05 July, 2018

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Here I am, later in the day, tired, and wondering what to say about today... it was one of those plain days that don't seem significant, but...

I managed to get a tree trimmed the way I wanted it, cleaned up a patch of ground I am working on, used the hose on some dirty boards, dry piles of debris, and some hot dusty chickens... which is always fun.  Finally remembered my hammer so I pounded in some loose nails on the sawhorses I need to use.  I think I need a metal cutter for the nails I am trying to remove from some boards for a working table outside... so I have to figure out what kind of cutter I need... I suppose a search engine is in my future.

I found a broken robin's egg below the nest that is near my window... and that is so sad.  I wondered if a squirrel climbed up there because I saw one coming on the porch the other day.  I suppose a squirrel could have done that.  I'm not sure what to do to save my little robin friend.

I suppose I ate too much... lots of butter on my popcorn and my corn on the cob... two avocados today, and that is good fat, but still fat I suppose... had a soda to quench my thirst at lunch... ran out of real coffee and had to take some aspirin with dinner... withdrawal pains ahead.  Yuk.

I wrote and mailed six letters today... so that was quite an accomplishment.  :-)  It's hard to think of that much excitement with a boring life like mine!  haha  I think I have about 15 more letters to go on my monthly list.

I took a nap from all the heat and yardwork and early mornings.

I cleaned up a bunch of my messy spaces and feel like I can start making some things... small things... I wonder what things.

Ordinary days are what we live.

I sent out an article from the Salvation Army magazine with my letters today.  I try to send what I call an "insert" with my letters, something interesting and meaningful.  It was called MOMENTS, and it was about all the little moments we miss when we are busy running around trying to get everything on our mental lists... my paraphrase.  The idea is that we need to notice those ordinary moments that might be very important to us or someone else.

I guess my moment for the day was the chickens and the hose.  :-)

I better go...  Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

May our days be filled with things that make our lives better and affect the future of our world in a good way.
May we honor the equality among us as human beings as we respect the differences that make us each unique and amazing people.
May our goals become worthy of the time we spend on them... we can't get a moment back, we have to invest each one on things that matter.
May life find a way to bring us the good things that we need to achieve GOD's plan for our existence... through our efforts, through the kindness of others, through strangers who want to help us, through people we know, through things we never even consider possible... and may we use those blessings wisely.
May GOD be honored for the mercy He has on us in our defiance, in our ignorance, in our rejection of His love.
May we all find a way to live on this earth without hating anyone we disagree with.
and more....


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