12 November, 2018

Monday, 12 November 2018

Today is Monday...
Today is the "official" government holiday for VETERAN's DAY, which was really yesterday, on the eleventh.
Today is catch-up day.
Today is busy.
Today is Monday.

Now we know what today is... let me share some of the things I have been experiencing since my last blog post.

I watched a YouTube video about a tiny house that is really tiny... approximately 7 feet by 8 feet... I think the man who made it said it was about 100 square feet.  Only 2000 pounds in weight, total, because it was built on a trailer frame that could only hold 2000 pounds legally.

The creator, Jay Shafer, said it could be towed by a car and only cost $5000 to make.  That would be affordable for a lot of people, especially homeless programs, and better than being in a tent or car, but it is very small for living in a long time.

Mobility is nice, but my goal is small and stationery... attached to the location... and off-grid capabilities for now and in future emergencies.  So, my goals are :: to be affordable to the very poor... safe... and a reasonable size for real life and long-term use.

The host of the video channel about tiny homes said that Jay Shafer started the tiny house movement 20 years ago.  I have no way to know if that is true, but it was interesting to discover.

This latest creation of his was a basic rectangle with a small covered porch at the door location.
The main living space was stated to be approximately 6 feet by 6 feet... I can't even imagine it. I think a regular bathroom would be bigger.  Of course, I always say a regular bathroom is bigger than a prison cell, which sometimes holds TWO inmates.  I guess need or force creates our acceptance of things we can't control.

The living space has a twin mattress that serves as a couch for the daytime and bed at night, lots of storage options that are hidden away, and a small table.  At least there are windows.  Jay Shafer was relatively short, so he fit into the sleeping area.  There is a small loft above the main area with space for storage or his visiting small children.

Wireless access keeps him connected to the world.  :-)

He lives in a space where he is able to access a kitchen, restroom, and other utilities/comforts.  I think having a toilet in the night is critical, so I don't know how this tiny home would work for most people.  He mentioned the possibility of expanding to the sides for those basic human needs.  Having a permanent location would be necessary to expand.

There was one solar light to see at night.  No electrical options.

And he created an innovated candle size heater with outside ventilation and propane sourcing to be safe and warm.  I am not sure I understand what he did in the construction, but he did mention a small space like that could be warmed with a candle.  I was surprised to hear that candles are a danger in small spaces... I will have to check on that information.  :-)

He used insulation called core-board to keep the weight down and, what I noticed and remembered, used something called binder board as the outer siding because it is very thin wood.  I am wondering where else this binder board could be used....

I collect all these ideas and hope to design and create some of the small houses I know that homeless and low-income people need.  It was part of my dreams for life, for WT, and for those who are suffering all over the world.  Small housing is essential for millions.

It is one reason I like Habitat for Humanity.  I think the great needs everywhere can be adapted to the finances we struggle with.

Another thing that really stuck with me was a news headline about an older rocker, big name, who is trying to say Trump is to blame for the wildfires.  How ridiculous is that!!  It makes news sources seem worthless, their information less valued, and the world tainted.

We need much better than these kinds of story claims.

My son decided to take me for my major food shopping yesterday... so I am pretty much broke for the rest of the month, but have my food supplies replenished.

I saw a TV commercial over the weekend and discovered that McDonald's has the McRib back.  My son was kind enough to stop on the way home and let me get one.  I really like those... must be the combination of the sauce and the pickles.... I remember the pickles were always the flavor highlight of the small hamburgers and cheeseburgers I grew up on.   I rarely get to indulge, maybe once every so many years, if I know they are available.  :-)  The price was higher than what I normally would spend, but I decided to "seize the opportunity" and try to get one while I was out of the house.

My art and crafting and Christmas activities are continuing.  It's getting exciting for me.  I am figuring out what I want to get or make for each person on my list/s.  It is wonderful.  I am almost ready to put up the clear twinkle lights I have for this year.  "It's a Wonderful Life" is near viewing time.  I love it!  Christmas is near.

Well, that is enough for today...  I hope your days are going well, and you are beginning to think about all the things you are thankful for.

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

Working Together Inc
Building for the End Times

May GOD watch over all those who love Him.
May our hearts remember all the wonderful blessings we enjoy.
May we find our way through the hard places that enter our lives,
and become better people for surviving (and thriving because of) them.

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