15 May, 2018

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

I actually did a lot of yardwork today... thought I was going to pay for it with my body, which I kind of did... a small heat-caused headache (which I took aspirin for) and sooooo sore!  But, maybe I can get this old body into a moving shape again... for the heat of summer. Yuk!  More clean-up to do tomorrow.

Been busy with my goal forms all evening.  Finally made a dual use page the I will try out tomorrow.  So many categories and processes to track... it is not easy to find room for everything on ONE page!  I keep trying though.  :-)

Didn't get to any of my baking, well... except some tater tots, and I succumbed to a double ration today... so good!  I think I was extra hungry from my yardwork.

I better get going... have to check the weather for tomorrow, some of my social media pages, and get to bed soon... tomorrow will come too fast.  Hope I can still move my body tomorrow... it's going to be a challenge!

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

May GOD help me to make it to my goals... physically, financially, and spiritually intact.  :-)  Amen!

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