really cringed when I cleaned all the grease out of the pan to wash it clean again... I have to say it was between a quarter and a third of a cup, I think.  It was so gross to look at.  The bacon tasted so good... I decided I will only buy one or two slices at a time, or limit my bacon to restaurant sandwiches.  That will help.

I finished off my deli turkey, too.  No meat in the house now... I think.  I probably will find something hidden someday.  :-)  Once you discover a new truth it is hard to pretend it doesn't matter.  It changes every day from that moment on.  One of the interviews on the extra DVD from Forks Over Knives shared that animal protein kind of stops your colon from working right... something like that.  It may have been the whole digestive system.  I am planning to watch that part over again and take some notes.  It was one of the new statements I noticed.

I have known from previous research efforts that the body does not process meat easily.  I didn't know why.  In watching so many documentaries on food now, I see better that science is not finite, it is evolving.  When the news reports a new discovery it is just filling its air time with something that has been shared with them (press releases).  In the bigger picture, it is just one more study on the way forward.

It's hard to remember way back when I was young, but I remember being worried about the health of my children because our poverty did not allow the best food options.  That made vitamins and essential, not a luxury.  Now that I am a senior, alone, and eating better, plus discovering that senior bodies have different needs, my vitamin consumption remains but at an every other day level.  A lifetime hope was always to be able to eat real food that would cover what the vitamins provided for optimal health.  I always hoped to improve the lives of others with the financial blessings I was trying to discover through Working Together.  I guess that isn't my path.

The State of the Union address is scheduled for 6pm here.  I hope to be able to watch it.  I stopped listening to the liberal news tonight because it is never good... always biased toward the politics that they endorse.  It isn't worth listening to anymore. 

I started reading THE TREASURE PRINCIPLE, by Randy Alcorn, this morning and became discouraged by the views presented in the very first chapter.  I made a Facebook post about them, which probably should have been shared here, but I was angry and that is where I was, checking on my page.  If you want to read it, look for it here.   facebook.com/DeborahMartin.2014

I will force myself to keep reading for a bit more... to see what else he has to say about money issues and GOD.  It was a popular book, which is why I bought it when I saw it at the thrift store.  Money issues in Christianity are important to me.  I have a section in my book collection for them.

It is always hard to need something from GOD, and to look at other Christians with the impression they have enough to share.  My readings with the Dave Ramsey program showed me that looks are deceiving... all those good Christians may be struggling with debt and the battle with the "Jones family" in the church... all their income may be allocated to payments before they get it, and can be living paycheck-to-paycheck just like everyone else in the world.  Looking to GOD for your supply is really the only way to be fully Christian... to find contentment.

The god of money is a powerful enemy of faith.  It attacks us all.

It has been a strange day because of that early morning experience.

I have been working to use up my current foods before I go into new food items, so today I tried to bake my "fried rice" effort when I baked my bacon strips.  It turned out great!  I am so happy to be experimenting and creating things I like.  Now I have to keep better records of what I do so I can make it again.  :-)

Chili is next on the FOOD TO DO list.  :-)  One can of beans, maybe two, and a can of tomatoes, with diced onions, maybe some diced sweet peppers... who knows.  My biggest challenge is figuring out the right spices, and keeping the final amount as small as I can.  I love veggie chili, so that is not a problem food for me.  I may mix it with pasta this time.

Well, that's enough for today.
I hope tomorrow is better for all of us.

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

May the GOD of all provisions bless His people with abundance so they might share with those around them...
May the world discover GOD, the salvation of His Son (Jesus), and the amazing difference the Holy Spirit makes.
May our country find a way through our current financial challenges.
May our leaders put America before their own agendas.
May our media providers learn what Truth in reporting really is.
May those without a moral foundation find one... and help us to recover from the damages of crime.
May life become balanced, and families become strong, and Americans become the voice of our government.
May we become ONE Body in Christ so that our future will be stronger together.

29 January, 2018

Monday, 29 January 2018

What a busy weekend!
I probably won't remember everything, and it would be too long to share it all, but I will try to remember the things that I remember now.

Today, I listened to several podcasts from generousgiving.org (/media/podcast) -- you can guess what the topics were... kind of.  I haven't really figured out the themes of the podcasts based on the ones I have listened to so far, over several different points in time.  They are about giving, and seem to be about the presenter's journey to generous giving, but they have varied a lot in the ones I heard.  It seems they have some kind of conference every year.  As far as I know, you have to be invited to get included.  I think it is people who have become very wealthy and are Christian, looking to use their blessings wisely, for the Kingdom and God's People.  That's all I can guess from my podcast listening.  I still have several years to go through!  :-)

It is inspirational to hear other Christians discover the blessings of being personally involved in the giving process, rather than just writing a check.  It is so essential.  I like crowdfunding for its potential in this sharing process... I think there needs to be some kind of oversight for crowdfunding, some way to verify needs.  This was my vision for Action Prayer.  To bring the giver and the person in need together, to help them connect globally.  I still hope to do that.

I have checked on FaithLauncher for my financial needs for Working Together... I am still working on that.  I am just learning video, and thinking about how to explain Working Together to everyone.  I had hoped to find start-up funds a long time ago, and in a different way, but this is where GOD has me so we have to just keep going and find His Plan for the future of WT.

I shared my giving goals on a Crowder Twitter post... a post that was something about what was I (everyone reading that post) listening to... so I went on about the podcasts,  :-)  and about the site, and giving, and then my goal... which is 90% for GOD, 10% for me... (after I reach survival level, which can be different for everyone... I'm still debating that amount with myself, but it's more than the less than 600/month I have now).  Working Together is expected to be a billion-dollar operation once it gets going... so money was an issue I prayed about for many years.  Everyone will make the same wage in Working Together, because that will remind us that we are a Body of Christ, with many parts, but all of those parts are equally important, like the Bible reference.  Since economies vary across the globe, I finally decided on a formula to create that goal wage.  Hopefully, I will be able to try it out one day.

I spent a lot of money over the weekend, trying to get most of my documentary collection goals going.  I purchased my own copy of FORKS OVER KNIVES, with a companion DVD of the interviews recorded for the film (I hope).  It was free to watch online this weekend, so I watched it (twice), and shared about the option twice.  My copy arrived in today's mail!  Naturally, I will have to check them both out to make sure they work.  :-)

I decided to order the DVD for GENETIC ROULETTE (geneticroulettemovie.com) also.  I have wanted it for years, too. I hope it arrives quickly.  I want to see it again! 

