04 July, 2018

Independence Day, USA, 4 July 2018

I better get this done before I get lost in the links online...

I just finished watching the documentary I recently bought called ANIMALS :: FRIEND OR FOOD? -- so, the emotions of the topic are still fresh.  I guess it was about the way we get our foods, what we decide to eat, how involved we can be in the process.  It was about the way you learn to farm and how our food is processed to eat... kind of.  In the end, the man in the film couldn't do any more killing of his food animals... but... that didn't mean he stopped eating meat.  He hired out the task.

I have often said I want to grow a bunch of chickens so I can have them processed by someone else so I don't have to know which chicken I am eating.  That is how I would solve that problem.  :-)

It's a film from 2003... quite some time ago.  The cover also says it won a bunch of awards.  I'm not sure it was that good, but it is an unusual "documentary" for the issues of food, surviving, meat eating, etc.

For the Fourth of July, I think the best thing you could do is to go to Focus on the Family's website and listen to their two-day presentation with Andy Stanley and Michael Youssef.  


So, make sure you find Tuesday's program first.

I usually watch the celebration/s on TV for the 4th... not sure I will find it tonight.  Macy's seems to be the only one in our area... 8-10pm here.   I love my country, don't always like its government, but am always thankful for being born an American... despite all the problems in life, in the world, in my America.  I think everyone loves their country, but maybe not their government's priorities.

I have mostly been busy trying to reorganize my things again, and getting my spaces and projects and supplies ready.  It was a day to make sure my bills were taken care of, so my budget for the rest of the month is pretty low...  of course, I always seem to make it stretch, change my priorities, or something.  I now have a personal mandate to get my items to sell online and see how they do.  :-)  Is this what they call motivation... not sure it works.

It feels like Saturday today... with the day off for others here and no mail, my routines are off.  I hope you are doing better.

I will get going now...I pray that America will find her way back to goodness and GOD... when so many people lose their moral values, it creates an environment of self-only people... and slowly becomes a place no one really wants to live.  Think about those places where power is the only thing that matters, where the amount of money you have is the gauge of your worth, and crime is the ruler instead of the needs of the people... it is decline of a nation in slow motion, the death of all that is good about America.

Without GOD as our moral authority, what takes His place?

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

May GOD help our country to find its way back to Him.
May our people see the importance of godliness in our daily lives.
May we all discover what matters most... in our lives and in our communal lives.
May life be good for those who love GOD.
May the future find us all in Heaven.

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