11 October, 2018

Thursday, 11 October 2018

I started watching videos again... on selling strategies for Etsy... so I better get this posted.  Who knows what will happen the rest of the day!  and night!  hahahaha

I'm doing better at my daily lists...  I think the issue is writing down what you HAVE TO DO first and then adding the things you need to do for the rest of your life...   You have to do dishes and laundry and food prep, you need to figure out the secret to selling on Etsy.  I would delegate some of that daily responsibilities if I could, but it is only me.  I am the only option.  (Right now.)

I did my art journal already, for today.  When I was looking through the newspaper, I decided to cut out photos to try painting. It is really a nice project for me -- doing the art journal.  I should have started this a long time ago.  I thought about it... many times... but it seemed impossible in my one room and because of other issues.  For now, I put the stuff on my desk.  It will have to do.  It won't work for the duration, but it is good for the start-up phase... :-)

I get to go food and household shopping tonight... lucky me.   Being a dependent senior has its disadvantages.   :-(   Part of the change process.   I will buy my lottery tickets tonight.  If I win, I see a car in my future !!!  :-)

This weekend I will try to catch up with my reading, start a draft of a business plan for Working Together, work on my crafting options, try to decide on how to list my crafts and other items, and MAYBE try to take some listing photos...  They are the critical factor.  I found out that a good camera, all by itself - without all the necessary added equipment, is over $2K... it will be awhile before I get good photos for my listings... PRAY for me!   :-)

I just watched some videos about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for Etsy, and have more to watch after this.  I found out some new bits of info so I have to explore it some more... ways to research keywords  for your products.  I think I might update my shop more... the policies, keyword options, photos about me and the shop, the announcement.  That will get me started in that direction.

I am still thinking about WHAT I could sell at fiverr.com  ( http://www.fiverr.com/work2gather ) - and nothing has inspired me yet.  It is quite a time commitment to deal with Fiverr... I would have to check it daily and then do the orders... which would take away from everything else.  Selling a finished product at my Etsy shop is different process.  So is my eBay shop.  I have a bunch of used items to list at eBay, just not able to do that yet.

I also have shops at eBay and fiverr.com for Working Together... I need to get things listed there, too.  A long time ago, I think it was eBay that had a category for "memberships" so I tried to sell WT memberships there.  Not a good response... then.  Now I am looking at other ways to reach Christian customers.

December is almost here... I hope I can figure all this out by then... it is such a pit not being able to hire help, or have a separate office in Eugene, etc.   I have to keep refocusing my angst from the problems of today toward a better future for me and WT.  Someday...

I guess that's enough sharing for now.  :-)

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

Working Together Inc
Building for the End Times

May GOD pour down financial blessings on WT and me...  :-)   … soon, very soon, maybe this week, maybe sooner... lots of financial blessings.  :-)   What can I say, sometimes the needs overwhelm me.  Only GOD can provide for what I need right now.   :-)

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