09 July, 2018

Monday, 9 July 2018

A new week has begun... I have been a busy little thing today... for me.  :-)

I started doing some crafts yesterday and have continued today... still a lot of space problems so I'm trying to figure it out.  By the end of the week, I may have some products to sell... maybe... I am trying out some ideas adapted from videos I have seen.  By then I may have my photo issues figured out, too... what a week this MIGHT be!  :-)

A little yardwork today... big yardwork tomorrow I think... it depends on how I get this old body going. in the morning.

I am trying not to kill my plants in the summer heat... especially my fuchsia where the robin or robins live these days.  I think a Monday-Wednesday-Friday watering plan will work.  It should be good over the weekend.

In remembering "weekends," I hate to say I listened to my Bible CD over the weekend and heard some reminders about the Sabbath and GOD's opinions about it...  I need to figure out my food prep.  I heard the part about the manna in the desert and gathering twice as much only on the day the Sabbath starts (Friday for us)… and this is the only time their food lasted more than the one day.  I guess that is a clear sign to go back to the Friday food plan... making sure I have enough for the night and the day (Saturday).  I will take the liberty to use the microwave, etc... I hear some Jews have coffee or water prepped in their coffeemakers.   In another part of the Bible it refers to the fire they had to use to cook things... which was a major job in those days.  I will have to consider how much prep on Sabbath days is OK.

I also heard about tithing and more about the added "offerings" to give to GOD (via the work of the temple and sacrifices and sin...). I need to listen to those chapters again.  I think it was about three chapters on the CD.  Plus, I will need to look at them in an actual Bible.  :-)  I may be able to study again, I hope... it's been a long hard many years of a problem reading my Bible, getting to church, etc.  I continue to pray for GOD to deal with my needs.  I am sure He knows what to do about all of our problems... we just need to "trust and obey" what we already know.

I have managed my money for this month, mow I need to manage my budget!  I hope for progress... that is what matters to me right now.  Getting better at the process is my goal... the future will benefit if I can work out a way to change my habits and find better solutions.  What I really am saying is.... I need to figure out how to make it through the rest of the month until I get my retirement money again.  I hope I can find a way to sell something (by making something worth buying.  :-)  haha )

In August I can buy another lottery ticket if the prize is really BIG!

My monthly letters are coming along... mailed four more today and plan to finish four or more for tomorrow's mail.  I will be done with this month's list by the middle of the month I think...then I just need to focus on my sons... in jail, in prison.

I had wonderful blueberries today... my first for this year.  I made a small batch of rhubarb into something like jam... which I may use for toast or pancakes.  Finished off my small nectarines that were so good.  I have some OREO ice cream cones, so one of the weeks of July shopping I will buy some ice cream and treat myself to them.  I love ice cream cones... it's just the right amount most of the time.  If I want more, I can have a second, or a third, one.  Summer seems like a good time for these cold treats.  :-)   Food is big with me... can  you tell?

I happened on a list of 99 people who are newsworthy people who died so far this year... I went through it to see if I knew them.  I didn't know too many, mostly the older ones.  :-)   Some were so young.  It's not so bad when old people die.  We are on the other side of life and it's just a matter of days.  Young people make you think of all they will miss.

Well... I'm a bit tired so I will go.  I am glad I am doing this relatively early.

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

May GOD help us all to honor Him with the respect He deserves and to be thankful for all the mercy He gives us in this life.
May we appreciate the little things and hang on through the hard times.
May or hearts be filled with all the goodness of GOD, and the great gift of just being alive.
I guess I really always pray for GOD's blessings for me and WT so I can get busy with the things I have been planning for so many years.

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