02 July, 2018

Monday, 2 July 2018

I just spent a long time at christianbooks.com looking at their sale items... linked to from an email I decided to check out.  I am a sucker for sales, but I am also getting better at resisting them... most of the time.  I like to put all the things I might want to get into my cart, then I go through them at the end and decide how much I can spend, if I want to spend anything, and then go through the re-evaluation process.  This did take me some time... there were 9 pages of 50 items there... and I made the decision to go through all of them to see what they had available.

If I didn't have a budget to deal with, I could have ordered quite a few items there tonight.  I discovered they have "product videos" about the books, which I liked... good idea.  One was the author, another was more of a narrated story... but, I decided I like that idea.  I also discovered their version of a sneak peek... and checked out the table of contents for the books, and the text sample on some.  It also helped me to see if I REALLY needed to have that item.  :-)

Some of the things I noticed along my way were the topics shown, the number of pages, the years of publication, and the titles.  I really became aware of how important the titles are... in the process of choosing which ones to explore, the titles were about all that I had available unless I knew the author.  I didn't know too many of the authors because I never buy new books and don't follow all things Christian in the world.  Now that I am working on my own first book effort, these things had a lot more meaning to me.

I suppose it was more like research into the Christian market.

I didn't really browse the BANKER TO THE POOR book over the weekend.  It became something I didn't feel I needed to know in total.  I am kind of still in the process of exploring it randomly.  I found something called the SIXTEEN DECISIONS on a page and liked them.  I want to explore them more... I got "distracted" by other things today.  So I keep the book in view to prompt me in the direction of my goal for the book.  I think I want to copy the list of 16 items so far.  They seemed interesting.  I may go ahead and share them with you on another day... after I read that section of the book at least.  :-)

Time gets away from me when I get focused on something.

I do think I have a lot to get done. So I will get to bed now and see if I can do more tomorrow!

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

May GOD hear my heart and answer my prayers.
May the world find its way back to goodness.
May our lives mean something more than selfish consumption.
May we find our happiness in helping others with less than we have, with more needs than we have, and within our abilities.
May the days be warm and not too hot.
May we have the food we like to eat.
May we always share.
May our minds grow, our time be enough, and our hearts full of love.
May GOD help those who look to Him for their survival.

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