Then I tried so many times to order IN DEFENSE OF FOOD and FOOD INC from PBS (they had a sale going on), but nothing worked, even emails to their Customer Service reference.  This is sad.  I have waited years to support PBS (OPB) because it is hard for me to get past my tithe and personal needs, and buying from them was a form of support for me.  I really was pushing myself to get these DVDs as part of my 2018 goals.  I still don't have them, or have them ordered, or know if I will.  So depressing.  I actually went up to six DVDs because of the sale... ordering other long-wanted DVDs they offered.  I hope to find a way through this without so much extra cost.  I sent a reply email about how upset I was... but it has gone into the CS cycle of form responses.  :-( 

If I have to, I will just let it go... and save for the added costs.

I am still working on getting my small refrigerator.  Can't wait on that, either. 

I went shopping and bought too much produce again, but not all of it goes in the frig.  I am planning on ways to live with less fridge space... Deciding on my maximum options will work good.  I totally went over my planned budget this shopping trip.  I figured out the receipt today.  I can see why... I didn't have anything left... I had to restock so many things.  If I can start my weekly effort from here, it may work.

Now, I just have to get my special small refrigerator...

Did I tell you I finally used my new food processor for the first time?  I made some chickpea nuggets, a vegan effort at a chicken nugget substitute.  They were interesting, but I am already planning to adapt them... maybe make them into veggie burgers for me.  I need a better sauce for them.  Ketchup and mustard didn't go over well.  The salsa for the second batch was OK... but I still have to figure out what kind of sauces vegans use.

I bought some extra cashews when I went shopping so I can try a recipe called (vegan) cashew cheese...  I don't know if I can live without cheese.  I still am eating small amounts of the "forbidden" foods (meat, poultry, fish, eggs, cheese, other dairy...).  I have cut back a lot.  I decided to buy only two cream cheese and try to see how long I can make them last.  I decided to buy butter still, mostly for my popcorn.  (I am trying to get to trying to microwave them dry in a paper bag... soon.)  I got a small amount of deli turkey to use, and tried out the option of buying only a few slices of bacon from the deli section.  I also refilled my back-up supplies of food oils (Olive oil and Safflower oil).  The rest was produce and bulk foods and regular foods like canned tomatoes and pears and oatmeal and coffee and whatever else I got.

I was amazed when I finally checked my receipt.  I counted over 25 types of produce, bulk honey, and ten kinds of bulk items like the cashews and rice and other things in that section of the store.  Now I need to make sure I go every week and only buy the things I need for the next week... while using up these fresh items to make sure I don't waste them or my money.  I should have enough impulse foods that are good to eat now.  :-)  I actually at an apple in the wee hours last night.  It will be great when I have everything ready to grab and eat.

You can see food is very important to me.  I suffered in past years, so now it is a big issue.  If I live long, I hope to get up to organic and non-GMO and growing my own food.  GOD willing, I will have the health for it, and the money.  Watch FORKS OVER KNIVES to understand how very important diet is to staying alive longer and reversing some of the diseases that kill us.

I happened to watch some Netflix on Saturday evening... I decided to watch The Little Prince finally.  I read the book when I was a lot younger, but it is memorable.  I wanted to see what they did with it.  The story was nice on its own... not what I expected, but now I want to read the original again.  This one was on helping children understand death and loss.  It doesn't have any connections with GOD, so you won't get a normal story about heaven and God.  It was a cute storyline for the most part.

I guess that's enough for now.  I have letters to read, letters to write, and goals to work on.  I hope to meet you here again... whenever that may be.

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

May we all search out the truth about GOD and the Bible so we make a real decision about our eternity and about the Bible's validity.
May we all be generous in our giving so we can discover the blessings hiding in that effort.
May we all be filled and content and protected.

25 January, 2018

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Interesting day.  I re-watched some of the food documentaries on my Netflix list.  I originally just wanted to see one, In Defense of Food with Michael Pollan, but it really made me want to see two others -- so I did.  I watched Sugar Coated again. Then I watched Forks Over Knives again... to see what the details were again.  I am working out my plan to buy all the documentaries I want to have in my collection.  It has become one of my goals for this year.

I am trying to understand the meaning of "whole food, plant-based diet" because it was clarified from the simple "plant-based diet."  I think it means only real food that is in its original form... maybe.  I'm not sure where bread and pasta fit into that formula.  I can see produce as whole foods, but not sure of the rest.  It will be figured out eventually.

Right now, I am working on depleting my food reserves... trying to decide how I can live without butter on my popcorn and olive oil in my salad dressing.  I just don't know what the veterans of this lifestyle choice do for these issues in eating.  So, I am walking into more fruits and veggies, more grains, and less salt/sugar/and oil.

When I watch the films, I try to see what they serve.  Some things I can figure out, but others are strange.

I have to say that I was glad to understand the problem with margarine as a food option... I had watched one food documentary that made me think margarine was better than butter because of the saturated fat contents.  Today I discovered that margarine has an even deadlier fat issue in the process that makes it margarine... trans fat.  I have to admit I really don't understand all this stuff yet.  It takes time to wade through all the different viewpoints and decide what you want to do for your own life.

I think my "mantra" will remain :: reduce the amounts I consume.  I am trying to notice any changes in how I feel, etc.

One guy mentioned that dairy allergies cause lots of problems with ear/nose/throat issues... that is a problem area for me (ear, nose, and throat issues) so I am going to watch to see if my reductions in dairy make a difference or if I have to fully give them up.

I haven't had an egg for a long time.  It feels strange.  I am trying to decide about the baking problems that brings up... I have to make some cornbread one of these days, maybe tomorrow.  I found a great recipe in Laurel's Kitchen cookbook... no flour!!!!  I want to make it into a small loaf shape so I can cut slices that will be like sandwich bread or maybe english muffin and bagel shapes.  Small slices.  It helps me to eat less... I hope.  :-)

I did start working on my goals again... started making lists of what I need to do to make listings on my sales sites (etsy, ebay, fiverr, etc.).  I was surprised by the process.  I avoided making such a detailed list in the past... never really thought about all the steps as separate items.  Today I started figuring out how to make these steps fit into a weekly goal.  That seemed to change a lot.

