28 April, 2021

FAITH :: Updates at my posting spaces today... Continued prayer for me and WT

I've been busy with updating my blogs and will be going to my Patreon page next.  I think most, if not all, of them are at my WT homepage for now.  That needs updating as well, but will have to wait until I know what GOD wants me to do.

I think the post at my WTI blog is the most important. I hope you will read it.

Working Together Inc: WTI :: Praying about the future of Working Together (working-together-inc.blogspot.com)

Others already updated are ::

Crafts Explored  ::  https://crafts-explored.blogspot.com

Food to Live  ::  https://food-to-live.blogspot.com

Making Prisons Better  ::  https://making-prisons-better.blogspot.com

Eventually I will get to ::

Shelter for All  ::  https://shelter-for-all.blogspot.com

Political Rehabilitation  ::  https://political-rehabilitation.blogspot.com

and my Patreon page  ::  https://patreon.com/DebsRetirementPlan

I am working toward a goal of posting at each space a minimum of once a month, hopefully more.  I know the future will be better, hang with me as I seek GOD for help in these challenges.

This blog is for my personal path, but it is also linked to my efforts for myself, for Working Together, and for all things Christian.

In the times when I wonder what GOD is doing and why He doesn't provide what I know is necessary and for good purposes, I have to believe that what the Bible says is true, is true.  We just don't understand all the hidden details.

I could ramble on for hours about all the thoughts I have been having about our nation (USA) and the Body of Christ and the End Times and what lies ahead of us, but I won't. Not today. Today I am thinking about WT and funding and Christians surviving the attacks of the Enemy as the End Times get worse. 

The Bible says that when we are weak, GOD is strong.  

I think we have not seen the impact of "Free Will" on all of life... especially the growing darkness and persecutions we face as individuals and as believers.  We suffer because someone chooses to sin... others suffer when we choose to sin.  We see the effects of sin, but not where they started... I have been thinking about how LONG the process of change is and how slow the process of discovering its effects is. 

The last Presidential election was something that no one could ever have imagined happening in America, but it did.  Other things like that are growing.  People and denominations and news sources and things we have trusted are falling away from a foundation of godly character and integrity.  This is the process of evil growing.  The Bible tells us these things are coming.

I think the two final Witnesses will be Elijah and Enoch because they will be strong in the faith that will be required.  I don't know of ANY Christians in our time that would ever be able to stand like they did in the past, and will in the future.  We don't honor GOD like that.  I don't think I ever could.  

Faith that stands against the times it lives in is something I am searching for these days.  We have movies that affect our concept of GOD and Bible stories... I don't know that movies are a good base for faith, but they are easy to take in.  The Bible has been changed from one interpretation into a zillion study Bibles by popular preachers... all wanting to share their own version of what they believe the Bible says.  I don't know the original languages... I have to look at several versions and then pray for GOD to show me the Truth according to Him.  And then there is the fact that GOD doesn't tell us every little thing about His Plans.

Faith is something that isn't always clear.

I am trying to find a way to survive the changes we face on the way to the Antichrist... who will kill us when we refuse to take the Mark of the Beast.  I don't know if I can be that strong alone.  Finding ways to gather together is the only option I see... for life, for survival, for food, for helping each other, for fellowship and community.

What do you think?  Is there any other way to live in a world without money?

In Christ,

Deborah Martin


19 April, 2021

FAITH :: Prayer is not a fast or simple thing...

I am amazed it is already halfway through APRIL already.  I have been looking for GOD's answers to my questions and my needs, not doing a lot of the activities I need to do.  I don't know what the future will hold... I tend to work on surviving each day.

TBN has been focusing on God's Provisions for all of us... them included, and other ministries and families struggling because of the lockdowns.  I decided this year to send in the prayer form in their mailings... since February I think, but maybe I started in January.  I don't normally do this.  I want to see if it makes a difference.

This year I am also trying to increase my Monthly Giving Project amounts.  I started it at $10 a month, giving to different ministries each month, and doubling up for Christmas needs.  It has been very interesting for me to push myself to give more out of my small income.  I evaluate my budget each month and see what I can stretch into.

I have tithed since I made the commitment to test GOD and see what happened... in poverty, with kids, on Welfare, homeless, and more.  It's quite a test.  I kept trying to decide how GOD was working in my life in providing for my needs and honoring my faith.  When you are homeless, you really wonder what it means to enjoy GOD's promise to provide.  I searched the Bible so many times, pondered the things I knew and what was happening in my life.  I can't say there was the answers I wanted to find, but there were also provisions to get us through the days and the weeks and the months.  

I wanted to win the big lottery prize.  GOD provided through mission meals and thrift stores and church benevolence... through food stamps and food boxes... by finding ways to stretch my resources, and by enduring times I didn't know what to do or where to go.

I could share a lot of bad stories, too... but I won't do that here.  I learned from all of this and used it to apply to Working Together and the future of the Body of Christ -- if I ever am able to create anything worthwhile.  The burdens of people in need, everywhere in the world, are huge, and no one is prepared to help everyone.  That is part of why I wanted to build WT into a Christian Resource.

My prayers for this year about WT have been heavy on my life so far.  I shared on my WT homepage about finding workable options for building its finances and having to pray about if they are the right way to proceed.  I haven't found the right answers yet.  

I have been waiting on GOD to provide for so long I need to review the entire plan I created and see if it is the best one for now.  I am trying to find the best path for WT to live beyond me as a business/ministry for those who will exist after I am gone.  I am wondering what will happen if I die before I get all these things legalized, but then I remember GOD is the One in charge and it is His Ministry to build.  Faith is hard when GOD doesn't do what we think He should be doing.  :-)

I guess I just wanted to check in with the world and let you know I am still here and still praying.

We don't always get instant answers from God on our questions to Him.  

In the harder times I remember the saying that GOD never gets here too early or too late... His Plans always require timing... and we have to depend on that.

I wish I could help everyone who has needs, but even WT won't be able to do that.  My commitment is to meet as many needs as possible with the resources GOD provides... right now that isn't much, but it will be more if GOD decides to provide for this work.

Pray for me and GOD's blessings on WT for all of us.


Deborah Martin