19 November, 2021

FAITH FRIDAY :: 19NOV2021 - Suffering and GOD

Hello, again...  how has your week been?  I hope you are well and happy and keeping your eyes on GOD instead of the world.

Living is a bit precarious for me, always.  I am almost 70 and I still fear having to live on the streets, maybe die there.  I wonder why GOD has not provided the finances I need, so I don't feel secure about my existence.  The valley I am living through is still a valley that filled with battles against the enemies of Faith.

When GOD is not doing what we want Him to, we have to search for the why.  I look for clues in the Bible, and other Christian testimonies, and history, and any place I can find it.  I want my life to be safe and peaceful and busy with good things.  That isn't what history tells me happens to Christians.

In times of persecution, men who only know power and hate and violence seem to thrive on the attacking the innocent, the weak, those who cannot defend themselves, women and children, the elderly, etc.  It allows them to see themselves as powerful, in control, the "boss" of everyone and everything.  Are they just "lost" or are they used by the Enemy of GOD or do they make the conscious choice to do what they do?  It is hard to decide about evil and what causes it to hurt us.

In the 80"s I made a statement for a card design I was working on...  The enemy is not Man, it is Satan living inside Man.  That's the best I can remember of it.  I lost those cards along the way of life.  In those days I was able to separate the actions of people from the damage they did. We fight the same Enemy every day.  I am not sure I can separate the source anymore.  The statement is still true, but the pain caused by those who lift up evil is also more real to me now.

It's hard to see the reality of suffering in Christian films... we don't even want to think about it.  The Hiding Place is one film we think of, how concentration camps were operated.  Maybe Schindler's List and how we become in the midst of a battle for life in wartime.  I can't think of a lot of Christian films right now... mainstream films... things that make it to the larger Christian community.  Maybe Fiddler on the Roof would be in that group - a picture of how the Jews suddenly have to leave everything because of a change in politics.  I watch these films every so often to remind me of how the world gets about Faith... just because it is Faith.

They show us parts of suffering for our faith... but to live through it is another thing, especially in our America.  The Enemy uses hidden tactics in our time.  Lawsuits.  Pies in the face of those who have opposed them - in public spaces to hurt the opposition even more.  There are collusions.  Lies?  Financial ruin so there is less ability to fight back.  Luring our loved ones into places they wouldn't go otherwise.  Attacking people for no real reason, including children.  We call it many things, but behind it all is the Enemy of GOD.

I don't know what else will come up in the future, but technology is already being used to hurt anyone who disagrees with the politically correct views of a lot of topics. Maybe with algorithms or suspensions or thefts or internet access or medical connections or business or education or ???  Technology is growing into that weapon that will destroy us.

In my own life I have endured a lot.  I remembered that the Bible tells us to endure to the end.  It doesn't make it easy.  It just helps me to see that there is pain in Faith, there is suffering in Faith, there is a choice every day about whether we will stand with GOD or fall away to avoid pain and suffering because we believe Christ died to save us.

I can't control what the Enemy does, I have to keep my eyes on GOD and trust that He is still at work in the world, my world, when it seems like the Enemy is winning.  Prayer is my weapon, sometimes my only weapon against the forces of evil in my life.  

I do my best to keep going and stay faithful to GOD.  

I think that is all anyone can do.

In Christ,  Deb  <3

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