I still have much more to do.  I am working on my photo guidelines for each selling site.  Taking photos is step one.  Then I have to edit them to the size each site requires.  In the process of getting them ready to upload, I need to work out a file naming template.  By next week, I should have this process figured out.

I am praying for GOD to do some changes around my life.
I hope my prayers get answered soon.

I discovered recently that a property I have been praying about is up for sale again.  I am not sure what is happening on the owner's end as the price has increased a lot.  I suppose GOD is big enough to handle that.  The owners are Christians, retiring or already retired, and have their own financial prayers for GOD to deal with.

I lived in Olney (Illinois) once.  Walmart decided to build there while I was there.  I had checked on property prices before they even thought of building there, and the costs were about $1000 and acre for farmland.  That price went up to $5000 and acre for Walmart.  It was quite a lesson for me on how people get.  (I suppose Amazon will have the same problem.  I guess the tax break is the only thing that makes up for this increase in costs.) 

Small towns suffer from the same issues that every community seems to suffer when Walmart comes to town (or a neighborhood).  I have called Walmart the "poor man's blessing" in the past... When finances are hard, poor families need to save as much money as they possibly can.  Walmart helps them do that.  Now, even Walmart is suffering from competition... places like the Dollar Stores and WinCo and other options.  You may want to think about the fact that thrift stores are also suffering because of the low-cost options now available to their customers.  I cringe every time I go to a thrift store these days... even when they are next door to Walmart and Dollar Tree, they charge huge amounts of money for some items that should be priced a LOT less.  If I didn't go to the sale day at Salvation Army, it would be hard to shop there.

I'm not sure it is any one person's fault, it is the way things are changing.  Automation is changing the job markets, the internet is changing the way we shop, education is moving online, and security problems are leading us right into the Mark of the Beast.  I don't know how we are going to deal with these issues as Christians... it will mean we have to change the way we act as churches and as the Body of Christ.  Many people will suffer before we figure that out.

I am really down low on my fresh food stores.  I have one squash left... and three limes.  :-)  This should be fun.  I see lots of cans, pasta, and other ideas for meals in my immediate future.  :-)

Well, that's enough for tonight.
Until next time...

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

May we all find a way to prepare for the future... as churches, as families, as communities.

May GOD help us to be wise with our resources, so we will have them for the future.

May we all study the Bible and look for GOD's Truth instead of what we want to find there.  :-)

May our lives be focused on what GOD has planned for each of us, and not be compared to the lives of others.


24 January, 2018

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Another day...

I sent off five letters today, including one to a son of mine.  He is in the Orange County Jail in California.  I still don't know why he is there, but I need to find out if I can add money to his account.  His 2017 birthday gift finally got back to me.  He went to jail right after I sent it to him. 

When they are incarcerated somewhere, it's better to send magazines and books... at least, I think so.  They will have something good to read each month (magazines) or can learn something by reading a book.  It's a challenge to find people who know how to send to prisons, so I generally only buy books for them at HamiltonBooks.com  --  they have cheap books that are decent, and they have the mailing options.  I send books on business or the hobbies they are interested in... writing, art, math, whatever I find on the day I look.

When I had more money, I would try to send them money.  Now you have to add it to their account (for that particular prison) via an online process.  I have had problems in the past, but the systems are getting better.

They have video phone calls now.  I haven't done one yet.  They also have email access, which is approved by the staff before being sent.  I vaguely remember getting one of those.

I like to write regular letters when I can.  Now I am trying to figure out how to order photos off my tablets so I can send some to them.  Photocopies are the thing I use these days.  Printing photos uses a LOT of the ink I have to buy for the printers... I think it would be cheaper to get regular photos again.  Printer ink is probably the biggest expense in my budget... almost $50 for the set for my printer, about $29 for the black cartridge for the copier I use.

I think I already told you how it upsets me that the "rules" for inmate contact are different at every institution... some of the letters I have gotten back have been for the most ridiculous reasons!

When I win the big lottery prize/s............  I will hire people to start working on some changes.   :-)

I made some more bulgur salad... I used 1/3 cup of the dry bulger this time and it was a lot!  I sacrificed myself and ate it during the day's time.  I'm going back to making 1/4 cup at a time!  I use equal parts of bulgur and hot water.  I let it sit a bit longer that others do, I think.  I'm getting a formula figured out for the size of "salad" I want.  Today I used most of a sm/med zucchini, diced small... and some diced onion.  I have chopped almonds these days so I put a handful of those in.  Added the bulgur and some spices.  Later the dressing... the same one I have been using on my lettuce salads... 1 T olive oil and 1 T balsamic vinegar.

I am looking for some other varieties of dressings... it gets old at time to have the same dressing.  I did measure it out in the food container for dressings from the beachbody.com set... it was so great to see that I wasn't having too much dressing on all my salads.  :-)   I had thought I was.

Today I made copies of some old forms for keeping track of things, like food.  I may try one out for the ten items each day (like the Biggest Loser cookbook formula)... and see how that works out. 

I found my son's weights and will be trying to improve my upper strength... whatever it is... by using the 3 pound weights to lift with my arms. 

I am still looking for the right chair to use for my Peddler.   (Such a pain!)

I was going to work on my goals today... that must be why I ended upstairs in front of the TV.  (haha)  I am mentally struggling with the elimination process still, but I did grab copies of some SMART goal forms I have, and some of my own creations to work with.

Making a goal is relatively easy compared with figuring out a way to reach it.  I think it's that last part that always leads me to "procrastination!"   :-)

I found some of my ETSY listing help forms, too.  I will be working on those.  I can put some of my books and other things under the Vintage category there, or put them on eBay somewhere.  First I have to figure out the shipping charges, with packaging!  AND, how to get them to the post office from here.

I am working on it, just slower than I would like to.

So, today looks like a catch-up and complain day.  What do you think?!   :-)

Time to go... I need a nap before bedtime!  :-)

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

May the giant GOD in the sky that is so much more powerful than I am finally open the heavens and pour down blessings on me!!!!

(Not too selfish, you think?!  :-)

You can have some of the blessings, too... just not TOO much!  haha

23 January, 2018

Tuesday, 23

Here we are again...

