11 April, 2018

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Well, I missed the congressional hearing with Mark Zuckerberg today, and lots of yesterday...  I checked C-span and there it was, so I posted it at some of my Facebook links... I may post at Twitter later.  I hope I have enough energy to watch it all tonight.  I will reserve some or all of my comments for later... if I can... PRAY I can... I need to watch it all and take notes. 

I wrote somewhere that it was like an inquisition... later I wrote somewhere that it was like they are putting all their hatred for the problems of the internet on him... I'm not sure it will help anyone.  The internet is a new frontier, and we are all discovering its good and its evil.  I also wrote, somewhere, that there is no easy solution to these issues... no one government can regulate a global entity like the internet... it's going to be an interesting process, especially since the government takes so long to do anything, and all they really want is election dollars...

In the parts I saw yesterday, I did note that there are many thousands of people who have the job of policing Facebook... but they think that Mark Zuckerberg, who is busy with lots of other issues running a global entity, somehow can know and control every action that occurs in all his employees.  This has been a difficult problem throughout our history... finding someone to "blame" for the problems we don't want to have.

I wrote, somewhere, that I was amazed they asked him WHY he bought Instagram... think about it, what connection does that have with the information breech they are suppose to be investigating...

I wrote, somewhere, that I didn't like the tone of Ted? Cruz until I realized he was confronting the issue of political correctness and freedom of speech... the systematic oppression of Christian opinions... the concept that other views do not have rights.  We are not talking about legal and illegal actions, just the difference of opinions in the greater conversations... suppressing the ones you don't want to exist and disagree with.  The definition of "politically correct"...

So much for not sharing my opinions.... I am sure I will find more to comment on with the rest of the hearings.


My quest to reduce my popcorn diet is not rising to conquer some calories I can do without... sad.  I did miss one day.  :-)

I missed my blog post yesterday because I got so absorbed in online shopping research... looking for the price of something and then ending up making purchases... that is how it goes!  My craft budget is gone... and my emergency cash... and..... who knows what other category will suffer for one night of shopping bliss.   :-)   I discovered some great deals and decided to get them... shipping cost me a fortune... I have to find a way through that expense!

I have been dealing with some of the people who think that anyone who does not agree with their viewpoints must be controlled, at any cost.  They don't seem to be godly people because of some of the things they do... so, guess who else they could be!  Yep... all those "politically correct" people who, I say, "want to rule the world" -- I don't think the world will be better for that goal...

These kinds of events in life make you search out GOD, what you believe, what is really true, how to proceed, what faith really is... it's hard to deal with these things.  Sometimes I don't do very well at it.  Other times I close my eyes and pray for strength, guidance, judgment of the terrible sinners who deserve it, and mercy for the innocent.  Sometimes I wonder how Christians in America will survive these changes... being powerless to stop a covert attack on your life is really hard to understand and overcome and find godly solutions for.  In the end, I decided just to keep my focus on GOD and remember that HE is able to do all that is needed, so what I need to do is remain faithful to Him... like the prisoners who went into the fiery furnace, facing death because they believed in their GOD.

I don't know if I will be alive when the Antichrist gets here... things are moving so fast it is hard to make plans for the future...  I hope not.  It doesn't mean I won't die.  I will die somehow, someday, someway... whether by natural causes or by the Antichrist or by some other means.  I hope I remain faithful to the end of my life...

Well, I am thinking again... I better end this post here.

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

May we all find a path to a better future, without fear and pain and oppression, without sin, without too much suffering.
May life be good, and forgiveness find its way into our hearts and lives.
May Christians everywhere gather together to support and protect each other.
May GOD provide for every need.

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