29 April, 2022

FAITH FRIDAY for 29 April 2022 - end-of-the-month week

 It's almost the month of MAY!  Every time I get to the end of the month, I wonder where all my days went, what did I get done, what can we put on the list for the next month.... This is what I do in my efforts to go forward.

I am still working on my NOTEBOOKS.  I made a new form to try to keep track of everything.  So far, I have revised it at least twice.  I will try the newest version for MAY.

I squeezed in most of my life details on the one page.  I am trying to list what I plan to do, have to do, and don't get to.  I'm trying to teach myself how to focus on three things for a day and make sure they are things I need to do.  It is very hard for me to decide what three to focus on, and not get sidetracked by all the other things that are easier to do.

I'm working on weight loss so I am recording as much of my food as I can to see how I do over time.  I am working on three meals and a snack this year and finding it helpful to reduce the spaces for recording food.  My meals are getting better and smaller, sometimes just one main thing at a time with more times for eating over the day.  My records seem to be leading me into just a limited number of slots to fill.

In trying out an old yearly planner I had, I see the benefit of one page a day, and the smaller size.  I've been trying to design my own, maybe to sell on AMAZON as a low-content book.  I have made a couple draft versions.  I am still thinking of a separate booklet for each month but have to decide by Sunday if I want to try it out for MAY.  A smaller booklet is easier than a regular size notebook for the space I have to keep it.  I am hoping to find a great three- or six-ring notebook to use.

This year I am working on STEPS for exercise.  There is an eliptical where I live.  I tried doing time as a measure for each day.  It was a pain.  I decided to try the STEPS option this year, so I count my steps every day.  If you didn't read my previous posts, I discovered the 10,000 steps exercise goal is about 5 miles in walking.  So I am trying to work my way up to 10K a week.  Since I found out that a 5K race is about 3 miles, that has become my second goal... for a daily quest.  Joggers do more than that I hear.  I will be very happy just to get to the five miles a week, but then I might keep going and try a 5K race if I stay healthy enough for it.

I watched a video with a 70+ woman who was still doing marathons.  She was a lifetime (almost) jogger and racer.  I am a newbie... just trying to stay alive a little bit longer.  It's a good goal for me.

I am also trying to make my page a part of my to-do lists for each day.  I made spaces for my online activities and for my household duties.  It helps to write some of these things down so I can remember when I did them, or what I did when.

This is my monthly process, every last week of the month.  It helps me to see a path for the next month, and know where I am at.  

My budget, my goals, my life.

I'm still working on that effort to restudy the End Times and make posts about it.

Still working on my art, jewelry, and other crafting projects.

Still working on my letter project to keep in touch with other people in my family and old friends.

Still hoping to do my Bucket List items.

Still working on lots of things.

It's better to be busy than bored... must be why I have such long lists of things to get done.  :-)

26 April, 2022

Thoughts about the expected Rapture, the economy, and Christians.

I was listening to some Jan Markel programs at a RUMBLE.com link today.  I was concerned about the repeated mentions about a Rapture saving everyone from suffering any of the problems they were talking about... which were about changes in our currency, the new world order, etc.  

I thought about the world of Christians who will be caught without help if the Mark becomes part of this new financial "progress."  They will be forced to choose, maybe force will become a part of the process, and then will wonder why the "Rapture" didn't save them.

One of the clips shared in this video (Are We Ready for a New World Order? (rumble.com)) at time stamp 36:26 to 38:07 was of an economist for the global community called Dr. Pippa Malmgren.  She says some scary things.  

First, that the economy is critical to everything in our lives.  

Second, that a digital economy "...means having an almost perfect record of every single transaction that happens in the economy."  This is something I have already seen possible in government through the Food Benefit program I survive by.

Using a debit-type card to receive and spend government benefits means there is an approval process in place.  The Christian leaders associated with these issues see that money will become "programmable" - that the government will be able to stipulate what you can and cannot buy.  This is already in place with the food versus non-food purchases.

I suspect the government would have access to copies of my receipts.  This would allow them to verify what I am buying with my government benefits.  

In hearing about the planned efforts of the New World Order, I see a government source for all incomes, an ability to decide who is in need of addiction treatments, if there are black market channels being supported, and any kind of financial abuses.  When it gets here, the application will become global government support and oversight.  This is where Christians will not be able to survive without the Mark, a computer chip already developed, tested, and being refined for global distribution.

If Christians think they will be "Raptured" and never have to suffer the need to choose, to stand in faith to the death, they will not be prepared for surviving as long as possible before the Antichrist orders our death.

Think of life without any kind of money.  What will you need?  Will there be ANY church prepared to provide everything Christians will need just to survive each day?  I don't know of any.  Preppers are better off than the traditional church or ministry, which looks to take in money for itself to grow.