I have been viewing a LOT of documentaries and other programs like them... I did watch a YOUNG Denzel Washington movie about ghetto schools and changing them from gang-infested to learning centers.  Disasters seemed to be a big theme.  I watched a documentary on Tornadoes over the weekend, and then tried a series (season) on natural disasters.  I let the season go after the first few because so many of the scenes were repeats... I liked the ones I saw with fresh information in them.  Made me really think about how to prepare better for things you never expect.  I did watch an entire season on my first try at the process :: Reno My Reno.  Netflix and PBS are my only documentary sources so far.  I was on Netflix most of the time.

I don't really have much to say right now.  I have been praying for a lot of things, trying to figure out the future.  It takes a lot of time and energy to be looking that way.  :-) 

I will continue this tomorrow, I think...
GOD willing.

The days are precious.  I wish I could do more.  I keep wondering how many I have left.

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

May GOD comfort us all in our needs, our prayers, our dreams.  Amen.

18 January, 2018

Thursday, 18 January 2018

The days go by...

Today I received my "peddler" - a bike peddle without the bike - so I can at least start doing some kind of exercise in that direction.  It is strange, but it works.  It keeps tracks of the time, the "count" (something related to steps), and the calories burned... I now have something to keep track of !!!!   :-) 

I also recently discovered, in going through my piles of papers that we are suppose to work our way up to 10,000 steps a day, which is the equivalent of about 5 miles.  Doing some math, I am going for the 2000 mark first, which I call a mile. 

3500 calories is a pound, so that will be part of the weight loss goal. 

I plan to do this thing when I watch a movie.  It takes about a half hour to do a mile... about.  If I stop a lot, I think it stops the clock, too.  I haven't figured it out yet.

So... we have STARTED !!!!

I discovered a website called GENEROUSGIVING.ORG today and have been listening to some of their accessible speeches/testimonies from their annual (?) meetings/conferences.  I plan to continue until I have heard them all, or get to my "overload" point.  Ron Blue was on the list, so I listened to his first... really good suggestions.  I started at the bottom of the list, the 2011 group.  There are mentions of earlier events, but I have a lot of years to listen to already... I may look for them later.

I also discovered PBS (OPB is the local station) is playing a program on Dame Daphne Sheldrick and the little elephants I love so much, but I haven't been able to get it on ROKU without paying for a PBS subscription.  Not ready to do that.  I am hoping to view it on the actual TV as it is shown locally.  Tonight, at midnight Saturday, and some time on Sunday... I hope I am able to do that.

The video teasers have a wonderful shot of a little orphan that started the whole thing... but I guess the little one was emotionally fragile and died when Daphne left for a short time... of a broken heart, I assume.  I hope to find out more when I can watch it.  It makes me cry just to think of the little one giving up like that.

I was listening to the news tonight and was equally disgusted that it was really a list of all the misery we face in the world... death, destruction, pain, suffering, horrible things that some do to others...  Why is that the definition of "news?"

It really destroys your day, all this sadness.

I am continuing my work on my room... still a lot of papers to go through, but I have to take breaks and do something else. My meal choices are narrowing with the decreases in my food supplies.  :-)   I am getting "creative" and eating a lot of carbs because they seem the easiest to find... bread, rice, popcorn, etc.  Using up what I don't want to throw away is also part of the food challenge this week.  I added the last of my baked jalepenos to some rice I made today... It had bites of spicy hot, but not that bad.  Stir-fry is on the way to finish out the veggies I still have... probably more stir-fry than I want to think about.

I am beginning to think of veggies as "the meal" these days.  This is new.  It works fine.  Fills me up fine.  The transition into more veggies and fruits is moving along fine.  Now I have to get my portions reduced.  I think doing my peddler will help keep those hunger cravings down.  I hope so.

I am working on what I need when I shop for a week's food...  like, one avocado a week, something with beans each week,  probably six to eight fruit for some of the 14 planned servings a week, and then there is the veggie challenge... I am really not sure how much to buy to fill the need and not have so much left at the end of the week.  So I am making a basic list to go by... carrots (1 lb), onions, cauliflower, potatoes, squash, salad fixings like one form of lettuce/greens and just a few things to put in the salad, like bell pepper and mushrooms and ???  I really love my cream cheese, so I am thinking I will only buy two packages a week, at the most.

I'm not sure my calorie count is great, but it is getting better...

Time to get going...
I may enter posts at any time... not just Monday to Thursday... I am debating that with myself.

Until next time,
In Christ,
Deborah Martin

May GOD find a single home for those kids who were so terribly violated by the two people they needed most to love them...may they stay together and have each other as they heal... for the rest of their lives.  May the mercy of our courts require this.  In the holy and merciful and loving Name of Jesus Christ, this is my prayer for them.  Amen.

17 January, 2018

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

My goodness... who knew you could do so much in one day...
I feel like I have hardly rested today... but I have.
I have sorted through so many piles of things I need to go through,
and have discarded a LOT of it.  I don't know how good I will be at that tomorrow...
I am moving into my business inspiration papers.
They are hard to let go of.
I decided to stop sorting for the night so I can start fresh in the morning.

It is hard to let these notes go into the recycling bin.
I hope to glean the most important and let the rest go,
to focus on "updating" again.

I definitely need your prayers for me.  :-)

I had some ice cream tonight !!  It was so good...
I had to stop myself from eating the whole pint!
Now I have some for tomorrow.

The days go by so fast. It seems like there is little done when I look at what is left to do.
I am finding lots of Christian inspiration in my piles.
It helps me to keep my life going in the right direction.
Trusting GOD is a challenge... but He never fails to keep His Word.
He didn't promise us a pain-free, trouble-free life.
He promised to walk through this life with us,
to lead us to His Plan for our life,
to keep His Word.

Keeping His Word is the big event.
It makes the Bible a different kind of book,
It makes GOD a different kind of God.
We want Him to focus on our lives,
our needs, our dreams, our comforts...
and He has to keep the big picture,
including the judgment of all of our sins.

It is really the big thing every Christian tries to figure out.
I think our relationship with all things GOD changes
once we figure out the world doesn't revolve around us.

Well... that's all for tonight.
I'm ready for some sleep!

I hope we meet again here tomorrow...
May GOD allow us that mercy, that blessing, that time.

