09 May, 2018

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

It's the start of the day...  I have been trying to plan my day.  The sun can be seen on the bushes outside my window... and I have already been outside to deal with the chickens and let the dogs run.  I have a pile of yard debris to finish, and more yardwork to get to.  My food options are pretty much decided because there are foods I have to use up or throw away.  Trash and recycling go out tonight, so that has to be checked.  Many of the duties on my daily lists are already decided... then I have to fit in more, and rest.  I figure people with more money than I have would be able to "delegate" the things that others can do.  I always hoped to do that someday, too.

Well... I better get going.  :-)
I will return later, GOD willing, and write more about the deeper things that are going through my mind these days... if I get them to the expression level.  When we are trying to work out the issues of living in this world, it is hard to define where we get our details... society is a big mix of media, including books, movies, radio, TV, conversations, and more.  We don't always see the effects of these media, but they are part of our decisions.

I am trying to process some of the things I have viewed lately.

Until next time...
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

May GOD guide us in the right directions.
May our choices be good for everyone.
May we find the path that helps us heal and learn how to help others heal.
May our goals always be for a better world.
May we understand that we are only one person, and there are billions more on this planet who are searching for their future also.
May our hearts be filled with kindness and compassion.
May our choices be merciful and giving and wise.
May we see beyond the obvious, to discover the hidden pain that each person hides.
May we do our best to make our decisions about all of us, not just us.

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