04 September, 2018

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

What a day...

I wrote four letters before the mailperson came to get them. Later I added another one for tomorrow's mail.  Now I have three more left just to finish August's list.  :-)  I don't get many responses, so it doesn't seem very urgent to get them out in a serious deadline way.  I call it a flexible schedule.  :-)  And I need to find an "insert" for my September bunch of letters.

I turned on my phone ringer (finally got it to actually work when I tried to turn on the ringer!) and now I get calls that hang up in three rings.  Previously, calls would magically appear on my phone.  I don't answer too many as they never leave a voicemail, so I assume they are robocalls.  It has occurred to me how fake call records can be created and used in court through some of these issues.  We are in such a legal bog with technology.

I think I want a landline again.

I am actually trying to budget in a senior phone with one of those emergency buttons.  One of these days....

I made it out to the ivy patch around noon, after I didn't have the right tool for my curb cleaning plan... cut out vines for an hour!  What a mess!  More to do tomorrow, but I am MOTIVATED now.  :-)  --  I did go back later to check on (rake up) the debris...

In some places of the "seasonal creek" the leaves are so deep it's scary.  I am trying to figure out a good way to make it safer.  There is a dangerous metal spike that is failing to hold up the huge timber wall it was first place for, and it is just waiting for someone to fall and die on it.  I think I will bend it into the timber just to be safe.

I am not sure about the "creek" wall part of the ivy patch... It's hard to see how much is solid rocks and how much is dirt ready to fall down.  There are gaping holes in the dirt, but different pipe sections, and I am wondering about wild animals that could live in them, or be in danger by them.

Roots, some over an inch thick, are going in all kinds of directions... BIG ivy roots, I think... but not sure yet.  I am just cutting off everything that is in the spaces I don't want ivy to be.  I haven't even started on the street side of the patch.  (so much fun..... I can hardly wait!)  haha

I decided not to enter a post yesterday... things were happening and it would not have been a good one.  I did work on my budget... my revisions, my payments, my plans for the month.  It is always depressing.

I watched some news earlier and one of the tidbits about Brazil, in conjunction with the fire loss of their country's national museum (which would be like our Smithsonian burning down into nothing), and the average worker in Brazil only makes about 180 US dollars a month...   no mention of the effects of inflation on their dollars, or any other details about their economy, was made.  Recently I caught the news about (Argentina?) having such high inflation that the government decided to correct the problem itself with it's own "eraser" - going into a version of bitcoin, I think.  All I really heard was the graphics about how many of their dollars it takes to buy some food... one item of food.

I guess the Democrats have come out with media bites to take the media stage with the Kavanaugh hearings... we have become a world that only cares about media bites, not the survival of our world....  It will all come back to "bite" us in time... much worse that it already is.

In a Democratic media world, finding the Truth is hard.  Democratic TV news use Democratic newspaper sources as their guest authorities, as well as any other interview subjects.  If they aren't totally committed to the Democratic agenda, they are very near to it.  And this is presented as "unbiased" reporting.

We rely on information that only represents one view... degrades any other views, reports only bad opinions of their enemies, and controls the way we see the world.  You have to have your own foundation for information, or work extremely hard to find a whole range of reporters to hear, if you even want to think about knowing the details of any ONE issue, for that day.

This is the world we live in.
We are suffering for it.

 I have heard some people read multiple newspapers every day to find out what is happening in the world... I don't have time for that... or the money.

Well, that's it for today... I am still working on a plan for the topics of my blogs... this one is journal blog... my WT blogs need some content, so I am looking at how to get some good blogs posted, at least once a week.  My reorganized room may help me to get closer to that.  Thinking of things to write is easy, actually getting all the details for a "real" blog post is hard... and time consuming... and I need some way to keep a record of sources.  I am working on those details, in the midst of all my other efforts....

I wonder if I will ever reach the point where I can hire the help I need...

I wonder.

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

Working Together Inc
Building for the End Times

May the world suddenly become good again... hmmm... how would that be possible... so, in that view, may GOD help all the good people to prosper and make wise decisions and help other good people and make sure evil forces do not get their resources.  Amen.

And may we all be deserving of the title "good" and maybe "godly" and always "kind, compassionate, merciful, giving, loving, worthy," and everything the Bible tells us is righteous.

I hope GOD finds a way to help us.
We are so divided, so separated, so overpowered by the strength of evil.
I know we are heading toward death by the Antichrist,
but I don't want to let him win without a fight.

Maybe you can help me by joining WT and begin the process of building the things we need to survive as the times grow worse.  It is the only way I can see us becoming ONE Body in Christ.

I hope you will think about it and decide that $10 is not to much to spend to begin the process of changing our world... hopefully, I will actually get the funds and be able to do what I have been planning and working toward since before WT was even created.


May GOD be glorified and protect us from the evil that surrounds us.  Amen.

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