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

There are so many needs in our big, big world...
May we all have the right perspective of our place in things.
May we love ourselves, love others, give more than take,
bless more than curse, trust in those who deserve it and
be wary of strangers bringing gifts.
May this life become all we can make it...
with lots of wonderful memories and smiles and
joys and happiness... shared.

Thank you Lord for saving me.
I can't imagine life without You.

16 January, 2018

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Today was a short walk to the past... I was sorting through lots of old articles saved for their topic and information... lots of recycling today!!!!  :-)  It was hard to remember some of the details of what I discovered.  The Haiti quake, elections, homelessness, and lots of other things... too many to go through.  I am passing on as much as I can, for the generic inspiration they have in them.  I hope they bring someone a little more thought before they go to the waste pile.

I will be continuing this long process tomorrow, the next day, and for as long as I can stand to do it.  There are still boxes to go through.  It is a great feeling to finally get to it.  It's been on my "list" since moving.  It will help to clear out more space in my room.

I am finding the supplies for projects I have planned, too.  That is all getting sorted and put where I can find it easier, get it started or finished, and ready for whatever its life will become.  I may take some breaks to finally create some art or jewelry or ???  It is really a matter of getting the space cleared and organized to do the things I have been gathering supplies for.  Things that are easy to ship are the top priority.  Keep watching my Etsy shop, possibly my eBay store, and maybe my Fiverr site.

Finding one project to do with Fiverr has been a long goal.  I joined Fiverr with the hope of just selling something at $5... they turned into a creative site where that doesn't seem to fit anymore, so my thrill about them is gone, but I am still working on my goal to find the BEST thing I can do with their format... ONE thing to sell.  If my efforts get better, maybe I will go to two.  It takes a lot of time to create new things... I am looking for good things that duplicate easily.  Maybe even wholesaling some of my creations (like supplies, if I create something that will fit that requirement) at Etsy.

These are long goals right now, but in time they will be ongoing.

By the end of the month I should know where I am with all this.  Most of my sorting will be done and I will have the space, my supplies, and time to get something done.  God willing!

No TV today, mostly... I did go up to rest and eat popcorn for the News... then back to my room activities.
I didn't really turn the radio on, much, if I did.  I don't even remember it!
I get really involved in reading when I need to concentrate.

I do hope to start posting more photos... soon.
Not sure how much I want to share anymore...
I need to decide what is personal, what is business, what is worthy of sharing...
It is all a learning process.

This seems like the best of my blogs to keep going at a personal level, for the long-term.
I keep thinking about what I want it to become... and whether it will develop on its own as I age and keep "journaling."  I suppose it is like a journal, and I have been thinking about starting a yearly book (journal) of my day-to-day activities and thoughts.  It may cause me to change the direction of my public writing.  I don't really know.   Videos are on my mind, too.  If I get skinny again... that may just become the online choice for me.   :-)   We'll have to wait and get that figured out.

Time to go.
Keep checking back.
In Christ,
Deborah Martin

May GOD watch over us as we seek His Will for our lives and His guidance for our decisions.
May life be better for those who are suffering.
May the world find a way to be kind to one another.
May our problems get solved, and the answers be really what we need them to be.

May the GOD I have prayed to for so long about WT and all the things that have been needed, finally have mercy on me and provide the finances and provisions to prepare good things for His People... and others. 

In the Name of Jesus, Amen.

15 January, 2018

Monday, 15 January 2018

Well, I suppose I should say something about MLK...
It is his designated holiday.
I always wonder about the "real" birthdays anymore.
I don't really know when his official birthday is...
today is a government convenience.

I have always admired his place in history,
and hated the events that are often associated with that battle.
When I see the films of police dogs attacking innocent marchers,
When I see the reports of bus explosions on documentaries,
When I think of little kids having to deal with the actions of adults that threaten them,
it just makes me ill.

In the years that have passed since his death,
there have been reports that he wasn't a perfect man...
imagine that.
His family continued for him... kept his dream alive, I guess.

I often wonder how GOD chooses the people He lifts up for leadership.
Moses, Daniel, David, Job, Noah, the Apostles, Zacheus, and all the ones I can't remember right now.
I don't see any of them were looking for a position of spiritual leadership.
Their relationship with GOD changed.
Their life changed.
They became His vehicles for achieving His Will for the world.

MLK became GOD's leader.
We see him, and how GOD used him to make the world better,
to make us better, to change a wrong into something better.

The problems of racism still exist... I think they always will.
But we have a better world, a better America, because he lived,
because he chose to be used by GOD in his time.

I discovered more of my ROKU options tonight...
there wasn't any good radio on, I didn't want to do my stuff in silence,
so I turned on the switch for my new "communications center" --
the place where I put the shared TV, computer, VHS, ROKU...
I decided to try some sermon shows, and wound up at Billy Graham TV.
This is good for me.  Better TV than secular options.
I should admit that I started with PBS but couldn't get it to work.  :-)  haha
This will give me some good things to do on my Sabbath night and day.

Today was a busy day of sorting the things in my room.
I really made a better "shipping area" in my closet.
The drawers of my four desk/tables are being organized for their particular uses.
It is getting to be useable.  I love it.

The future looks better...

May GOD help it to keep going in those directions,
fix the problems that still exist,
and provide for the rest of the things I still need.

Until next time,
In Christ,
Deborah Martin

11 January, 2018

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Hi, again...

Today doesn't seem like I did much, but
*  I now have a desk area, with changes to my computing space.
*  I found a place to put my erase-board calendar so I can keep checking off the days and remind myself that time is passing quickly!
*  I finished my December letters, started my January letters, and revised my list page that helps me to keep track of it.
*  I ate too much... and started making some experimental products on my to-do list.
*  ... can't remember what else I did...

I suppose it has been a good day.
What do you think?
Are we still worthwhile human beings if we don't conquer the world every single day?


In Christ,
Deborah Martin

May our values be equal to our humanity.  Amen.

10 January, 2018

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

I made it!
Some days seem to be harder than others, but here I am...

My New Year 2018 theme of EXERCISE (Making a Plan I can live with!) has begun with a strange flow.  I am getting to a reasonable option for my situation, but it is a process.  I think I will need to recover tomorrow as well.  I did walk to the local market, but that was still more than I needed for this week.

Getting old is a challenge.
More of a challenge than I expected.

