10 July, 2018

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Here I am again... doing the same things... finding routines to get things done...

Life is filled with repeating activities.  It is hard to find that ongoing excitement about household chores.  :-)

How is your life?  I think we always figure everyone else is doing everything we can't -- or don't want to do.  "They" always have a great life, we always seem to be struggling.

Today, I flipped through some links and ended up seeing a story about more suicides.  Why?  I wonder what their lives were really like if they were so miserable.  I followed a link to one of the people who died, in the news because she was part of a sordid-sounding reality series in another country.  Her younger boyfriend decided to follow her.  It is a huge tragedy to me.  People make their self-worth depend on public opinion, then it all spirals into misery... for them.

I guess it is because we never think it is possible to change our lives... we think that what other people have decided is success is what we are suppose to need.

I guess I have been thinking about singers and their attachment to fame.  Do they enjoy life because they get to sing, or do they enjoy singing because it makes them famous... sometimes rich... in the news.  When does our "passion" in life become our source of unhappiness?

I know it is hard to make a new life... but that is better than no life... than dying by your own hand.  In the future we can find a better happiness.  If we don't try, we find nothing.

I was listening to some sermon programs on the radio, over the weekend I think, and they talked about what happens when we die.  The Bible says we sleep, but current opinion says it is not what is known as soul sleep... well, there are parts that say those who believe go to sleep and those that don't go to hell.  At the judgment, the ones who are not written in the Book of Life go to the Lake of Fire.  They are two separate places... and we can't change our destination no matter how much we love someone else who may have gone to the other place.

In the Bible, when I was studying it to find my own answers, I noticed there are two specific states of being mentioned about the end of everything we know now.  One is called "Death" and one is called "Hell" -- both of these are thrown into that Lake of Fire at the final judgment process... along with Satan and all of his "helpers."  In the judgment, those who believe go to an eternity with GOD, in what we call heaven, which becomes a new place.  Those who are not going to make it into heaven so to the Lake of Fire for eternity.

I just wanted to show there is more than a simple Heaven and Hell in our future.

I think the state of Death is the sleep that the Bible talks about.  The reason it goes into the Lake of Fire is because Jesus has conquered death and we don't need to wait for the final judgment anymore.  For those of us who are going to be with GOD and Jesus in heaven, there is no more death.  We become like the angels is what the Bible says.  I'm not sure if that would apply to the lost... becoming like the angels that followed Satan, etc.

Some people say that Satan wins the battle for our lives and souls when we kill ourselves.  The reason is that there is no more opportunities to change, to make our lives better, to discover GOD's best plan for our lives, to go to heaven.  I suppose that people who really believe in GOD would not kill themselves.  I don't know.  I think GOD will know their hearts and will judge them with mercy.

There certainly isn't a purgatory to work off your sins during life.  And no one can baptize you into heaven after you are gone.  No matter how much we want our loved ones to go to heaven, there is no option for that once they are dead.

I didn't mean to get so sad, but it really hurts my heart when other people are suffering so much and they think death is the best answer to their problem.  If they would just give it some time, life would change, things would get better, they would be able to change the unhappiness into something that makes them appreciate their life.

Well, I have things I need to get done so I better end here.  If you are thinking that death is better than life right now, I pray that you will wait, think about what you really want your life to be, what is in your power to change, and how you can reach the things that matter to you... then start going in those directions the best you can.  I use to try to do one thing, no matter how small it was, toward my future every day... something... just to feel a forward momentum.

Give time a chance to make life better.

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

Help us to know that every person in the world is struggling, trying to find their way though their own problems... help us to see that our problems can be solve, even if it means that life will be different, that we may have to change, and in the process discover things we never knew would make our life better.

Help us to see the hurt in others.
Help us to find a way to share, to listen, to help, to give, to take, to become better than we are now.
Help us to trust that GOD has a wonderful plan for our lives... and to seek Him about it.
Help us to find love in what we do each day... for us, for others, for the world.

Help us to be true, honest, hopeful, kind, generous, interested in others... when we get involved in the lives of others, we discover the good parts of our own lives.

In the holy Name of Jesus, these things I pray.  Amen.

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