08 March, 2021

FAITH :: Still thinking about things...

 It is now MARCH !!! 

I didn't post much last month.  I was thinking about GOD and all the things attached to a life where He is the one we follow.  I was praying to Him for help, for guidance, for some kind of provisions for the work He has put in my heart and life to do, and trying to find the way through all these questions.  I am still praying and looking for His directions.

Today was a busy day going through my things because I bought ten more storage containers, small gasket boxes I like am slowly collecting.  Right now they are packing my books and my crafting supplies.  When I get to a permanent place, they will become my selling boxes and inventory storage.  That's part of the plan.  I want to do TWO crafting fairs at Christmas when I can reach that level of commitment... time, health, money, and local options.  Today, though, I am trying to make more easy-access options for my supplies.

Motivation seems to be a mountain to climb.

I am working on it.

Space to work is still a problem, and shipping... and photos.  I am beginning to find answers, so things will get better I hope.  My goal for this year is to increase my income... I would like to reach $5K a month and see what that is like.  :-)

I could get the equipment I want with that much.  I think it's the same old chicken and egg situation... what comes first, the chicken or the egg?  

I'm working on my technology options... for photos and uploading to listings. 

I have a small amount of money to invest in some equipment, or whatever.  I am trying to decide what the most important thing to get first is.  :-)  You know I am pretty slow about those kind of things... trying to spend wisely.  That's why I decided to buy the gasket boxes finally.

Faith is hard when the resources are low.

I guess that is why wealthy people forget about GOD, they think they don't need Him.

I have started my Prayer Journal again... and will try to catch up on the days I missed.  Prayers are good any time.  I'm sure it is good to keep praying even if I am late with my planned schedule.  :-)

I'm back to praying for my sons daily... it just seemed like they need prayer and I want to seek GOD for their souls.  The other five spots are a mix of National and Family and Friends and Public People.

I don't know what will happpen to my writing commitments yet.  I am still trying to figure out how to make PATREON the main effort.

I guess that will be it for tonight.

Pray for me, too -- if you can.

Thanks.  Deborah Martin


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