Other than that, I am catching up and moving forward with my many lists of things to get done.

I still have four letters to write for December  :-)  -- slow to get done.  I sent my cards out as a December communication, but then started writing letters, so I have to finish the list.  January letters are also begun... so we will keep them going.  I found a great insert for January from one of the mission mailings I got.  February's "insert" will have to be on love, I suppose.  Who knows what I will find and share!

I am so happy to finally have gone to a store I wanted to get to since moving here almost (about 4 years ago!)... and I finally was able to buy the heat gun I want for some of my crafting projects.  Getting my room fixed is helping.  Finding the right storage options is really helping.  I hope I live long enough to make it productive!!!  I'm starting this week, I think.

Money is always the main issue.  So getting things is slow, but I do what I can along the way.  It's all beginning to work out.  God willing, it will continue to work out.

My Christmas lights are still in my window and they make me happy every time I look at them. 

I hope to find the small fridge I want by next month.  It is really needed.

How to reach our goals... I am thinking about that a lot these days... I have so many goals "in process" - with pieces done and more to get done.  I continue to pray for what I need, and look for GOD's answers.

I decided on two of my three main goals for 2018.  I may have my third one figured out, too.  I am working on the plans of how to do them first. 

1 ::  My exercise plan.
2 ::  Increase my income.   (This is a LOT harder than it seems!)
3 ::  is probably going to be catch up with my taxes and make sure it is all OK.  Money is such an issue in my life this is more of a difficult goal than it seems.  I don't owe much, but I need to get it taken care of.

After that... I have all my other goals to work on.   :-)  hahahaha

We change in small pieces.

I have been trying to reduce "animal protein" in my diet... which is so hard, cheese has always been such a large part of what I eat, and milk, and eggs, and chicken, and fish, and meats of various kinds... going away from "processed foods" is another part of that process of change for me...and it is also hard.  I'm focusing on REDUCING how much of these things I eat, not totally eliminating them... but that is still a need to NOT eat them. 

I'm trying to use honey more than sugar, especially in my coffee.

I stopped making milk and then I bought dry cereal, which requires milk.  I still have some dry milk to use, so I am making it ONE cup at a time, when I really need to have milk for something.  I am trying to decide what I want to do about this issue.  I bought raisin bran cereals to eat because of my senior status and wanting to eat more bran for fiber.  I wanted a change from oatmeal.  I also bought some Cream of Wheat for the same reason :: variety.

I even bought more peanut butter !!!   I just gave my last container of peanut butter to a mission because I hardly eat it.  Now I am trying to eat it as a protein source.  I do eat enough (too much, really) of various kinds of nuts already, but I wanted some peanut butter one night and didn't have it for toast or something.  How we change.  (Note:  One time when I was homeless, living in my van, and without a lot of things, I would eat the 2T of peanut butter that makes a protein serving as part of my diet.  I think that is what makes it hard to eat regularly these days.  I guess I like to get that protein in other forms now.)

I am trying to make other changes as I can. 

I have read that it is good to focus on one change at a time.  I see the wisdom in that.  It makes it easier.  I don't know if I can do that, but being kind to myself helps me when I don't want to do the thing I am trying to change... like not eat dairy.  Getting my consumption down to a low level appeals to me, but how much is "low" in real food terms.

This is my ongoing process right now... CHANGING some of the things in my life that are not where I want them to be... one day at a time, one meal at a time, one walk at a time... slowly... but keeping on.

This is my best right now.
It's good enough for me.

I hope to hear from you about how you are doing with your goals.

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

May GOD help all of us to grow into the best person we can be.
May our hearts trust in His goodness, His Plan, His love for us.
May we be wise about the tricks of our Enemy, and keep our focus on GOD.
May life bring us happiness.
May time keep us holy, devoted, and strong.
May our goals be GOD's goals.

09 January, 2018

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

I think this blog has just changed into a non-scheduled effort...  :-)

I went shopping yesterday, and depleted my energy... totally forgot about writing and went to bed!  I was going to get up later, after I rested just a little (haha), but at 11pm - when I was awakened by "something" - I couldn't keep my eyes open so I let it go.  This is how it goes.  I may as well just let it go.  I think it will help all of us to just let this blog discover its own schedule.  :-)

Over the weekend, I think it was, I watched some more documentaries.  I decided to watch FOOD INC again... it really made me so ill about our food supplies and how little we can do to change it.  I cried again for the mother that lost her 2-year-old son to a fast-food burger...and found a new passion for life that she would rather not have.  I had to turn my head and close my eyes at the scenes of suffering and abused animals that are part of our food supply process.  I left the room at a part I remembered as too much to deal with emotionally.

I also watched one about how we value the truth and discard our values for rewards of various kinds.  It had a catch title --  (DIS)HONESTY : THE TRUTH ABOUT LIES.  It will make you think about your life and future in new ways.  I shared with my son that the biggest point they made was about our changing economy and the effects of a cash-less society on our moral values.  The basis of the film is the testing they did on college students, but the real-life effects of our moral choices are very displayed in the real people that become examples of the effects of our rationalizations about honesty... and what happens when we get caught.  :-(  

The third one I remember watching was about prisons... another topic of interest to me.  It was called BREAKING THE CYCLE, I think.  It shared the new efforts of Norway on maximum-security prison populations and how they are inspiring change in America.  The main comparisons were about a difficult prison in New York (Attica) and then they shared the efforts of inspired changes being made in a North Dakota prison. 

If you have read my other posts or writings, you will know I have my own ideas about reforming prisons.  Some of these things are shown in Norway, but the biggest financial change would be to link prisons to the opportunity of internet sales, via the administration of one website for all of America.  It would provide income for both inmates and prisons... and change the future of so many.  I don't want to get into the details right now... but maybe later today I will add a post about that.  My "Pathway to Freedom" concept and the income / job options of internet sales would revolutionize the prison industry and reform options.

I didn't win the big prizes in the lottery this past week, so I guess I will just keep sharing them and hope SOMEONE will think about doing them.

That's about all I can share right now.  Another day is starting.  :-)

God willing, I will be back later.

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

May GOD watch over us as we grow into the future.
May He have mercy on us as we discover the damage life without Him brings.
May we find a way to help each other.
May we love the good, hate the bad, and let our humanity find its way through discovering our future.
May our world focus on fixing the problems we have.
May we recover from the harm greed does to our decisions.
May we care about those who have less than they need for their life, their families, their dreams.

