30 August, 2018

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Some days are better than others...

I see that things will be better.  I continue with my quests.  And my faith is the main issue in everything that happens... good and bad.

We seem to think that loving GOD makes us protected from all the ills of the world...but it doesn't.  It is choosing sides in the constant battle between good and evil, between GOD and Satan, between what is right and what make our lives suffer in ways we don't comprehend at the time.

I watched most of the videos on the Franklin Graham link I shared last night... one wouldn't work on my computer.  It always makes me see how great a difference salvation makes in life.  I wish I could convince everyone to accept the gift of Jesus so they will grow into the goodness that is discovered.

I explored the Chip Gaines site with the funding competition... it is called CHIPSTARTER 2.0, as it is the second year.  I still have to look at the details, but you can see some of the winners from the first year at the site.  It looks like you have ONE WEEK to enter your video... something close to that.  Small dreams, big dreams... what is your dream?

In my effort to get better at public speaking and all the business events that life seems to include, I watched a video at a linked site from either FB or Twitter tonight... good one. I shared it from the page to three different FB sites of my own... I still have to find out if one of them went through, but two to my pages did.  It is getting interesting how you can share with social media accounts.  I would like to do a ONE-click operation, but that is somewhere in the future, probably after I am gone!  :-)

The video was by INC Magazine, with 8 Tips on presenting to groups.  I hope you can find it easily... it is a nice short video.

I am getting pretty close to finishing my yardwork for this summer... but it will still go into September... the ivy patch project is really going to be my last effort.  I have to finish my berry vine clean-ups and a few small dirt space clean-ups... then it will be the ivy patch to the end.

October starts the normal burn season for this area... I am wondering what my son will be doing about the mountain of debris that is waiting to be dealt with.  I worry that a neighborhood cat might be living under the pile... a safe place for the nights around here, and the wild predators.

My list efforts are getting better.

Still have four more letters to do for August.

I'm almost done with my September budgeting.  It's going to be a hard month.  I forgot about some major expenses in September, so I am trying to squeeze out the pennies as much as I can.

My reorganized room is beginning to flow better.  It takes awhile to remember the changes as you go looking for things.  I am really amazed at how much better things are getting.  I seem to be a month behind my goal schedule, but that is still workable.  PHOTOS are still a major issue, as is SHIPPING.

I love my revamped shipping space in my closet. It may work out great.  We never really know until we start using things... I have discovered this with my form designs.  They are great in the computer, but I discover the problems when I try to use them in my real life needs.

I wish life was not the way it is, but I am praying through all the issues I have to deal with.  I trust that GOD is able to make them into something better, as He has promised in His Word, the Bible.  Faith is hard, whether you are believing in GOD, or in people.  I keep reminding myself of the things I have learned in the past, and search for what I can learn from today.
GOD is in our limitations as much as He is in our abundance.  It is really about what HIS will is for our lives... where HE is leading us... WHO He is trying to reach... what HE is trying to achieve.
That was a hard lesson to learn.  It has helped me to cope with the things life has brought me since I understood this way that GOD works.

I am just one person, without the funds I would like to have, a senior, a woman, with health issues, and more.  In the end, GOD is the one in charge.  I am His servant, His child, His follower... when I was saved, I kind of traded my future for heaven. The Bible says we are bought, that Jesus is the payment for our eternity, and other things I can't quote right now... but the idea is that there is a trade.  We offer out lives because He has given His life for us...Jesus, I mean.  So, it is like the hierarchy of the family... GOD, Jesus, Holy Spirit -- then Man, Wife, children  -- and Christ becomes the husband of single mothers.  There is order in everything that GOD does... including creation.

I am trying to say why I make my days available to GOD and watch what happens.  I do what I can, and then I believe that GOD will do whatever else needs to be done.

I still pray and ask for a lot of things.  :-)   It is like any child asking their parents for things.  Then I look for the gift, hoping it will be mine.

So, I better get going now or I will keep on about these faith issues.  It looks like I may get to bed early tonight... haha.

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

Working Together Inc.
Building for the End Times

May the GOD of all things, life and eternity, be kind to those who love Him, protect us from the attacks of those who hate Him, and provide for our needs.  Amen.

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