09 April, 2018

Monday, 9 April 2018

It is another Monday, another week, another post...  sounds exciting, huh!

A lot happened over the weekend, but I haven't made a posting record.  I wondered what GOD would do, how I will survive my daily challenges,  browsed the internet/social media, and just kept looking for answers. 

I slept a lot more this weekend... the past week, actually.  And I am still tired.

My Bible DVD is great so far... I listen to it and I am able to remember so many of the passages... I love hearing them again.

My son took me to the store nearby so I have enough food to get by for awhile.  That is always a good thing.  I am beginning to find new meals to eat, foods to prepare, spices to experiment with.

The new budget is surviving... but that is more because I have a hard time going anywhere  (haha) than discipline.  I have been shopping online a lot more... which can kill a budget.  I'm trying to figure out a better way to keep track of those  purchases by the budget category they are getting paid from.  It will work out in time...

That is about it...

I posted a video from the National Day of Prayer for this year...  you can find it at my Facebook pages... /DeborahMartin.2014  and also at my WorkingTogetherInc page, and my Fixing America page.  In my text with the video post, I share my thoughts about it.  The video is an audio sharing of the prayer with the text put on the screen as it is read.  I downloaded it so I can watch it again.  You can do that, too.  I hope millions of people keep praying it before the first THURSDAY in May (the 3rd this year), and afterwards... all year and through to the next event in 2019.

https://www.facebook.com/DeborahMartin.2014/posts/2042931232628376  -- I checked my last clipboard save and there it was.  I wish I had the  main website address to link you to... it should be at this link.

My books from HamiltonBook.com arrived today... all three are so great.  The one on hand tools for woodworking is much thicker than I expected it to be... it looks like a treasure chest for me!  The Biggest Loser calorie counting book is also going to be great for me... it will go great with my other book by them... a cookbook I think it was.  My third book was a cookbook for Holiday Candy -- and it turns out to have recipes from other parts of the world.  We all love our candy!  :-)  It also turns out that it covers a lot of holidays over the year.  I'm looking forward to trying some of these.  It's a really nice cookbook.

I didn't get my digital thermometer yet.  It was originally scheduled to arrive last Friday, then rescheduled to today.  It looks like is might get delivered tomorrow.  I hope so.  I want to see if it works, and if I can use it for making food items (like candy).  I want to be able to read the temp more easily.

Tomorrow will be a busy food day... I have about five or more things to do in food prep tomorrow.

I watched some news tonight... how depressing it was.  In my email from National Right to Life News there was a blurb about the Washington Post and NY Times (I think those were the two mentioned... because they are always slanting everything to the liberal view) having an article on their LACK of bias.  I laughed at the first paragraph, of two sentences, maybe.  When I got to browsing the rest of the article, I got hysterical.  I had to make a comment on that!  I think I shared the web link and a comment in a Facebook post, but I am not sure.  I tend to comment a lot, and sometimes forget where I comment.  It is hard to keep track without printing copies... which is not possible all the time.   Anyway... my comment was about how news by groups like NRLC (.org ?) is expected to be bias, but mainstream media is suppose to report all the details for everyone... and compensate for their bias in reporting or writing.  Something like that....

When I see the glee on the liberal news reporters faces about the Trump Tower fire, it really makes me sad.  Their goal is to keep bad attention on the people they don't like, and they don't like Trump.  This hurts all of us.  It is the same as not reporting important things about Obama, who was their presidential liberal.  When it was Bush, a Republican, the negative pressure was always at the front of the stories.  This is hurting America.  It is hurting us, plain citizens, who need to have a source or sources for the news we need to know about.  One of these days, that will become evident, but it may be too late to save us.

I also happened on a few minutes of the Budget being discussed on Cspan today... then it went back to the Senate floor for a tribute of some kind... I had no way to see the rest of the Q/A session.  I did hear how big the debt had become and will become in the years to come... and some of the talk about our GDP and spending issues.  Not good.  I complained about that somewhere... besides here... which is really only a mention.

I am trying to get a real computer to collect information, draft better posts and articles, and spend some time working on real sharing, with details and links to their sources... but we have to wait on that.

I happened on some information about the savings accounts for poor people to buy houses, which have been expanded to include business and education and some other categories.  I forgot about that option.  I had checked into it a long time ago, when I couldn't even save the minimum $25 a month... so, maybe now is a good time to try again.  I was thinking saving for my badly needed office systems would be good... or a kiln and other supplies.   What they do is match my savings dollars with three program dollars... AFTER I attend some financial literacy classes and reach my goal amount...  I think they are called IDA accounts,  Individual ??? Accounts.  I can't reach that info right now. 

So, this is a good time to end this post... if you need some "extra" funding, check them out for yourself.  :-)

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

May GOD help America to deal with its debt and protect our future.  Amen.

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