11 July, 2018

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

It has been a long day.

I was looking for my Wednesday programs on OPB-PLUS about noon and discovered a new show.  This one is called "Articulate with Jim Cotter" and it was a short conversation with four people about their creative work... one a music producer that finds talent in Africa; one a photographer with an old style camera that uses real film; one an older black man that paints things that were big canvas paintings, murals, or both; and a letterpress artist with a huge old machine -- one I hope to get if I live that long.  :-)

I am just beginning to understand screen printing... so this would be amazing.  I saw a movie with Will Smith looking for people to help before he died, and one of the characters had an old letterpress machine... maybe more than one, I can't remember.  I once had an old mimeograph machine that I loved, and had plans for, but life happened and that went away.  I will figure out my art future as I learn more about different types of production.

START UP was on after that.  They had a segment on a California business and then a segment on an ex-social worker who became a photographer to make women look and feel good in photos...  No mention of her pricing was made, but it seems to be an all day event for each customer.  Pricey, I imagine. When they went over her start-up details, she had zero in the bank and began with $10K in credit card debt.  Cameras are very expensive... and computer systems to process digital photos.  I like to see the numbers to compare them to other businesses.

Finally, my last Wednesday program was BEADS, BAUBLES, AND JEWELS.  Multi-strand creations with crimps was the main theme, then there was a short segment on earrings, with instructions on how to make your own ear wires with a form.  I have seen some great YouTube videos on making your own ear wires... and I am still looking for the best tool I saw being used.  :-)  It helps me to think of designs I might want to try... watching other people create.

I was amazed to discover more blackberries getting ripe... just starting the process.  I have to get out there and check our vines to see what they have.  I am watering them to try to get better berries this year.  I have probably shared this before, but I have always remembered one instruction about growing fruits... make sure they have water when they are fruiting... that is when they need it most to become the best fruits.  I hope so.

I was also able to do some of my summer project -- eliminating the ivy patch in one part of the yard.  Well, not all of it, but most of it.  I still have a LONG way to go... but I am working on it.

The heat is doing me in... today I had to turn on the air conditioner.  The thermostat said it was 77 degree - INSIDE!  I had just come in from the outside and needed to find some way to cool down.  I shut the windows and turned it on and then had to rest.  It is hard to get old... a real learning process every day.

I continue to pray for the things I need.  And I work with what I have.  Faith is a difficult thing to understand when you are struggling...  you learn about GOD as you go through things... your faith grows as you see GOD work... it isn't a like a restaurant where you ask and get what you want when you want it, it is like asking for something at Christmas and waiting to see if you get it... kinda. :-)

Well, enough of that.  I need to go.  It's going to be an early bedtime tonight... I did way too much today.  I need to recover from it and start the rest of the list tomorrow.  :-)

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

May we all find ways to reach out to those who are older, especially the home-bound and those in senior facilities.  We can glean a lot of good history and find out things we never knew about.

May GOD protect our vulnerable people from the overreach of the government and zealous people who think quality of life is only their definition of it.

May I do better at aging... I sure don't like it... and I don't think I do well with the process!  haha


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