01 April, 2018

Resurrection Sunday, 1 April 2018

My mind (thoughts) have been lots of places this weekend... from Good Friday to Resurrection Sunday... from sin to salvation... from life to death... from good to evil... from past to future... lots of different thoughts as the days went by, caused by things in my life, sermons I heard, things I believe that differ from some of the current church theology I receive on the radio and TV and internet. 

I guess we have to realize that our information will be corrupted... by someone with an agenda of their own... people who know how to do it.  Many years ago I heard that drug cartels, mafias, or someone like that, would download entire websites to commit crimes... It was because they had the money to do it... and knew how... and wanted to.  It's like the Nazi's... just because they lost the war, it doesn't mean they disappeared... they just went into hiding.  Criminals don't go away either... they just get smarter about doing wrong.

I think about these things because I think about what is going to happen in the END TIMES... that is what Working Together is all about, trying to help Christians through to the end of our lives, to the Antichrist, etc.  I suppose it may seem morbid for the regular Christian persona, but it is my focus.

Today I was trying to catch up with my weekend and get ready for the next week.  With the start of a new month, I also spent some time updating some of my record forms, budgets, goal pages, etc.  I am working on my TO-DO lists now... trying to make things more clear, and defined, and eventually prioritized.  Right now, I am making as complete a list as I can.  It is so easy to forget things. I want to find a way to do my top three for the day, with meaning to the choices I make.  I have been putting categories like crafts or blog, but that isn't working good.  I need to do three specific things that matter to my life on that day.

I am excited to be getting my crafting supplies this week... I'm really looking forward to my digital scale for weighing foods for recipes that have weights, for weighing my packages to figure out mailing costs (approximately), for weighing food items to get them equal in size, and for weighing for making labels.  This should be a really great improvement.  The one I picked is suppose to give you equivanlents in pounds and ounces and grams and liters... and maybe one more thing... I think it said it does five different computations... I don't recall all of them now, but I know they were all important.  :-)

I am also expecting a digital thermometer to try with my candy recipes.  I hope it helps.  I had to limit my spending this time, so I will get the other ones I wanted next purchase.

I am also going to get my crafting blender that is held in your hands... for my paper pulping and plaster projects and whatever else I can do with it.  I am already getting my paper shreds ready!  Yeah!

My paper mache is coming along... changing as I experiment (and fail) with different things I have seen on YouTube.  It is OK with me... I want to find my own way to make items to sell, but have to figure out what is possible... that is what YouTube provides... lots of great people sharing great ideas.  I like it, and hope to add my own videos to the selections when I can.

Tomorrow is a busy day with food issues... Tuesday I may go to the Farmer's Market, if I can, and pick up my items that wouldn't ship like I thought they would... I'm still mad about this... and if I don't get out on Tuesday, I may go on Wednesday... that's my favorite sale day at the Salvation Army -- but it is going down in desire.  I'm wondering if they will issue more of the coupons they had... that would work even better than the Wednesday sale for me.  :-) 

Until next time... 
Pray for all of us...

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

May our hearts and lives find their meaning in GOD and the salvation we have through Christ.
Our only hope for this world is Christ... search the Bible for the answers you need, pray for guidance, listen to GOD and not the call of Satan to do evil... both choices bring challenges, but GOD leads only to things that make your life better, happier, more worthwhile, and meaningful.  Find your peace and joy in GOD.  Amen.

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