05 January, 2018

Friday, 5 January 2018

This is actually a post for Thursday, but....

When I was watching the news last night, there was a promotion for a 25-year anniversary special about the Waco, TX, stand-off between David Koresh/Branch Davidians and federal agents.  It's hard for me to remember much about that event so I decided I needed to watch it.  Media and anything having to do with the Bible is a problem.  I want to see how they presented it.

David Koresh was a religious cult leader that took the goodness of GOD and the Bible and made it into violence, sexual relationships, and a means to control people.  I guess he would be like other manipulators who use their positions for getting things they don't deserve, especially sex, but a religious cult leader uses the Bible (or another book that is considered spiritually important... like the Koran, or the Communist-based books, or... ) to "convince" people that they are the one that needs to be followed.  David Koresh became a lot of things that are not about GOD or salvation or the Bible.  This stand-off lasted 51 days and ended in a suicide fire that killed so many children and parents and others.  It was a terrible situation. 

The program pointed out some of the reasons many who were there thought the deaths were unnecessary, why some felt the government had a different agenda than what they said because they could have arrested David Koresh in a peaceful way when he was not at the compount, and why they should have let it go for another day.  One major problem they cited happened at the beginning, before the government officers even reached the cult's compound... they happened to ask a mailman about the location (or something), and that mailman was a member of the cult, so he warned them the government was on their way.

It was very disturbing to see what happened to people who didn't want to keep following the group.  This is one of the big problems with cults, no matter how big or small they are, the use of violence and intimidation, a kind of imprisonment, forced compliance, separation of spouses, families, children... these are not biblical perspectives, but the Bible is used to make it seem like they are. 

When I was living in Hollywood, trying to attend college and not living with my children, I explored some of the cults I found there.  Manipulation (forced compliance) is the first thing you discover about them.  One is a huge organization today.  The other one I wasn't able to find online again.  This latter one would take homeless people and offer them food and shelter in exchange for long hours of distributing their informational brochures, which were invitations into their group.  I don't know about the one that became financially huge... how they integrated their new converts into their system, but it was emotionally manipulative, feeding on the problems of those they appeard to want to help.  The word "blackmail" seemed like it might fit this other group.

I really don't understand how people get swept into these kinds of relationships, but it happens all the time, with all kinds of situations.  Domestic violence is another view of this problem.  Teens and women are woo'd by someone who only wants to control them and hurt their lives.  It is hard to get away from these people once the "relationship" has evolved.  Men seem to like the idea of having more than one wife, for sexual relationships and for making children.  This seems to be a part of other communities all over the world.

For myself, I think it is preying on vulnerable, struggling, needy people (like the homeless).  I noticed with the Hollywood group that provided food and shelter that location was really important.  They would drive people way out of town to their living places for the meal and presentations... meaning it would have been a very huge hardship to leave.  They also worked people so many hours that they were always fatigued, and it's hard to do anything when you are that tired.  One person I met had left her children at the main location of the group while she went on a "missionary" trip to the place we were at. 

I guess this is really another level of "peer pressure."  Whoever we choose to be with becomes our "peer."  When the group operates one way, it's hard to say no to something you don't want to be a part of.  Crime is like that.  Business is like that.  It seems to be a human problem... we are all like that.

I have problems with these kinds of presentations.  Why was it suddenly necessary to "remember" this terrible event that mocked GOD and the Bible?  There is never any kind of reference to this being abnormal for traditional religion... no disclaimer that other Christian, Bible-believing groups don't act this way.  I also have a problem with media because it doesn't portray it's pet projects realistically.  It would be the gay community these days.  And, now, I suppose the "gay community" is becoming a lot of different separate groups... gay, lesbian, transgendered, bisexual, pedophile, etc.  We don't see much about the problems within their communities, only the problems of the people and groups they hate, like Christians. 

I don't like this kind of presentation right now because it is about gatherings of Christians.  Working Together is focused on building communities of Christians, but not like a cult... only the public doesn't understand the difference.  The media will portray any gathering of Christians as dangerous, suspect, abnormal.  They are fighting the strength of unity, the opposition of spiritual groups that disagree with their views, and a loss of social power.  They gain when they gather, but they don't want the opposition to gather and gain power.  This is what people do... everyone wants to "win!" -- to have their view be the one that controls the world.

I guess our issue really is on fighting fair.  How can we all maintain our individual rights, to do battle in a way that doesn't harm others, to win battles in ways that are fair... I don't think we will ever find that answer.

I am still pondering the details of Waco, cults, GOD, religion, the Bible, media, and other related topics.  It is what matters to me... finding ways to deal with these issues, wanting to protect Christians, children, America. 

Until next time,
In Christ,
Deborah Martin

May GOD help us to find answers.  Amen.

03 January, 2018

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Hello, again...  I am still writing 2017 on my dates... I think I better go back and check my new posts for 2018 again to see if I did that.  Bear with me if I have.  I will get this New Year issue fixed!  (eventually!)     :-)

Today did not go as planned (wanted), but that was fine.  I did quite a bit... and don't have too much left to do.  If you remember, I have been redoing my room again.  This time I found some big space!  It feels wonderful, but I am already thinking about how to make it more useful.  :-)   It never ends... the need to find a better way!  I am always looking for it.

My purging process is continuing... I am looking for the things I don't need to have anymore... what to get rid of, what to keep, what to use for regular life, what to use for crafting...  this is why it is important to figure out my spaces.  To make sure some things do get used for food after they are used for crafting.  I know people sell household stuff online, but I am having a hard time thinking of charging $20 for shipping for the things I am thinking of selling.  I generally end up donating stuff.  This is going to be a challenging effort to change.  The experience will be good (listing / figuring out shipping costs / packaging / etc.) for me if I can force myself to do it.

At Etsy, vintage is over 20 years since it was made.  I don't know if I can date everything I have.  I may just focus on Ebay for everything.  That decision hasn't been made yet.

In my part of the world, the rain is coming back, with passion I hear.  I saw on the news today that the other side of the country is having record cold, and snow, and ice, and misery.  Sad.  I hope the homeless are sheltered.  Those who have to drink or drug end up dying because of their habits... addictions.  Here they are under attack again.  No one want the homeless around... especially when "tourism" is more important.  It's all about the tax dollars... as the financials get worse, everyone gets blamed, especially the poor and homeless.