We interpret Bible verses according to their definitions by those we know and trust and follow.  One verse might have different meaning to each denomination, each Christian, each era.  Only GOD knows the true meaning of what He said.  We simply try to make sense of what has been recorded, usually relying on those who have taught us.

I am just trying to say that we need to see the different interpretations and expect GOD to help us find His Truth.

I realized in my last post that I need to push myself to re-study all the verses I have built my own faith on.  And post them here.  Seeing the videos I watched today reminded me of the need to do this.

I hope I can find a way to share what I see in GOD's Word so you will think about these conflicts and be prepared when the government tries to tell you there is no other way than the government's way.

Until next post, God willing.
Deborah Martin
Working Together Inc

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22 April, 2022

FAITH FRIDAY on 22 April 2022 - catching up with now

 Hello!  I am trying to make sure I get this post done before midnight passes again!  :-)   

This morning I worked on revising/updating some of my record forms.  One for keeping track of my Healthy Eating Project... less meat, dairy, fats.  And one for my new weekly record sheet, with space for goals and other ongoing commitments, like my posting to Patreon and here.  Then I started working on a new idea for a monthly booklet to make daily details more organized.

My goal has always been to create one notebook I can check every morning and keep track of what I plan and what I actually get done.  It is always a challenge for me.  I make lists of goals for the day and end up doing other things.  When I get to my desk and my list at the end of a day, I sometimes see I have avoided the tasks on my list.  I try to think about that result and how it happened so I can try to do better the next time.

I took some photos of my first ANTICHRIST t-shirt design.  Then I shared it on Twitter, my feed and other posts.  With all that has been happening I would say it isn't going to be too long until he "rises" to power.

Years ago I discovered the government was testing the chip in prisoner's bodies, the later I discovered that it was out in the open with regular people trying it as a financial safety option.  It's probably ready for mass distribution, we just don't know about it yet.

Recently I found two articles on related topics - one about the President wanting to regulate digital money, and another was a program by Jan Markell about not being able to buy or sell soon.  I asked someone if they thought the digital money would be attached to the computer chip for regulating it.  (Please NOTE:: I don't agree with the Rapture point of view.  I think the Antichrist is going to kill us when the time comes for the world to be without Christians.)

The only way the world can be controlled is through the internet, which we are all moving toward as the only connection to everything in our lives.

It is scary to see all this in my lifetime.

I remember that the Bible says there will be only "one generation" from the time Israel regroups until the end of something... maybe until the Antichrist gets here.  I haven't studied this in so long.  I remember the main things that apply to the End Times.  (NOTE:: I did a brief check at BibleGateway.com and didn't find what I was looking for in the KJV.  I will have to do more investigating to share more details.  If you find it first, let me know.)

Maybe I better go over all that again.  I can use it as my posting topics.

This is my latest corporate visor.  It was a one size option so I thought it would fit like my first one - but it didn't.  It has some kind of sizing (18-20?) and is too big for me.  I wanted to try a denim hat and chose blue to go with jeans.

I may try a baseball cap or something like that next time. 

I started wearing visors after I worked at a SUBWAY back in the old days.  :-)   about pre/post 2000.  Now I am hardly without one.  They shade my eyes from the sun.  I like that.

I am starting to work on a biz card I can use for my selling activities... art, etc.  I haven't thought of a name for this yet.  I am just beginning to create some designs.

My Working Together biz card turned out so fantastic.  I hate to let it go but life isn't what I wanted it to be so I have to wait and see what GOD is up to.  You can find posts with it... maybe on my Facebook feed.  I don't remember where I posted it, but it should be on the WT page at least.  Try  facebook.com/WorkingTogetherInc to look.  Yep, that worked.

This was the first effort.
I don't like either version.

I was watching some YouTube videos about creating and selling digital products and came across some details about INKSCAPE (.org) as a design option.  It looks great.  I have to try it out this weekend.

I want to get the ADOBE Suite but this seems to be capable of doing vector graphics (my greatest need) and others I am learning about.

I also discovered a site called PublicDomainFiles.org from the same channel (Crafty Stax) but a different video.  They have fonts that can be accessed for free.  I downloaded about four of them to try.  I checked on the Clip Art section and the one with the recycling symbol, but can't seem to figure out how they work in order to use them.  They had two old videos (Sherlock Holmes programs from a LONG time ago!  :-)  listed but those became unavailable when you looked into them.

I guess that's enough for today.  I will try to restudy the Bible and find the verse mentioned above.  It is a major battle every time I try to study and I don't win these battles all the time.  :-(

Until next time, GOD willing.

16 April, 2022

FAITH FRIDAY - a little late again. 16 April 2022 - Thoughts on Resurrection Sunday.


I took a photo of my year-round Christmas tree this past week... for a post.

Friday was GOOD FRIDAY, which I didn't even think about this year.

Tomorrow is RESURRECTION SUNDAY, when we celebrate the rising of Christ from His death on the cross.

