03 April, 2018

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

What a good day... I received my hand blender early!  I can soak some paper scraps tonight and try it out tomorrow.  Hope it works good...  I have some screen-like material I will use to see if it works.  I will need to dedicate a crafting tub for paper related projects and store my supplies in it.  Things are getting interesting.  :-)

I haven't started my butane torch yet... I think I have to do that outside, or in a well-ventilated area.  I need to check on that.

I did search for the process to check your eggs and found some really nice videos.  I shared at least one on my Facebook page...  which is  http://facebook.com/DeborahMartin.2014  if I remember right.  I have a list of all my internet sites... somewhere!  I will need to get that list into my goals notebook.

The one blog site / video channel I remember is the HOMESTEADING FAMILY, which had a great presentation on how to save and store fresh eggs for eight MONTHS or more!!!  Amazing!  I had no idea that was even possible.  When she did the video to show the results, she used the water test and the egg test.  I watched a really nice video on how to test eggs from a lady in the UK, who also shows how the eggs look after you crack them open, so you can keep that in mind as you use store-bought eggs.  Then I discovered the best one yet, just for that water test.  I think that may be the one I shared on Facebook because it was only a bit over a minute and also included the estimated weeks eggs will last.  I don't recall the name, but it was an egg-related name.  I think it was from an egg farmer... It may be the one I watched from 2009.

It's well worth the time to track these videos down.  As I get better with my posts, I will try to collect the web links and share them with my posts.

I am toying with the idea of using one of my recylable cabinet doors and drawers for a loom.  I'm working out the detail in my mind.  I was trying to use a drawer as a drying rack for my art works and other crafts, based on an ad I noticed over the weekend, then I could see that a bunch of nails would make a loom possible.  The drawer project is like the picture hanging bulletin boards only the strings allow you to hang up things to dry.  I need some place to put things in-between my layers of activity on them.  I am hoping that will work.  I can see a post for my Art, Crafts, and Recycling page at Facebook...  :-)  By the end of the year I should have all these things figured out... GOD willing, if life doesn't throw me another terrible turn.

Did I share that I received a wonderful tribute magazine about Billy Graham... from their DECISION magazine staff.  So nice.  BGEA just sent info on a DVD they are offering about him... I sent back a question about the contents... if it has a whole bunch of his sermons on the DVD, I would love it... and love to share it!  I hope it does. 

I am trying to think of other things I want to share, but... can't.  I am tired so I wanted to get this finished early. 

I was up in the night and wound up checking for a cookbook at a site I buy from, then linked to a sale at a Christian bookseller from their email.  I decided to get one of the Bible DVDs that were offered.  I hope it is a good idea.  I need a Bible I can use to listen to.  I guess these have the text on the screen as the audio is played.  I don't know yet.  It's my favorite version, the King James... original, not the New KJV.  I'm not sure where I will fit these into my budget....    they are all things I wanted to get... well, one was a choice to get but not necessary.  The problem with online purchasing is that you can't browse the book or decide if it is really something you want.  Hamilton Books (.com) doesn't even put the published year in their details.  One day they will have the sample option like Amazon does... they all will. 

I have been hearing a lot of "leaders" promoting raising the retirement age, and I feel the need to comment (again?) on the need to lower it to at least 50.  Jobs are going away.  People will need that option to survive what is coming our way.  It may be the only thing that helps them get through the shock and desperation of poverty and unexpected loss of a job as an older person.  I figure we need to create a system that lets the recipient decide when they will utilize a retirement option.  The benefits will be different at earlier ages, but at least there is something there to help them get through.  I'm not sure how to "spread my message" about this.  Maybe you can think about it and share it with people who can do something to make the future more realistic for all us regular people.

That's about all I can do today.

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

May we all think about the future without fear, so we can plan a better way to make it through together.  Amen.

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