07 May, 2018

Monday, 7 May 2018

It was a longish weekend... I ended up watching some movies... and thinking about what they said about us.  I cried a lot over the ones that had tragedy in them... for families, for individuals, for the human search for love and meaning. 

One was about Christians living through a connected event that brought sorrow for one family, joy for another, change for another...the way GOD weaves our lives to bring about the future.

Another one, the last one I watched last night, I think, was about crime and how it affects us... how it affects those who belong to the policing forces we depend on... how no one is above committing crimes... and how we justify our actions because "they are bad" and "we are good"... something we lose in the fall from our higher goals of service.  I guess I haven't digested the film yet.  It is still in my thoughts.

When I watch so many movies at one time... one weekend... I forget all the names and details.  I have to keep notes to remember.  I don't always remember to write the titles down.  I did focus on ones with ties to prisons, and poverty, and the battle to survive and change.  Some had better endings than others.

The internet, Wi-Fi, and technological advances, are changing our lives in ways we never considered.  I don't know how we will deal with the criminals who want to take advantage of these benefits for their own uses...and our abuse.  It has been a prayer concern of mine for some years.  There are things we will not be able to fight... at least for awhile... that means suffering, and trying to find solutions, and hoping to win, and wanting a freedom and independence we can't have.  The old movies I watched as a kid are coming true...

I don't know how to make my own path through them, especially without funds... so how will everyone else survive?  I'm trying to figure that out.

In the rest of my life... I have to make gifts for my mother and one of my sons... need to do other things I am in-progress with, and still need to find solutions to my ongoing problems with shipping and income.  That is my day today.

I may have to take a break and do some yardwork.  :-)  Those weeds and vines are growing fast with the warmth of the sun!

I hope to feel better about the world by tomorrow.  I think I will stay away from the TV today.

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

May GOD help us find the solutions we need as individuals and nations... to choose good, to fight against bad, and to trust GOD for all the details we don't know.  Amen.

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