02 May, 2018

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

I have food again!
Simple pleasures.

With my new (used) mini-fridge, I have to be careful what I buy.  I used some of my rice for lunch, from the day before, and it was FROZEN!  So I turned the dial down, and waited.  Now it is relatively full of food, and by tomorrow morning, I will know if it is a lost cause.  I have a fridge thermometer I bought to check my last fridge temps with, so I am using that... and looking for the best place to put it for a good reading.  Food is money.  Money matters more when you are poor.  Food money is especially important for the survival of the poor.

It has been a big day for me... my body is telling me how much I did more than I should have.  :-)

I actually made it into the yard for about an hour later in the day...  about 5-6pm here.  Right before going shopping for food.  I felt the effects of exercise on a previously, generally, dormant body.  I have to clean up the mess tomorrow... so, I hope I survive.  :-)

I finally decided to register as a Republican so I could actually vote in a primary and other things.  I keep getting these opinion surveys from the Republican Party saying how desperately they need to know my opinions (as long as I agree with their choices), with a plea for funding to actually complete the survey.  I didn't notice that last stipulation until today.  :-(

I tend to send my surveys back with lots of unwanted comments about the questions they provide.  I will be doing this again, but I am addressing the envelope to the listed Chairman's (Chairwoman's) name as the intended recipient.  Tomorrow I plan to add a letter detailing some of my opinions.  I don't know if the people in charge ever get my responses, but I feel it is my responsibility to share them.

I am an American.  I care about my country.  I care about issues.  I want us to survive what our government has done to our nation.  I want our leaders to care about our survival as a nation, and to make better decisions, and to represent the people who put them there...  It is hard for me to deal with all the issues I have discovered since becoming poor, government funded, and unable to find solutions that are what we think America stands for.  In the process of the years, we change.  I still want to find a way to help America and its citizens.  In my life, that seems to be an impossible dream.

So, I keep writing about my perspectives, my solutions, my desires for answers, my anger at the way things are.  I use to just write letters to whomever I could, then emails, then I discovered social media, and commenting, and things I never thought of discovering before.  In my senior years, it will be my purpose in life... to find out how to do these "political involvement activities" better.

So, what else...  I have reorganized a lot of the spaces in my room, to help me do my crafting better.  I am still working on it, have a bit more moving around to do, but it is getting workable... for now.  I hope to get some of my projects listed on my selling sites this month.  It is still a problem with my shipping process, but I can do what I can all the way up to that part.

I was on LINKED IN today and noticed a really nice post there by Forbes...  It was a video on what makes for the best chance to succeed... as opposed to education and intellect...  They shared reported findings of a psychologist named Angela Duckworth.  Her perspective was that "grit" was the secret; and "Grit is the ability to persevere, to be resilient, passionate, and hardworking."  What I liked the best was this combined "formula" about the topic of who succeeds ::

Talent x Effort = Skill
Skill x Effort = Achievement

I hope that encourages you.  Sometimes we don't think much of ourselves when we don't rank high on the social curves of success.  I do the "grit" part, but haven't made it to the achievements I want to reach... so I guess I will just keep going.  :-)

Until next time...
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

May the GOD of heaven help our country.
May every citizen find a way to do something to make us better.
May our churches reach out to those who need them.
May our wealth be in goodness and charity.
May those who see us from the internet see a better display of our nation.
May America matter more than our personal goals.

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