03 May, 2018

Thursday, 3 May 2018 - National Day of Prayer for America

Today was a different kind of day...

I have been busy getting some things done, but they were/are more organizational... sorting (finding!) different places and trying to get my supplies into a final resting place so I can find them when I need them.  I am planning the next changes to make... finding a way to make this room work for me.  :-)

It was warm to day... nice outside.  I finally went outside in the afternoon and finished cleaning up my yard debris.  One load with the little thing they have here for the riding lawnmower... It's like a mini trailer... a truck bed without the truck... very small, but bigger than a wheelbarrow.

I had to rest after that.

There are always household chores to do.

I turned the radio on after my rest and the local Christian station was airing the National Day of Prayer program.  I cried for America at one point.  I think it was the song "God Bless America."  I am reminded about what I heard on the topic of UNITY in the church... in the Body of Christ.  We live in such an angry part of history... a time when Satan is rising and doesn't want to back down.  The topic of unity in Christ has to be clearly defined because those who hate GOD like to make Him powerless, disabled, unheard of, not an authority, and more. 

Recently, I heard a comment on the rise of "ecumenical" groups and how they are not about unity in GOD or Christ... more about making all faiths equal... and, after thinking about it, I realized that is true and why I haven't ever felt they were truly godly.  Many communities are trying to bring the different denominations together, and so am I, but it won't make the problems go away.  I remember thinking, today, during the program, that the unity we need is better based on the fact that we are all in different places on the growth chart... even in a single church.  Getting into arguments over the different ways we see the Bible won't help.  We do need to discuss these things to understand and talk about those differences, but getting to that point is the main challenge.  Faith is so important, we have to discover our answers personally.

This led to me thinking about my own desires for the Body of Christ within Working Together.  I have been praying about how to share my reasons for starting Working Together... I am thinking I should make short PDFs on the different topics that are part of the whole story.  I am trying to build up an email list for Working Together, so I want to create some "free downloads" for signing up.  I don't know if this series would be the right offer, but I still want to create them.  I am pondering the options this week.

No one wants to think about what might happen... if we aren't taken away in a pre-Tribulation rapture.  If the Antichrist is the way we "leave" this earth, it will be a very difficult reality to face.  it's a hard battle to fight.  My poverty experiences make me want to create resources that will be needed as we go through the downward steps to the Antichrist.  No one can help solve every need, but I hope to create as many resource links as possible.

It's going to be an early night, so I will end here.
Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

May our hearts be right with GOD, and kind towards mankind.
May the love that makes us a good nation keep us alive as a powerful force for GOD.
May time allow me to establish WT, and GOD provide what it needs.
May the issues we face in our tasks for GOD be small and easily overcome.
May our world remember that "safety is of the Lord," and keep its priorities right.
May we find a way to live together without hate and fear and anger and violence.
May GOD bless those who love Him so we can make the world better.

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