Amazon is promising 50,000 jobs to the next city they build in.  They will get a great tax deal.  I have been hoping that Bezos's new effort to "share" his wealth ( doing philanthropic work ) will focus on the shelter needs of the homeless and poor... ownership options to create stability and the ability to actually build a future.

The news says there are over 200 cities applying for their business.  Logically, they will need to position themselves in another part of the country... probably the east, maybe Chicago for now.  With this cold spell, it doesn't look good for long-term impressions. :-)   They are a shipping company, with a great need for techies... At first I thought the old Post Office I heard Chicago was offering would be good. Chicago is a big transportation hub.  Then, tonight, I realized they will probably go somewhere on the east coast, near Washington DC maybe, where there are a lot of universities, and talented people, and political power, and the Washington Post, which I believe Bezos owns now.  :-)   It sounds like a wise strategy to me.  They don't have to build downtown, and commuting is a way of life over there.

Now that I have solved their problem, I will go to bed for the night!  haha

See you tomorrow.

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

May GOD be with those who have suffered tragedies and are trying to recover, especially ... well, just all of them... including those who are poor and homeless, in law enforcement, senseless victims, and repeat offenders who were not helped to overcome the real problems that no one sees, or wants to notice.  May we all find a way to understand the consequences of our failures as individuals, as families, as communities, as nations... to see with hearts of understanding, to discover the why, to change the future when possible, and to love those who are near to us instead of giving our funds to people we will never meet.  May our world find a way to heal.  May we see that GOD is good and the Bible teaches us how to make our lives better.  May tomorrow be better than today...  Amen.

02 January, 2018

Tuesday, 2 January 2017

Another day! is done!  ... almost.  :-)

I spent a lot of time making my room better... moving things around... feeling like it was killing me (seriously!)  To rest, I watched TV... news, then a movie, then I had to rest and fell asleep for a little bit.  Getting use to being older is quite a learning curve! 

Now I am up to get this done.  :-)

If I can figure out how to sell enough of my crafting projects, I will be OK!  (Financially, goal-wise, craft-supplied, etc.)  Things are beginning to take shape. 

Wages through Working Together are also an option... been praying for that a long time.  Lots of associated issues with that quest, but I continue to trust that GOD is working in the midst of them. 

This is the year I focus on praying for my children's souls...  in earnest.  I hope to see changes before I die. 

I am remembering some of the foods I loved as a younger person... I made some sauteed mushroom slices today, and then ate them as a sandwich with lettuce.  I use to eat them with burgers.  I love mushrooms practically crisped in butter.  I can see more of these in my meal planning, even if they are lots of calories and fat because of the butter.  I may try to use less, but boiled mushrooms just don't have the flavor of sauteed mushrooms.  :-)

Oatmeal is becoming a breakfast staple, with dried fruit cooked in it.  I'm not sure yet what other options I want to try for breakfast.

Salads are coming back.  :-)  As long as I can keep myself in lettuce, I'll be fine.

Exercise... well, that is still a 2018 goal.  I did more than my fair share today, but I want to find a walking plan and get an exercycle.

I need to catch up with my monthly letter list... I have a few from December left, even though I sent out Christmas cards I decided to do letters, too.

These are the "TO DO" items on my lists... not quite goals, but parts of goals.  Trying to decide my top 3 goals for 2018 is still part of the goal challenge for me.  I'm working on a SMART Goal version, with deadlines, with details, with a finish line.  When I get it all organized into one notebook, my original plan, it will be easier to keep track of the process.  Making one big goal into all the small steps that lead up to achieving it is another challenge with goals. 

Project managers do this with their events and other bigger work goals.  I have read a little about them along the way.  The way to get to the goal is to work backward, to figure out the last step and then work backward to where you are now.  It all sounds easy, but it really is a big job.  Lots of details.

I practice on some of my smaller goals.

Exercise may have to be one of those top three goals.

Income may have to be another one of those top three goals... again.  More details of how to increase my income will have to be the goal.  Once you have enough saved, you can do any goal.

What to do for goal 3... I am still wondering.

Tomorrow I will work on getting these goals into words, with details, and deadlines... something to check off as I go through the year.  That really helped me with my food goal last January... I may have to try that again this year.  :-) 

I'll let you know how I did when I write tomorrow's post.

Until then, pray for my sons to find their happiness in GOD, be saved by Christ in their hearts, and dedicate their lives to the work GOD has planned for them to do.  Thanks.

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

May we all be united by our salvation, find peace in our walk with GOD and Man, and live to make our world better. Amen.

01 January, 2018

Monday, 1 January 2018

A new year...
I saw a post on Facebook the other day... about the New Year.  It said something like ::

One year = 365 opportunities

Nice way to see the year...
We can start over every new day...
Begin again...

I have "exercise" as my theme this year...
I will probably be doing a lot of starting over !!!   :-)

I am still working on my goals for the next year.
I am trying to put them down on paper so I can look at them as time goes by.
One section on my goal sheet is for my top 3 goals.
I have been thinking about those since I reformatted my goal page.

Goals are not exactly like the list of things you want to get.
I have a long list of things I need to buy to do the things I have as goals...
for crafting, for business, for personal things like my bucket list...
but that is not the same as what is my bigger goal for the whole year.

Our budgets make our goals, I guess.
I don't have much money to work with, so things take a lot longer.
When I have to start over again, it only takes longer...
I have to get to where I was and then try to keep going.
I watched some ROKU channel this weekend,
including part of a documentary on people who are homeless
and surviving in the drainage tunnels under big cities.
Every winter, everything gets "washed away" and then you have to start over.
Tent people suffer the same problem...
there is a "sweep" and all the efforts they have made to get ahead are taken to the dump.
I lost most of my things when they were in storage lockers.
One payment missed and they want to sell your life's belongings.
I remember hearing about a famous person owing a storage place thousands and thousands of dollars and they still had their possessions.  Why do the poor lose theirs after one month?
People need a place to build... a place they can make their own...
even poor people need that.

This year is a blank canvas.
I hope it becomes a great memory.

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

May the GOD who owns it all decide to share some with me.  :-)  Amen.