Time seems to do its damage in faith.  I suppose that is why Satan works so hard to keep us from the Bible, from fellowship, from study, from worship, from our local congregations, and anything that has to do with GOD, Christ, the Holy Spirit.  For myself, that seems to include writing, designing, blogging, creating, even art.  I can add listening to audio Bibles, Christian music, Christian movies.  If I think about it longer, the list may never end.

This battle gets harder when we age or have any kind of isolating medical issue.  I have been thinking about it for a long time because I think about the Body of Christ becoming ONE BODY in Christ.

The Resurrection of Christ is the most important event in the Christian year.  Christ's death matters more than His birth.  It is our only way into heaven.  In becoming the substitute offering for our sins, He ends the need to sacrifice animals for sins.  He changes the focus of our relationship with Him from the Temple to our hearts.

This is part of what led me to create my Body of Christ statement.

The Body of Christ 
is not found in a building. 
It exists in the hearts and 
lives of those who accept 
the tenets of the Holy Bible 
and believe Jesus Christ 
sacrificed His Life 
for their personal sins.

The other side of this mug is part of my logo for Working Together and is focused on the separations we have made to the Body of Christ.  I have a link on my website to a page (ONE GOD) I created with some verses that go with each line.  The parts, and my designs for them, took a long time to create.  It was important to make the order right.

This mug is a very important message for all Christians.  I hope you will buy one from my ETSY shop (etsy.com/shop/work2gather.)

What has Resurrection Sunday become in our time?

I don't really know.  I haven't been to a service in years.  Being home all the time, I hardly remember a special day from any other day.  Getting groceries is a huge challenge for me.  I wonder about the Body of Christ, and struggle with the divided churches in every community.

Is this what GOD wanted when He provided Christ as our Saviour?  I don't think so.

So, my life is nearly over.  The End Times are getting worse and worse.  The Enemy seems to win more battles than we do, and that may be to fulfill the prophecies He gave us.  My hopes for the gathering of the Christian and Jewish people are not possible for me to do anymore.  

I still keep watching for God's provisions.  If they get to me I will do all I can to start the process of building Working Together for future needs.

Pray that GOD will reach His people before there is nothing we can do but march into the "death camps" of our prophecies.  Those who do not submit to the Antichrist, who fail to worship his ego, will be killed.  I thought it would be easier to be together when that time gets here.  That is why I created Working Together.

Now it is up to you and your communities to gather as One Body in Christ and prepare to support your people... plus those who will search for any kind of help in their pain.  

Think about life without money, jobs, housing, food, safety... think about ways to help each other.

08 April, 2022

FAITH FRIDAY for 8 April 2022 - Looking for a home for some Christian magazines


This photo is showing some of my collected Christian magazines over the years. I want to find them a new home, somewhere they can be shared with other people (like a Mission or Prison).

I thought about sending them Media Mail to a prison Chaplain but discovered even Media Mail can be costly when the materials are heavy.  I also discovered periodicals info only pertains to new magazines... and there was no rate for old magazines in Media Mail.  I am trying to find another way to reach people and places where this information might help change a life.

If you know a good way to share them (Decision Magazine, Imprimis, War Cry, Voice of the Martyrs, and others), please let me know.

Not much Faith going on here... lots of Prayer.

Still downsizing my room. 

Working on increasing my sales listings at ETSY and EBAY.  

Trying to decide if I will make it to a Resurrection Sunday service this year.

Looking for a better end-of-life.  :-)  I wonder if anyone is ever happy with the end of their lives. 

Just trying to find God's Will for my days.

What more can we do?

01 April, 2022

FAITH FRIDAY :: 1 April 2022 - finding the goals for April

 Not sure what to write about tonight.  Faith is a problem when you are not sure what GOD is doing.

Today I was busy with my end-of-the-month and my start-of-the-month activities.  Trying to figure out where I stand in my budget... what I can do this month... how I did last month.  What goals are important for April.  How can I do what I want to do to make my life better than it is.  All with the idea that GOD is leading me to a place I have been heading toward for my lifetime.

The focus is growing on ART with minor focus on jewelry for now.  I need lots of stuff to do all the trial effort for things.  I think art would be easier, but I tend to need some variety in my days.  I switch my activities around to deal with several problems I have.

Working Together is my mission in life, but GOD has to provide the finances for it.  I am praying about how to go forward from here.

I don't know how much faith it is to just keep going.

Who do I compare my life with to decide?  I don't really know.  I haven't found anyone in this life to go by.

I guess that's all we can do until GOD shows up and we know the next step.

One of my new designs.

Going to list it at my ETSY shop as soon as I can.

I don't see how my life matters in our world... so I feel small.

Then I remember that one person can change the world if that is what GOD has called them to do.

I hope my place in the Kingdom of GOD is worth what has been paid to reach this point in time.