08 October, 2018

Columbus Day, Monday, 8 October 2018

No mail today.

I'm not sure Columbus Day matters that much anymore...

It seems so long ago that Columbus ventured out beyond the "end of the world" and discovered the earth was round, or... that it didn't drop off into nothingness as they thought at the time.  That's all I can remember about Columbus today.  :-)  Sad.   [NOTE::  I heard some info about Columbus, and maybe I remember the wrong explorer for that claim... I guess Columbus discovered America, which is what I thought, but I also thought the falling off the earth part was him.  It may be that one of the other explorers was the brave one.  :-)  My US History is so bad...  like math, it dies with disuse. ]

History was never something big in my life... or geography.  It is growing more important, but I am at the end of my life now... so what does that mean?

I think labor contracts will change the observance of Columbus Day one of these days, in favor of some other historical event.  Washington and Lincoln lost favor awhile back, becoming a generic celebration called Presidents Day... which, I assume, means ALL the presidents.

So many jobs are being lost to computer technology, it may not matter much in the future...

I think I did my monthly shopping yesterday... it took about five hours and three stores.  The rest of the month will be small refill trips for fresh produce and anything else I forgot yesterday.

I overdid it again... It took many hours to put everything away and try to make a space to sleep again.  :-)   I am still trying to recover.  I think it takes several days for me to get back to a reasonable physical condition.  Aging is so much fun.   I keep wondering about the day when I can't do anything I can do today.

I am still updating my budget and records for the month.  I need to figure out what has been spent, and what is still needed, and what I can go for the rest of the month... 23 days, plus the days to get to next month's budget.  This is always fun.

I do have more to get done this month, so that is fine with me.  My main problem, right now, is getting winter clothes... jeans, mostly.

Today I have been prepping my food, cleaning up from the weekend (vacuum, laundry, etc.), and my recordkeeping.

I have decided to do some art journaling.  I am hoping it will help "jump-start" my crafting goals.  I bought some small art tablets a long time ago and have been trying to use them for practice.  This will be a great time to do that.  They are small, spiral bound, and I have enough of them not to worry about messing up pages.

In the past, I was never able to buy many supplies.  It was low on the priority scale.  Time was a problem, too.  I guess the fact that I lost everything to storage issues or accident issues was also a part of that process.  Now I have been able to gather supplies, in pieces, for some of the areas I want to work in, so this will help me get started.  Dedicated work spaces have been an issue.  Creativity is messy...  art may help in that issue...  I am moving forward, it is just a slow pace for my budget.

This may be a good month... if I can find a solution to the shipping issues I have right now.  :-)  I can't sell until I can ship stuff... dependably.  In the meantime, I am experimenting and looking for the products that I can do in my current situation.

It is so wonderful to have food again... I hope I don't have to "stretch" my month again... even if it is a good exercise for wallet and soul, and a "wake-up moment" about the blessings we take for granted.

If I can stretch everything out, reducing my eating habits and portions to make it all last longer, and help my "diet" goals  :-) … that would also be a good deal for the end of the month battles.

I have read that the old breakfast in the morning, lunch at noon, and dinner in the evening, is a good pattern for the body... something about digestion issues.  Our bodies seem to need a "rest" between meals but we tend to snack/eat all the time.  I am thinking it is a good idea for my food budget and diet goals, too.  BUT, I have to work into a schedule that might work for me.

The other issue is that older people sometimes need to eat every few hours, but smaller amounts... to get everything into their body that needs to be in there... kind of like spreading the same calories out into snacks instead of big meals.

MY goal is to find a happy medium.  :-)   I'm working on it.  I am consciously trying to eat smaller  portions (maybe "again").  In my quest to reduce my animal foods, I have been doing great at eating smaller portions of the things I still cannot live without... like cream cheese, regular cheese, meats, herring, and other things.  This has been a motivation in those directions for the meal size issue I am talking about now.

These are the problems we all face... food, money, health, life... family.  I guess they are human issues… all about survival.

What can I say about a Monday...  it is like a "catch-up" day for me.

In my quest for business financing, I have decided to spend $5 on lottery tickets (because I have a $5 bill, the only usable cash right now)… two of the national lotteries are very high amounts, which I only discovered on Saturday.  The final $1 will go to the State lotter game because it is still only $1.  I don't know if GOD will bless WT's need for start-up financing this way, but I try to get one ticket every now and then, when it gets so high.  WT needs millions and millions of dollars, and I don't qualify for that kind of financing, nor do I know anyone who would give me the money, so... I figure ONE ticket is not offensive to GOD... I hope so, anyway.

May GOD be kind to me and WT... Amen.  :-)

I guess that is the biggest controversy in my life... praying for a big win to finance WT.  I figure GOD has a plan, I just don't know what it is... This is my man-made effort to solve my money problem.  :-)

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

Working Together Inc
Building for the End Times

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